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Shaadi Pride

Year 2003 - Success Stories
December Matrimonial Success Stories
Sajini & Reji
"One Love To last forever,One dream to have and share. One Special person always close to me,to make each day so rare, One Love to s"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nandita & Tarun
""I am thankful to because I found my loving husband through them. It's a bit weird, but yes, it worked for me nevertheless. I had n"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Amisha & Rupesh
"My dear fellow friends at the Shaadi team: Warmest greetings to you all. On behalf of my wife and I, please do kindlyaccept our s"  Read full story »

Kaushik Mukherjee
Thanks, another feather in your cap. I, Kaushik Mukherjee got married with rbc2003, on 7th December '03 at Kolkata, and started a new life, at my workplace in Bangalore. Thanks a lot once again, to our ideal match. Thanks and wish u all in a verry verry happy NEW YEAR 2004.

My daughter got engaged on 21st Dec thru your service. Thanks a lot.

Thush Gopinathan
Thanks for your services.I was a paid member and found my match through your services. Thanks.

Ali Khan
Yes, we found someone through your website. We apppreciate all the help we got from and hope others too are lucky as we were. Once again thanks and hae a Happy New Year.

Balraj Birring
Hi Thanks for letting me search your website, I have found someone from you site and we are getting on really well! I shall tell all my friend about this site due to fact it has found me a women of my dreams. Once again thanks

Attiq Rahman
I am happy to say that with your help I have met my match. May I take this opportunity to thank you and all the team at

Mohan Kolhatkar
I am quite satisfied with your service. Infact I have recommended this site to quite a number of people. Probably I should be getting some commision out of that!!!...(Just Joking)... and actually I have found my loved one through this site only!!!....

Zarin Farida
I have found a alliance through is in process. Mostly it will be Confirmed.

Priya Shah
By the grace of God and i am able to find out my life partner and i am very much thankful to you for this. We got married this Christmas and we both are thankful to Thankyou again and keep it up.....

Fufu Mirza
Hi guys, yes, u can hear it in my voice;I am the happiest person on earth rite now..well I found my soul mate through this amazing website!!! It is well said that marriages are made in heaven and I would add that they are made at too!!! A few days back, I had broken up with the guy I was contacting through this site, but it was a miracle that brought things back to normal like broken pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and we got engaged. I am awaiting the big day which will be held hopefully next year. I met Amu by chance and we clicked right from there, although he is basically a very shy person and me completely opposite. But then opposites do attract. He still cant believe that we are engaged to be married, but he did take off his profile which is his way of saying he is ready. I would take this opportunity to thank and may god keep this site going on and on.

Bhavana Kher
Hi ...thanx for your response. Yes I have found some one and wud be giving you the photograph of both of us. Once mariage is fixed.. and pls show it on the success stories.. thanx ...

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