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Shaadi Pride

Year 2014 - Success Stories
June Matrimonial Success Stories
Parita Shah & Karan Parekh
"I was not yet ready for marriage but had just made a profile for namesake. One fine day i got a notification of interest in my inbox. So just to have ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Swati Gangwar & Mayur Hariname
"I made my profile on on the 25th of March this year and luckily we found each other on the 7th of April when Mayur sent me request, finally..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Yashwant Kurmi & Suchi Singh
" works just as contact mediator."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Anuradha & Arvind
"This is how our Journey began I expressed interest to Anuradha she accepted the same ,we chatted got to know each other, both the families met & ag..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mehul Gandhi & Bhayva Talsania
"She had sent me an interest here and i liked her profile so accepted her interest. So she got my mobile number through here and she contacted me the n..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Zoya Singh & Arran Singh
"It is like a fairy tale love story but it is actually a real one. To start with, I created my profile and I got as many as 100 interests in a span of ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vivienne Odayan & Roger Gursahani
"I accepted her interest on Feb 15th 2014. I messaged her on Shaadi It was amazing that she was able to provide all these ways to communicate with he..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Aditya & Shweta
"I give interest on Shweta profile and chat and talk each other than fix the meeting with parents. We are happy now thanks and all team. ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sheenu & Vishal
"Vishal sent me request in January and I accepted his request in march. After that we had a chat regarding kundli matching and fixed a meeting in April..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vikas & Soniya
"Initially I got a auto generated link from Showing her profile. I really liked her profile. But I was unable to send her interest as I wa..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pranay & Jyoti
"I am really thankful to where i found my soulmate."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Akshay & Anu
"It was an fine day, and i got some profiles n Anu's profile was 1 of it. And i sent an interest. And it was my luck that she accepted it. We shared o..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Raj & Geeta
"I meet Geeta on on Feb 14 being as a paid member i contact her directly. After knowing each other well we discuss all things about present ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Syed Ameer & Rubena Begum
"I sent her an interested and she accepted. When i send her a request i also prayed for our union and the following night dream if her which in my reli..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Lokesh & Aarti
"I visited her profile and find it to be a suitable match. Then she in respond accepted my expression of interest. It was a formal and simple approach ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Virat Mehta & Anvita Kumar
"Through preferred matches search emails that used to send."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Neelam & Neelu
"I found her profile on, and i viewed her number, and called her, her parents came in our home. And fixed marriage date on 06 Jul 2014 in Ri..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shazli & Javed
"Thanks to because of I found my perfect match. :-)"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Dilrukshe & Mukthar
"I got a request from my partner and after accepting I got his number from We started our chat. We just went with the flow and did not real..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sanjeev & Nishu
"I found her on and after four months of interaction we got engaged. We enjoyed four months of courtship period and finally got married on 1..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rahul & Happy
"We like each other profile and start dating. And after that we just fall in love thats just amazing thanks a lot guys."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Silky & Pranshu
"Pranshu Sahu was my photo match of a week he has created his profile 2 days back on I just showed my interest on him by reading his profil..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mittali & Bhaumik
"Hii here I am sharing how I met with my partner on Bhaumik sent me interest on shaadi and after watching profile i accepted then we exchan..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Brinda & Kuldeep
"I received interest on from Kuldeep as on 8th March 2014 but due to some reasons i have not seen the same & even I was not aware of the sam..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Harpreet & Rajinder
" It was a regular sunny day I was doing my chores when I got the message from Shaadi stating Rajinder Kaur has accepted your proposal. Trust me its a..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Gaurav & Anshita
"Hello, I am Gaurav Singh here. I've been searching my life partner since two years from different sources. Once I got tired with searching a suitable ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Umashankar & Manya
"Thanks to"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mayank Sheth & Nisha Sheth
"Thanks a lot to for brining us together. Mayank & Nisha Sheth"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rahul & Priya
"I showed interest in Priya's profile the very first time that I saw in March. However, the families only got talking after we had viewed the contact d..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shubham & Shipra
"On 14 June 2014 it will be our first anniversary since we met since then we been like doing a film in which we'd had followed every character. In star..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Amit Gandhi & Bhoomi Trivedi
"Thanks to !! Cheers !!! I have seen Bhoomi's profile on and send request for the meeting beign a premium member. Thier family l..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sethi & Bhuvan
"My over an year search ended when his profile appeared on my home page. And then the things got started. And now we are engaged and getting married so..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Chirag & Aditi
"Hi Readers, I had joined in mid November of 2013 with not exactly knowing what to expect from the portal or for that matter the process ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Viral & Siya
"Well first of all i am very thankful to Shaadi to help me to find out my partner. First of all i received her request to me . As i am a paid member on..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Esuf & Farheen
"Hi, Amazing platform which made me to believe that marriages can happen through such a modem.I have created my profile in Shaadi, and asap got an inte..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rohit & Jyotsna
"Hi i am Rohit singh. I am an officer in merchant navy. My story started as a normal arrange types but in the end it was a love cum bagawat types so h..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Muhammed & Taranum
"Hello!!!! I am really glad to tell you that I found my dream girl here, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to help me fin..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sachin & Varsha
"I still remember the date, on 29th May 2013, I've sent my interest to Varsha & the very same day she accepts it. Then slowly we started interacting. S..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nitin & Shubhi
"I would like to thank in helping me in finding life partner and soul-mate. After accepting interest and liking each otherís profile, we and..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Dipen & Mona
"Dipen had been the one who took the initiative to send me an interest, which I denied. I had stopped looking for a match as I saw no hope, and that's ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sriram Gade & Bhawana
"It was a wonderful journey, which happened through While searching for an appropriate life partner, I found this match and sent an interes..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Deven & Ankita
"We both were skeptical of long distances but once we meet in person we need it was right!"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pulkit &Paridhi
"We both liked each others profile and then we exchanged numbers. We spoke for a couple of days and then met. It was love at first sight and we decided..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rahul & Ankita
"By the Grace of Vaishno Maata JI & thanks to, I got engaged with my soul mate Miss Ankita Garg today. It is really a nice feeling which is ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jaya & Mahip
" made my belief come true that marriages are made in heaven and is the medium through which dreams come true!! Thanks Shaadi...."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sonia Puri & Amit
"Hi everyone, my name is Amit rajput and my wife's name is Sonia puri. We both had a profile on this website She is from UK and i m from In..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Geetha Prabhu & Vijay Bhat
"It was more like groom shopping, having spared myself from awkward meetings with unknown people as they turned up, was more intuitive and w..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Swati & Surender
"I must thank to Shaadi team for creating this medium whereby one can reach out and find their life partner. I am proud to say that through ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Maitrirani & Mukul
"It started with Mukul sending an interest request to me. My mom and brother were handling my profile and it was them who accepted the request. My brot..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Neha & Prashant
"30th April 2012, date which changed my life in and out. Still remember my husband contacted me for the first time on And story begins Shaa..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Honey & Satuti
"It started with a phone call after viewing each other's profile on We met each other multiple times thereafter before deciding to take the..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ashish & Akanksha
"The heartbeat gets faster & you feel wow when you feel that special one's presence or hear that special voice - SRK. Special Thanks to"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nehal & Ankit
"Ankit sent me request on and i accepted. Then we started conversation on chat, cell phone. And then i realize he is perfect life partner fo..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mehak & Sunil
"We found each other though thanks."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shefali & Rishi
"Its true saying that "Couples are made in heaven". So the same happened with me on Since I found my dream mate (Rishi Marwah) on"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ujwal & Pritisa
"We shared interest on the website, after we got connected we continued our initial conversations . After 2 weeks we spoke a few times over phone and t..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vikas & Jaya
"We met on, shared our views and found each other compatible to share the journey of life. Thanks to team."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sooraj & Prabha
"Our accounts were created initially by our siblings, elder brothers in both our case. We both were reluctant to take the plunge and were not really en..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Harsha & Naveen
"Harsha is my daughter and I happy that she could find her life partner Naveen through Thanks to Shaadi .com "  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Inderpreet & Inderdeep
"It is well said that someone somewhere is made for u but u can meet them with someone's help, yes i have found my true love on I received..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shilpi & Parag
"Since Parag was a premium paid member of, he had sent me the interest and also his contact details initially. I found his profile interesti..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nancy & Saurabh
"We met on exchanged our numbers and our parents talked to each other. We found that we both are compatible to each other and with in 15 da..."  Read full story »

Rupesh Kotian
We met on in January 2014 and got to know each other well. We spoke to each other and introduced our families simultaneously. Got along well with each other and every thing was falling in place as we both wanted. Thanks to where we found are soul mate.
We would definitely recommend this website to others as this is one of the trusted site to find your perfect match. Thank you once again.

Rupesh & Mayura

Darshana Chheda
When I 1st created my profile on I had never imagined that it would be here that my search would end. The simple interest request has given me a friend for life. Today as the count down for my wedding has started I would like to thank shaadi. com for helping me find my Mr. Alright.

Hemal Shah
Me and Krati met on to be mother in law saw my profile and sent me a request. Gradually Krati and me started talking and we realized we have a very good bonding thats when we decided to take things ahead.

Dipti Mahor
Nice Experience thank you

Neha Singh
Wonderful experience.

We just met at the click of logging out. Just a glimpse was enough to know that we are made for each other.
We met personally and the rest was history

Raviraj Shetty
Meet through Thanks

Varun Sharma
It was my mom who created my profile. She recommended me Monika's name. I saw her picture once and at one look I liked her very much. Then I called her we started to chat, our parents matched our horoscopes as per tradition ; and we finally clicked. Its been 6 months since we are chatting together and hopefully will get married by next year. Thanks to for helping me finding a right partner!

Fixing date by her brother, Raushan at Delhi. Thanks

Nice platform thanks.

Ujval Shastri
Through we met thanks.

Megha Chaturvedi
Rishabh's father approached me through So thats how we started talking with each other, we started liking each other so now getting married.

Sourav Majumder
Good experience.

Rajiv Dagar
I m happy and all because of thanks.

Saurabh Kaushik
Finally after an year's time I have been lucky to find my soul-mate through We chatted for sometime over followed by 1-1 meet and all was done :)

Vinita Khatri
Thanks to

Shailendra Singh
We interacted through It clicked instantly and we decided to get married. Thanks to for helping us to find the perfect match.

Raminderjit Kaur
We meet on but did not chat long time, in short time we saw our likes and dislikes are same. We are made for each other.

Good platform thanks.

"For it was not into my ear you whispered but my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul." Thank you for introducing us! Fate has a way of charting its own course, and it is through that fate brought us together. We starting talking in November 2012, and met for the first time in January 2013. The rest, as they say, is history :) After many emails, phone calls and flights to see each other, Kandarp proposed in January 2014 and we will be getting married in December! We cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

Abhinav Dey
We met through Thanks

Mansi Kapoor
Experience was good thanks.

Jyoti Sengar
While searching a good groom for me, my parents got a suitable profile of Mr. Anil the profile is handling by his brother-in-law so we came in contact to their family. After that we exchange our details and photos through emails. Every response is favorable towards our marriage, then our families decided to meet at common place where first time we saw each other in real and heard the words which defines our compatibility.
Now rest was happened as usual as a happy marriage happened.
Thanks to to make it easy to find our life partner.

Sunidhi Nanda
A matrimonial website can help you in getting your life partner I used to argue over this statement. But today, I can vouch for it after being engaged to Manish. For me he is not just life partner but a soul mate. The story started nearly a year back when I got myself registered on The responses started flowing from the day one but nothing really clicked. I gave up the hope and stopped checking the interests too. One fine day I received an interest and my Bhabhi found it Interesting and she accepts the request. Next day I received a message from Manish ID asking about my D.O.B, D.O.P, T.O.B, My brother replied them and next day my brother received a call from Manish's side. It was Manish's Father on the other side. By that time, I got extremely fed up but I agreed to have one meeting with them. While I was going to meet him, I was thinking all the while that I will try to wrap up the meeting as soon as possible and head to home. Frankly speaking, I wasn't interested and took it as a more formality. However, to my surprise I and Manish got along quite well with each other. The Family meeting was scheduled in Panchkula at a Restaurant. Though we met for just two hours, we felt as we know each other for several years. We found our soul mates. Our parents too were happy and got agreed for the alliance. Things took place quite soon. We didn't have chats and endless conversation to know each other. In just a week, we knew we are getting married. We thank for letting us find each other. Hope it works for others too. All the best to team Sunidhi & Manish

Pallavi Bajpai
I am thankful to to help me to get my Lovable and Trustworthy Life Partner. We both meet initiated our interaction at and then we found that we are Paired made for eachother with lots of God Blessing and Love.
Thanks & Regards,
Mr. & Mrs. Srawan Tiwary

Kumar Ranjan
Good platform.

Monisha Prakash
We liked each others profile and started talking. Due to long distance we used to talk a lot and began to feel that our search is over. Thanks to

Gurpreet Kaur
Thanks for brining us together.

Tariq Mehmood

It has been an amazing experience on the No.1 Indian matrimonial site,

It went all amazingly fast in case of me and my to-be spouse, Sukhwinder.
He became my accepted member on 23rd May, came to meet me on 9th June and our marriage date was fixed on 11th June.
Our wedding is on 5th September (Friday).

Thank you to the founder and the entire team of for providing the amazing experience and happiness to numerous Indian families.
You Rock! :)

Love and Regards;

- Lovina & Sukhwinder

Vinita had expressed interest in my profile. And it started off from there. Thanks

Shraddha Pardikar
Hi, Thank you so much for finding me such a wonderful partner. I am really glad to
have Jayesh in my life & it was not possible without After receiving
interest from my partner we initially started talking on the phone. We quickly realized that we had common interests and values and started to like each other. After talking on phone for several weeks we developed a deep connection and realized that we could not live without each other. We are going to get engaged on 29 June. Thank you

Smruti Gavali
We saw information on and contacted each other. Discussed the matters with parents and finally decided to get marry. Our marriage function was a great moment for us. We are happy now. Thanks to

Thanks to you guys.

Satish Satkar
First I am send message on mobile no. Then she accepted my request, her father called me. We had chat with each other. Thanks to

Satish & Vidya

Mike Badamia
I sent her a request and she accepted. An amazing girl :)

Rahul Yadav
She sent interest, I accepted. Then we met and liked each other, got engaged and now we are married. We are happy. Thanks

Sabari Murugan
We through thanks.

Vijendra Solanki
On the we share phone numbers and now together. Thanks

Thanks to team Shaadi.

Gaurav sent an interest and then we corresponded.

Preeti Gupta
Thanks to

Animesh Ghosh
Thanks for the support.

Wonderful website.

Amit Parashar
Thanks a lot for assisting me to find the perfect n desired partner.

Good experience.

Aashish Priyadarshi
On 24th may,I got her profile from, I've sent the request,after that we chat and well known each other and take some time to understand the situation and many more things, after few days, our parents met each other and decided good our life.
I'm very thankful to, they help me very much for finding such a good life partner.
Aashish Priyadarshi

It just happened. Thanks a lot

Ruchi Agarwal
Thanks alot for

Vijay Master
Proper communication through

Thanks to you guys.

Anugeet Kaur
I am thankful to for help me to found a suitable match for my sister.

Good site, thanks to

Subhadra Gundala
Mr S Vara Prasad saw my profile in and sent me an interest. I have accepted his interest. A few days later by coincidence the saw me on the road while I was going to office. He then observed me and secretly followed me. He saw me going into my office. Next day he directly came to my office and had a discussion with me. I intimated the same to my parents and also asked him to talk to them. Later everything was in favor of us and finally we god married. Thanks to

Sohail Khan
I did the reverse matching. She was the one for me and she understood that I am the one for her. I talked to her and her Dad. We will meet and arrange our future. Insha-Allah everything will work out for us. Thank you and God Bless to all of you do the good thing for finding each other.

Shashi Gupta
Hi Shashi Gupta this side. I created my profile few months back on This is great platform for searching life partner according to your choice. 2 months back i got the request from Ruchi Agarwal.I found her profile very interesting. Then we share mobile numbers and email id with the help of and within 30 days we got married.
Once again we thanks to

Pratik Vaghasiya
Good experience with

Anusha Gaur
Wonderful platform thanks.

Sneha Patil
We met on and now together. Thanks

Poorwa Mohite
Thanks to

Gargi Adhvaryu
Good platform nice experience.

Shital Shantilal
I am very happy with over all services and my marriage is also fixed on 13th June so all is well. Thanks

Mitesh Gajjar
We met outside and then involved families to it and then everything went on fine. Thanks

Alka Jatav
It is a good platform. Thanks

Rubina Naseem
As compare to other matrimony service we find as best in service and response. Thanks

Good platform thanks.

Nidhi services are good. Thanks

Thanks for brining us together.

Kamili has good profiles, thanks for your support.

Anushree Mishra
Excellent job done by Team Shaadi.

Family is very good thanks for your support.

Sandeep Vishvakarma
Very good experience with

Nirmalya Kar
Thank you guys.

Mukesh Singh
Thanks to for their wonderful support.

Experience was good thanks.

Rahul Gandhi
Nice experience.

Soundar Rajan
Very Good experience.

Good services thanks.

Ruchi Gupta
Good platform thanks.

Reema Thakur
Thanks to

Jatin Mahesh Kansara
Profile was viewed by both of us. We meet each other and found each others profile and interests matching. So we decided to go ahead. Then our parents meet each other and thus our marriage was arranged.

We exchanged interest through site. We found each other details suitable and decided to meet personally. Thanks team for making match-making simplify and feasible for every corner around the world. Many thanks again.

Shaival Joshi
Thank you to for finding a me an excellent soul mate. Actually I have been searching for my life partner since three years. Chirag sent me an interest and sent me SMS also. We both live in Ahmadabad so we could meet and understand each other thoroughly personally. Then our parents came in pictures and they also got acquainted with each other. we then decided to tie a knot. hank you again. Shaival

Sushma Yadav
I saw his profile, liked it, sent him a request. His brother saw my request, he accepted and spoke to my father then we exchanged the numbers and started talking over the phone and that's how it all started. Thank you for the perfect man in my life :)

Gaurav Tiwari
We met at Thanks :)

Harshal bhat
My partner is a simple person with a simple family bag round. This is what attracted me towards her. Thanks

First meeting happened on the phone and then the family met and marriage was finalized.

Awesome experience thanks.

Dr Rajeev Dhalwani
Found her profile interesting. Contacted her. Went to Mumbai. Saw her. Liked her. She came to Delhi. Both got along well. Parents blessed both. Got married

Thanks its was an wonderful experience with

Viral Hasmukhlal
I came across my wife's profile and I liked her therefore I expressed interest in her profile. She accepted and I called her with the number provided on the profile. After talking on the phone for a few days, I decided to take the next step as I really liked her; so I went to India to go meet her and her family. After a few meetings we decided to get married. On the 23rd of February 2014 we got married. I thank for helping me find my perfect life partner and I would definitely recommend to others in a similar situation as I was in.

Siddharth Shrey
I sent interest on her profile. She accepted and then everything went favorably well..:)

Asad Ghalib Pasha
I sent her interest on April 29, 2014 and it was accepted on the same day. I got call, later we fixed a date for meeting and decided on May 07, 2014. On our first meeting Farah and I had a chat for about 45 minutes and towards the end we pretty much liked each other, the best part was that our vibes were in total sync. On May 13, 2014 my parents officially said yes to Farah's parents. Right from the beginning I was very clear about Farah and rest of the things fell in its place.

Rakshita Pandey
He sent me a request, and I found his profile impressive, so I accepted it. And now we are continuing it happily :)

He sent me an expression of interest and i accepted. We started talking over the phone and fell in love. Rest is history

Manish Sharma
Thanks a lot to

I am so lucky to have him in my life. Thanks to to connect us.

Thanks to you guys.

Neeti Mishra
He sent me request and I accepted it after going through his profile. He initiated chat with as was a paid member and I was not. Without taking much time he got our horoscope matched and spoke to me couple of time over phone to talk to my parents. This was first time I saw him. He was very cheerful and soft spoken. Spoke to my mom dad and elder brother and at last to me.
He visited my home with his sister in law and invited my parents to his home. Our family enjoyed each others company and on the second day of my family visit we both got engaged and our marriage got fixed.
Thanks to for helping me find a nice guy within a weeks time of creating profile on it.

Kishan Raval
We met on
She sent me an interest and i accepted as she was perfect for my choice and my partner. And than my parents called her parents and than we talked for couple of days and we found that we are perfect for each other than they came from Mehsana to Pune to see me and our home. After 2 days we called her parents by stating that everything was fine with us. Thank u for helping me.

Thanks & regards
Kishan Raval

Kakali Roy
First response coming from groom side. Then we talk and finally meet each other. Thanks

I found her profile while looking for my better half. At first glance itself i felt like she is the one, I sent interest. In a couple of days she accepted the interest and her parents called up. Things just went smooth then onwards and after couple of meetings we decided to tie tie the knot.

I would like to thanks for helping me to find out my better half. Cheers

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