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Year 2014 - Success Stories
October Matrimonial Success Stories
Meena & Niranjan
"For the very first time I checked my profile on personally and casually sent an interest to him. Further, we had telephonic conversation fo..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jagadish & Kavitha
"First she expressed interest in my profile. After mobile conversation between elders we fixed up a meeting where we got to know more about each other...."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nitika & Mohit
"I expressed interest and contacted and found compatible."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mahesh & Sowbhaagya
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Seema & Vikas
Pooja & Sumit
"We met on and started communicating. Our parents proceeded and all things went positive and finally we got engaged on Sept. 5, 2014. It was..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Joypreet & Gurpreet
"It wasn't love at first sight but I felt she could be the one for me looking at the educational qualifications and family background. We met a coup..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Manisha & Abhishek
"The interest was sent and accepted at on Apr 5, 2014. However we kept it on hold for personal reasons. In July 2014 end, after renewing the..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Moin & Sultana
Madhuvanti & Kaustubh
"Kaustubh found my profile on We exchanged our email addresses and started communicating. We discovered that we lived in the same area in P..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nirav & Shraddha
"My name is Nirav PateL. I am glad to describe my story to with the greatest help and cooperation of this matrimonial site I met my soul m..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Zaiba & Abdul
"My search for the one destined for me has come to an end through :) Marriages are made in heaven and this website has been the medium for ..."  Read full story »

Harpreet singh
Hello Team

First of all thanks to to fulfill my life with colours. I am very happy by getting marry with Ekta really thanks a lot.

I made my account in February and I became a premium member in two month I tried a lot but couldn't get suitable match in fact I want a partner from abroad so at last I met Ekta Rani I read her status and send her request and she accepted then we started talk to each other on that time we were not committed with each other we both want to know more about each other within a month we were satisfied with each other then she told her parents in India then they came to my hometown to inquire everything. Then they were positive about I told my family about her and all were in my favour... then we decided to get marry in January 2015 but she was little bit confuse for her mothers' nature so she told me to get marry early to early and she decided to come India in August to get marry before shradh, then she booked ticket for 24 aug . In first week of August we went her home to make a program then her mom didn't give good reply she agreed for marriage on 6th September and engagement on 27th August ... but she told well finalized everything after her arriving in India.. on the other hand on 20aug she refused for our marriage .... but we both are well committed with each other and love to each other .. then without telling her mother we met at Delhi airport and came my uncles home in the morning her family came at my home with police but we had run away for marriage on the next day court send the protection paper at her home then we came back .Really it was a filmy story I met her first time airport in life... really everything could possible only with the help of ... then we planned for reception on 5th sep and her family were with us on that occasion really everything settled down after huge problem... now we both are very very very happy and totally caring for each other my all family loved her a lot and she too... so once again I thanks to all ladies of my street who helped us to run and thanks my friends who were with me in this.... and I colud not forget the support of my all street members who welcomed us with band dj and crackers thanks a lot again to

Abhishek Sharma
Thank you We are very happy to be together

Jitendra kumar
After talking in phone 3-4 times we finally decided to meet and had lunch together after that we informed our parents and then they arranged our marriage..

Bhaumik Desai
I was show her profile I like most and get too much thing matching in both of us and when we meet I like her nature and and her simplicity. After I decided to marry with her only.

Thank you am happy

meenakshi aggarwal
Thank you I am Happy to find my soulmate

Thank you I found my soul mate

Naresh kumar
First of all thanks to for support in finding my life was great to find my life partner hear.

Gibran ali khan is a great platform for searching your Right match .I found my life partner through .We liked each others profiles and got the numbers from and decided to see each other on specific day and performed ring ceremony as per our schedule.

Dr Shobhit Shakya
I sent request which was accepted. And wet met ..with families... Rest is all is well...

Manish sachdeva
I was search of my soulmate then I registered here after some days he sent me a request then the things begins firstly our horoscope matched and then we talked each other and liked each other his simplicity his honesty simply floored me and every communication we come to know that we are made for each other and decided to get marry but then due to some issues things didn't work at the family level as such it took time but finally we got engaged with blessings of our elders.before engagement we didn't see each other we liked our qualities lastly I would like to say our love is like a true love it is truly said that marriages are made in heaven but to find them some sources we required and for us it was that's our love story on line meeting on was pleasure it helped me to find my love...thank u
Wedding date 15-12-14

Bhavya budhiraja
Thank you

Shubhangi trivedi
By sending request to Sonu tiwari then slowly started speaking,getting to know each other and liked his honesty and being true what he is.Later I met him and finally I got a perfect hubby .Thanks to

Atul Saraswat
My sister created this profile which I deleted once as I was not interested in getting married again but then started checking requests just to please my sister & mum. Received few requests and none of them seem suitable but then got a request from Aparna which I accepted. We then started chatting, talked over phone, met in person. We found brilliant chemistry between us on our first date and rest is history.

Glad that I decided to check profiles and very thankful to for our match.

Sohil Jindal
Thank you for helping to find my soulmate

Devraj Biswas
My lady love (Soma) approach me first on in chat. Her interest and way of expression attract me, and after some day we started talking on call. Both we realize we can proceed further and our parents can take the matter in right direction.
Finally the day comes when I accept her for life long and promise to continue the relationship till i closed my eyes
We and our parents would like to say thanks to for there support and cooperation. I definitely recommend to my other bachelor friends to use the service to make another successful story.

We fell in love at the first notification...Thank you

Manjunath saw my profile on He knew me earlier, since we had lot of common friends, but we had not meet and spoken to each other, but through he was able to send me request and my family and I accepted the same. Very soon we are going to get married. Thank you so much


Varsha singh
Our story starts from the day when we like each others profile and accepted the request. then our fathers talk to each other and they make a very nice decision to meet as soon as possible.As we liked our profiles so we are waiting eagerly for the day and finally the day comes and we met in November 2013. in first meeting we both decided to get married and we engaged in December.We are really happy with this site( it plays an important role by which we met and got married on 21st April 2014.

mohd feroz
we had a causal talk with like and dislike and we exchange number through Shaadi .com,and hence the things went rightly and we have a great time now,thanks to you all.

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