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Shaadi Pride

Year 2006 - Success Stories
July Matrimonial Success Stories
Vasant & Neelambari
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Vikram & Divya
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Anupam & monali
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Amandeep & Simi
"Thanks a lot to because i have found my life parnter here. i am really very happy. Thanks Again."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sarla & Vishe
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Harshil & Deepika
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Samrat & Soma
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Ranjeet & Deepti
"If it wasn't for, I would not have found my dream girl. Deepti and I met two months ago and realized that we found ourselves our life time"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pawan & Arti
"Hi, Thanks to entire Shaadi team for their wonderful help as i got my Better half. I found my wonderful life partner named Pawan through"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vishal & Neetu
"THANK YOU.. to help me make my dream true. I found my life partner through you and I heartily acknowledge the efforts put in by the shaadi"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Amarpal & Paramprit
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Kedar & Priyanka
" No Ways. Yes, like many other people, Priyanka and I were thinking the same until we met each other and started communicating. Nei..."  Read full story »

Dear Shaadi Team,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us find each other. On April 1 2006 my husband contacted me. We had long chats over the phone and by e-mail. He was in Vadodara (Gujarat) and I was in Indore ( Madhya Pradesh). He came to Indore to meet me After 15 days i.e. on 18th April 2006. We spent Only 5 Hours together and realized that we were right for each other. With the blessings of family members. We decided to get married on 24th May, 2006 in Bhopal (madhya Pradesh). All we can say is we are really happy now in life then ever before. It is a great feeling to know you have someone to love, and someone who loves you back.

All this thanks to SHAADI.COM.

ramanbir bajwa
Hi there,

Thank you very much for helping me finding my lifemate.

I met my wife on 1st april 2006 for the first time and then the meetings started. After that we got married on 17th june 2006 at edmonton, alberta, canada.



I was paid member on and i meet my wife on 16th jan 2006 and we got married on 10july.

Thanks for all the services provided by

This happened to us when we both lost hopes about future partner. It came as a unbelievable thing happening in life and finally culminating into marital bliss. We would like to thank for our successful union.

Wathiq says:-

Our story is just as any other Success Story. I personally was feeling not happy with proposal response and was about to stop renewing my services. Being a member since 2003, I was hoping was a faster response thrugh proposals. After two years of search I almost lost hope of getting any proposal suitable. Finally this year I came across a person who would match me well. So I and farheen started to know each other well and slowly we became serious. As she was from Indore, I made a trip to her place and found something that I was waiting for all the years. We got married on 30th May 2006. I would like to thank once again.

There is always a hope somewhere.

Farheen says:-

I am also very thankful for this site. It made my dream come true.

Thanks !!!.

Think About It...

I am from India, living in London, NEVER been to Nepal. Inderdeep is from Nepal, NEVER been to India, or UK.

What is the Possibility of us meeting, and getting married within 3 months!!

We first chatted on the 25th of Feb after trying to get to a common time for 2 weeks becoz of the 6 hour time difference.

In about 2 hours I had her telephone no, and the determination to convince her to Marry Me!!

From pillars to post in Two Weeks i had finally confused her enough to get Married to me!!!

I went to Nepal to meet her on the 3 of May, convinced her parents and mine, and walked away with Mrs Inderdeep Uppal seven days later.

Inderdeep joined me in UK a couple of weeks later, and the two months since have been amazing.

It all still seems a Dream and we sometimes still wonder, how two people from two different countries could meet, and get married in a third.

Wish Us Luck!

Even if matches are made in Heaven, The Meeting Point on Earth is definatley Shaadi.Com.

Thank You

Inderdeep and Manpreet.

Dear Shaadi Team,

We always believe that ?Marriages are made in heaven??, but now we can confidently say ?Marriages are made on We would like to thank all the Shaadi members for making us one of the happy and lucky couple.

I always believed that someone somewhere is made for you?..I was longing for my ?Prince Charming? to come to me and finally he arrived on April 30 ?06, the same day we got engaged and will be soon getting married?. It is a dream come true for both of us to have found each other to make this journey of life enjoyable and peaceful one. Both of us had known so much about each other well, before we actually met as gave us an opportunity to describe each other very well ? Thanks again

Not many people trust on finding their partners over the net and some are still not aware of this fact, to all those we sincerely advice and strongly recommend that is the best way to find your soul mate. Infact we have suggested a lot of our friends & relatives to register on and most of them have got registered after hearing to our successful love story, which all happened due to

We are thankful to our parents who got us registered and the entire Shaadi support team for their sincere cooperation.

Warm Regards.

We would like to thank SHAADI.COM for making it possible, without the website we most likely would never have crossed paths.

We met Feb. 23, 2006 and we were married 3 months later on MAY 27, 2006. We are very grateful and lucky to have one another as well.


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