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Year 2013 - Success Stories
January Matrimonial Success Stories
Ullas & Snehala
"When my sister initially said that she was going to create a profile for me on, I just gave her a sarcastic half hearted nod. I had actuall..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sunaina & Siddharth
"We started off as two strangers not interested in the other and ended up as two soul mates that can?t live without each other. (Journey started throug..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Heena & Milan
""Hi I found my soulmate Milan on Initially I send expression of interest as i found his profile as per my requirement and se responded b..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sandeep Arora & Gouri Sachdeva
"Hi I found my soulmate Gouri on Initially I send expression of interest as i found her profile as per my requirement and she responded bac..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
"I am Rohit Nangia based in Australia, was busy with the hectic life schedule and was looking to find a soul mate and get married. I started browsing"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Kimberly& CB Sharma
"He showed interest in me and I accepted. First time we talked to each other on telephone, we talked every day since. We met in person and continued fr..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pawan & Neetu
"Thank you Regards, Pawan and Neetu."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Abhishek& Rashmi
"Thanks to in finding the better half of my life. My Father got in touch with her brother first through and after exchanging the"  Read full story »

Srikrishna N
Since Lathika was a premium paid member of, she had sent me the interest and also her contact details. This helped me in talking to her and taking the relationship forward from there.
To begin with, we started to talk to each other for a couple of months. In this process, we got to know each other better and also found that there was compatibility, caring and love between us. Then, we met in person for the first time at a Coffee shop and it was a wonderful experience for both of us. We took the relationship forward from there and decided to get married. After that we got married and now are very happy with our decision. We would like to thank for helping us to get connected.

Ajay Tailor
Dear Sir

I just tried my luck by registering on,as i didn\'t trust any matrimony sites much...
But i was amazed by finding the result so fast.....I came across Varsha Bambhania profile.I was quite impressed by her profile and most important thing ws that she was very genuine n so i was for marriage.
I expressed my interest in her.She was the 1st 1 ever whom I showed interest.and I was happy to get a positive response.We then started chatting via phone and facebook.We then decided to meet in person as we wanted 2 discover eachother more.
Our 1st meeting was at CCD.on 20th Oct.I was impressed by her smile...after a week we decided for the second meeting.We met at Mc d.We started knowing eachother better& became more comfortable.
I then decided to talk to my parents about her and invited her family to my place.Though we were from different castes, it didn\'t take much time for both the families to get gelled and be comfortable.slowly we also found some common family friends and relatives between both the families,which was like cherry on the cake...And I actually believed that the pairs are already made in heaven.everything is decided,you just have to wait for the right time.
We got engagged on 9th dec.2012.I had never expected such fast and amazing result.I feel very blessed to have her in my life...
I sencerely thank

Thank you
Ajay Tailor

Thank you

I and my husband would thank you all for the efforts that you made to unite us. I actually created my id on your site just like that, didnt had any thought in my mind to marrt, but when one day I received a mail from you guys about the photo match, I personally felt I liked that guy and so I expressed my interest. After a day, WOW!!!! he accepted and we had a word over the phone. it was nice talking to him. days passed and then we started adjusting our time to just talk to each other, as we both had a busy office schedule and as we lived in different cities it was difficult to meet each other. he is thakur cum punjabi and I am a gujarati, it was a really difficult to convince our parents as it was arrange cum love marriage then... but here we succedded and now we are happily married.. thanks to you all

She came to me like an angel dressed in white and swept the ground beneath my feet

Thank you

OMG ! What a romantic journey it is so far ... Someone says \"Marriages are made in heaven\", then mathematically HEAVEN = SHAADI.COM (just a PJ) but I found my Love on who can take my such jokes with equal joy. Tremendous chemistry since our first communication over on March 04, 2012.

As Chetan Bhagat Says:
Love marriages around the world are simple:
Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy.
They get married.

In India, there are a few more steps:
Boy loves Girl. Girl loves Boy.
Girl?s family has to love boy. Boy?s family has to love girl.
Girl?s Family has to love Boy?s Family. Boy?s family has to love girl?s family.
Girl and Boy still love each other. They get married.

It was Love at first sight when we met first time April 07, 2012. All wedding events were so much fun, it\'s not just we two together but our families also clicked with each other. Harmonious Life. God Bless.

My advice to wanna be Grooms and Brides:
I recommend various services. A Fantastic Bride is no less than a LAKSHMI... forget about money, search for your partner with full dedication, determination and patience. It took me 2 years before I could meet her or atleast found her.

Thank you

Kainat khan
Thank you

Jitender saneja
Initially she sent an interest to me and I viewed her profile and profile was good and i accept her intrest .I was paid member so i initiated chat with her when she was online and we talked with each other approx 10-15 days and we found we are compatible and can process further for long term relationship and we decide to meet with each other and after meeting we like each other and ask our parents for further communication .Her parents and my parents meet with each other and finalized the all things .
And 19th jan 2013 we got engaged and on 14th feb 2013 we are geting married with each other..
Thanks to from me and my partner.

Gurpreet Kaur
Thank you so much for helping us find a perfect life partner.

I am Gurpreet, and I met my husband through your website in November 2010. I sent him my interest request with my phone number, which he accepted and called me right away. We talked for a while and liked what we saw. After realizing that there is a good possibility of a match, we decided to get the two families involved. As he was in Canada, we arranged a meeting between my sister and cousins and him to make sure about him, his personality, and our compatibility. They met him in Nanaimo and spent about three hours together getting to know each other and liked him very much. Then our families met here in India and then after making sure of everything we decided to go ahead. He started preparing to come to India and he came to India on Feb 12, 2011, and my sister and her family went to meet him. Next day we had a small gathering where we met for the first time and liked each other and felt very comfortable instantly and exchanged rings and got engaged. We happily got married on Feb 19, 2011, with the blessing of both our families.

Warm Regards
Gurpreet & Gurdeep

Neha Arora
I liked Nitesh profile and expressed interest, which he accepted in a few day. We exchanged email and phone numbers and started talking to each other. Soon we started liking each other and decided to meet in person. It was then when we decided to get married and got our families involved.
We recently our Roka in Dec 12 and are planning to get married in July this year.

Thank you for helping us find each other :)

Rinki Shukla
Thanks!! you made a dream come true!!

Amit liked the profile. He exchanged his contact details and my mother spoke to him soon we arranged a meeting to talk with family and see each other in temple on makar Sankranti and like each other .Thank you!!

Shantanu sent me an interest. I was online that time, and we immediately had a chat. We got so interested in each other in that very first chat, that we met the next day itself, both of us living in the same city. Since then there is no turning back. Our interests and wave length match so much that it feels almost miraculous.Thank you

Vijay Kumar Khare
Thank you

Neha Parwani
My husband sent me request on on 8th Oct 2012 and I accepted it. He searched for me on a social website and sent me friend request. I accepted the request on the site and we started chatting. We found many similarities and both of us forwarded the talks to our parents.

We met for first time on 14th Oct with our parents and our wedding date was decided within a week after that.

We did not require time to understand each other much and so we got married within a month. Also one more reason of getting married in such short time was that my sister-in-law had to fly back to UK and would not have been able to come again for 2 years.

We went to Kashmir for our honeymoon. We behave like we have known each other since long. It?s magical! It true that marriages are made in heaven.

We thank for making us meet. :)

Dharmen Shah

I am Dharmen and I would like to Thank for being the medium to meet my soul mate, who is a friend, guide, life partner and Dream girl.

Both of us were registered member of I expressed interest on her profile as her profile was matching my expectations and she accepted after that we met constantly for few weekends and finally our family met and yes!! we got engaged!!

Thank you

Kirandeep Pandher
Me and My partner are very happy as we found each other on , Thank you and its services for giving us our beloved .

Meera Vaidya
As usual I was surfing on Shaadi website and started wondering is this really working! After a search from my filter, I got bored and decided to go with shaadi suggestions. His profile popped up, I thought it was fine but the location criteria wasn\'t fitting! But I thought I will put him in shortlist, just to realize that he was already shortlisted! So checked him thoroughly, then sent interest. He replied soon and we started talking. We never felt like we were strangers to each other, feeling some kind of a connection always. After few meets with him, our families met, we got along well. We got engaged on 4th Jan\'13 & getting married on 30th May\'13. We never thought we could fall in love with this process but made it possible! Thanks to for help us find love!

Thank you so much for finding me such a wonderful partner.

Initially, our parents got in touch with each other and within couple of days we met each other at IGI Airport, New Delhi. And within the few minutes, we knew that we are destined to be together and from there things started falling in place. And now after getting married for just over an year, it all seems like a dream.
Thanks a lot to, once again.

Seema tandon
Thank you!

Karishma Johar
Whats the worst that could happen? are the words that come to mind when I first thought about joining Shaadi. However, after hearing and reading about so many success stories I thought I will never know if I do not give it a try.

This is the success story of Manjit and Karishma.

It was early August 2012 and I was about to move to UAE from the UK for a new job and thought this would be the ideal opportunity to meet new companionship in a new country which would hopefully lead into something special. Looking through the profiles, Karishma?s stood out; I really liked her bio and thought we had a few things in common. Karishma accepted my interest and we quickly started emailing each other on a regular basis. It was not too long before we decided to speak to each other; we both quickly built up a good rapport with each and immensely enjoyed each others company and could not wait to finally meet in person after a month of talking. The date for me to arrive in Dubai soon came and Karishma had arranged for us to meet at the beautiful setting of The Palace Hotel, with the back drop of the Dubai dancing fountains and the Burj Khalifa.

I was both excited and nervous at the prospect of meeting Karishma for the first time, however, after catching a glimpse of Karishma my nerves soon faded away and then I knew the true meaning of love at first sight. I could not keep my eyes off Karishma, as she looked absolutely stunning and with her quick wit and wonderfully conversation, I knew this was the lady I had been waiting for all my life.

The first meeting quickly flew by, we started dating after a few more meetings, and the relationship blossomed. Soon after our parents started to talk to each other and to my delight where discussing engagement arrangements!

We got engaged on the 25th December and now are planning for our marriage in April 2013.

Thank you Shaadi, for allowing me to meet the lady of my dreams.

Sudeep Rao
I expressed interest in her using a personalized message, after she was listed in one of my searches. I must admit that I held out for the perfect match and I am glad I did. I searched realistically for someone whom I can meet in person and get to know before I make any commitments. She happened to be 2 hrs away. We emailed each other back and forth for 3-4 weeks. Since there seemed to be a good potential for a match, we then spoke to each other by phone. After my first conversation with her and hearing her delightful laughter, I knew my search had come to a blissful end.

We then met in person almost every weekend for two months for a meal or a fun outing like a museum or a hike in a park. After that I met her parents who happened to be visiting her from another town. A month later we drove down to her parents home for a special holiday and during that visit at a romantic time (dusk by a mountain range) and in a garden with a small waterfall and fragrant roses, I proposed to her and she said Yes! We announced our engagement to her parents who were delighted to hear the news and preparations for a wedding and other travel plans began in earnest. We got married in a few months and are now about to travel to India and other places.

Thank You for making this happen!! We have been telling everyone who asks us how we met, that it was through!!

Rakesh Kumar
Well.. I send a request and was sitting on the site for over a month. Finally, she opened her profile saw me saying INDIA or USA hello. She replied and I got her phone number. I called her she was sick but now feeling better then we met. Its long distance she lives in Florida.. me in California but LOVE can find a true partner anywhere and we found ourselves - a good partner through

Jaya Pradhan
We were destined to meet each other on this site.
And, we believe that when someone has to meet the partner, will meet no matter what, and it will happen in right time..

Good Luck to all who is searching your life partner.

Thanks to for both of us.

I am really glad to tell you that I met my Mr Right here.

Thanks for making me to meet the love of my life, this was like a key to our relationship without this it was not possible at all. Thank you Cheers

Warm Regards,
Arcis & Ruchir

Smruthi Acharya
Shaadi brought us together in September 2012, when we saw each others profile.

We exchanged contact details, and our families interacted with one another. They exchanged details, horoscopes, photographs etc. After the horoscopes matched, we interacted with each other over internet, since I was based at Mumbai, India and Vivek was based at Boise, USA. Social networking sites have been our pyaar ke saathi. :) We fell in love with each other. We later came to know that we are related to each other distantly, and also are connected through a large network of cousins and friends.

We got engaged last month, i.e. December 2012. Its been a magical journey all along. We are thankful to for playing a vital role in our love story. Thank You! :)

Isaac S Kantimahanti

Sukhwinder Singh
We met on I felt she is the one who I fell in love in first sight, then we talk a lot and a lot and finally, decided to meet. Our parents met in India and later we both get engaged and got married on 29 Nov 2012.

Thanks to god a lot and to!

Dapinder Singh

Vaishali Pathare
I am happy, Thank you

Devikka Bantawa
Vikash contacted me on sometime in the last week of Aug. 2012. Though he was based out of UK, we still continued chatting and then later talking regularly on the phone. From the very beginning, I found him very loving, caring and the husband material kinds, in short, someone whom I had in mind. He also admitted that he found us very compatible, & me very cute & romantic, just the kind of wife that he wanted to live his life with. Im very grateful to this medium for connecting us into this exciting beautiful lifelong relationship!! =D

Kiran singh
Through we met and also by parents help.

I was looking for girl. I saw afreen\'s profile and her pic. I felt like some sort of connection with her. I contacted her father and brother. They were also interested in my profile. I met her and her family. We met couple of times and felt my search end here. Many things are common between us. After 1 year of dating, finally we tied into knot on 5th nov 2012. :) :) . Finally i found my soul mate. :)

Thanks to for helping me find my soulmate.


saurabh kumar
I am very thankful for, for providing such a good wife, she is my truepartner.... my story started when i removed my old profile at march 2012 (and also make new profile same month with, and then there family search as before they not decided as i removed my profile they searched my contact no. as my detail mentioned in my company my education, there family catch me via my frendz who study with me, then our communication started at April and end on engagement on 29 april 2012 and shaadi on 24th Nov.\'12 as girl (anamika, profile ) is also my college (B.Tech) junior a lot of similarties between us and family make this bond and relation, at last we both are very happy and enjoy our married life.

Surojit Bhowmick
At first I express interest on her which she accepted after a few days. Then we started chatting on phone every day almost a year went like this.. and started loving each other. She told her parents about me, but they disagreed on this marriage. I went several time to meet her in Kolkatta from Guwahati. I spoke with her parents but they denied. Our conversation still carried on phone. Then finally one day her mother accepted me and then her father. We married on 9th December 2012 in kolkatta. Now we live in Guwahati happily.

Many Many Thanks to for giving me my best match.

We started talking in December 2010 when Nakul expressed interest in my profile. He spent a long time searching profiles to find someone who matched well what he was looking for, especially horoscope. As we lived in different countries, we spent a lot of time sending emails and talking on the phone. We finally met in person in May 2011 and got engaged. In November 2012, we got married and are very glad we met each other on!

We spoke on phone after she sent the initial request. We felt connected from our first phone conversation and continued endless conversation till we got married.

Ankita Gupta
His Parents Liked my profile and called our parents. Talks went through and everything got fixed. Thanks to

Poonam singh
When I first made my profile I got Rahul expression of interest but without photo. But when i got his photo I was stunned. This is a man I am searching as my match. After seeing each other no question in our mind..only one question tum pehle kahan thi.

Thank you!

Sunny Arora
Our story started on 22nd September 2012 when she expressed interest in my profile, it feels good when a girl express interest :) . Her profile looked interested to me and i accepted her request, other moment.
We chatted for one week with lot of smilies :),i felt some connection while chatting itself .
There were tons of things that were same in between us that we started calling each other Copycat:).
As the time passed we got close to each other like carbon and paper :) and said YES to each other .Our parents met each other and finally we were officially booked on 11 december 2012 :).

Hi everyone,

This is Sneha and Ananth sharing our beautiful love story :)

It all started in December of 2012. I was in Conneticut and Sneha was living in Poland. Surprisingly I had set up a filter so that my search was only restricted to USA, UK, India and Australia. When I was on the verge of giving up, Sneha\'s profile appeared as a suggestion (when I was logging out). Then I wanted to know more about her, read her blogs, followed her on other Social Networking sites. Finally I became a paid member only to get her contact number!!
We interacted very often from then on..and after a month I proposed her on Jan 26th and she said a yes :)

Then we spoke to each other almost every single day for 6-7 months and we got engaged officially on September 23rd. Now its been more than a year and we are getting closer every single day. Looking forward to spend my entire life with her.

When Ananth sent me an interest, I took a while to respond as I was not too active on the website, however, now I thank god a million times for sending him into my life. Everything I ever thought about my future husband came to reality through him. Ananth has summed everything perfectly in the above paragraphs, so I\'ve got nothing much to add to it. Honestly, I never thought I would find the love of my life through My mother had registered me over here and I often used to ignore many messages, however, when I spoke to Ananth for the first time I never felt like I was speaking to a stranger, every single day after that has been a dream come true. Ofcourse we have fought several times in the past one year but the fight b/w us not even lasts for a few mins!. Life is not a smooth road, but I am very confident that together we will get over every obstacle. I know my life will be an exciting, adventurous journey and it will be worth living with him in it. Cant wait to spend my entire life with him.

Thanks a ton for helping us find each other.

P.S. We are glad to inform you all that we are getting hitched on Feb 14th, the day of love :)

Sneha and Ananth.

Dr Girish Modi
We are very happy by getting good life partner through, Thank you very much...


We both find each other on after expressing interest ... We came to know each other well, after that our family meet with each other and now finally our marriage is fixed. very soon we are going to get married.

We are thankful to for there support.


Imran Khan
Imran Khan &Israt Zahan

Riddhi Shah
Thank you :-)

Riddhi Shah

Jaismine Kaur
After almost four and half years of married misery, 2012 was the end of it all, I got separated and tried hard to move on. At a time, I had no hope to find my life partner after I was heartbroken and divorced. I thought to keep myself away from another marriage as it felt almost next to impossible to get a decent girl. Moved to another city and made some new friends, trying to re-live my life but it wasn\'t that easy with no family close by. For a change, I went out with few desi friends and during the party, one of them suggested me to join I initially resisted but then thought I have nothing to loose, so created an account. I started using in a spare time on weekends and didn\'t click with anyone for sometime. Then on one weekend, I was just browsing profiles and there I saw a profile of Jaismine Kaur. I suddenly felt something, it was like 10000 watts of electricity just run through my body. I read the profile and really liked it and immediately sent the interest. After the interest was sent, I became so restless and were waiting for her reply anxiously. Something was definitely there as I never felt for any other girl in my entire life. As great as the god is, he listened and there was an acceptance in my inbox after few minutes...:). I was overjoyed, as if I just won a lottery. It just became the luckiest Saturday of my life on 22nd Sep 2012, when she accepted my interest. I sent me her contact details and we started interacting, first couple of days on phone and then on chat and then jumped back on phone. We discussed so many things and clicked so well that we got formally engaged on Jan 2, 2013 (while I was visiting India) and are getting married in August 2013. I just want to thank who made all this possible. Its because of, I met the girl of my dreams. They made, what was impossible at one point, possible for us. We are so happy and always want to be. Thank you!!!!!

Niyush Patel
I am Niyush Patel, would like to Thank for being an medium for finding my soul-mate. Neeta is a perfect match as it hardly took anytime for us to decide that we were just made for each other. Neeta accepted my interest on 26th Oct 2012, We exchanged numbers, but unlike others wherein parents were the one to get in touch with, in our case we decided to meet up before our parents take any decision. We met on 3rd Nov 2012 and decided to get into wedlock as everything was just perfect between both of us. Things worked as per our wish and parents respected our decision. And on 10th Dec 2012 we got married.

Regina Osei
Thanks to all Shaadi management team.

We met here.Talked and liked each other. Spoke to each others parents then they spoke to each other. I flew to meet her family. They all liked me.We all family members went, we got married in a wonderful and respectable way Mashallah. Now we both started our life happily.Please wish us a happy life :)

Rehana khatumbra
He sent me a request in April. We started talking via txt msgs. After two weeks, we met in person. He proposed me after 6 months on his birthday saying The only gift I want for my birthday is for you to be my wife. Will you Marry me? and I said yes :)

Bhaskar Duvvuri
I am from Andhra and when I created my account, I was open to any caste and culture. I was browsing through all the profiles for about 6 months and one fine day when I saw her profile on I felt that she is the match for me and sent a request to her and to my surprise she responded as she and her family were open too. We immediately and we exchanged our horoscopes, but there was a little delay after that. Days went on and one day while I was chatting with my friends I saw her online and pinged her and since then we started to understand each other for about 5 to 6 months. On her birthday, I asked her if she would like to marry me, she agreed and I was like yuppy.. and rest is how our families met and fixed the date of marriage which is going to happen in 2013. Thanks to for being the bridge of my love story and letting us believe that culture is no longer a barrier.

Saman Habib Khan
Firstly I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to help me find my soul-mate. :)))
I came across his profile & liked the profile so sent him an interest & within few days he accepted. :)
Then we contacted & started to know each other. Initially we just wanted to be sure, so we took our time. So we chatted via texts & after that we got the urge to talk to each other so we spoke over the phone. It was really great to talk for the first time & then one fine day we saw each other on video chat. The level of excitement was always increasing as we spoke time & again. I always wanted to have a \"LOVE MARRIAGE\" & more of a friend for life then a typical husband & I am glad that i found my true soul-mate through
Now we know each other for more than 6 months & we have shared all the moments of being in a love relationship. Be it missing each other text messages or phone calls, cute little fights, great sense of humour & the entertainment we just love everything about each other.
As we decided we wanna get married to each other, we spoke to our parents & also with each others parents as well & with the grace of Almighty everything has gone very well so far between both the families. Now the excitement is still on as our parents are gonna meet soon & so are we.. :)))))
Can\'t wait to get married & be with each other. ;) This is realy crazy how we love each other before actually meeting but one thing is for sure that we are made for each other & we cant imagine our life with anyone else..
Will upload the pics soon. :)
Love u for making this happen. U guys are doing a great job. Keep rocking & good luck to all the people who are looking for their soul-mates here.

Rashida Khanom
I registered on Shaadi to find a partner, I found my partner through this site, many thanks to this site, I spoke to him on the phone and we clicked right away, I liked what he was saying to me about his search and we just spoke on the phone all night and I am really interested and we both have same hobbies and interests and we are keen and serious to get married asap:)))

Well!! My friend contacted me and told me that he received a notification from Shaadi of a potential match. First I was skeptic, because I did not trust my friends taste, but after I look into her profile I realize that could be the best thing that ever happen to me. We were the perfect match. We started exchanging email at first, then we chatted and finally talk on the phone. The safe way that Shaadi uses emails addresses made it even better for the both of us to feel safe, comfortable, and to get more information about one another. We are now engaged, and I want to thank the Lord for sending her and Shaadi for making our meeting possible.

Kathakali Chaudhuri
We are getting married on 26th February 2013.

Thanks to

shilpi gupta
Thank you

Gaurav Sawhney
Through Shaadi matches. I am happy to find my kind of life partner.


Larry jason
we met on shaadi and we Started toking seriously now we are in love that we can wait to get married.

Navya kishan
Thankyou I just won My life partner by chatting on ..


Ankur Agrawal
Thank you

Himanshu Rampalliwar
Thankyou .

Hitesh kumar
Thank you!

Suparna Mukherjee
Thank you


Yatin L Ashtekar
Thank you :-)

Ravi Singh
Initially when someone suggested to try matrimonial website I was not sure as to how it would assist me in finding my soul mate. I went ahead and created account on and from day one we started getting matches (as per our preferences). provided us with our Personal Adviser, who suggested us to upgrade our account to Premium, which had many features (including visibility to contact info, profile being highlighted). Within a couple of weeks, I found Shilpi profile matching to what I and my family was looking for. Expression of Interest was accepted by her, and my parents were able to contact her directly owing to the Premium Account features.
Even before meeting, we knew our preferences, like, hobbies, thanks to the detailed profile. This gave us a good understanding of our likes/dislikes even before our meeting. Time flew from our first meeting until 28th November, 2012 when we finally tied knot to spend our life together.

Shilpi echo the same as per her assisted her in finding and filtering her matches as per her and family\'s choice. helped us to find each other, and we both are Thankful to for providing us the platform to meet soul mate of life. Marriages are indeed made in heaven, and is a great messenger to make it happen.

Ravi and Shilpi.

Sandip Kaur
I almost had given up looking, but then Harry expressed interest in my profile so I looked at his profile and thought right last try now.
And wow look where it got us we went on a few dates and we new we was made for each other.
We got Engaged and now we are getting married next month on Sat 15th December.
We met on Shaadi in April. I must say it was a really good experience meeting my Harry on here I am very thank full to you all.

I believe that the marriages are made in heaven and we have to find our partner in this world and I found it through Shruti is a wonderful girl and I feel special to be with her. We met each other at her home for the first time and there we chatted for no longer than half an hour.However we managed to convey our thoughts to each other; it felt that it was meant to happen. We started linking each other and eventually fell into divine love. We feel that we are made for each other and it is Gods wish to tie our knots together. We are getting married on 21st Jan, 2013. Please wish us a happy married life . :)


Sarabjeet Kaur
\"Someone somewhere is made for everyone\" With God\'s grace and Shaadi\'s team help I met my soulmate, Balvinder Singh. My parents had been looking for a suitable match for me. I thought of registering on matrimonial site. Balvinder ji expressed interest in my profile. I accepted his interest and then my mother started conversation with him. After few days, we did emails and then started talking on phone. I feel am talking to him from ages. We first met on 20th Nov 2011 with both side families and got committed the same day. We got engaged on 15th Jan 2012 and finally tied in a knot on 23rd Sept 2012. We both are living happily together. This all comes possible with Shaadi \'s team help. I really appreciate for all their frequent services. Thanks to all. Warm Regards Sarabjeet & Balvinder
we both are happy choosing each other as a life partner...:)

We were destined to be with each other and it was destined to happen on

We had contacted each other a couple of years back but could not take it further for different reasons. Two years later, we expressed and accepted interest in each other\'s profile again in Jan this year on The first time he called me, we hardly spoke. We just decided that since we were in the same city we should meet. We met the next day at Coffee Day and over a cup of coffee we spoke at length - Family, work, interest, hobbies. A few questions answered, a few doubts cleared, a few expectations put forth, lots of notes exchanged. Didn\'t realize how 2 hours flew by. There was no turning back from there:) In hindsight we realize, we both had made up our mind that first evening. A few more evenings spent together helped us take it to a conclusion. We formalized it with an engagement on April 15 and with the grace of god and blessing of the elders, the wedding took place on 23 August at Guruvayoor.

I met my match through the simple search criteria & I am very happy to find my girl with similar interests.
Me & my wife take this opportunity to thank Shaadi for getting us the LOVE of our life. Thanks a ton again :)

Bikram Jeet Singh
Thanks Shaadi.Com, we thank you for the sincere efforts paid by you people to run such online service. We both had never imagined in our life ever that we would meet each other through internet. The day I created my profile on, within a month I found Komal as my future love of life and I took up the initiative by liking her Profile and on the same day her positive reply came back. Since my liking her profile and time gap between our marriage of three months we only met thrice, first to see each other, second on Rokka Rasam and finally on Day of Marriage on 9th dec 2012. Now after marriage I can say with every passing day I am having a wonderful lifetime experiences as every day brings up something new to blossom.

Abdul Khaleel
Thankyou for helping me find my wife

Ketan Parekh
While browsing on, I came across Urvashi profile. It didnt have a photo (it said photo visible on accept) but I liked what she had written about herself in the profile. I just took a chance, and clicked on Express Interest. The very next day she accepted my interest. I wrote an email to her account giving my parents phone no. In just 2 days, we got a call from her mother.. we exchanged detailed bio data and photographs. We were both satisfied with each others profile, but were yet to meet in person! Her parents decided to come down to Delhi from Ludhiana and meet us all. The family meeting went on great and the next day me and Urvashi met up in a casual get-together. We instantly liked each other and said yes!
I expressed interest on 23rd Sept 2012 and we met for the first time on 8th Oct, 2012. Our formal Roka ceremony happened on 20th Oct. In less than a month\'s time, I was engaged to be married!
Thanks a lot to for making me meet my dream life partner! We are all very happy with the Alliance.

One advice to all the new members of - please be regular with your search. The chances of getting the right partner become very high if you sincerely respond to all interests, and constantly keep looking for new prospects.
At the end of the day, I do believe that marriages are made in heaven! :)

I like to say lots of thanks for because Shaadi given my suitable and very good partner.

Thank you so much for your service...

By Elayaraja and Malathi.

Ritu Raj Singh
we met on on finally got married..Thanks to the whole team of

Saurabh dubey
I (Saurabh Dubey) simply filtered my search and went through many profiles. One day, probably in September 2011, I came across Deergha\'s profile and invited her. She accepted the invitation.

We talked on phone occasionally and finally met in Delhi. After liking each other, we involved our parents and then everything went as per wedding plans.

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