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Shaadi Pride

Year 2014 - Success Stories
November Matrimonial Success Stories
Roslin & Santosh
"God works in ways we haven't imagined or thought. Sometime between 2003 and 2008, I saw a dream where I saw my life-partner but I don't remember seein..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Lakshminarasimhan & Shailaja
"Our Parents contacted thro' Shaadi and fixed the date. Thanks for"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Saurabh & Gunjan
"My parents were searching a guy for me since 5 years but couldn't get suitable match. They searched everywhere in UP/Delhi/NCR. Then they registered i..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nidha & Kanan
"We have seen each others profile on "" and expressed interest. Then our families spoke over the phone and matched horoscope. They fixed me..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vittal Sher & Neeru Sharma
"Thank you"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Aparna & Senthil
"I found Raja's profile interesting and matching the expectations i had towards my better-half. I sent him an interest during end of November 2013. We..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Balmukund Thakkar & Hiral Thakkar
"Indeed, god has written a wonderful story for each of us! Ours is also one beautiful story, thanks to! I have been living in Norway for..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
PavitraKumar & Shilpa
"We just registered our profiles on n met each other with matching profiles. When we came to know about each other, we met personally and th..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sarabjeet & Ishmeet
"1 years 8 months of search came to an end when I saw her first at I was traveling overseas due to business meetings when I received reques..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Koundinya & Prathyusha Vedam
"I sent an interest to her and her parents responded by contacting my parents. They all agreed for the alliance. We met once and had a chat. Our ideas ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vipul Jain & Shruti Jain
"Marriages are made in heaven but has given me a perfect platform to meet my soul mate. I feel I could not have found a better individual co..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Deepak Sahu & Madhu Raj
"I met Madhu Raj from Kormangala Bangalore on with the help of a mail from on prospective matches matching my profile. I am a B..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Amit & Shikha
"We met on and started chatting here as a friend. After chatting for sometimes we realized its good to meet, at-least one time as a friend. ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Chanakya Varanasi & Pranati Sharma
"Sent my interest to my loving girl she too accepted my interest. Later I requested for her phone number and started chatting . Gave all my details to ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Hemant Batra & Divya Wadhawan
""This is about us and the role played in bringing "us" together. I was working out in a different city than when I received an in..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ruta Phadnis & Dr Mohit Ghatpande
"I found my soul mate through in just one week after registering on We met each other and it was love at first sight.we have got..."  Read full story »

Satheesh Mani
I found my life partner ,Thank you

Souvik Sanyal
Thank you I found my match

Pramod yadav
Yes we were registered member of and I sent a interest in her profile. After that we exchange our cell no and parent's cell no as well.We had a couple of meeting and after that we realized we are made for each other.Finally we got engaged and now we are getting married.So thanks to because I got my soul mate here.

Thank you , I found my life partner

Muhammad asjad
Mene yaha uski photo dekhi then usko contact kiya then usne accept kiya fir yaha chat hui fir call pe bat hui fir uske ghar wale mere ghar aye aur baat fix hogayi

Shubham Kothari
I don't believe...but yes Miracles do happen. I was on Shaadi .com for more than a year but yes actively on profile for just a week and I go through a profile which I like most. That was the girl I know from our relatives but I don't know what she is expecting from his life partner. I go through each detail minutely on Shaadi .com and then offer the proposal. Instantly they start with the chat and finally it is done....our wedding next year planned .Thanks team for making my life :)

Komal goyal
Thank you, I found my soul mate

Hi, I found my soulmate Renu on Initially I send expression of interest as I found her profile as per my requirement and she responded back.
When we had conversation on call, then we came to know that we know each other from school time. We were classmate and neighbour also but that time we hate each other and never talked. We met after 15 years and in first meeting we both fall in love and decided to get marry.
We dated each other for one year and finally got married on 29th Sep'14. Thanks to

Rakshita Maskeri
I met Nithin Sashidhar in January in , we liked each other .Then decided to meet at a coffee shop after few weeks of chatting and talking to each other. We liked each other and felt we are made for each other . We later informed our parents .Our families met at Shri Kudroli Gokarnatheshwar temple Mangalore . our engagement happened on 06thApril 2014 and marriage happened on 13th April 2014.

Thank you for making me meet Nithin

Ramdas Haridevan
My name is Ramdas Haridevan, I met my soul mate through, it was awesome experience, after a long search on Matrimony websites I finally found my perfect life partner on, her name is Reeja Dasan.

I saw her profile and I sent an interest to her on 17th June 2013 and she responded positively on my proposal I got her mobile number and contacted her directly as I was a paid member it was very good decision to contact her without any wasting time, then we chatted and had long phone conversations. Finally the day came when our families met and everything was decided and we were set to get married. On 12th June 2014 I tied the knot with my life partner and today she is my wife. I would like to thank for helping people in finding their soul mates.

Thanks a ton once again

Thank you, I found my match

Rita jain
Manish sent request to me on this site then we started our conversations through mail and then we dated each other and then we really felt that we hit each other very well..we had good understanding with each other..after that we did all formalities with our families and they agreed family had gone Ahmadabad to see him and his family and they found it perfect..thanks a ton to your team n your website for doing such a wonderful job.anD a great job.God bless u all.keep growing...

Sreelakshmy R
Yadu found me on the list of his preferred matches. We were in love an year ago. Its a bit crazy that we broke up for stupid reasons. And now we consider it that we are destined to be together for ever. Thanks to to help us realize our true love...Thank u soo much...

I first send her request on Akanksha's profile was looking after by my brother in law. He didn't responded my request. Many months after my request was accepted by Akanksha's family side. I was wondering why they gave response after so many months.But anyways our families got in touch and within two months we got engaged in February, and by grace of God we got happily married in April. There was many up and down in short period of four months but as there is saying that marriages are made in heaven, we met each other. Thanks to for not letting me wonder in search of my best half. I was thinking that it was arrange marriage but lately I came to know that It was not so :) , Actually one day Akanksha was looking on her profile which was actually looking after by her elder brother, she saw my request on her profile. She admitted that she liked my profile and without letting her brother know she accepted my pending request. When my family contacted Akanksha's family, her brother was quite surprised that when he accepted my request
This way our wedding came on track..

Mithu Adhyapak

I just sent her an intrest, And after few days we talked on phone for 6 days, I felt she has everything I wanted, and on 7th day the moment we met, within 3 seconds I took my decision :)

Karan Deep Singh
Thank you I found my partner

Kirti vyankatesh
Contacted through,we liked each other.

Soni sati
Thank you

Amrita Jha
We called each other through phone. I had premium membership and he had free one. Afterwards we had set up a face to face meeting along with our parents.
Everything went good we talked about our interests and all.
And finally we fixed our marriage. The whole process took about 2 months. Thank you to :) :)

Nivedita Das
Thank you I found my match.

Supin hooda
Was browsing through profiles and came across the perfect one!!

Ankush Agrawal
Thank you We are happy to be together

Deepak Gurejani
I saw her Photo and qualification, at the same moment I become crazy for her. When we started having conversation, our compatibility matches 100%. We love each other a lot

I found my soul mate on She is best girl in world.
Thanks to

Preeti singh
We got in touch with each others contact no. as we both were the registered paid member of and we are glad to be part of it through which we were able to get in touch with each others he was from Mumbai and I was from Delhi we were in touch with each other through chat we started chatting late nights we got in touch with each other so closely that I thought its the pair made in heavens than he came to Delhi on my birthday and he proposed me than our both the family got in touch and we got married happily
thanks to hope every one over here gets their right pair

Karan patel
Thank you , I am happy found my soul mate.

Hi I found my match on

Sumit Agrawal
I m Very Happy with Platform Provided by for Getting me Right Partner, We both will never forgot this website , Continuous Support & Genuineness of Profiles are Key Indicators of your Web Site.
I Will Always Suggest my friends & Relative for This site.

Thanks & Regards
Sumit & Neha.

Vishank Rastogi
Thanks to, you are doing a really great job by extending as a medium to interact, meet & find out their soul mates. I had taken a membership of as a Diamond member and after that I explored the profile of Shivani Gupta and found it in-line with my partner preference. After meeting her, I realized that she is the one whom I want to be as my soul mate and after a yearlong journey we are going to marry on Jan 2015.

Once again, I would like to thank the entire team of for helping me to find out my better half and ensuring that people get to see the right profile's and as per their preferences only.
Keep doing the good work.

Kalpana dubey
Thank you I found my life partner

Wilson Topno
I liked her profile, as found her compatible thank you

Sandhya B N
Thank you I found my soulmate.

Thank you , I found my soulmate

Thank you are happy.

Rohit Rustagi
Hi Guys! First of all I like to thank you very much to find my life partner such as easy, After became your paid member I selected some contact I started with sms chatting after fews days I got the right one named Richa Chopra after fews days of chatting & telephonic talk I meet her after that we meet once in a week our family respect our relation and in November.We got engaged and 24th of February we make the day in our life,

Ravi chauhan
We contacted each other, thats how we met..We are happy to gether

I liked her profile Spoke through phone and finalized.

Renju J
Thank you , I found my soulmate

Thank you

Ankeet Trivedi
Through found my partner
Thank You

Rajdeep Mahal
Thank you,I found my partner.

Abhishek sharma
I sent her an invite to connect as the profile I was looking for was hers and same happened from her side .. and we connected ...

Jigar Patel
I had registered on Shaadi and was looking for a life partner and I just happened to come across her profile.
We liked each others profile. After that we met a couple of times. I found her to be shy and reserved but over the time we thought that we would gel well together and proceeded ahead.

We, along with our families are very happy and thankful to for making us meet.

Through , daily recommendation I believe .. its been a beautiful journey because of , got engaged and marrying soon .. Thanks to and wished for other who are looking for soul partners... :)

Aditi Soni
Journey was full of surprises.
Intial started with friendship, turns out as a real love story after dating each other for couple of months. Both of us belongs to different cultures and bringing everyone together was a difficult task..But our families supported us and finally we are officially engaged..Thanks a lot to

Shreyas Tikait

I found my life-partner from your portal and my marriage is fixed, scheduled on 21st Feb 2015 at Nagpur.

Best Regards,
Shreyas Tikait

Poonam Singh
On behalf of my sister, nothing much to mention.just looking forward to get my sister married soon.

Appreciation for all team.

Naveen Pratap Singh

Himansha kumari
I received a interest on, than we had a chat on and planned to meet each other.
After meeting we liked each other and informed parents .
Families interacted and things got fixed.

Thanks a lot for helping me finding my Mr. PERFECT.


Sumant Abhyankar
She sent interest to me to which I replied. We shared contact numbers and then started interacting... Found good common references and likings! Got engaged within a month...Destined for a life full of love, happiness and togetherness...Thank you Team!!!

Still we are happy!

Ravi kant
Thank you for finding me my match. we are getting married on 30 November in Lucknow, Thank you and wish you all the best.

Ours indeed is a romantic when harry met sally typa story ;)
Cute but trully amazing story of a broken hearted guy down on luck kinda guy finding a princess.Thank you all

Prashant Mehta
Marriages are made in heaven but has given me a perfect platform to meet my soul mate. I feel I could not have found a better individual complementing me in every way perfectly as there was a magical spark when we met for the first time. There is happiness and excitement to begin the most beautiful phase of our lives.

I would also like to thank NEETU for accepting my expression of interest which paved a path for us to go ahead to the extent that now we are about to take our wedding vows while walking down the aisle on 9th November 2014.

Thanks for this beautiful portal which gives the opportunity to every one to choose their desired match.

Komal patel
Thank you , I found my life partner

Thank you I found my life partner.

Sunil ho.I found my life partner.

Started talking after our profiles were matched online by her sister and by my cousin brother.Thank you

Urooz ali
Thank you

SWe both are registered with and then contacted each other, We are very happy

Sunil Gautam
Pooja ka interest aaya tha Aur Maine accept kiya fir humari bat hui Aur ham Ek dusare ko like karne lage Aur Aab Shaadi karne ja rahe hai.

Just we liked each others profile and directly contact each other

Thanks to help me to search such a wonderful person.

Ranjan Batra
We met each other on Initially, I spoke to her parents who liked my profile and gave me her number. We then started chatting with each other on phone.

Over a period of 3 months of interaction we found each other to be compatible and upon meeting we quickly decided to go forward.
After our "Roka" our relationship started to become more intense with a strong attraction for each other. By the time we got married we were already very good friends and were practically in love with each other.

Sumit kumar
It was 2nd October when Sonal parent contacted my parents with marriage proposal,but I was frustrated since I already had discussion with 41 girls previously and none of them where of my type,I tried avoiding further talk since I was moving out of India to avoid further talk but it was my parents specially my mom and Sonal mom who developed mutual understanding to bring us together,I finally agreed to have a discussion with clear intention to avoid her and reject this marriage proposal,but guess what we started talking on 4th oct 8:30Pm IST I just came back from gym and was tired but as I heard her voice something clicked in my heart which never happened with me,I started wondering if is she 1 I was looking for,is she the one I was waiting till date.I was piled up with lot many question.our elder always said jodiya rab banata hai and I was realizing same.I did not had time to meet her personally but I had no intention to see her or judge her by looks as I believe in person nature is more than on her looks.We had video chat on 5th Oct over messenger and I didnt know what happen we were lost in each other.Was it love in first sight or just an infatuation.It was love and it is love which just happened.we started talking from 8.30 PM night on 5th oct and continued till I took my morning 10:30 flight to pune and same continued till we decided to get engaged.

19th OCT was our engagement and I reached Delhi a day(18th oct) before just to date her as if she was my girlfriend leaving all traditional things apart we meet in a club and interacted as if we knew each other from long time

I proposed her on my knees on engagement and promised her to keep her happy,we meet as if we know each other we talk as if we are soul mate and we enjoy as if we are made for each other,thanxs to our mom and for bringing her into my life

Vaishali was a registered member of and they found my profile from itself.

We got in touch with each other .. and finally we got married.

Many thanks to to let us meet each other .

Hitesh Majmundar

Thank you I found my soulmate.We are happy together

Tasleem Ahmad
I expressed interest and she accepted and then we met.
After meeting we realized that both of us are made for each other

Thanks I found my soul mate on Sheetal came in my life as a hope of light. Thanks Sheetal to being my part of life. I love you to much Thanks to god that I got Sheetal in my life.

Aarti chavan
Thank you I found my match...

Rahul A
I registered on,found her profile in search feature, and contacted thank you , I found my match.

First of all I would like to say thanks to my RM from the deep core of my heart. She is highly efficient, very caring & very nice in dealings. In all aspect she extended her support. She sent me the match making mails & I've chosen my partner Wish you all the best.

Anuj gupta

First I would like to thank to help me find my life partner. We both had our profile created on My wife Swati send me a interest and from there we exchanged our contact numbers.

We spoke on the phone and then had our first meeting in Delhi. We both liked each other and decided to proceed further and so next we had a family meeting. Everything went smoothly by Gods grace and we had Roka and on 21th June 2014 we tied the knot:) ....

Now its more than 3 months we are happily married. So one more time a Big Big thanks to
You guys are doing a Great Job.

Keep Rockin!!

Swati & Anuj

Nitesh panjwani
i sent her a request on and rest just followed

Dr Rippal Bhimani
Khushbu sent me the interest, I saw her number on and messaged her and then called her. We talked on phone for 1 week then decided to meet. After meeting each other, we felt that we both are compatible and made for each other so decided to spend some time together and then we fell in love with each other. Then we informed our family members about us and they agreed upon meeting with each other's. Then after 2 days of family get-together, our engagement was fixed and the ring ceremony was held on 2nd October 2014. Now we are happily engaged due to only. Thanks a lot for being the reason for us to be together.

Marina Filipovic
I joined more than 4 years back looking for a life partner. During that period of time I got in touch with quite a lot of men, but only few of them were the kind of people I like: decent, honest, family oriented mature men. And none of them my soulmate so far. But on May 21th this year I saw the most beautiful smile in this world on one of profiles. It was the one I was looking for. We exchanged a few mails and and after a short time we were sure we are for each other. Than we met in person and spent a week together. From that time on we can not imagine our lives without each other. We are going to marry in spring, possibly on May 21st.

Regards and best of wishes for everyone in this site

Bhupendra Jain
Thank you , we are happy to gether

Thank you, I found my partner.

Superna B
I happy to my find my soul mate..Thank you all

Anil Parashar
First I like her profile on then she accept my request but I already know her since 3 month met in office. Know we are engaged and marriage will be Jan'. Thanks for search my partner.

Priyanka jagetiya
I liked the profile expressed interest, communicated and now we both are very happy

Arpita agrawal
I searched profile and found as my criteria,contacted and now happy to find my soulmate

Kopal Taneja
Thank you contacted and found matching as per my requirement.

Thank you, I found my partner.

Sarfaraz nawaz
I searched her through but as I was not the paid member before so I was unable to see her contact number but I liked her profile as she was from my home town only so,I took the paid member ship and got her contact no.and also started chatting .My parents talked to her parents.They also liked my profile and after few days we saw each other and we liked each other as most of the preferences given by us were matching.We continued talking on phone and chatted also and at last we got engaged on 8th of October 2014.I would like thank for their constant support in finding my life partner.I tried other sites also but there was huge difference in terms of matches available and in terms of individual security.

Ankita Jain
I registered on , performed a search and found my life partner.

Reshmi ganguly
1st i like to Thankz, you guyz did a great job.

Our conversation starts on may 13, 2014
he ping me n we started talking on chat just for 15min and while chatting there is
network issue but I said him what was want to say before we start our further conversation..
he accepted me the way I am and he never said me to change myself. I am lucky to have such
a loving life partner and all thankz goes to
Thank you soo much

I found my life partner ..Thanks a ton

ekta rani
We met on Shaadi .Then i went to India after 4 month of chat and talk. I got everything what I wanted love, respect, care, family and many more. Thanks to search my life partner

Mayank Singhal
I found my soul mate on

Sachidananda Murthy
Thank you, I found my match

Chhavi kohli
Thank you

Ritika Ahuja
He sent me the interest. His sister is the angel who was the 1st person I spoke to in his family. Our parents spoke to each other and finally its US from him and me now... Thank you for helping both of us meet and start this new journey of life together.

Thank you

Gaurav agarwal
Thank you , I found my soulmate

Hrshheekesh Alavani
I found her profile in So I send her an interest. She accept it and gave response to my e-mail. Through that mail I contact her on her cell no. Then we decide to meet and we met twice. Our parents also accepted our decision. Now we falling in love with each other. We are getting engaged on 26th October 2014.

Thank you

Seema K sultana
I was checking every day my emails and waiting that one day I will succeed to find my soul mate ,a month before I got a message from Basharat that he is interested in me and he liked my profile ., so I read his profile as well I felt he is the one I was waiting for he asked my phone number and we start talking on the phone we both had same thought same feelings almost we were perfect for each other within a month we decided to marry and his family accepted me they all are very happy and we are just waiting for 24th of October to be together for ever inshallah. Allah bless you through your site I was able to find my life partner .Thanks again.

Hi..first I would like to say big thanks to because I got my match from here...and first time when I send her message she said you are from Dubai so my parents will not agree...then we started talk everyday...we started to like each other..then I asked her horoscope details and we both are manglik we got perfect horoscope matched..then our family talked many times almost one month..after that I went in India on 4 October and they came at my home place with all family members..they talked me and like me..My parents also liked her family..and we got engaged next day on 5 October... now we are very happy with together because we understand each other very very well...Thanks ..

Astha Goel
As I registered on Ankit was the first to send the interest. So basically was the milestone where I met my destiny. Thank you very much... Wedding is on 6th Dec 2014. We would like if your team can come and cover this success story.

Sohan Chaudhary
Well its quite fascinating to start, I sent her interest on Shaadi,com on 14th April, and after that we started talking over the phone and realized that we are very much similar and liked each other, so we put our interest in front of our parents and they got agreed too, and finally we are got married on 13rd July 2013 in Rajasthan.


Suyash Vardhan
I still remember the day when I saw her profile and was keen to know her more. I sent her an invite which was first scrutinized by her sister and then she got to know about my request. She had number of two guys but I feel I was luckier she pinged me first and we started to chat. Initially I thought she has a lot of attitude but gradually we started liking each other. Our families also approved this relation and ring ceremony was also done. However due to some unforeseen circumstances the families later on parted but we decided to we will still go ahead with this relation whether they agree or not. We will be getting married very soon in the court and then will reveal this to our parents.

Gaurav Patel
Thank you, I found my life partner.

I liked her profile , found our details matching communicated further and now we are happy

Jasdeep Kaur
We found each other on

Journey of talking to each other started from then and as he is staying US so we decided to meet each there in India on his upcoming trip in June, 2014.

We felt very positive when we meet each other and decided to move ahead.

Finally, our families spoke with each other and with us and they finalized the date for marriage.

I am very happy that i took the decision to make my profile on


Rubina Dsouza
I was looking for a simple and caring person,I have found the best,I found my partner through my father in law , i met my partner through this site and we both appreciate and Thank for matching our pair..thanks to

Kushagra Gupta
I saw her profile , liked it contacted further , Thank you ..found my soul mate

Christopher Whyte
I found my life partner, Thank you

Shaaktee Narayan
We met after accepting interest and accepted.Now we are together.Thank you alot

Sriram Pathangi
I've gotta request from Chandana and I went through her profile.I found it very suitable for me and then I had dropped them an email with our contact details. There parents have approached our parents and it just went through.

Now i can shout and say that she's the best better half for me. My Soul and the perfect life partner.

Abhinaba Ghosh
I liked her profile, communicated further , found her of my choice and now we are together

Prerak Parmar
Very first we have expressed an interest in Profile then I had sent her few messages referring's interest expression.

After some time I got her positive reply which was the most happiest moments of my life. Then we had decided to inform our family and then arranged meetings. This turned into our great bonding.

Thank you so much Team. I would be very much grateful to you always.

Dipesh Patel
Well, thats pretty strange one. Apparently I set my criterion on Shaadi and did search for my partner. I found may suitable match so I begun to browse through some and I came across Roshni's profile. Everything else was similar to other but her self description was quite different. I liked that and sent her request. She accepted it and formally sent email back. After that day, we didn't contact each other for while. Like this story is over. But it wasn't over yet. After few days, I came across the email conversation with her and sent her an email. She didn't replied to that email so I again thought that the story is over this time. But strangely, she hadn't seen my second time email for a while and one day she found it and replied me back. Then from there it went to texts, calls, family and ultimately marriage. Its like destiny wanted us together. After two long dead periods, we met again and story is still going on

Shobhit bhushan
Thank you , I found my life partner

My profile was searched by Jyoti and ping by her elder brother. After meeting by elders we met with each-other, discussed our views on marriage, life, future. Finally & mutually found that we can be perfect life partner for each other.Hoping for a great life ahead. As well Thanks for

Tejas V Pandit
I found my soul mate on Thanks to and yours Team. I am feeling very happy with my soul mate.

I like her profile and communicated found our criteria matched Thank you

Thank you , I found my life partner

Binaka Patel
Firstly we choose our profile on then we exchanged our contact details
after that we started chatting
After our conversation, our family met to each other.Then for the first time we met in Baroda in-orbit mall. after one week we met for second date, and then we finalized our decision. and last week we engaged with full family. :) :) :)

Seema Dubey
Well, via your amazing site, my darling, Danny, Contacted me, and I was blown away with his profile, and was sent a private message, to which I replied back. We started to chat to via this site, and arranged to speak via the phone. We hit it off straight away, and started to speak about visiting each other. Considering Danny was based in the UK and myself in Canada, the distance did not put us off. We met, and knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. I would really like to thank you.

Richi Gupta
I liked her profile and found compatible , communicated and now we are happy to be together Thank you

There are so many moments, which I want to share. But in short has given my soul mate. for that I am really thankful to

Jagpreet Singh
I liked her profile here and sent her an interest. The next day her father called up and we chatted a bit.
Later, I went to meet her in Delhi and we talked in detail about our plans, ourselves and the expectations we had from the partner.

Then our families met a month later.Thereafter, we got engaged on 19th October. We are getting married on 18th January.

We thank for bringing us together!

Monzil mridha
Thank you, I found my soul mate

Preeti Surjani
Tarun sent me interest on in Jan 2014. But since he was living in Mumbai then I did not respond as I prefered someone from Pune. Then we got each other's profile in Sep 2014 through Sindhi community in Indore. Tarun now lives in Pune and he somehow recognised me by looking my pictures. I accepted his interest now and he always teases me not to accept his interest then. Finally our engagement got fixed on 24th Oct, 2014 and I guess its all about destiny!

Thank you!

Dilip Singh
I saw her profile, contacted each other and found our details matching..Thank you

Lily nagrani
We visited each others profile on,liked it and then proceeded for further details and finally got engaged after satisfactorily knowing each others views in every aspect.Thanks to

I found my life partner on you

Sapna mishra
I found my soul mate. Thank you

Thank you , I found my partner

Md Noor Alam
(My Wife side ) was a paid member and they was contact me. Her profile was managed by her brother.
Then first time I visited her home alone to see the bride.After that they came to my place Both family were satisfied by each other. Then marriage date finalized at my place.
Thats all.
Now we are happy ,

Prashant Kumar
I found my match on, her name is Monika Singh.after 3 long days she accepted my request and from there, there was no turning back.
we decided to meet each other after few telephonic conversation,and then the day arrived when i saw her first time. It was breezy evening of fabulous IT City Bangalore. We looked each other and time stopped there itself.I holded her hand for crossing the road and the touch was so eternal.We then moved to a cafe shop for exchange of thoughts and for better understanding. everything was so effortless as if it was planned by destiny.
After a month family got involved and they come out with our wedding date is 1st Dec.

Thanks to because of which we are together.

We met each other and selected each other
now we will marry soon...

Thank you are happy

Yogita Nimbarte
Nitin has sent me request we have contacted each other, meetings dating started liking & then inform to the parents and result is we got engaged .
Thanks to for finding us our perfect match.

I got Recommendaion from then shortlisted the profile and contacted each other, Thank you

He sent an interest to me,Had a beautiful smile that caught my eye and I was willing to give it a shot.We are very happy

Manoj Dhasmana

Anuj jain
Frstly Thanks very much for,I find my partner through that ..

Jatinder Singh
"Two souls were destined to meet & it was decided when they were born." - And so I met my soul mate through
Profiles were exchanged after the search & then were selected. Number's were exchanged & then the words. Families interacted and then we.
Neither slowly nor gradually, but surely we became so close.
Our families first met on 22nd June 2014 after few conversations over the phone and we got "rokafied". ;)
Things happened pretty fast but were on the right & positive direction, I guess!!!
There wasn't much interaction between us. However, our families were busy in marriage preparations. And, 5th October 2014 was the day - A date to be saved in the calender for our marriage, to be cherished for a life time.
After about a month of our marriage, I feel so blessed after getting a wonderful, beautiful and loving wife in my life.
Thanks so much. :)
Warm regards,
Jatinder Singh & Tejinder Kaur

Arati Sarwgod
It was just awesome experience. I like Shaadi .com..nice concept.

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