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Shaadi Pride

Year 2003 - Success Stories
February Matrimonial Success Stories
Rasna & Deepak
"I would like to thank the Shaadi team in helping me find my soulmate, my love, my woman, my wife!!! If it wasn't for your web services an"  Read full story »

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding me the world's most wonderful person. We will be getting married sometime later this year. I feel like I've never felt before, like a new life awaits me. ....May you continue to bring joy into people's lives, by bringing strangers together in such a special way.

This is Uma_rao. Im greatful to team for .... helping me find my Mr.Right.He is also a member of id:- raghuraman73 Our marriage has been fixed for 26th of May '03.

Jasvir & Sukhraj Brar
I would like to thank the Shaadi team in helping me find my Mr.right, my love, my husband. All thanks to your web site and excellent web services. Actually it all happened suddenly. I contacted him in mid october and got engaged on Diwali and we were married on 8th Dec.2002. It is a great feeling to be in love and all thanks to you team !! It was quickest and fastest wedding as it happened in just 1.1/2 month, all is well that ends well with God's grace. I think it is rightly said that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. I give credit to you guys for my success story !!! Thanks again Shaadi Team!! Please keep it up and I am hopeful you can bring happiness in millions lives like us.

Thanks to your site we have found the match of our life. We are currently in the process of planning our Wedding day and will be sending you our success story along with a picture of the wedding soon. We thank Shaadi for helping us find each other which otherwise would have been impossible (despite living in the same city!). Our prayers are with all of you that are still searching .... Thanks ;)

Thank you to my sister Saheli found the perfect husband after a long search!!...It is funny how I got to get them together while I stay in the States, and they lived in the same city. Anyways, they finally got married on the 17th of feb....and I want to thank this site again for everything on behalf of Saheli (id ranu24) & Saugata (id saugatam)!!

I am writing to thank in helping me find my soulmate. We are getting married in May.

Dr.P.Hari Kishore Reddy
I am very thankfull for your online matrimonial website, from which I got engaged with Dr.Mahitha Oruganti.

sheetal cherian
My marriage is fixed with a guy whom I met through Shaadi com

Thank you for the wonderful matrimonial service you have been providing. I will always remember this website for having met such a lovely and wonderful special friend. I think I am the most luckiest guy on this earth to have met my dearest Bani. I would like to devote this message to her. Thank you Bani for coming into my life. Although we are still meeting, we soon plan to get married. And lastly, thank you to have brought smiles on our faces. I am sure you have brought smiles on many a thousand other faces. Thank you and all the best for a wonderful future.

I met my partner on your website. I have been a member for the past 3 months but he had only joined 2 weeks earlier. Also, your website is an internantional service and it turned out that he lived 5 minutes walk away from my house- talk about a small world !Thanks for this excellent service and thanks for helping me to find mr right.

I would like to thank the Shaadi team in helping me find my soulmate, my love, my woman, my wife!!! If it wasn't for your web services and web site I probably would have not found her.....

I am very gratefull to for helping me to find a match for me.We are not yet engagged but hopefully will be soon.Love is in the air......All the best to your team.Well done.

F Buxamusa
I am happy to inform you that I have found my partner at your site itself... Thank you for this great service...and wish us luck as there is a lot of planning yet for us to do - as we are resident in 2 different continents !!

Bipinbhai Thakkar
This is to inform you of another success story. My profile id is :vbti. I have found my life partner through your excellent service. My husband's id is : bunty2000. I wish to thank you very very much. Both me and my husband are very thankful to you and really wish that you will continue to help a lot of other people find their dream-mates.

Thanks for providing such an amazing service to Indians worldwide. My most heartfelt thanks to you all who were instrumental in ending my search. I have found the most amazing and beautiful woman of my dreams at this site. I did not even know that I can find my perfect soulmate with all the qualities I ever desired for on a site. We got engaged last December and are getting married soon.

kris ram and durga r
Thank you very much for having a very good matrimonial site. I am happy to inform, that through your great service I got the best partner in my life id is durga_69. ....once again thanks to the family of

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the SHAADI TEAM for the wonderful efforts that you'll are making and pray that you'll keep on doing the same and more in coming future. This is to let you know that I got my soulmate on within 1 week after my Premium Registration. Gash ! This is the GREAT :) .

Awais and Rukhsar
Thanks to your site we have found the match of our life. Please remove my soulmate's (rukhsar_ca) and my (awaisy23) profile from your contacting list. We will be sending you our success story in detail and our pictures of the wedding soon. Thanks for making such an exciting experience come true. We wish best of luck for those who are still in search..good luck..

It is heartening to break the news unto you that I've made it for my nephew through your site! I had posted the profile of my nephew CHETAN67 last year and when the responses poured in I handed it all over to Chetan to deal and communicate... I had received a response from SANGEETA from Asansol also a Gujarati and NOW THEY ARE ENGAGED and sceduled to MARRY ON MAY 10, 2003 in MUMBAI. HATS OFF TO YOU-

I have found my match through your website. I wanted to thank you all for this service as it is not very easy for NRI's to find the suitable match, but I m glad that I found your website. And it is via this site that, I have found my life partner, once again thank you and keep up this good work....good luck to everyone in their search......

I have found my match on your web site. Her profile id being"tiger shark"

I am thankful to the team for helping me find my life partner. We both got married on the 23 of last month.Thanks again

Brinderjit Kaur
Thanks a lot for your service. I must admit that this is the first time, I have ever done something like this and today, I have met my life-partner and we are getting married in March,2003. So a big thank you for the wonderful service you are providing.Truly dream can come True

My name is Rashmi. I recently got married to a member from, his id being tap1shaadi.

Reji Eappen
Well, Ours has been a story straight from the bold and the beautiful. There was love and fun but then there was drama and plot too. Fortunately enough there were no villains. Anyway I came to with the intention of finding my soulmate, but frankly I was not sure about the process and was really wondering, if I was wasting my time and money. In any case, I decided to try it out for 3 months ... and what do u know, I found my sweetheart in UK and I was living in CA, USA. We hit it off right from the word "Go" and decided to get married after about 3 months of courtship. We steered our parents into uniting us and praise be to god(long story short), we got married on DEC-30th, definitely the happiest day of our lives. Had a short honeymoon in MUNNAR and we are in the process of settling down in CA, USA. We love each other so much, we really cannot thank Shaadi enough for bringing us together. Thank you Shaadi for everything.

Hari & Sini
We would like to thank, for uniting us through this wonderful site. We got married on the second of this month. After meeting through during the month of september 2002. We wish prosperity in all your future endeavour and efforts.

Tariq Khan
Thank you very much. I was able to find my soulmate because of your website. I sincerely thank you. I got married in December.

We(shivani119,saurabhgupta1289) have found our life partners at ..........Now we are getting married. We would like to thank the whole team to make this event possible. We are inviting the whole team for our marriage i.e. on 18th Feb 2003 in PUNE.

Lalitha (akumar123) and Murali(realactivex)
Its been more or less a dream come true for me. I found the princess of my dreams through your wonderful website. When I accepted the invite from akumar123, I knew that I had reached loving arms. And from then on, the 'I's changed to 'We' :-) It all happenned real fast. I work in Bangalore and she in Mumbai. We started our first correspondence on the 15th Aug '2002. I went to Mumbai to meet her on 25th Aug, and we got got engaged a week later. Our wedding took place on 29 Dec 02. And we had a wonderful time.. and the good times only seem to be getting better. :-) Touchwood.! And thanks to her entry in my life, I feel the whole world world around me looking great and nicer :-).. And yeah.. I feel a lot calmer and in bliss. :-) Aur ha, Lalitha and Me convey our best wishes to all of you out there. You have the best possible website that could probably be!. We are very much sure that everyone out there will find their soulmate with all the 36 gunas matched :-))). Heres wishing you all luck prosperity and happiness all through.

B.S. Dhillon
I (Profile Id-harsheer) and Sukhraj (profile ID-brar1972) thank the whole team of for making it possible for us to meet through We got married recently. We send our best wishes for creating an excellent platform for unmarried people to meet and search their life partners.

Sajini Reji

B.S. Dhillon
I (Profile Id-harsheer) and Sukhraj (profile ID-brar1972) thank the whole team of for making it possible for us to meet through We got married recently. We send our best wishes for creating an excellent platform for unmarried people to meet and search their life partners.

Surabhi Sharma
I posted the profile for my younger sister and within 6 months she was married. Thanks to !!!

I found my soulmate from your service. I am getting married on feb 19. Thank you for your service. Please delete my profile from your list. I appreciate your friendly services and thank you for everything.

We anil_sudhakaran1 and nicky4u2002 would like to thank We found each other through this website.We got married on 31st Dec2002,Thanks once again....

Veena Khanna
I was fortunate to find a perfect match for my niece through in a very short time. They will be getting married in the next month. Thanks to for its very comprehensive with well defined features which is really appreciative.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team of for helping me in finding my life-partner from this site.

Rani Maria and Steve Thomas
I have found my mate in USA through We will be getting married in April in USA. Thanks for helping me find my soul mate!

I have successfully found a match that suits me through your website. Thank you very much.

Sonia Barve
I got married on 15 Dec 2002 through Thank you for this service and all my wishes for the other couples too.

I just thought I'd say a big Thanks to you guys and share with you my experience at I was not too serious when I signed up with But shortly after I signed up, one fine day in July I was contacted through the site by a guy whom I eventually got to know, fell in love with and am now engaged to :o) We met online in July, and met in person on 20th Nov, 02 at the Chennai Airport :o) Our families met, and everything fell in place by the Grace of God. We were engaged on 25th Dec, 02.. on Christmas day !!! in the mids't of our family and friends. We're planning to be married by mid-this year. Just thought we - Josie (myself) and Nigel (my fiancee) would share our joy with you. Thanks !

Maneesh & Rashmi Grover
We both are writing this success story together,today. This is something unexpected of or undreamt of atleast by me as I had tried so much on many of the other websites available on the internet.They all claim to be best,but we both feel that is ACTUALLY the best of the best!!!!! Guys reading my success story will be surprised to know that I was a FREE member of,but still I got my soulmate. This is something extraordinary which can happen only on Both of us contacted each other in September and within a short time of 4 weeks we came so close that both of us decided that we are soulmates and can march ahead together hand in hand.We got married on January 16th,2003, which is the most happiest day of our lives. We are submitting the snaps of our honeymoon enjoyed together in Shimla.Once again both of us thank team for the wonderful effort they are making in helping soulmates to come together.

A Shah
Me mg29syed and profile Twister are now engaged.Thanks to for getting us to gether.

This is to inform you guyz that I have got engaged recently. Thanks to your website. I am obliged and want to congratulate you all for putting up a great show.

Gabriel Stephen Fernandes
I have found my life partner through your web site, and we got married on Jan-03. Thank you for the wonderful service!!

I have found my partner through your site and wanted to express my thanks for getting us together! We are planning on going to India in march'03 and getting married! Thanks again!

I have found my match through your fantastic service. We will both write to you about our success soon. Thank you so much for helping an American woman find her Indian soul mate.

Thank you for your service, I found my life partner through your website. We got married last month.

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