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Shaadi Pride

Year 2005 - Success Stories
June Matrimonial Success Stories
Ashish & Amrita
"Dear team, It has been a fulfilling experience for us to search for a life mate through full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Amanpreet & Pradeep
"we pradeep kailay and amanpreet searched ur site and as per ur logo we searched , our minds matched, our destiny clicked and"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Aditi & Amit
"I am really happy to write for the venue that gave me my soulmate. really deserves a hearty gratitude gesture as I am"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Adel & Princy
"Thanks to !"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Bitan & Shyama
"Hey you! Is there anybody out there? Feeling lonely, feeling cold. A few lines from one of my favorites Pink Floyd. Below i"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Trapti & Amit
"the experiance was wonderful and it is raelly easy to find a partner on also you get a wider lot of people to contact and c"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sonia & Kuldeep
"I met my wife, Sonia through and fell in love immediately, went to India, proposed and got married!!! Its a wonderful site.<"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Zaved & Shahela
"I think its the best and the most wonderful way to find your soulmate,one who is truly made for you.I was looking for an intellectual n"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rohit & Pooja
"Myself Pooja Tandle & my husband Rohit Pradhan are now united together with the bond of marriage, would like to express our gratitude"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Manish & Riya
"About Riya In her words -- I'm a Lucky girl.. About Manish In his words -- I'm a Lucky guy..(And the argument c"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Madhu & Roy
"i had registered with loads of matrimonial sites, not that i liked being chased by guys but just to find that connection, and i did thanks"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Lora & Amar
"The transition from matchmaker-mediated marriages to e-marriages has been lightening-fast in India, or at least it seems so to me because"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Saif & Zaufishan
"I met Zaufishan on, when she was in India and i was in london. In exactly 3 days after signing up on, i found her pr"  Read full story »

Thanx alot for the web, I was a free member, I found my jeevansaathi. I m happily married to him. My marriage took place on the 19.6.2005 in singapore. I wish all the best for the rest of shaadi partners.

R. Reynolds
I have found my bride! Taran and I met here with an email exchange on September 3, 2004. After several months of dating, I asked her to marry me and she said yes :) Thank you! If you would like a story and pictures for write up let me know, I would be happy to oblige. I owe you so much.

K. Singh
I met my wife, Sonia through and fell in love immediately, went to India, proposed and got married!!! Its a wonderful site.

I have got my match. I am really thankful to all the shaadi customer services.I am Getting married to Rishi. Thanx,

A. Gupta
I want to inform you that I got to engagement on 20th june through well I'm very graetful to you because I found my life partner just because of with us. and we are going to marry on 12th nov.2005. thanking you

A. Khan
Sir, Me and my family thankyou deeply for your services. I was able to help my sister find a match for her with in a few weeks, We did her Nikkah ceremony today on phone . Do you also have a legal service who can answer our other questions relating to marriage over the phone etc?

I have found a perfect match thro' your site and getting married in Oct. Thank you so much for your site that I found my soul mate! Regards,

Hi I have found my Mr.Right. I reaaly appreciate your service and I am so thankful that I have found my hussband on Shaadi. Just keep up your good work. Thanks.

A. Mehta
I am thankful to for helping me in finding my soulmate. And I got engaged with a guy from your site and he contacted me on ur site only and we contacted each other and now we had our engagement on 20th june 2005 and r getting married on 12th nov.2005. The credit of helping us in finding our soulmate goes to you only. thanking u once again for helping me in getting married.

M. Patel
Hi! well yes I have found someone , which I am going to take things further with... im sure u will be glad to know from ur site! but I still wanted access to the help tips ur site offers to organising the functions involved comming up to marriage there wanted to still be a member to log on now and again. thank you kind regards

R. Kumar
Hiya, thank you for all your help, I am now planning the wedding for august with my partner from this site nknayyar. thank you again.

First of all I have to say that is really a great page n I haven't found sth negative. also the service here is excelent. always got quick reply from customer-service. but anyway I found my partner. we are in love n for some time together. if we are marrying one day (after finding a good job, living together, etc.) we will send for sure pictures of marriage. lovely greetings n thank u for everything,

I have found a life partner through, will contact you with pictures for success story later, thank you,

R. Nair
My search for a life partner has come to an end and it has been a successful one. your website has been of great help and I would like to thank you for that.

I would like to thank a lot to the maker of I am pleased to inform you that I have found my life partner on your site. We have got engaged.

H. Saini
I have found my wonderful life partner through your Website.I am so thankful to's really a wonderful website.Once again thanks

First of all I would like to thank u for helping me find my life partner thru ur site within a month of being a premium member. Thank you once again.

Dear, With your invaluable help, I have found my lifepartner. Thanking you,

S. Pillai
Hi This is just to say THANKS A TON - my daughter Ayesha was registered on Shaadi & I am happy to tell you that she has found her soul mate & right now they are in the process of getting to know each other & hopefully things are moving in the right direction. As soon as there is some good news I'll let you know. Thanks again for this wonderful site.

Md. R. Ahmed
Dear Shaadi team, I thank you very much for the role you played in selecting my soulmate.I got engaged to a girl registered with Thanking you

M. Hussain
Hi, I found my life partner and yesterday I did my nikah, she is also member of, I found her here and finaly we are togather. Thanks for your support

Thanks for the platform though, coz I met my match on ur site.

Thanks for all the support and contacts given to me thru your emails and updates. I did find my partner thru profile.I would be getting engaged soon. would definitely like to send our photographs to shaadi success. thanks again for all the support.

M. Ahmed
I have found the service to be excellent and have met some really nice people. I have met one in particular who is extremely promising! Of course finding him was difficult But such is life I guess! Thanking you in advance.

I have found a suitable match on Shaadi. Thanks so much to to help me find my partner. Regards

Just to say that I have found a partner from you,scincerely looking and I will be getting married in august this summer. thankyou for your help in finding myself a soulmate.

Thanks to shaadi ihave married and got patner as I wanted through your site its really intrested and doing exelent job yu are requested to deleate my profile comletly imediatly ionce again thanks entire team of shaadi com ihave hiden my profile already pl reply and prey for my happy life thanks regard

Dear members im the member of ur site. but now I found my life partner frm ur site. thanku so much. ill recommend ur site to all. once again thank you so much

I have got my life partner thru your website. We both contacted thru your website and it got through. I have already recommended lots of people and already made profile for quite a few on your website and will continue to do the same . Kindly keep up the good work .

H. Chahal
Thanks to I have found the love of my life, her name was Harpreet Tor and now Harpreet Chahal. We got married on Vanentines Day Feb 14th 2005. Im very very happy with my sould mate, we have so much in common and found an amazing family. Everyone gets along really really really well its all thanks to I would definetly reccommend others to join Thanks again

I would like to thank you for your service it has allowed me to meet someone that is a potential candidate, and I feel there is no need for me to look anymore. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful protal... and may GOD bless your entire team for helping people meet their soulmates. Regards and Best Wishes,

S. Rajith
I got engaged with Deepa by the grace of GOD, Thanks for your beautiful service.

I have found someone through this site. I really like this matrimonial site and the whole set-up. You all are doing a terrific job. Thank-you.

Last year I met somebody through the site and in January of this year we got engaged and are due to be married in July. I have not submitted my success story before because over the last few months I have been really busy what with work, wedding plans etc. Please forgive me for this. I will most definetly get my future wife to give you the whole story of how we met etc. I will not be renewing my membership and would like to wish to you all a great big thankyou, without your site...well I dont think I would of found the perfect partner. Thankyou all kindly

Thanks for your srevice and I am very much greatfull to I found my lifepartner thruogh shaadi and my marriage is fixed thanks a lot.

Hi! I have got married with a profile from I would like to thank . and also appreciate there effort in a very good profile base and adding new fetures . I really liked this site the most .and have recommended many of the same. regards

MR. Arif
I am engaged and I have found my lifepartner by am very happy.Thanks a lot to shaadi .com

S. Joshi
Hi there....... this is sagar joshi I must thank you people that I found my life partner from we got married on 14th may and we want to send u our photograph thank you very much

S. Kapoor
I would like to thank Shaadi .com for helping me find my life partner. Your services have been very effective in finding the right person. regards

Thanks for helping me get partner, I have choose mr. shrinivaasan of delhi, we got engaged and our marriage in sep 2005. we will send u all detail of us to u. very very thanks. I will be very thankful to u

A. S. Bansal
I have thanks to met someone and at the weekend we got 'engaged'. Please thank everyone and we will be in touch with our story! Thank you.

Thks a lot for yr congratulations and yr good wishes. Yes, I found my husband through He is American with German ancestors who has lived his whole life in the U.S. divorced with 3 teen agers kids and I am Peruvian who was living in Peru. Since I had ever felt a special fascination from India, its spiritual side and the deepest respect to the family as institution I was looking for Indian guy. Likewise my husband was looking for an Asian girlfriend. I travelled at the beginning of this year to Pennsylvania where he lived with his three kids and got a ring some days before St. Valentine's Day. We got married on March 6th and now we are expecting a baby. Yes, my life changed radically from being a lawyer in my country to be a 24 hour housewife. Still trying to adapt to each other's cultures and customs, but isn't that part of life? Very good luck to you and your team,

I found one very nice man, but it is taking a long time for him to come to usa for us to meet. so I want to wait for him, I think he is the one for me we met here. yes, actually I think your site was the best I tried, and met the nicest , and most sincere about real marraige here as well

With God's grace, I got engaged with Ranjeeta on 14th Feb and we are getting married this month. Thanks a lot to for bringing us together! We are both very grateful to the site. Thanks a lot,

V. Dhamaskar
Hi everybody at, & thanks a load for the site. I am married to other member of We are now together in Sydney & above all very very happy, to be able to thank you. Hope for blessings from all there for our happy future together always.

It was a great experience on the site and Thank you for helping me to find my soul mate.

Thanks for your wonderful site so that I could find my soulmate. I got married from your site in this may month. thank you once again for your service. all the very best for your site.

I would like to give u a thanks for your wonderful site, because of which I got my life partner. I got married in this may month from your site. once again thank you very much and wish you a good luck

N. Agwekar
I have found life partner of my dreams and I thank you for the same. Best regards

R. Gadre
I have found my life partner. Needless to say that the match was found thro I thank you for helping me to find my dreamgirl :) regards,

N. Singhal
We got a sutaible boy for my loving sister .your heartly thanks for suport for us .your site is best for search bride groom .I like your site.

U. Krishnan
Thanks for ur site, I have found my partner from ur web site, and we have married already. thanks to the entire team of

B. Maher
I am happy to inform you that my happiness has been found via your site. I would be happy to provide you of further details on our success, please let me know what information you require. Many thanks,

My partner was on My experience was excellent and I would strongly recommend any person to use

I already have some one in my life and we met on so I would like to thank to I would really appreciate that. thanx to again. thanx......

On the 29th of May 2005, which is a Sunday, I married to Samima. Thanx for your support. Thankyou once again in helping finding a life time partner for me.

G. Kumar
I would like to thank staff for making this website through which I found my life partner.

I have found my match from this site. I take the opportunty to thank this site for helping me getting my desired life partner.

M Acharya
I found my partner of choice from and we are getting engaged in couple of days. First I did not believe on these internet based marriages. But now I do believe that is one of the way to bring together people who are made for each other. thanks.

I have found my match using I thank the whole of team for the same. Thanks,

I have found someone on your site. We are deciding to marry next year(God Willing). Thank you and may God Bless the Shaadi team in finding me what I have being looking for all my life. Thank you

I have been using this website for almost 6 months and I found somebody through this website fortunately (thanks for shaadi).

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