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Shaadi Pride

Year 2014 - Success Stories
December Matrimonial Success Stories
Salab & Gargi
"It took us some time to meet up and get going thanks to our respective professions.Being a marine engineer and cabin crew we could meet up only in Feb..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Raju & Sorbani
"Thank you for giving me an opportunity to write about me and my better-half. I am really glad and thankful to, without you it would not ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sukhmani & Paul
"Having been on the Shaadi website for many years now, I always read and re-read the success stories of all those couples and knew that fate is forged ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Bhairu & Purvi
"Thank you for giving us our life's most precious person who is my wife. When we got connected in February, we spoke to each other and tried..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Yogesh & Jyoti
"I had sent an interest once I was convinced of her profile and she responded positive. Being a paid member helped though she had her profile picture a..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shilpa & Rajiv
"We got engaged on the occasion of Tulsi Vivah 'The most auspicious day celebrated as ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi plant (holy basil) to the Hindu ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Divya & Sandeep
"Thank you for giving us our life's most precious present which is our early July Sandeep sent me request on and we s..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Wilson & Sangeeta
"We seemed to lose track of time from day one. A formal, obligatory meeting - which my dad relentlessly insisted upon me after he and Wilson liked our ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vishal & Saumya
""Our Love Arranged By" Before writing anything else, first I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart who has helped m..."  Read full story »

Nalini Tiwari
Thank you, I found my match

Interests were exchanged.
Shilpa's father met Shailesh's family.
Talks and meeting of minds led to finalising of marriage.
Thanks to for the successful marriage through your portal.

Sonam shah
Thank you I found my match

Joslin Divya
Thank you, I found my match

Shaunak Shah
Thank you,I found my match

Thank you, I am happy to find a match

Swati Sarraf
Thank you, I found my match

Bhanu pratap singh
Dear Team,
I would like to thank the entire Shaadi Team for helping me find my soul mate and life partner. I registered on this site and was not so excited . I met my would be wife Shirin who responded to my profile. We met immediately and decided to tie the knot. We gonna married in simple ceremony attended by family and it's gonna be awesome .

We wish to thank again for bringing us together.

Neelima Agrawal
Thank you, I found my match

Ankit Shah
Hi ,we would like to say thanks to for giving us the platform to find a right person as our life partner. We are really delighted with the service provided by

First,I sent her expression of interest and she accepted it on very next day. We initially started chatting to know each other. For one month we kept chatting and than we decided to get biodata from each other and than we gave this biodata to our parents. Luckily we were having 27.5 out of 36 in horoscope matching. My father called her father and decided to arrange meeting once I came back to India from Australia. And the day came we went to her place our parents were happy after meeting each other.

On the next day we said yes to daughter's father and next day they visited our city. And they said yes too.
We decides to get engaged on 7/11/2014 . Now we are happily engaged and getting married next year. Our initial chatting and talking on phone helped us a lot to choose each other as a life partner.. Really amazing platform provides this site..

Sajjad Mushtaq
Thank you , I found my match

Aditi srivastava
Well the groom side contacted me... and things from there were carried forward..Thank you

Kamal Chandwani
Thank you found my soulmate

Kankshi bhavsar
Thank you am happy found my match

Krishna Biswas
Thank you , I found my match


Initially we both chatted on web site and shared our numbers to each other, my hubby came with his relatives to my home to see me we both liked and my family members also liked, later on after 4 months fixed dated for marriage on 12/12/2014.

Ankush Singh

I want to Thank for helping me find the right partner.

Nagraj Kamat
Thank you found my match

Lalit Hardasani
Had sent a proposal to her with least expectation that she would accept it. After a week had received her acceptance with email for further communication. Later on all things fell in place and our marriage talks were finalised on 2nd June 2014 and marriage date decided was 4th July 2014. Within a span of 20 days my life took a turn for the better part.

Thanks for your platform where we can search for our life partner.

Manoj aggarwal
We met on and after initial conversation and sharing of bio data families met and we liked the profile of each other and parents also liked the same and finally match is settled

Sujit Kumar Pandey

Rakhi Garg
Thank you, I found my match

Anand Sharan
I saw Medha's profile on and I approached her.
The profile was being managed by her family and then I had a word with his brother. He gave her mother's number and I asked my mom to talk to her mother. They decided that we should meet first. I met Medha on 14th June 2014 and we both liked each other. I still remember that she asked me whether I know cooking and I immediately replied "No".:)
We got engaged on 8th August and the wedding is on 29th Jan 2015.

Thank You for helping me find a suitable partner.

Saw the pictures and emotions followed..Thank you found my match

Taposi Adhikary
Hi,I met with him through send to me his interest and I accepted him, We contacted each other and now together..Thank you

They selected me,Our families met and decided all things

Thanks alot

Dr Dnyanada Badade
Thank you are very happy

Muhammad fayyaz
We are very thankful to team.Thank you very much

We liked each other,met in june,Now we are together

I have liked her profile and expressed interest , with her busy schedule she had not responded initially . However once I fave found her online and sent a reminder at that instance. She accepted my interest and we chat around for nearly 10 mins.and she asked to call her mom by providing the no. My parents call her mom up , thereafter we exchange our cell no. and keep on knowing about each other over phone and decided to mingle up. Both the family meet with each other and make it fixes.

Shasi srivastava
Thank you, I found my match

Thank you , I found my match

Manali Gupta
We contacted each other, found compatible..Thank you

Nita Sajnani
I checked out Dhruv's profile and found it to be of someone really humble, caring, and down to earth. Living in NY, I would have probably never met him otherwise, since he lives in California. I thought I would give it a shot and see if he would be open to long distance. From the first message until today, we have never stopped talking, sharing and laughing. It truly was a great match and we have to thank for that.

Thank you , I found my soul mate

Minal Vaishnav
Thank you, I found my life partner.

I got Interest from Pradeep side 1 year back but due to free membership nothing can get processed. After that I have taken Paid membership and it work for me. Thanks a ton to God and this platform who has given me such a loving hubby. Earlier I have heard it that "Pairs are made in heaven" but its true.

Heartily thanks...and recommend others too.:) :)

Lokesh Joshi
I was searching for a partner since last one year and was unsuccessful. I tried everything and then my friend told me to create a profile on that I sent a request to her and she accepted it. Then our family met with each other and later on after discussion ,we noticed that we are from same hometown. Its love marriage arranged by Thanks

Warm Regards,
Lokesh and Haripriya

Nishant Agrawal
Her Mom sent me the request, at the first look I knew she is the one.. Our first meeting didn't go well...but we kept on talking and at the end we realized that this is the time to take next step. then we informed our parents who are now very happy.. thank you

Priya Trivedi
First of all in want to Thank to who met me with my Life Partner. I m elder one who have taken all home responsibility. There is none of the relative support who think about our family because my Brother and father is no more and I have younger sister and mummy. Instead of helping us no one even ask that how u handle and care your family and my mummy getting tension every moment that how my daughter's future get bright and how my daughter will get true and understanding life Partner.She becomes weak day by day by heart. I have face all this and decided that I can found my Life Partner by own who supports my family and becomes a son for my mother and I have sign up in the month of February 2014 at From the day of sign up calls and messages come down for acceptance of my Profile. I have viewed all and respond it. In the month of March 2014 in second week I got a call from one guy at that time I was in office hours so I have told him that i'll call you after 6:00pm then at the perfect time of 6:00pm again that guy called me and I again told him that I will call you after I reach at home. Then I saw his profile at, he looks so handsomeso,I thought that may be after seeing me that guy don't come to marry me because I m not so beautiful then him but then also I called him..he has given his introduction and tell about his family as well and asked me for myself and family. I have also given a brief intro about myself and my family....after that he calls me daily at night and we started to talk with each other. He also talked with my mother and after a week in the month of April 2014 in first week he came in Gujarat for meet me and my family personally. He lives in Kolkata at that time. He liked everything and understood me and my family then in the month of May 2014 Me and my mother gone Kolkata for see his family background and how he lives in kolkata. we have also liked everything then we have decided to marry with each other and got married on 26th June 2014 at Kanpur. Then we came at Kolkata. Due to some physical problem to my hubby we left Kolkata and settled in Gurgaon finally. Now, I m very happy in my married hubby taking care of me and think about my family as well and decided that my mummy and sister also settling in Gurgaon with us....My life track goes on right way and i again thanking u to for given me a genuine and supportive life Partner and my life becomes change.

Smit Mehta
Thanks to for finding the perfect match.I sent interest to Nidhi. Then we came in contact,We found each other perfect.We got engaged in December2014 and now going to marry in February 2015.

Venay Puri
We emailed each other,contacted,We are happy.

Ashwin Kumar Tiwari
One fine afternoon I was checking usually my a/c. I found her profile and immediately I sent the request and within few days it got accepted. My wife's elder sister used to handle the account. As soon as i got the message of acceptance and as I was on online on my mobile apps, & immediately I called her. She said she didn't know anything about me however my sister handle my profile so she would call me in 10 minutes. She called me we spoke to each other say for only 10 minutes.Then we never stopped. It was like love at first call. We met, our families met each other. Everything went well accordingly and finally the most awaited day of our life came . And it was at 6th Dec'14 we got married. Thanks a lot to Shaadi .com.

Neelesh Doijode
I got a request from Shilpa and found it to be a good match. The we had a couple of calls. Also had a chat on Shaadi messenger. Then we informed our parents and fixed a date for family get together. Everything went fine and our parents were happy with this match.

Manisha gaikwad
Hi, Yogesh my husband he called through the contact details,then I saw his profile he requested me to meet him then we met talked to each other & our family members also met with each other then fix the date. Our Shaadi we got married on 11 August 2014 really thankful to to giving me a such a wonderful partner thanks a lot

Rajhana N
We contact each other on you

Thanks a ton to, where I found my soul mate.
I was randomly searching profile on and found one nice click uploaded by Radhika, so I just raised and request to her and started chatting.
We met personally, shared our feelings thoughts related to life partner and then we decided to move forward :-)


Thank you, I found my match


Naveendra Singh
Dear Friends,
I was looking to someone to whom I can spend my whole life. I am very thankful to to assist me.
We had viewed each other profile but we were not sure our thinking & desires then we started talking to each other and slowly slowly we come to know that YES...We're made for each other and We informed our Parents and soon they come for meeting after one month we got engaged and Four Months later we got Married. My parents are now very happy and We have now two Sweet Families...Obviously one is mine and other one is my spouse family.

Warm Regards,
Naveendra Singh

Minu Singh
Thank you, I found my match

Aakanksha Gupta
By searching and interacting with both families on, We found each other

Thank you, I found my match

Surya Nagam
Thank you, I found my soulmate.

Sarwesh Kumar
I feel myself very lucky to have such a wonderful partner in my life, all thanks to, I am blessed to have SHILPI in my life, She is a very sweet, innocent, understanding person with a golden heart.
Thanks a lot to entire team of Shaadi from both of us. We wish for a continued success as always.
Shilpi Sarwesh

Sweety Paliwal
Our Parents got in touch through, They made both of us to meet since we both work in same city. Upon two/ three meetings, we found each other highly compatible and we decided to take this relationship to next level. And this way the beautiful journey started for which start was I am thankful to the team and happy to find my life partner on this platform.

Thank you found my match

Dhanashree Thonge
Thank you found a match

Madhav Chitalia
It was a connect from the website, wherein was looking for a search & personally do not believe in caste ism

Hence was open for all the caste & My partner approach me , we both reside in Mumbai .

We both are from different caste , myself a Gujrati & she is South Indian.

Would like to thanks the Team for creating a website , and congratulating them for allowing us to find our partners of life.


Mohammed Rizwan
I saw her profile on & then rest just happened itself...

Nirav dalwadi
Thank you very much, I am happy to find a match here

Syeda Rubia
Thank you, I found my match

Saurav Bakshi
We liked each other's profile and went for a courtship of a month and liked each other. After a month or so we decided to get married.

Thank you, we are happy we found each other.

Aradhya Anand
We met via and we are getting married soon. Thank you.

Gourab Ganguly
We met out of,Thank you

Sushant amonkar
We meet on Shaadi . Com . After approving to our parents we met each other at my home with her brother.I first saw her I fell in love with her . So I asked her if she has approved me or not . So she said yes. Then we talked on phone. Something is there between us that I can't describe but I think she is the one I was waiting for. Our engement ceremony was on 7th December at her native place. Thanks for helping me to searching my soul mate.

Sunil gangwar
I got engaged from thanks a lot

Inderjit singh
I saw her profile nand accepted mujhe jo mere life partner mai chaihye tha Raj vaise he hai, I am very happy she's in my life.

Abhinav Jindal
Thank you, I found my match

Mayur Meshram
I came across Shamal via Her smile had a certain aura, a positive energy that just made me visit her profile time and again.I went through her profile very carefully and found out that she was a hardcore environmentalist. I liked her thoughts about marriage.I found beauty not just in her eyes but also in her words and thoughts that she penned down. I eventually decided that I had to connect with her, I got her details from and sent her a message. She acknowledged it and there out story began. It was only after more than a year of knowing each other that we finally decided to get married. Why it took one year ? well , thats a different story :)

Om Prakash Kushwaha
Before telling our story, we would like to thank Shaadi com for doing the wonderful job in searching our soul mate. When I made my profile on Shaadi com, my first request was sent to Mr.Om and he accepted it.After this our parents talked with each other and then we met.And surprisingly that day was his Birthday.Now he always says.... you are my Birthday gift.After first and second meeting we come to know that we both are perfect match for each other.We liked each other very much. The qualities which we wanted in our life partner was fulfilled when we met.Finally we got engaged in Dec 2013 and in Feb 2014 we both gets tied in unbreakable bond called Marriage.We both love and care each other.When our friends and near ones came to know that our marriage is through Shaadi com ,,,they says Oh,,Really,,.then they also show trust towards Shaddi com. Now we are searching perfect match for our sister's and in-laws and we know that Shaadi .com will definitely help,
Mr.Om Prakash & Sunita

Jyoti Bala
I found my soul mate on Thank you

Pooja Manuja
Thank you, I found my match

Shipra Sanyal
Thank you , found my match

Deepankar Biswas
We met on by using advanced search,As I was a premium member , contacted Monica and now we are together..Thank you

Thank you, I found my match

Ananya Dutta Roy
I never thought that I will find my match via any matrimony site.
But I found my match in
I wish to say "Thank you"

Sandeep kaur
i m happy to get life patner through

Amandeep Arora
I met him and things finalized , Tbank you

My profile was created by my sister in law on she found Vijay's profile a good match, whose profile was created by her sister on this beautiful journey begins on a fine morning when my sister in law called his sister on mobile no. she got through meet Vijay and on our very first meeting we liked each other.. I felt he is the partner I was looking for... things got settled down & we both got married on 27.11.2014... After our marriage I am so happy to say that we both found our love..our life... Marriages are set in heaven and matches are made on SHAADI.COM... this is the best matrimony site as we experienced... we recommend all our friends & relatives to find their best match on IT FEELS SO GOOD :)

Ramandeep singh
Thank you,I found my soulmate

Yuvraj singh
We shared a mutual interest on I initiated a chat with Lovepreet and eventually we started talking on phone. Few weeks later, I was in Delhi to attend a friend's wedding. I had never thought that pretty soon I too could be getting married. We met at CP and then everything started feeling just perfect. Lovepreet's family visited my home and our families liked each other so much that they fixed the wedding. :)

Reena Shrivastav
Thank you,I found my soulmate

Ankita Sarvaiya
Thank you,,I found my match

Pratik Barasia
She accepted my interest and then we made contact via email. We exchanged bio datas and then our parents talked. Then they left it on us to get to know each other and we did. We slowly fell for each other and then asked our parents to take things further. This is how it was done. :)

Thank you, I found my match

The profile of both of us was created by our parents. After searching for few months through various recommendations sent by, we liked each others profile. Our families sent emails & exchanged contact numbers & got in touch with each other. our parents met. My parents liked her on first sight. united two families & two souls. We met some time after that & was quite happy to find a perfect match. Not only that, it was later revealed our families have a lot of common known relatives friends and others. Thanks to Shaadi, we are now a happy couple since 27th November 2014.

Amit soanki
Thank you,I found my match

Mohit Agarwal
I have sent interest to Ms. Preity and liked each other. We met couple of times and decided to tie the knot.

Susheel Kumar Gupta
We were searching our life partner on for an year, but couldn't find anyone whom we can consider our better half. I and her were about to close our profiles in frustration. Fortunately, I found her profile and like her from that moment only.She accepted my invitation on 19 April 2014. We started talking and fell madly in love with each other. I came India to meet her. On on 3 July 2014 in Pathankot, I proposed her for engagement. We decided to get married about 6 months later on 07 Dec 2014.Thank you for helping me and her to find our better half.. You guys ROCK :)

Sandeep Kaur
Thank you found my match

Ajay Gupta

Sylvester Nicholas
We Both Thank for for bringing us together , though my life partner was very close to me geographically,I couldn't find her, actually she was working very close to my office, we came to know this only, we were surprised, she was only 30ft away from me, after getting the phone no, it hardly took 5 minutes to meet her, just to cross a main road, we both very Happy today,
Thanks for Shaadi once again, For bringing our Dreams come true

Aroop Bhattacharya
Madhumita's elder brother contacted me about her sister through,We are happy together

Ashita Srivastava
Thanks For the Great Support And Easy to Match for Future........


Nehaa Arora
He did send me the request, and my mom was handling my profile... she kinda accept it. Then we started chatting wid each other, thus came to know that we have a good understanding and bounding. I would like to thank you guys for making such a great platform for connecting people.

Ankur Singla
Thank you, I found my match

Thank you am happy.

Mala Rohara
Thank you I found my match

Sagar Talukdar
Marriages are made in heaven and solemnized here in this world,For me it is still like a dream come true in searching for the true soul mate and finding one in is doing a wonderful job in maintaining a serious database of perfect matches for every soul mate.Thanks in finally settling my life.You been so serious and professional in your service.God Bless and Best wishes to all Team.


Sagar Talukdar

Manish pandey
Thank you,I found my match

Shraddha Sahay
We met through . We are happy in our life.

Anuj Pukhral
I found my lifer partner..Thank you

Vikas Sharma
I found my soulmate Thank you

Linus Simon Sequeira
Thank you, I found my match

Mohit pal
I meet Reetika on found her so beautiful and I send her request and she accepted my request after one week,when I almost give up my hope to talk with Reetika..then after we talked almost 2 months over the phone Because I live in Melbourne and she is from Chandigarh..Then I booked my flight to India bcoz I was eagerly want to meet her..then on second day after arrival in India I went to meet her. and we meet like we know each other from ages and after we were meeting in every weekend and onces we are ok with each other we involved.Our parents and then they fixed everything...
we feel happy and lucky that we are together..our marriage date haven't fixed yet but it will be in December.
I would like to Thanks to have such beautiful and caring partner that I never expect from my life..

Raj Singh
I sent an interest to my partners profile and she accepted it. We started having conversation on emails,phones and chats and fell in love with each other and got married on 19.10.2014. Thank you for getting me through a wonderful partner

Thank you found my match...

Thank you found my life partner

Gunjan Shah
Thank you found my match

Gurpreet Nagi
I saw Mandeep's profile and was instantly attracted to her. Her profile intrigued me but I wanted to know more about her, so I sent her a message asking if she would like to talk further. She sent me a message on whatsapp and the rest is history!

Shweta kulshrestha
Its a lovely experience first time we spoke through this site.I cant believe our wedding is going to happen ......thanks

Amanda Schorr
Prem found me, I looked at his profile and everything important matched and he was handsome! So I replied, and thus started our friendship, which turned into love! We talked every day. Last August I traveled to Nepal, where he showed me his country and we got married. AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

Anju rajain
Thank you,found my match

Darshak Bhatt
I found my life partner, Thank you

Renju reghunath
Thank you my soulmate

Mary Elizabeth L
Wilson was a paid member at Shaadi who initiated the proposal; then we took it further in Aug2014 and got engaged the same month, on Nov 2014 we were married. I am from Bangalore and Wilson is from Mumbai. Now I am settled in Mumbai along with Wilson.

It was 26th of July'14, got a call in afternoon from Rikin and we talked for almost 2 hours...and then it went further and we tried to know each other more. As it is been said "Matches are made in Heaven, and so do i believe, as when I met Rikin and I found my Mr Right..Got married on 30th Oct 2014...Thanks to they say "we match better...but I guess they bring best together...match the best one...thank you...

Kartik Verma
Thank you found my match

Ankur Sharma
Thank you found my match

Sudhacar Reddy
I was searching for a girl who will match my requirement for more than an year.Got so many profile few I rejected and few they rejected.On 5th may 2014 I sent request to a profile which I came across while searching for a surprise she accepted the same day and got a call from her saying that she saw my profile and very much interested in my profile.We shared our personal details and both felt that this will work.We informed the same to our parents.Luckily they accepted and even our kundli matched and took this further.Our engagement was fixed and marriage dates as well.We got engaged on 15th august and got married on 7th September and happily ever after story starts.....! We thank for making this happen.

Lokesh Arora

Jagmandeep singh
I send her request for view my profile
after she accept that and after 2 or 3 days we met in restaurant near Kurali town
and in first meeting i fall in love with Harpreet and after our parents fix our marriage on January 2015
so now we both are very very happy
thanks because its a great site
I recommend this site to to many of my friends
thanks very very much

Vaishali Birla
Thank you , found a match

Fahad mirza baig
Thank you found my match.

Amit Tiwari
We visited each others profile and instantly fell for each other..Thank you

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