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Year 2014 - Success Stories
October Matrimonial Success Stories
Nitasha & Soloman
"Soloman & Nitasha Couples are truly made in heaven. Since the day we met, there has been some connection between us that we canít live without each..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Smita Vadhyaphal & Ashish Baraskar
"I undersigned Smita Vadhyaphal based in Australia and Ashish is located in Tanzania and we met each other on On 25 July 2014 Ashish sent m..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jisha johny & Jinto george
"I had registered on Shaadi and was looking for a life partner and i just happened too come accross his profile.He seemed to be a good match and i sent..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ashwin Singhal & Vinita Medatwal
"Hi I met Vinita over in the month of July. Though I opted the diamond package for six months but I was struggling to find the real soul ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jijesh & Anju Nandakumar
"We, along with our families, are very happy and thankful to for making us meet."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Suyash Raj & Smita Dubey
"We met at India Gate and found compatibale , thank you "  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Yogesh & Sheetal
"We met online and liked each others profile. After that we met a couple of times. I found her to be shy and reserved. So I was always hesitant to deci..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Janaki Vaghani & Dipang Thakkar
"Sending interests to each other and then going further contacting via telephones and internet..We are happy to be together"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Abhijit patil & Disha patil
"We met on Shaadi in the month of april 2014, it was a love at first sight. Gradually we started chatting, soon we shared our mobile numbers and became..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Anish Karunakaran & Divya Nair
"She got a mail from saying that I have liked her profile and viewed my profile She sent me interest and called me up. I also viewed her pro..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Quaid Johar Haji & Farida Khorakiwala
"We are very much thankful to for bringing two of us together. In the beginning we both were reluctant to create our profiles on ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rima & Vansh
"I was on for almost 2 years.. and had talked to a lot of people.. some turned out completely different when I met them and others I stay f..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jayesh & Neeta
"To be honest I had paid memberships on other matrimony sites and for sometime I even had assisted matrimony membership. Nothing was going through. So..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Poornima & Sandesh N Sharma
"Really proud tell that I got real good partner for my entire life time. Thank you very much SHAADI,COM for make my dream come true..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Preeti & Abhinav Kumar
"Getting married to someone completely unknown.. Made me anxious to the core.There was always a dream boy what about that???..I am glad my dad arranged..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Athira Sojan & Mayson Coutinho
"Hi, I am really grateful to for finding such a wonderful partner for me.I am blessed to have Mayson in my life.Our Story starts .............."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Venkata S & Dr rao
"I am residing of Hyderabad, my partner at Vizianagaram. On 12.8.2014 he came to Hyderabad office and became a paid member and requested th..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sneha Khilwani & Deepesh Phulwani
"Deepesh sent me interest on and i accepted it.....then our parents met each other and we too had a conversation and finally we decided that..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Harpreet & Ekta
"Hello Team First of all thanks to to fulfill my life with colours. I am very happy by getting marry with Ekta really thanks a lot. I ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Meena & Niranjan
"For the very first time I checked my profile on personally and casually sent an interest to him. Further, we had telephonic conversation fo..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jagadish & Kavitha
"First she expressed interest in my profile. After mobile conversation between elders we fixed up a meeting where we got to know more about each other...."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nitika & Mohit
"I expressed interest and contacted and found compatible."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mahesh & Sowbhaagya
"We met on then she contact me personally and from there on we started to know each other in a better way and that's when we decided to move..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Seema & Vikas
Pooja & Sumit
"We met on and started communicating. Our parents proceeded and all things went positive and finally we got engaged on Sept. 5, 2014. It was..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Joypreet & Gurpreet
"It wasn't love at first sight but I felt she could be the one for me looking at the educational qualifications and family background. We met a coup..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Manisha & Abhishek
"The interest was sent and accepted at on Apr 5, 2014. However we kept it on hold for personal reasons. In July 2014 end, after renewing the..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Moin & Sultana
Madhuvanti & Kaustubh
"Kaustubh found my profile on We exchanged our email addresses and started communicating. We discovered that we lived in the same area in P..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nirav & Shraddha
"My name is Nirav PateL. I am glad to describe my story to with the greatest help and cooperation of this matrimonial site I met my soul m..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Zaiba & Abdul
"My search for the one destined for me has come to an end through :) Marriages are made in heaven and this website has been the medium for ..."  Read full story »

Narendra Pal Singh
I have been on for some while and my family is away from my hometown, Jamshedpur. I always preferred someone from Jamshedpur as my life partner and thanks to I got an interest from her family. She is from my hometown. Our families started conversation. But suddenly I had to go to London for sometime and everything went on hold. Then my proactive Mother took it forward and our wedding was planned to be held during Durga Puja in Jamshedpur. Difficult timing due to festival season, but by God's grace all went good and we had an awesome and rocking Wedding and Reception. A lot of thanks Wouldn't have been possible without you people.
Warm Regards, Narendra and Ranbir.

Shanu Sharma
Team! Many thanks to you. I found the profile of Prayank which were as per my expectations. Then we start communications and finally all set to start new phase of life.


Many thanks for helping me in finding out a suitable life partner which is one the most important event for a person and calling me from time to time about the proposal which was referred to me.

I am happy to inform you that I have found my suitable life partner. Accordingly, I would request you to kindly delete my profile from your website immediately and would request if you can confirm the same to me via email.

Once again many thank you to You and Your entire team for helping me in this journey. Please convey my best wishes to your entire team members on my behalf.

Wish you and your team all the best and Good luck !!!

Siddharth Doshi

Prashant vishnoi
Thank you am happy to find my soulmate

First Of all wife sister approach me & I will give him details as well . After that we all met each other in restaurant . After that we will share our details each other & met each other outside.We will fell in love with each other & got married .

Thank you, I found my soulmate

Gaurav Kishnani
I visited Swati's profile on Shaadi and decided to give it a skip since she looked extremely beautiful in her profile and I thought there is no way she'll accept my interest.

The next day I was surprised to receive an interest from her profile and I wasted no time in accepting the interest.

Numbers were exchanged and we started talking.

As the days passed it never seemed that we're having an arranged marriage. It seemed as if we were destined to meet some way or the other. Our thoughts, values matched in a perfect manner.

Thanks Shaadi for helping me meet my soulmate!

Himanshu Kapadia

Thank you We are happy together

Neelima Shirsagar
He is a paid member, liked profile and approached me. We also liked his profile and as he was from community we had moved forward. We got engaged on 19th Oct 2014, and will be marriage will be on 04th Jan 2015.
Thank you for making this happened.

First I sent a request to her and she accepted after that we exchange our numbers and get to now each other then we decide first date to meet each other after that a family also approved our engagement or wedding

Neha leekha
Thank you I found my match

Suparna mukherjee
Thanbk you, I found my life partner

Thanks to ... I'm very happy to have found my soulmate here... this website is the most user friendly matrimonial website that I came across...

Thanks to for creating such a wonderful platform. I am very happy that i mate my soul-mate Bhanita on and believe me she is the girl of whom i had dream for whole of my life. And guess I was unknown about her existence as she was born in Assam and me in Mumbai. But its a through which we mate each other and found that we are made for each others.

Thanks once again

Divya Sahni
We got to know each other through
We have got the perfect match.

Hemant Batra
I was working out in a different city than hers (Mumbai) when I received an interest from her. I liked the profile and accepted the interest. There was no further communication between us for several weeks. Then suddenly one fine day I received a message from her if I am interested and want to pursue further. We planned to meet in Mumbai after a month. First meeting went well and we planned to meet again second time and discussed in detail several topics. Third meeting was the final one where we realized that both of us have found out better half. We will be getting married in few months time. Thanks to for all the support and helping us providing a most convenient medium of finding our life partner.

Hemant Batra

Abhinava Chanda
I found my match..Thank you for all your support

Thank you we are happy with each other

Rohit Agarwal
Thank you, I found my match

Thank you

G Parmar
Thank you

I found my soulmate on

Doreen P
We met the same way as others meet on sent me a request and I accepted!). We started emailing each other and when I was confident enough to give him my personal email id, we hit it off from there...exchanging pictures, jokes..everything. At times I couldn't wait to come home and check my emails...thanks to, I found the man of my MR.PERFECT.

Wish all the other searchers ALL THE BEST.

Loveleen Saini
I found my soul mate through Thank you alot

Prakash maheshwari
We met accidentally. I got request from her, I showed interest on her.
We had chat a lot as a friend,slowly slowly we knew to each other very closely.
after that we both decided to get marry. and finally we convinced with our family,and finally All members had interest on our decision.

Vikrant Sobti
My father received a call from bride's family and we decided to meet them - after a check on the girls profile on We meet the entire family and girl. She sounded intelligent & we shared common interest i.e. Advertising (both of us are from the same field). Post our first meeting, we decided to meet multiple times (approx 6-7 times) before deciding to tie the knot. This helped us know each other well. Now we think we will be able to be with each other forever. Amen.

Thank You

Vibhuti Patel
Thank you, I found my soulmate

Thank you ,We feel blessed

Ritesh Srivastava
Thank you We like each other, our criteria matched...and now to gether

Sundeep Kumar Giri
I am very happy to find out a beautiful life mate here in this site SHAADI COM by taking premium membership and charted each other to know better about our family also. I will ever grateful to Thanks

Nisha Agarwal
We exchanged messages & emails and found each other compatible..Thank you

Thank you, we are happy to be together

Muneet narang
We met on on 15 May and liked each other had a meeting and today we are happily married
Thanks to

Krithika Krishnan was a boon for both of us. I can't believe that this platform has given me the man of my dreams. A guy who not only loves me, but also respects me for who I'm and what I do. Something about what he had written just clicked and today we are together :) Thanks for giving me the biggest gift of my life.

Manish Nagar
I sent her a request she accepted.We started talking.
Then we involved family,horoscope matched and so on.Marriage is on January..29 ,2015.We are so thankful to we real find true..."Love Arrange by Thank u So much From Us and From our Family too......

Mayank Khanoria
Through I found my life partner

Journey started when I jumped into an ocean of " " and started the search but soon found this pretty pearl in that ocean. After have a discussion from last 6 months, this beautiful pearl is now a part of our family garland.

Ronak sent me an interest via chat and we chat for little while and then we exchanged contact information. Ronak from Denver, Colorado came to NJ on Feb 14, 2014. I made a trip to Denver to visit family and friends and fell in love. I loved seeing his family how close they were and how excited they were to see me there. He had mentioned in his profile that his family is very close to him and I fell in love with everyone that was around him. He made couple of trips to NJ before he moved here to be with me and get to know each other more being away from his family and friends.

Its a very good site , thank you

Amar prakash
We liked each others profile, contacted and found that our interest were same,we are happy now

Hardik Gajjar
Just through preferred search option I found my loving partner just in a week .Thanks to for running such a favorable organization.

Ritika sharma
It was great experience,,Thank you

amreen khan
In 7 days I found a match for my daughter partner.Mohmad Saif's famaily so sweet ring ceramony was done 2oct.

Well Abhishek send me the expression of interest, me and my family go through with the profile and we like his profile also.
After 2-3 days Abhishek's father rang to my father and both had a great conversation , finally they exchange their number and my father ask me to talk a=Abhishek.
Same day me and Abhishek also had words with each other, it was around 2 hours talk.
Whole time he talked about the professionalism, even I got little bit in shock that are we going to marry or a business partner.
But finally we found a great companion.Thanks Shaadi .com for helping us or help us to reach our final destination.

Mona Singh
I sent request and he accepted it... then we met at his home place..we communicated further and now happy feeling blessed

Manish Ladkani
I was always skeptical about how could I find someone online of my choice and so called 'DREAM GIRL' for me and that is why I kept on delaying my parent's advice of putting my profile online. But then you can only buy as much time from them and I was sure a day will come when I cannot resist my parents and so decided to put my profile online. When it comes to online matrimonial search, the first site that comes to anyone's mind is and I decided to give it a try and check my luck.
After creating my profile, I started my search by sending and receiving invites and here begins the story of my 'NEW' life. I got an invite from this girl from Bangalore and it got me excited as I was also based in Bangalore. Very soon we exchanged our phone numbers. We spoke the very night and it was only after 4 hours of talk when we felt tired that we realized we have been talking for 4 hours. We were so involved in the talks that we never felt the need to check time or hang up the phone. Not only this, the laughs and jokes that we both cracked made us felt we were not talking for the first time but we knew each other from ages. Similar conversations followed for next few days and we got to know each other better by each passing day. Days used to be felt like years as we waited for the night to arrive so that we can hear each other's voices and increase our blood levels with laughter and only laughter. Yes we thought this may be our moment, moment that we want to last forever, the moment we want to cherish and the moment that we wish should always be with us. And we decided to meet one weekend. As expected, it was a meeting of a lifetime, not only we felt comfortable in each other's company but wanted to be in that company forever. We met, we laughed and we said YES.
What followed was a series of discussions with parents, meetings etc. and finally on 1st August our parents agreed to go ahead for the wonderful match. We are getting married on 23rd December and we thank for providing us that wonderful platform where we meet our life partners and decide to begin the new phase of our life called "AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER"

Ruby Harish
I found my life partner...happy to be together..

Gaurav Kumar
Thank you for helping me to find a suitable partner

Thank you found my soul mate

Hi, Thank you so much for finding me such a wonderful partner.I am really glad as it would have not been possible without receiving interest from my partner we initially exchanged our numbers and then began talking over the phone.We quickly realized that we had common interests and values and started to like each other. After talking on the phone for several weeks we developed a deep connection and realized that we could not live without each other and then couple of weeks later he came down to meet me later our families got in touch our phone and met with each other and now we eagerly await for our wedding on October 3 next month.

Puneet Sharma
By god's grace..Thanks to, I found my partner

Laxmi Nagar
I created my account on and started search for my life partner. I used to send interests to profile which I found suitable. One fine day, I saw profile of Hemant and I was so impressed that I couldn't stop myself and sent an interest. To my surprise, when I checked my profile next I found that he accepted the interest. And, very soon I got a text from him (he was a premium member, so he viewed my no.). We started talking to each other. Our views and thoughts matched so well. Thanks to for implementing such a well informative pattern of creating a profile that anyone can exactly describe himself/herself. We started feeling that we two are really made for each other and then we got our parents involved. They also responded positively and blessed both of us for a great future.

Rupal Tiwari
We were finding our partner...our friends had told us about the and we thought lets give a try to this also...but truly speaking its a best place where we find our partner and no need to go any other place yourself its easy and very user friendly site we have found our partners and very very happy with each other all credit goes to

Shweth Balmi
I was like love at first sight,Thank you

We liked each others profile, when contacted found similar interest and now we are happy to be together

Premal Shanghvi
It all started on June 3, when I sent my first text message to Leela who is halfway around the world from me. There was an instant connection. We communicated with each other for three months on a daily basis before I had the chance to go to Singapore to meet her and her family. On September 12, I landed in Singapore and finally met Leela! It was an amazing feeling. I've been here for the past 16 days and our relationship has grown daily. I find it really hard to leave from here but my trip is coming to an end, although our journey is just beginning. In the next coming months we will be traveling back and forth to see each other before the big day! Thanks again Shaadi for helping me find my better half. We truly feel blessed to have found each other!
Premal Shanghvi

Liked each others profile, found each other compatible .Now we are happy Thank you

Bernard Rosario
Shaadi. com thank you so much for what you have done. Today we are happily married and blessed with a beautiful baby girl. My princess was born on 1st October 2013. Keep up the good work.

Thank you,I found my soul mate.

Manisha Chand
Thank you , We are happy

I had searched using partner search. And found her to be one from the list. I had send her invitation she accepted and we started chatting. We found lots of things common between us. And finally we fall in love. I thank for finding me my dream partner.

Ahtesham Khan
We met each other through and with mutual likeness of each other profiles. As I was a premium member for 6 months. I have shown my interest and then it all started with involving both families as well. Now, we are happily married and of course has played a major role in match making us. Thanks.

Sumit chauhan
I am very happy to get a nice partner on am very happy with

Sushma Gupta
We sent request to each other in November 2013. Due to busy work schedules I responded only by Feb-2014. Thankfully he was single till then :).. spoke on chats and calls. got to know each other and I found him to be most compatible and literally a soul mate. Took time of few months more and we got engaged on 27-Sep-2014. Thanks to

Suvra Mukherjee
Both of our family wanted that the bride and groom's home should not be far way. However it was impossible to find a suitable partner from the same region being settled in far way from home.Thanks to for advance search option where we have met each other after giving our district name (Bankura). Thanks a lot....

Dheerender rawat
It was really a great experience with far more better than other service providers

Shital Patel
Thank you , we are happy together

Mosh desai
Rahat approached me on the site and it didn't take time for us to have a strong connection

Subhobrata Sengupta
I liked her profile and communicated as I was a paid member and found compatible thank you

Samreen Hashmi
Thank you for all your help

Shilpa hiremath
We liked each others profile, started communication and within 0ne week our wedding got fixed.

Chandra prakash
Thank you , I have found my soulmate

Both of us have lots of things in common.Thanks for bringing us together!!

Abhishek Sharma
Thank you We are very happy to be together

Jitendra kumar
After talking in phone 3-4 times we finally decided to meet and had lunch together after that we informed our parents and then they arranged our marriage..

Bhaumik Desai
I was show her profile I like most and get too much thing matching in both of us and when we meet I like her nature and and her simplicity. After I decided to marry with her only.

Thank you am happy

meenakshi aggarwal
Thank you I am Happy to find my soulmate

Thank you I found my soul mate

Naresh kumar
First of all thanks to for support in finding my life was great to find my life partner hear.

Gibran ali khan is a great platform for searching your Right match .I found my life partner through .We liked each others profiles and got the numbers from and decided to see each other on specific day and performed ring ceremony as per our schedule.

Dr Shobhit Shakya
I sent request which was accepted. And wet met ..with families... Rest is all is well...

Manish sachdeva
I was search of my soulmate then I registered here after some days he sent me a request then the things begins firstly our horoscope matched and then we talked each other and liked each other his simplicity his honesty simply floored me and every communication we come to know that we are made for each other and decided to get marry but then due to some issues things didn't work at the family level as such it took time but finally we got engaged with blessings of our elders.before engagement we didn't see each other we liked our qualities lastly I would like to say our love is like a true love it is truly said that marriages are made in heaven but to find them some sources we required and for us it was that's our love story on line meeting on was pleasure it helped me to find my love...thank u
Wedding date 15-12-14

Bhavya budhiraja
Thank you

Shubhangi trivedi
By sending request to Sonu tiwari then slowly started speaking,getting to know each other and liked his honesty and being true what he is.Later I met him and finally I got a perfect hubby .Thanks to

Atul Saraswat
My sister created this profile which I deleted once as I was not interested in getting married again but then started checking requests just to please my sister & mum. Received few requests and none of them seem suitable but then got a request from Aparna which I accepted. We then started chatting, talked over phone, met in person. We found brilliant chemistry between us on our first date and rest is history.

Glad that I decided to check profiles and very thankful to for our match.

Sohil Jindal
Thank you for helping to find my soulmate

Devraj Biswas
My lady love (Soma) approach me first on in chat. Her interest and way of expression attract me, and after some day we started talking on call. Both we realize we can proceed further and our parents can take the matter in right direction.
Finally the day comes when I accept her for life long and promise to continue the relationship till i closed my eyes
We and our parents would like to say thanks to for there support and cooperation. I definitely recommend to my other bachelor friends to use the service to make another successful story.

We fell in love at the first notification...Thank you

Manjunath saw my profile on He knew me earlier, since we had lot of common friends, but we had not meet and spoken to each other, but through he was able to send me request and my family and I accepted the same. Very soon we are going to get married. Thank you so much


Varsha singh
Our story starts from the day when we like each others profile and accepted the request. then our fathers talk to each other and they make a very nice decision to meet as soon as possible.As we liked our profiles so we are waiting eagerly for the day and finally the day comes and we met in November 2013. in first meeting we both decided to get married and we engaged in December.We are really happy with this site( it plays an important role by which we met and got married on 21st April 2014.

mohd feroz
we had a causal talk with like and dislike and we exchange number through Shaadi .com,and hence the things went rightly and we have a great time now,thanks to you all.

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