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Shaadi Pride

Year 2012 - Success Stories
December Matrimonial Success Stories
Jaspreet & Amarjit
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Karan & Imsk
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Rakhee Kundu & Suranjan Das
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Ansar & Aleena
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Kunal Jaura
My decision to move to San Francisco in March of 2008 started the ball rolling on a
series of events which finally led me to marrying my wife, Ruheene, earlier this year
on the 24th of Feb 2012. Over the last 4 years, inspite of living within a 2 block radius
of each other (her work place was 2 blocks from my previous apartment) and in all
probability walking by each other several times, it took (an Indian online
dating website) to finally bring us to meet each other.

The story of how we met and ended up marrying each other could write the script to
an alternate universe version of a popular TV show - ?How I Almost Never Met Your
Mother?. From refusing to extend my contract for Holden (Melbourne) in 2005 to almost
accepting an offer from an IT firm in Delhi to packing up and moving to Australia in 2010
only to come back to San Francisco 10 days later, to being stuck in India for a couple
of months and almost losing my work contract here in San Francisco; any of these
moments could have gone the other way and I would have never met my wife.

Funnily enough, when we finally did sign up for I sent her an ?expression
of interest? in January of 2011 & she replied with ?Thanks but no thanks!?; she was
dating someone else at the point. As fate would have it things did not work out between
them and when I pinged her again (she had joined back with a new profile) later in the
year (November 2011) she finally did accept my interest. I was in India at the time,
celebrating my best friend getting married and so we started our interactions over
email and chat (God Bless the Internet). I came back to San Francisco on the 2nd of
December 2011 and we decided that the evening of 10th Dec sounded like a perfectly
nice time to finally meet.

Ruheene?s mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer 11 years ago and had fought
her way back through chemo & surgery & a healthy dollop of ?You don?t scare me?
attitude. Unfortunately, the cancer returned 5 years ago and by the time they realized, it
had already spread to her bones. After years of being dormant, around the time we first
started chatting on email, her mom?s condition started to get worse and by the time we
met she needed a walker to get around. Ruheene was helping her mom bathe & clean
up, the evening of 10th Dec and ended up reaching the place 45 minutes late (she was
sweet enough to call me a few times and apologize for being stuck in traffic). As a rule I
never wait more than 10 minutes for anyone, but I have no idea why I stayed put for 45
minutes. When she came I expected the meeting to last at least 30 minutes, hopefully a
lot more.

Now I am a bit of an introvert when I meet someone for the first time, more so around
people I?m attracted to. She being the social outgoing person she is, did most of the
talking and took my shyness as a sign that I wasn?t interested. During the 15 minutes
that we met for I brought up the point that I was closer to a teetotaler than an occasional
drinker. So when she told me that she had plans to get a drink with a few friends and

that I was welcome to join her, I took that as her telling me ?I don?t think it?s going to
work out between us?. So I made a lame excuse of having to get back to cook for my
sick friend and she dropped me home. I sent her a text that night thanking her for the
short but sweet evening not really expecting anything out of it. The next day at work
I saw her online and we started chatting and decided to meet for drinks that night
and possibly a Salsa dance lesson the next evening. A couple of months later I found
out that she had put me in the ?Friend Zone? after our first meeting and didn?t expect
anything to happen between us but the fact that I still came & successfully made a royal
fool of myself trying to impress her at the Salsa class even though I had told her that ?I
have two left feet? was an understatement to my dancing abilities was a big reason why
she let me out of the dreaded friend zone.

We met a couple of more times in the next week but it was the week of Christmas
through New year?s that we really ended up spending a lot of time together. By this
point my parents thought I had had enough time to ?decide? if I wanted to marry her. My
grandma has been sick for a few years now and needs dialysis twice a week. As much
as everyone wanted her to be there and enjoy seeing me getting married, I?d always
thought that meeting a few times would not be enough to know the person to make the
big decision. Everyone tends to put their best foot forward during the initial interaction
and its pretty much next to impossible to get to know the real them. I?ve always thought
that I?d need to be with a person for atleast a year before I would be able to make that

Around the 2nd week of January 2012, Ruheene?s mom?s condition spiraled down
drastically and she had to be admitted to the hospital where she was told that cancer
had spread pretty much everywhere and that she had at most 3 months to live. She
was at the hospital for a week and Ruheene spent all of her time there taking care
of her. With a stage 4 cancer patient even though you expect the inevitable I don?t
think there?s anything that can prepare you to hear your mom has only 3 months to
live. I saw Ruheene & her mom every day that week, trying to lift her spirits whatever
little I could. That week in the hospital, as unfortunate and intense it was, gave me
everything I needed to decide I wanted to marry this woman. The way she handled the
emotional, mental and physical stress of that week, the inner strength that she exuded,
the calmness in the way she handled her mom, visiting relatives & the doctors through
this extremely trying time told me everything I needed to know about her, everything I
needed to fall in love with her.

Once her mom was discharged and came back to her apartment we discussed the
option of getting married quickly so both her mom and my grandma would be able to
see our wedding. Ruheene is a very selfless person and true to her nature the first
thing she told me was that she did not want me to feel pressured to get married quickly

just for her mom. She said she wanted me to take as much time as I needed to make
the decision. I told her that seeing her that week had helped me make the decision. At
this point we spoke to our parents and it was decided to have 2 wedding ceremonies ?
one in San Francisco & the second one in New Delhi so both her mom & my grandma
could be part of our new lives. We ended up having a Sikh ceremony in San Francisco
on the 24th of Feb 2012 and then flew to New Delhi a couple of weeks later to have an
extended Punjabi wedding week ending in the 2nd wedding ceremony on the 22nd of
March 2012.

At the time we decide to get married I was living with one of my best friend?s and the
urgency of the situation didn?t leave us with anytime to find an apartment of our own. So
being happily married twice to each other we returned to San Francisco and back into
my old apartment with a roommate. Ruheene has her own apartment in San Francisco
where her parents were staying. We spent the next 4 months spending most of our
evenings with her mom, taking care of her & coming back to my old apartment at night.
During this time her mom went through 2 blood transfusions to help her system cope
with the cancer. After the 2nd transfusion we were told by the hospice team that the next
one might be the last one; that her heart wasn?t strong enough and at some point we
had to take a decision on letting her go. Unfortunately, the 2nd one turned out to be the
last one and she passed away on the 10th of July 2012.

During the 6 months that I knew her I came to love and respect Ruheene?s mom as my
own & I?m infinitely glad that we decided to get married early. I saw Ruheene play the
mother to her own mom over those 6 months; taking care of all her needs ? cooking for
her, helping her wash, sitting and talking with her, helping her transition from this world
to the other. All I can say is that I?m blessed and lucky to have her as my life partner, my
best friend, my wife.

Everyone says that the life for newlyweds is a bed of roses and it?s all smiles and
joy and is a time to just spend with each other getting to know each other. While our
circumstances were different I can honestly say that nothing could have bonded us
more deeply, nothing could have brought us closer and value each other more than the
experience we?ve gone through together. Losing a parent & having a new relationship
start at the same time can be an intense experience which can either make or break
you. We have come out much stronger, knowing that the bond we share, the love we
feel will last us a lifetime.

Thank you


His frnds selected my photo by seeing the profile. He saw he too like very much. I never saw his profile(funny thing). He called me, spoke to me, told abt him and his idol girl. I felt he is very strict and ignored him. He again followed up after 4 month and asked to meet once. I avoided. Then he starting chating with me for few days thou I was nto comfortable and then skype played a important role in joining our hands. We saw eachother for the first time thro skype, spoke openly and clarified everthing- that is what I felt about him and his perception about me. Then only I started liking him and came to know that I was totally wrong in judging him. We decided that we ll decide abt eachother after 4 month from then. Everyday we spoke, we chatted with eachother, understood how and wat we are in all situations and also whether we can trust eachother or not. He once came to Mys for my sake from blore and spoke to me. Now we are not scared to get settled together. My parents are also so happy to see that the guy whom I chose is a very decent and a straight forward person and is very serious abt marriage life. And above all he loves me a lot now and I too love him a lot. And atlast now we are confirmed that we ll get married on Dec 2013 as he is moving to US till next DEC. But he is bit scared thinking whether I ll wait for him or not as we are accepted thro a internet profile. Today I believe that we are made for eachother and wanna live for eachother hereafter.
Thanks to Shaadi. com and Skype to get my best half for my life.

As we never been together we don ve photos taken together but I ll send individual pics of ours. :)

Saurabh gupta
I never believed in arranged marriages as I always used to wonder how two persons from entirely different backgrounds can spend their whole life under the same roof.
My thinking got totally changed on 3 July 2012 when I met my soulmate for the very first time on
It was evening and I was casually going through my profile on the website,my eyes got stuck on the profile of a beautiful girl.I started going through her profile,I really found that interesting.I immediately send her the request.Luckily,she was online at that instant and thereafter she accepted the same.I initiated the chat and found our interests and likes quite similar and even though we share the same sun-sign.We shared our guardian\'s phone number.

Soon we started chatting with each other on daily basis, and became good friends.Soon Neha visited mumbai for the first meeting.I was very much excited.We really liked each other and approved each other.

Within three months,finally we got married on 24 Nov 2012.Today I feel the happiest person on this planet.
Life with Neha is out of words.
She is my best friend,lover,caretaker,my SOULMATE.Thanks to to make me meet my beloved...really loads n loads of thanksss....

Thank you

Poorvi Agrawal
We both were looking for our life partner\'s on and then I came across profile of my old time friend Shivam who was also looking for his partner. Thanks to that we met again after 6 long years.

Kalpesh Maloo
Thanks, Someone somewhere is made for you...and help you to find that partner

Thank you...

Thank you

Abhishek Gupta
Thank you

Thanks,for helping me to find out someone who is happened to be the bestest match for me.Thanks a lot again.


Somsubhra Das & Sreejita Bhattacharjee

Ravi Varma
We meet each other via chat. we started chatting for some time, then we decided to talk on yahoo chat. then skype for video chat. and finally i went to her place and met everyone and we are happy.. alls well that ends well.. we r planning to get married by march 2013. thank you very much :)

Mugdha relan
My fiancee had expressed interest in May 2012,but I was not a paid member then.Then one day in Oct 2012 one of your employee kept on calling me to register so to avoid his call I got registered and that day we came in contact.We spoke ,our families met and then we liked each other.But due to some miscommunication the talks ended .But we were destined to meet and again he send me an expression and I added and we again spoke and suddenly things finalized.We exchanged rings on 25th Nov 2012 and within a month we were a couple and all credit goes to me and Lucky him to be associated with a Brand called

Aini khayal
We met on and happy to find each orther. I request you all for ur best wishes for me and Ali.
Thank you and best of luck everyone.
Aini Khayal

I mailed her my number one day she called after some days we spoke to each other and were in love after a week horoscope match was also perfect and then we moved ahead...

Thanks Shaadi...

Nayeem Chowdhury
Aisha sent me a interest request and I answered and chatted on the phone and skyped that night. And the bond was instant. We feel for each other right away! We talked for a few months got engaged on Nov. 23rd\'2012 in Winnipeg, Canada, and will get married on March 30th\'2013. She is the love of my life - Nayeem Chowdhury.

Rohit Patil
Finding a life partner with was not a difficult task i registered with in the month of july and by mid august i found my soul mate Ms. Vidya Patil , it didn\'t took much time for the introduction as the family background was crystal clear and inputs provided by the bride\'s sister was upto mark and genuie. We got engaged on 23rd november 202, and our marriage date fixed on 5th Feb 20I3. Thanks to i met my soulmate with minimum efforts. our family members were also pretty comfortable and mixed with everyone . The girl i met vidya patil resembles the girl i dreamt for as a life partner as a friend close friend a family girl and yes focused on career and simpllicity with elegance and pride.
I am shraing the pics of my engagement with Vidya Patil .
Cheers to

Vshal sawant

We would love to share our story with your team since this is the best story of our lifetime which
began on your site.

I know all couples or at least all happily married couples like to believe that we had to meet
some way or other and this was bond made in heaven but I rather believe in making a decision
as to when you think you have struck the cord. December last year, I was planning my new year
vacation with friends which got cancelled and I sat home instead doing nothing which gave me
some time to think about future and out of curiousity I registered on the site. I hardly had time to
use my usual-crap side (logical) of the brain before our parents were deciding our engagement

Snehal and I registered on the site almost same day or maybe a day or two apart. (Too lazy to
confirm exact date but it was around christmas day). I had barely gone through features of the
website and I was nervous to contact anyone to say the least. How I wished by then, if I could
rather find a friend on that site and I could do simple chat like we do on social network sites. Not
sure whether it was appropriate or not, but I wished snehal (couple of other girls too :P) for new
year when I came across her profile and asked if she wanna be my friend for a casual chat.

Both being naive on the site, it took beginning of new year for us to actually start chatting. I
hardly remember a talk about marriage for good 2 weeks during which we had round the clock
chats. This was best part of our story because we actually had a friend that you can consider
as your soulmate rather than trying to become friend with the chosen one. We just continued
talking and there was no propose, questions, decisions, yes or no to be said or asked from there

And to my big surpirse, our parents believed for once that we are wise now to make big
decisions. Now maybe I can say all heaven, bonds bla bla stuff mite be true..Hope I will say
same couple of years later :)

Abdul Hassam
My wife and I met on earlier this year. We talked often, and agreed to meet within a few months. We both visited each other and our parents. We have been together almost a month now, and so far we are excited and very happy.

Ankur expressed interest in my profile early this year and we decided to meet each other.
Ankur flew to Sydney and we spent couple of days together and knew at that stage that we are meant to be together for the rest of our lives. We decided to tie the knots.

Manuj Bhatnagar
Finally, I found my perfect match, whose picture was in my mind. Both of us are extremely happy & so are our families.

Tons of Thanks to!

Its was me who first initiated the interest to Priyanka.All things went so smoothly the first time itself i Spoke to uncle and in no time had a privelege to chat with my lifepartner whom i was in search for.I can say she is my soul-mate already :)..We used to chat and exchanged lot of things about ourselfs and somewhere in heart had a feeling that \"Yes this is the person for whom i was waiting for\"..Then i and my family visited Priyankas house and there both our hearts came even-more close.Everything went as per Jesus Christs plan and here we are got engaged on 14th Nov-2012.I really thank first to God and then for bringing me and Priyanka into a Holy Matrimonial stage.We would be getting married very soon on 10th Feb-2013.I really thanx once again to for this and would appreciate their efforts for bringing millions of hearts together in this world..Cheers!!! Keep up the spirt..:)

Ashima goel
My Chachi created my profile on in the month of june 2012. In the month of July, She expressed interest in Achal, which he accepted and informed his parents about the same. My parents also liked his profile. After few days, Chachi called him up and they had a formal discussion. Later, We had a chat in the month of august and we found each other quite compatible. Our parents met for other discussions and for finalizing the details. Finally, we had our roka ceremony in October and we are together looking forward towards our wedding on 14th Feb 2013.
Thank you for bringing us together and helping me find the perfect match.

Divya Dubey
We came to know about each other through After couple of interactions we found lot of our interests matching with each other and eventually decided to tie the knot.
Our families met with each other and gave us a go ahead :)

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