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Shaadi Pride

Year 2004 - Success Stories
April Matrimonial Success Stories
Anand & Roopa
"Thankx -- is geniune and really helpful to identify my life partner Roopa.. Really no words to say., I advice everyone t"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shivaprakash & Roopa
"We are thankful for through which we found our better half. We initiated our contact in Feb 2003 and got married in Aug 2003 and cu"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sheetal & Sukhwinder
"Never once beleived that soulmates could meet on internet but now acknowledge that people are destined to meet and they reach horizons at some"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jasmin & Akram
"I have used your site for quite sometime and thanks to you ,i have found the groom for my sister. It happened very fast by the grac"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Manish & Shikha
"It was our destiny to be together. Thank god I did not posted my best pic in my profile. so we got attracted to each other due to our thinking"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Daniel & Cecilia
"If it hadnt been, we would have never met. !! Thanks to you'll. We met on in January 2003. Dan fell in love w"  Read full story »

I am very happy with services offered by shaadi .com 17 feb 2002 was one of the happiest day of my life becoz on this day i got married to r. sayyed member of shaadi .com has helped to ancomplished my dream and i got very good person as my soulmate . iam really thankful to shaadi .com and its services

M. Abraham
I have met my wife to be through Shaadi. :)

R. Buttan
My sister in law has found her life partner on shaadi, and would like to thank you guys for making it happen.

K. Custer
I have found the one & we are planning to get married as soon as possible, this summer. I thank you so much for giving me such a gift as the wonderful husband I am to have. Thanks a million!

M. Mulajkar
I found someone at

S. Rahman
I have found someone via and thank you for all your help! We are very happy and would like to thank the team. We are meeting for the first time on Monday but things have already developed a lot further just through numerous amounts of phone calls.

S. Nair
I have found my partner through It has been a wonderful experience. When I signed on initially, I was not very sure this would work and I would in fact find someone.

I want to tell you thanks this nice site that helpd me to find a man of my dream,we are going to marry soon

S. Swamipersaud
THank you for the service at It was a great experience and I am glad that I met my future partner on this site. Once again thank you!

I have gotten married to the member, whom I met here on this website.

This is to inform you that I got my selected life partner from sites.

P. Selvaraj
Hi, I am happy to say, that I have found my soul mate :) God bless!

R. Jha and A. Jha
We both (Alka and Rajendra) thank you all for bringing us together through your web site. We could find each other & tied knot on 8th March 2004. Our parents were looking for a nice partner for us but the problem was no one could match our aspirations. One fine day I met Mr. R. Kumar Jha on who stays in Delhi. We started mailing each other everyday. He asked for my phone number, first I hesitated and then I gave it to him. He gave me a STD call to Mumbai on 15th December 2003 for the first time we talked and that conversation was enough to bring us together. On 16th December 2003 he asked for marriage to me and my answer was Yes and then we talked to our parents about it. On 8th February 2004 we got engaged to each other and within one month we got married and became one and that was 8th March 2004. And now he is every thing for me I could have never had found a life partner who understands me so much and care for me like any thing without your help. Thank you Shaadi team for making our two souls one. We wish you all the best for your work.

S. Siddiqui
I am pleased to inform that I have found my soul mate through your service

Q. Ahmed
I would just like to thank you for the great service you provided on this website. Thanks to you i met my fiance on this website. We are getting married on the 7th August 2004, one year and one month after meeting.

D. Long
I have found someone from we talked and also had an argument, on first chat over silly things but somehow we came back to one another, and have founded other qualities, thank you shaadi!!!!

P. Dhaliwal
I'm really very thankful to all of you. You helped me a lot. As I told you I got a friend from your site and we are very good friends now. We are looking further for our marriage. As we meet each other in India we will decide it. Whenever we'll get married we'll send you our picture and our story too.

J. Sheikh
I found someone through It has been a very pleasant and rewarding experience for me with Your filter was good and the site was thorough in covering every aspect of customer querries; professional, very professional. Wish all of you continued success.

K. Nagaraj
I met one of your members (of Indian origin) from Germany on vacation in India, and we had been talking for over a month; We quickly fell for one another and married all within a week of meeting each other. Thanx

S. Sharma
Thanks to for the help in finding a good life partner....

S. Saini
One of my friends told me about I created my profile, and I got a lot of responses within a week of it being up. So I opted for platinum membership. My experience with has been excellent. I got lots of responses. I have found someone through

S. Baig
First of all I would like to thank you all for putting together a platform so wonderful and so effective and user friendly. I would then like to inform you that I have recently found my soul mate through your platform and am now married.

H. Saggar
I found my life partner thru your site.........and i am very happy for that......thanx a lot to this site........which made us meet....i had lost all hope in this site as it was abt an yr since i had registered...but all of a sudden i hard frm him and within 2 months we got married.

N. Akhtar
The person i have met was through this website, therefore I would like to thank you in providing such a wonderful service.

S. Goel
Thank u for your services I have found my life partner via your site .

S. Mohd
I am extremely happy to inform you that you live upto your words!! I have found my soulmate through your esteemed portal. We were enagaged with the blessing of our families on 17th April '04. All our Best Wishes to the Team & their families & to all the members of your site.

P. Madaan
Just to say thanks for the website. I got married to my husband whom I found on your site.

F. Mondegarian
Thanks for the great forum provided by U guys. Good Job. Helped me meet my match. I will be getting engaged in May

A. Jain
I already got married 15 days back to one of members in i thank for wondeful job they done and made my life marvellous.

S. Mukherjee
I hope this finds you in the best of everything. Let me first confess that choosing to put myself on your pages was a difficult decision initially, because opting for the net as an answer to one's deepest personal needs takes some getting used to. Through the months that followed I met more people on your site than I ever would have socially. I also came to appreciate that a lot of thought goes into your planning, executing and, indeed, anticipating the needs of your clients to provide a more friendly and efficient service that many I know speak highly of. Speaking for myself, I recommend your site to every single eligible person I know! To answer your question about whether I have found someone through your site, well, of course I did! and most especially for giving me the best reason to smile,

A. Mehta
My name is A. P. Mehta I would like to thank you for your excellent services. Hence, i would also like to mention that i have found my life partner through your web matrimonial site and i'm really happy. my platium memebership expires in september 2004. now since i have already made my wedding plans. i think it would be of no use to still run my profile for the online web site.

S. Manocha
I'd like to thank for helping me find my wife. I got engaged over past christmas and planning to get married in november'04.

M. Goswami
I have found my life-partner through Thanks for providing me with a girl of my choice

S. Quarts
Hello to whom it my concerns i have found the man of my dreams thanks to ur team thanks so very much everything i never thought that in just a short time i would find such a loving and caring person

Gopinath K
I got life partner from ur, so thank u very much.

Sangeeta D.
Its doing excellent service to society.I feel more and more even common people looking at for proposals. Whatever proposals we got through you were excellent and was having total professional outlook.Once again thank you very much.keep it up

H. Jadeja
Thanxs for ur wishes... i'm getting engaged on this 22nd.

S. Khan
Thanks to, I met and am getting married this May to the man i had been looking/waiting for my entire life. I hope your website has been as tremendous of a success for many others.

R. Pillai
I have met someone through your site and we have decided to get married. I think yours is an excellent, well-organized site, and I was impressed by the men I met through it. Great job!

S. Ghodgaonkar
Thankyou for all your support in finding me my life partner.

S. Kyde
Thank you for your efforts to have a great website. I recently married a gentleman through your matrimonials. We are very happy. I live in the U.S. and he is from Saudi Arabia. My name was S. Kyde and now it is S. Junaidi. We are extremely happy. I truly could not believe this was possible.

R. D'Costa
This is to inform you that I am married to a handsome boy apparently through your matrimonials. I thank everybody at your website.

A. Gasanova
Hello! Let me thank your site. Due to Shaadi I could find my way and met my half of life. Inshallah, we will have the wedding party in the near future.

D. Joshi
Shaadi team i want to thanks you that through your website i got my loving life partner.I from NY and my wife from CA came in contact through your web site.

F. Effandi
I am happy to say that I found someone via and we are engaged to be married in July.

S. Kothari
I would like to thank for helping me meet my perfect partner. I had come in contact with him sometime last October after which we kept in touch through email and also met each other personally. We are going to get married in the month of May. We would like to convey our sincere thanks to each and everyone with for being instrumental for making us meet each other. Keep up the excellent work.

I met a lot of people from and finally I met my solemate and now I am engaged with him. We have plans to be married in July or August this year.

I have found my match thanks to

Have been married through this site

N. Khan
I am extremely thankful to you because with this valuable site i am able to find a nice life partner for my sister. Thanks alot for your services. I wish you best wishes and good luck for this invaluable service provided by you.

N. Kelly
Thank you very much in helping me find my mate. On April 6, 2004 I was married.

A. Mulay
Thank you so much for providing such a wonderfull service. It was through this service that I found a match. We are making plans to get married sometime soon.

N. Shah
Thank you for having a wonderfull site; i have met a lot of people through this site and hence my eyes are more open to the outside world. with the help of this site i have found my prince charming! i will be getting married in June 2004! so thank you. very much.

D. D.
Just to let the Shaadi team know that Iam now happily married to a memeber of this site itself.

I am thankful to because I found my Brother in law through them! Thanks for ur services! had really helped us to find a match for my sister! Soon she is gonna get married!

I got engaged a girl who is also a member of

S. Mehrotra
I am shalini,thanx for your site i had got my life partner though

L. Vira
I found my life partner with help of

I do not know how to begin this, as it has been dream come true with your helpful site. I met a wonderful man who is now my husband for last one month, I think it couldnt happen without your help. I feel this is one of the best matrimonial sites for the person who wants to find their life partners. Its an amazing platform for the people who do not have enough time and resources to meet their soul mate. I truly want to thank you very much to help me to find my husband.

S. Afzal
I am satisfied with your service and i did meet someone through your website

M. Sharma
Want to thank you for your good service. I & my sister both got our life partners through & recommend your site to everyone.

S. Smith
Hello, I have found a partner through this site and we are getting married in July.

K. Mudaliar
Hi, Thank you very much that i have found my soulmate thru

M. Gholkar
Thankyou for your services,i have found my lifemate on this site.I am getting married this 23rd.

G. Balasundaram
Many thanks to your website as I was successful in tracking the best partner of my lifetime. We not only fell in love but were able to convince and align our parents' interests equally. We are to be engaged at the earliest. My partner's name is Sathyavathy.

F. Baig
I did find someone through

J. Khilnani
I m highly obliged to you all guys , coz had it not been for you"ll i wouldnt have met the man of my dreams,my soulmate .we are getting married in august and his profile id is sachinus.thank u once again and keep up the good work!

A. Khokhar
We found each other on and now we are married.

L. Singh
I have found my soulmate using your great website.

N. Goyal
I have got my wonderful partner through your website. I am thankful to you.

H. Rawal
We have found the right match using your site. Thanks a lot! Its a real good site.I will highly recomend it to my friends.

G. Khera
I found my match in a week! with 13 atterney. Thanks for helping me out.

A. Bhattacharya
It is to inform about bob's sucess story with star.... wedded 17th feb ........thannnnnnnks a pile fr the wonderful site

K. Chonkrya
I have found my soul mate through this site and would now like to be taken off.

Z. Hafizi
I am now married to a wonder woman, i met via We got married on 14th jan 2004, in Islamabad in pakistan.

S. Khan
Im happily married 2 one of ur Shaadi members.

L. Ranka
I got Engaged with R. Jain through and would like to thanks the entire team for one more success.

S. Muppidi
My marraige is fixed and thanks to I found a partner in your website.

S. Dhaliwal
My name is S. Dhaliwal. First of all I want to say thanks to team. You guys helped me to find my wife. I meet my wife on Her name is Jatinder Kaur and profile ID is coolaulakh. Once again I like to thanks your team. It has been wonderful experience with you guys. You guys are great. I really appreiciate your customer service. All of you guys are wonderful. You guys get 10 out of 10 points.

K. Gopinath
I got life partner through ur service.

S. Katyal
I have find my life partner Thankyou so much for giving happiness to my life.

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