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Shaadi Pride

Year 2012 - Success Stories
February Matrimonial Success Stories
Bobby & Divya
"We met on and later continued chatting with each other.In a span of two months, we were sure that we were made for each other and decided t..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rupali & Sachin
"It is difficult to find a suitable life partner and more so, when the prospects have lived almost half the life on earth. The longer one stays single,..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Umesh & Pallavi
"Luck by chance and destiny!! Thanks :)"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jamila & Sikandar
"I send interest then she call me and we start our communications then we decided to marry we met at Riyadh Saudi Arabia airport for first personal mee..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Amal & Clyde
"Love doesnt announce its arrival.. it sure didnt let us in on its secret until we met in India. It all began when Clyde sent me an interest in Jan 201..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vivek & Pooja
"Thanks a lot & Team for providing this wonderful platform. Keep up the good work . :)"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Kruti & Dhaval
"Dhaval expressed interest in me and then when i accepted it he sent me a message. After about 10 days chat we met up and things finalized in just 1st"  Read full story »

Aaisha Mirza
Thank you

Thank you

Santanu Parida
I got my love.All thanks to

Tintu Rajan
I found my perfect match.

Setu Upadhya
Thank you

shiji varghese
Thank you

jee kay
I did not just meet my life partner but i found my soul mate...thanks a lot to

Bhavna Patel
Thank you

Vipul Rajput
Thank you

Mateen Khan
First of All I sended request on 25 Jan 2012 and she accepted . After that they got the enquiry about with his relatives and luckly that relative was also my friend. So both of us got ready immediatly to engagement. and finally we have done engagement.

Thank You very much

Jaspreet Bring
Navjeet expressed interest in my profile. He first spoke to my brother. With my family consent we started talking to each other. It took about two months to conclude that we are good for each other.
Then my brother went to Edmonton for a meeting. Everything went well & ) after a long discussion marriage date fixed for Jan 15, 2012(Sun).

We got engaged on Jan 08, 2012.

It was a exciting moment of my life.

I love my new family & new home.

Good luck to all members for finding their better half.

Million thanks to,
Jassi Tatla & Navjeet Tatla

Sunny Garg
Firstly i send interest to her then she accept my interest in near about 4-5 days. After accept the interest we will talk with each other on chat and then exchange our contacts numbers. First time we will talk with each other on mobile on 31st january 2012. On Rose Day (7th february 2012) she purpose me and say how will make valentine day special for me? I don\'t answer her. I call her on 13th february near about 10:30pm to 1:30am (14th february). I say to her we getting marry today morning for make your valentine\'s special. She surprise and after some time she say \'YES\'. We met first time on valentine\'s day and then we get married.

ashwin kanth
Thank you

Chitratan Singh helped us connect though we were at different parts of the world!! Thank you very much!!

Thank you

syed muhammad aamir
Thank you

Asha F
Thank you

Ricky Vijay Sippy
We both found us suitable match and through paid member services , i found it easy to contact their parents and things worked out in between us. SO i would like to thank :)

Sukhwinder Biring
Thank you

Anila Varghese
Thank you

Sivakumar sambasivam
Thank you

Neelima Reddy
Thank you

Thank you

I found my soul mate Priya on your portal, so thank You, Shaadi.COM.

Geet G
Thank you

It was a nice experience.

Unbelievable.........I never thought that I would find my love on but i found him. Rakesh send me interest on July 16th and i accepted his interest and then he called me and we talked over the phone for sometime then we told our parents about each other and they also met and they were very happy to see both of us happy with each other. And after knowing him better we planned to get engaged and we got engaged in December 2012 and got married in January 31st.

So we me and Rakesh both are very very thankful to team.

Lots of Love From,
Dipti & Rakesh

Raziya ebraimjee
I found my loved one using this site... it does work if Ur serious enough to invest the time and effort.
Sajid & I recently got engaged :)

Thank You Shaadi.Com for helping me find my life partner. I assure you that he is the best est in the did take a while but finally did happen..M sooooo very happy and a BIG THANK YOU TO SHAADI.COM....

Chhayabrita Biswas
Thank you

Jay V
We met in person on Nov. 5, 2011 and things have been wonderful ever since. :)

Ronnie Basu
Nina contacted me on on September 16, 2010. My profile was actually inactive, and I had to sign back up to to respond to her. But it all worked out! We talked on the phone for 2 days straight, and as we both lived in the Dallas area, met up in person that Saturday, 9/18.

The rest is history!!! We saw or talked to each other almost every day since for the next 6 months, and I proposed to her in Vegas on Valentine\'s weekend 2011!!! She said yes, and after 4 months of frantic wedding planning, we got married on June 18, 2011. We have had 8 months of married bliss, and are about to take our long delayed Honeymoon next month. I truly feel I have found the love of my life. We both have endured a lot of heartache and disappointments to get to where we are today, but that\'s what makes what we have now so special!

Our message to anyone on is that even though it might happen later in life for you than you wanted it to, as it did for us, true love is worth waiting for!!! Shaadi works, and we are living proof of it, so don\'t give up hope. We would never have met without it, even though we lived in the same city for over 5 years. We are very thankful to for bringing us together...

Pavaanjeet Singh
Thank you

Nasir Hameed
Thank you

Thank you

Amandeep kaur
Perfect match.

Thank you

Nidhi Agrawal
Thank you

Anita Sidhu
We plan to get married later this year.

Thank you

saurabh saxena
Thank you for giving me the best life partner & most beautiful gift of my life.I want to sail the boat of my life with my lovely wife.

Thanks for full filling all my dreams & desires.

Saurabh & Pallavi

Deepa Kumar
Thank you

Sunitha Krishnan
Thank you

Dipankar Saha
Hi helped me to get my soul mate,we both were premium members,thanks for all these,may you help so many to achieve their life partners.

We fell in love on, he was searching matches who were online, n saw my pic, he fell for my smile, n initiated with a \"hi!\"...i saw his chat request, he was all that i did not want, different caste, out of india, 7yrs elder...but donno why, something within me pushed to respond....n that day we chatted for an amazing 8 hrs!...n then on , everyday...we FELL IN LOVE! n u might not believe, but we never met each other , other than online, as he was in U.K. n me in India...we saw each other in real just b4 our engagement!....I sincerely thank, otherwise else would have we met?!....

thank you
Nishtha Sanjay.

Thank you

Ankit Bhagatwala
I sent Shikha a request on She almost immediately accepted it. I exchanged a few emails with her parents initially. Our parents got our horoscopes matched and we started chatting in a few days. We hit it off almost right away. Both of us by that point had met so many other people through family, friends and even, but not found the right one. Shikha came to meet me (we live on different coasts in the US), after a few weeks I went to meet her. By that point we were both sure we had found the \'one\'. We set a date for middle of January of 2012, almost exactly a year after we started talking and got married ! We like to say that this is an \'arranged love marriage\'. Thank you

Mohd Waseem
I search for a girl by entering the requirment criteria and i found shama on 3rd page.It was my 1st day(9th july) of paid membership.Shama is the 3rd girl whom i make a call.Suddenly she came online and we started chatting.She behave very rudely and gives his father number to day i make a call to his father but there number was coming switch off.Than at 4 pm i logg in to and saw that shama decline my interst.Again i make a call and than i speak 1st time to his father.He spoke to me and than he say to shama that revised your decission and make a call to me.Than shama sms me for sorry to declined coz i didnt make a call to his father.And after that we start talking on phone.Than i went to bhopal on 13th july.I see shama 1st time my god she is looking so beautiful.I proposed her.But she didnt reply.but next day she expressed her veiws about me and ready for marriage.And on 19th of july we get married and believe me she was the one who i loves a lot.She make my life very happy.Thanks to lucknow centre i dont know who was the executive that time to make me assure that i will found the right partner.Thanks........

Summy Chaudhary
Thank you

Dear !!

Thank you very much for your support. Due to your support Ive been able to find a perfect match and a good life partner for myself. We have been married for 2 Months now. May you continue the services the way you have been doing. We are really Thankful to you.

I found a srilankan girl in

onlymini s
Thank you

Atman jain
its complicated to express what i have gain from Shaadi.As dis as done a lot for me...

Rahul Kapoor
It takes too much time.But still thankful to
Shaadi.Com in my search for a partner.Again
many many thanks to

Thank you

Palka Choudhary
A little offbeat from the rest of the stories, I suppose. He saw my profile and according to him, fell in love with the picture itself (I seriously doubt that though). Well, he upgraded his membership for getting just my contact details and surprisingly enough, his mom contacted me about him without him knowing about it. I then texted him and asked him to call/text/chat whichever he was comfortable with. We started talking and to be honest, I really didn\'t like his pics that were there on his profile. Having met quite a few guys on here, I thought what\'s the harm in meeting one more. After 2 weeks of talking, we met for the first time and things have been on a pretty fast lane since then, with no turning back. And yes, we are very much in love. We recently got engaged and planning to get married very soon.

Vivek K
I would be happy to let you know the details once everything is set. Please contact me in a couple of months to check where I am at with my plans. Thank you!!

-- Vivek

I expressed interest after going through her profile on 23 march 2011. Her elder sister told her father about the interest and her father called my father and after that, we started talking with each other via messenger and started liking each other.. on 10th july we got engaged and on 6th october 2011, we got married. it became love cum arrange marriage and now we r living very happily as a decent couple.. thanx
Pankaj and Bhawna,

Shikha Maji
Thank you

harpreet kaur bansal
my partner\'s name is rajinder singh rajput. he sent me a request on and i accepted it on 15th of november 2011. then our conversation got started.he rang me up many times in a day on my mobile and we talked for a long time. earlier i came to know that our habits are resembled with each other. we liked each other by nature.we realised that we have made for each other we can\'t live without each other so we decided to get marry. then he come to india and he met with me and after that he met with my family and earlier we got married. now we are having a very happy married life only and only because of we both are very much thankful to your web site.
Thank you for giving me a loving and caring husband :)

Ankit Patel
Just thanks to all of team.

Maneesh Kumar Bathla
I expressed interest in her profile in Ist week of Nov 2011, she accepted and uploaded her photograph. I visited Ludhiana for some business commitments and asked her for a meeting. We both decided to ask our parents to proceed further and from there it was a smooth sailing, We got engaged st Faridabad on 17th Dec.2011 and finally got married on 26th January 2012 at Mohali. I was very fortunate that after I got my premium membership, I used only 2 phone contact nos and it was finalized on only my second contact.

Arnab Chatterjee
Contact details of my partner was found through this site and thereafter no more looking back..................

Thank you

Thank you

abhishek thakur
we met and we fell in love !!

I met Vaman through his sister Sangeeta on
Initially my brother and Vaman\'s sister spoke to each other followed by matching our horoscope.
After the horoscopes matched, both families and us met each other that led to the big day I have been waiting for a long time.
Thanks a lot to for pairing us and making us happy.

Priyanka Sadiwala
Thank you

Sivakumar Krishnan
Thank you

Harshita Narula
Deepak sent me expression of interest in Nov 2011 and i accepted it immediately.Then are online chats and phone conversations started and we clicked so well that we decided, we are going to marry each other.Finally,we got engaged in December 2011 and now we are tying knot on 30april 2012.Thanks a ton for helping me to find my soulmate.

Reena gautam
Thanks a lot for your support. Finally I got my soul-mate. He is \"Nitesh\".
Please keep improving the site, but anyway it is almost perfect.

Thanks again. :)

Saba fatima
It was a nice experience and we are thankful to Lord and then to

Shwetha pandu
He saw my profile and found interesting and found my number in and called me on 26th on December,We exchanged each other photos and found interesting,We took this further to next level to meet our parents.Finally my parents and his parents were very happy about him and his background.I took 21days time to know him properly and understand him,I gave him a answer on 16th of January and i said that three magical words i love you and it was exactly 4:00pm.Now we both make a gorgeous couple,very happy with each other,hope to be the same with all our elders blessings.
I would like to thank you whole hardheartedly to helping find my dream partner.


Shwetha pandu

Pritam S Brar
Thank you

Ashfaq TP
I was forced to be a membership plan by the staff members in office. I hesitated initially but never knew it would turn out to be in my favour. I have found someone of my choice and we have decided to get married on may 20th Inshaallah.
Iam now happy to have been a member.

Megha patel
Thank you

Yashwant dhawale
Thank you

Abhishek Gupta
I send request to her and she accepted it, then our parents met and things proceeded further.

AA Asg
Thank you

Nihir Shah
Thank you

Maya S Thomas
Thank you

Roslinda Abdul Aziz
I want to thanks for all there support..

Neil Patel
Thank you

Jayaram n
Thank you

Amanpreet Singh
Thank you

Kusum shekhawat
Thank you

I always believed in getting married to a person whom I know & thus decided to find my life partner on my own rather than asking my parents to help me out. In short I wanted to get married to a person whom I know & love. I created my profile on . I took a membership from & it turned out to be in my favour as I got my life partner.
I expressed interest to Harjeet in the month of Jun / Jul\'10 & initially we started talking over the phone & then we started meeting & slowly started getting to know each other better. It was after a month since we met for first time I asked her out to which initially she said a no & wanted some time to think about me. I didn\'t loose hope & I knew somewhere deep in my heart she won\'t leave me & say a yes to me which turned out to be true on 26 Sep, 2010. Since then we spent maximum time together & finally our \'Roka\' happened on 07 Aug, 2011 & then marriage on 25th Dec, 2011.
We are thankful to for getting two of us together...

Ravi Lalwani
Thank you

Ashwini Singh
I Ashwini Singh expressed interest in my Now Wife Niti Kashyap
She accepted it and then i sent here messages..gave her my number
and suddenly one day she called me up and that was the day i was going to decline my interest in her as i thought she was not interested in me , but that one call changed our lives up side down.
we talked for long hours
and became friends and dunno when love happened
but it happened for good
And Thanks to
who helped me meet my soul mate.

Anita Pruthi
Thank you

meera parikh
Thank you

Deepankur kaushik
Thank you

Manikaran Singh
Thank you

Shrutika Ranpise
Thank you

Priyanka Aggarwal
We would like to share our happiness with the team, which brought us together. Janak (SH39031778) and I (SH91488802) met through and tied the knot on the 10th of July, 2011. Both him and I had very specific set of requirements of life partner. I for one thank God who gave me more than what I had ever hoped for.\'s membership helped me in my partner search a lot. The personal touch of your services (examples like screening each and every profile change, optimizing photographs and considering Personal Values as a special field and allowing it to be changed only once by contacting team) shows that your team is committed to the cause of adding maximum value to the match making process.

We thank the team again.

Regards and Best Wishes,
Priyanka and Janak

amit gupta
She found me on our families met on 4-8-2011 at jallandar and later marriage fixed for 28 january 2012 at merrut.

Rahul Goyal
Dear Team,

Thank u soo much. I found my angel \"laxmi agarwal\" who is also registered with you. I got engaged to her on 18/01/2012 and will soon we will tie knot. I am so happy to find her. Thanks a lot to entire team of deactivate our accounts.Best of luck and good wishes for your site.

Thanks & regards
Rahul Goyal

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