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Shaadi Pride

Year 2002 - Success Stories

Dear team, Thanks a lot to you. Mr.Anthony has responded for my profile and our parents contacted and fixed the marriage.We'll be getting married during December.We'll send u the marriage photograph after we get married.Thanks again to for helping me to get my life partner. Please delete my profile bruntha2002 since I don't want it to be displayed in anymore. Thanks and regards

Hi, I have already found my life partner on Shaadi. And we got married on 9th of May. We would like to have our profiles removed from shaadi. We both are grateful to for bringing us together. Thanks,

I just want to say thank you for the wonderful service you are providing! My sister is getting married in Nov. to Acutya. It was a match made in heaven for both. Please delete both of their profiles from your website. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Well, I have met my partner through has made another difference yet..thanks. Due to busy schedule, he has been unable to respond to delete his profile. Request you to delete our profiles at the earliest. Regards

Dear Sir, I kindly request u to delete my profile from ur website as i found a perfect match on ur website. Now we both are married and happily living. Regards,

Hi! thanx a lot for your service... just want to tell you that i wud like to delete my account as i've got the guy i really want to be with. & he is from this site it self... thanx a lot again & keep up the good work... ur just doing 2 good...All the best luv

hi sirs thank you for helping me find my life partern could you remove us from profiles his name was shaadizah we are married august 28th my name was ahaz thanks again

Shweta Jain
Thanks for providing matrimonial services. I got the life partner through Hew is a paid member of Thanks

Hi, I got married this August. I found my partner at My best wishes to all members and my thanks to Sagaai team. Please remove my profile from Thank you.

viraj gothi
Hi I would like to thank the whole team of for helping me find my soulmate through this wonderful site. We met through this engaged on the 1st Aug 02 and soon to get married. I personally think that this is definetely the best matrimonial site today. Keep up the good work guys! Also I would like you to remove my profile and his profile from the site.

Satbir Singh
Thank you So much. I have found the girl of my dreams fromyour website. WE just got married August 30th of 2002.

as i have got my life partner through the services of i would like to remove my profile from this site.i will be highly grateul to this mathcmaking site.

Dear Sirs, With great pleasure I inform you that my profile has been posted in your prestigious site, has got married last Month 14th August,The person Rajesh whoes profile is registered with you as rkb25 has contacted me through this site. Hence I would like to share with you this. I am really glad that I came across this very special site and would certainly suggest this site to my other friends. Once again thank you for all the help provided by your site. With best regards,

Hi!! I am thankful to through which I met my soulmate.We have got engaged and now soon going to get married. Thanks

Anup Bhatia
Dear team, We wish to inform you with immense pleasure and delight that with the help of this beautiful and help full site we have found each other successfully. Our engagement was arranged on 14th September the most remarkable day in our life and we meet so much in our thoughts, lifestyle and family values that we cant imagine some thing better we could have got as a gift of life partner from God. Please accept our sincere best wishes and thanks from the entire Bhatia & Waswani Parivar. With hope that many more will follow us.

Thanks for such a wonderful service. I have found a life partener through your website. Now I want my details to be removed form the website immediately. Thanks

dear sir, i are requesting to delete my profile from your database, I found my life mate from your site. pls notify me as soon as you delete my profile. thank u

Hi, I no longer require it as am engaged to the person. We are getting married on October 25th 2002. Thankyou very much for your service which helped me to find my better half.

hi, this is binal....i would like my profile to be deleted frm the i hv found my match...pratik. i would like to thnk u profusely for helpin me seek my right match!

Dear Shaadi team, Thanks very much for the beautiful reply. Our wedding is planned for the next year 2003, and I will definitely email our wedding photos to your website, because this would not have been possible without your website, for which I am very very grateful. Thanks very much again to all the shaadi team members for making this beautiful website. And please don't forget to cancel my membership from this website. Bye and take care.

Tulika Saksena
Hello, I have found my life partner through your website. I would like to thank you with all my heart and would like you to delete my profile from the site. Thank you

Hi there We met thru and have got engaged now. We thank you a lot for your wonderful work. Thanks

Asalaam Alaykum Thank you very much for your help. Alhamdulillah I met my Fiance through your site. I will now like to remove my profile. I wish all the adminstrators of all the best in their endeavours. Ma Salaam

Thanks a lot to which helped me choose my life partner. I got engaged last month to Bhupendra Patni. Our marriage has been fixed for Dec. 1, 2002. Please remove my id from the search as such. Thanks again,

Azeim Mallik
FAZMA found her match in Jamshed through Thank you very much.

I did find someone via and that is why I want to close my account. Thank you

hai there, I am getting married to someone who I met on waiting for your tips thanx

Vanshika and Sanjay
Dear Friends, I never believed in any matrimonial site that could help you find your soul mate until my brother posted my profile on i started getting lot of responce and finally i was contacted by SANJAY. somehow he made me reply his mail. ye silsila kuch din chala when he finaaly came to India to see me. we met at my house where everyone in my family liked him a lot. Then his Mom came to see me and did the shagun and thing and said they would like the wedding to be held within one week. well well things happened all of a sudden and we got married on 30th Jan 2002 and its been 7 months of marriage and we still have the same charm for each other as it was on the very first day. There are lot of things about Sanjay which facinates me- he is caring, loving, cute, he is just adorable. Everyday i open my eyes in his arms and thank God and staff of for giving me such a beautiful life. I wish all the members find their soulmate very soon and share their stories too. Good Luck Friends....

Please remove my profile Shaadi my marriage has got fixed Thanks for your services, by the way you helped us both meet Thanks

Dear team, It is a pleasure to inform u that I have found my soulmate & amm tying the knot soon. I thank your site as it was the platform that helped us meet. Kindly remove my profile from your database & the site. Thanks & regards,

Dear Customer Support Thankyou very much indeed for allowing me to make a submission to your website. I have strongly recommended it to friends and family. Through this site (in only three weeks) I have met someone I think I may wish to spend the rest of my life with. Out of respect for her I would like to withdraw my profile from your database so that it does not mislead any of your current members. Once again, thankyou for setting up and administering a great website.

gunjan seem
how can I remove my profile from as now I am getting married very soon with someone I met here on

Jyoti Nair
Dear Shaadi pariwar, i am happy to inform you that it is thru your site i found my life partner. I am very thankful to you all for this. Do keep up the good work. I am deleting my profile soon. I am getting engaged on 30th of September. Marriage date is not yet fixed. But will surely inform you. And please promise me to attend our wedding.

HI MAMTA! thanks alot for replying me back.well firstly i would like to tell u.. my experience @ was great. its really a very great site. I found my life partner through your service!Good luck to all who have registered here in search of a true life partner. I am sure they'll definitely find them here. thanks alot for all the help. wish u all the best with your site. good luck.bye for now :-) regards,

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