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Shaadi Pride

Year 2003 - Success Stories
September Matrimonial Success Stories
Manny & Manu
"Hey Shaadi Team! Its well known saying 'There is someone made for everyone, one day they meet & fall in love at first sight'.Earli"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Manju & Ashok
"Hi, I would like to thank the team for the wonderful work they are doing in bringing together souls across the globe. Th"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ravi & Leela
"First of all We Thank every one at for making this site a very useful and cooperative to Shaadhi.dom members.... We are ve"  Read full story »

Cristiane Leme
My name is Cristiane and I am from Cotia, S?o Paulo, Brazil. I found someone and I am already engaged, we met through this website itself and his name is Bonifacio Rebello, from Goa (India).Thank you so much for your support and help meanwhile we stayed together.

Nandini Sen
I have found a match on your site. My profile ID is BlitheSpirit and my name is Nandini Sen. I have enjoyed using your service and have reccommended it to several of my friends and family already.

M.Kashif Aijaz
I am fixed to a girl (member of Shaadi .com by the name unaiza Jafri ; profile id una123). We will be getting married soon.

I found someone from the website and got married last month on August 14th. Thanks!

Shishir & Roopali
"A million thanks to the website which led me to my soulmate..." I had uploaded my profile just for a couple of days... we found each other. She came from Pune and within a couple of weeks we will be married... has brought colours to my life...

We found a perfect match for her through She is getting married with Rocky (ID: rockysingh01). They were engaged on September 26, 2003 and are getting married during the first week of October. Thankyou for your help.

Neeti Kaur
I'm pleased to inform you that i have found my life partner through your valuable website.

Tanya Arora
I think that I have found someone for me on your webiste. I would like to take this opportunity again, to thank you at the Shaadi team for your services, keep up the good work!

May Pinto
Yes, I have found Mr Right at I am happy with your services. I wish all the luck to partner hunting crowd.

Roshini Silva
Thank you immensely....for helping me to find my life partner on your web site.

Rose Jose
We would like to express our thanks, for getting us both together..My fiance praveen[praveenmtomy] and me[coolchix] met each other here sommetime in july..he is in australia n me here in bombay..he came down this month and we liked each other..:)Coincidently, our folks know each other they had no we are getting enagaged sometime in dec-jan and married in may2004. Thanks a lot..and keep the work going..

I seemed to have found the one I was looking for on your website.

Deepa Dosaj
Thank you for such a great website. I have found my soulmate through your service

Thank You very much for everything, I found my spouse om We recently got engaged.

Preveen Thiyagarajah
I want to thank for making it possible for me to meet my wife to be.

Muhammad Riaz
Congragulations to you for providing such amazing services. I really cannot express my gratitudes to all your team, who work very hard and pay prompt attention to their customers. Its a real real wonderful site that brings people together.I just pasted my profile in May 2003 and its Sep 2003 now that I have found my soulmate so loving and sincere.It only happened 1st by the grace of Allah and then of your untiring and beautiful efforts. I wish my heartiest congratulations to all who are working day night for their customers. Me and my soulmate are going to marry inshaalah very soon.

R S has one of the most advanced features regarding managing profiles, etc. Thanks to you, I have found someone from your site and will probably end up tying the knot.

Mohin. P.K.
Thanks for your nice service and as I got my soul mat through your site.

I am very happy to inform you that I have found my life partner through your website (profile ID: s_kamat)and would like to thank you for the same. Thanking you profusely for helping me find my soulmate

Rohit Rathore
I must really thank you all in helping me find my life partner through your valuable internet based matrimonial services. The girl I am going to marry in the coming few months is at New Delhi, India and her profile handle is aquarius7.

Navjoyt Chodha
I have found the man of of my dreams - through this website!

Hardev Rana
I have found my soul-mate on We will be soon getting married.

Vikram Ravi
I am getting married in Jan. I was able to find the bride from the website. Thank you for your efficient management of the website.

Sonia Sodhi
Thanks for your support in finding my destiny, my husband Samuel. I will or rather should I say "we" will not forget u! In him I got every pleasure of life. A best friend, campanion, soul mate and love. Wish u all the best in ur endeavor. Thanks once again for finding me my hidden love. On the 1st of August 2003, he flew from the states and we got married within 6 days!

I found my match through your service...and would like to thank you for providing the medium.

Lissy Varughese
I am going to get married on 22-Sept-2003, with Sini whom I met through your professional web matching service. His profile handle is (matt74).Thanks for your dedicated service.

Its well known saying ?There is someone made for everyone, one day they meet & fall in love at first sight?.Earlier, I never believed in this saying. It was just too philosophical for me. But now, its true, really true. I found my first love by god?s grace & with assistance.

Dr. Bhuvana Katkere
Thanks to your website, I am getting engaged to be married to a member of Thanks and oblige.

Sukhvinder Brana
I met my partner from Shaadi and we recently got engaged.Thank you for providing an excellent service and for helping me find my wife!

Radhika Shah
I would like to take this opportunity announce that I have found my match. I am greatful to and all the people associated with this portal.

Sanjeev Dhiman
I have met my soulmate and my true love through your website. We are now engaged and will be married on November 11, 2003 with the blessings of our family and friends.

I am really thankful to to help me find a life partner. We are getting engaged soon...

Sonali Datey
I have found someone special via your website. We are busy sorting out a few issues before the marriage.

I am elated to let you know that I found a person thru who has the potential to be my life partner.

Late last October Sameer & I met from this site. We both knew at that moment that this feeling of love would last our eternity. Now we are happy to announce that we have recently married this July 2003. We would likw to Thank for helping us bring us to one another. We couldn't have done it without your help.

I would like to be removed form because I have found my partner through

Fahzilla Pirmohamed
I wanted to thank you for your matrimonial service. I am engaged to a wonderful man, who I met through

I did find someone on Shaadi. Its wonderfuil service you are providing. Keep up the good work.

Margot Gill
I found my soul-mate and soon to be husband on his profile name is mazee,of all individauls that contacted me he spoke from his heart others were just looking to get layed;not all but most of them. once again i thank you this is a feature or those individuals who are to busy and don't get out much.

Rohit Sagoo
I am getting married very shortly to the partner of my life, thanx for your assisstance, we met on your site but are private people and will not be giving you any exclusives as we have signed a contract with Hello Magazine

Mohin and Naseera
Hello, my user id is ? falcon70 ? finally I got my soul mate through your site, profile id," nasyk ? presently she is living in Spain. as her father working in Turkey for Saudi airlines, once when he visited Saudi Arabia he brought her along with her mother and met me. we engaged ( Nikah) we are husband and wife according to our religion. But according to our custom and tradition the wedding party will be conducted by first of November 2003. Then only we will live together. We would like to express our hearty gratitude to Shaadi site and its well services. Thanks once again.

punjabi kuri
Thanks to, I've found my soulmate through your wonderful site

My user id is ? falcon70 ?.Finally, I got my soul mate through your website - Her profile id, being " nasyk?.

I realy think is a wonderful site. I met my wife here she is best lady in this universe to me. I wish all serious people good luck

Thanks to, I found a perfect alliance for my sister and she is happily married now. keep up the good work!! all the best!!

B.K. Gupta
This is just a little notice that I have found the woman of my dreams on your site. We plan on getting married early next year. We plan on sending you a "success story" in the near future when we get a chance to write it together. Thanks you so much!

Dhanunjaya Pinnaka
I found some one on, Thank you for providing me this valuable service.

Swati lall
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team of as I met my partner in life through your site. Keep up the good work, and I wish for every one of your memebers that they find their soulmate just like I did through this site.

kuri punjabi
Hi, I have found someone very special through your site

Sujatha Jayalakshmi
Thank you for the support you have given me. Its been only a short time that I was registered with I have found my life partner who is the best man I have ever come across. Without this site this magic would not have happened.I no longer wish to have my profile here as I'll be settling down very soon. Thanking you.

I thank you for making me a member of and now that i have found my life partner through your website I will recommend alot of people to this site.

Nitesh Desai
I have got engaged with one of the member from

Halima Haniff Dawood
I have found my Search through

Rubina Khan
Thank you very much we found a suitable match for our sister just in 2 weeks ater posting her profile on posting, you are doing great work for NRI's like us.

Sunint Singh
I'm thankful for your services. I have found my life partner thru your site and am now happily married to her.

Amarchand Koya
I am very much thankfull to you people. I met sweetest part of my life. and I am going to marry her in december.

Rani Sandhu
I would like to thank you for helping me find the love of my life thorogh your website.

Vivek Batra
Thanks for providing such kind of wonderful service which is helping to the younsters and helpless parents to get the right match for themselves/for their kids. I also got my partner thru your site . Her profile name is "Happinessalways" and finally we got engaged and very soon going to get married.

I just wanted to let you guys know that thanks to you I have found my mate.......(Ahmad_mehru) on your site. I can't thank you enough for your service

Neha Khanna
I have got enaged and thanks to, as my partner and me met from It is a great site thanks for all your service I would like to thanks the entire team of

Neha Khanna
I have got enaged and thanks to, as my partner and me met from It is a great site thanks for all your service I would like to thanks the entire team of

M. Ahmad
I have found my life partner (nawabsaab). He is on the site as well and I would like for you to remove his profile also (profile: nawabsaab).....thanks soooo much!!

Rajni Singh
I have found my match thanks to I offer my sincere thanks to all those involved in developing such a wonderful media.

Bobby Ram
Greetings and best wishes to all the members of shaadi. com, I wish great success for all that reaches you as i were very successful with this, i met a great man who myself and i feels so blessed to be together, which i had in mind to let you know and to thank you very much and please keep on doing the good works you are doing and god bless you and everyone else.

I am glad to inform you that I have found a partner through your website, and we have got engaged. We are planning our life ahead, and will get marry soon.

Diana Rathod
I have found my life partner through and will be getting married end of this year.

Suhas Dwarakanath
Thanks to u I found my match !!

I am Sujatha (profile name: indian in singapore; profile id: singgirl). Using your fantastic service, I met Ramesh (profileid: relaxedguy). We got to know each other for a year and finally we are now married for about two months. :) It was not easy in the beginning, he being in the USA and then in India, and me stuck in Singapore. We realised that the internet is a great way to _meet_ people, but falls short when you want to _know_ them. We had differences (like any other two people), but there were many strong indicators of fundamental compatibility. Ramesh then took a bold step. He quit his job and found one in Singapore!!! We took about 7 months to resolve our differences, but together we grew a great deal. He and I went through some tough phases - to emerge for the better. He supported me through a rather difficult period and my faith in him was cemented very firmly. We talked and resolved our differences. In the meanwhile, it was increasingly clear that we were fundamentally _extremely_ compatible. Eventually, parents were roped in. Being from the same cultural/religious background, it was a smooth sail. They willingly and happily arranged our marriage. We would like to thank for the opportunity to meet each other. I am not sure I could have met anyone much better... :) It is a great guy you have found me. The most common comment during our wedding reception was 'what a matched pair they make!'. :) Many thanks. Hope this real story gives hope to those out there still looking. You have to look... and speak with different people... it may be a whie, but eventually, the right person will come along and you will know it immediately. :) Best of luck.

Khushboo malhotra
I am so much thankful to the the service you provide, I have got my life partner on your site much more than I ever imagined. Thank you.

Eric Baroi
I have found my suitable partner among profiles. Her profie ID was:ends. We have decided to marry in tentative date is in January or February 2004. We communicate each other by other means now. In finding my partner match I am immencely grateful to

I have found a real gem with your help and I m extremely thankful to your team. I met him in Dec'2002 on your site, he is working in US basically from Mumbai and I m living in Muzaffarnagar. I never thought I will meet my life partner through any site. we got engaged in March'2003 and are getting married soon.

Manju & Ashok
Well.. my profile was posted on your site for a few months & around mid-feb I received an invitation to communicate from profile id ashokpatil77 (thats what he was to me then.. just a profile, and I am sure I was to him). He was based in Los Angeles & I was in Bombay. I was'nt sure the long distance communication would yield any results, anyways I liked his profile so I accepted, and that started a chain of emails

Sarita Karnik
My sincere thanks to the team. Through this site my sister is now very happily married. I wish you all luck in getting many more people together.

Sana Mehtab
Thanx to I have found my right choice. I am very happy while writing this. It would have not been possible if it had not been for Wishing the very best in future.

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