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Shaadi Pride

Year 2013 - Success Stories
September Matrimonial Success Stories
Komal Vig & Gourav Ajmani
"Thanks for helping me find my soulmate and life partner. I met my better half on this matrimonial . We are getting married on 12th Dec'13 ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jatinder & Poonamjot
"Dear millions thanks for perfect match! well... It's a long story to share but here in less words I'm writing our success story. ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Prabal & Neha
"She Send me Express interest and, My Brother-in-law who handle my profile contact her parents after see their Contact detail and start conversation. ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Subhankar & Sharbari
"Thank you ,we are blessed to be together"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Kirandeep & Jasdeep
"Feb. 10, 2013 was the date, I sent her request on She accepted it two days later. Then the conversation started through mails, exchanged o..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Kawal & Shalini
"My in-laws was going through SHAADI.COM and seen my PICS & PROFILE..Than un phone mere Father ko contact kiya. Than APRIL me humlog 1st time LUCKNOW m..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sophia & Rafique
"I am really thanks to for connecting us. I got a perfect match and our wedding date fixed on 8th september 2013."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Gaurav & Arti
"My hunt for my life partner reached its end wid you ( all thanx to dis site. We met here n our friendship grew into this beautiful relation..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sandeep chanana & Anusha Arora
"It was a normal evening after office on 22nd March 2013. I was checking my mails and matrimony sites as usual for the new matches after having dinner...."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Baljinder Singh & Shushma Kumari
"Dear all, I would like to thank everyone at for helping me find my soulmate and life partner. I met my better half on this matrimonial ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vartika & Neil
"It was a regular day in April. I came back from work and was just surfing through different websites when I decided to check the account. S..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jiya & Ashvin
"Thank you,with the help of the partner search option found each other "  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jitendra Goyal & Deepti Goyal
"First of all I thankful of as I have found the perfect partner for me through your website, I sent a request to Deepti on 07th July 2013, s..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ritu Anjuli & Abhijeet Singh
"When my fiancée & I started talking post clearance from our parents, both of us realized that initial screening on helped us realized that ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Aneesh & Priya
"Success Story Priya Hardi and I met through My Father contacted her father after looking her Contact Number in profile. My..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Priyanka & Saket
"We saw each others profiles expressed interest then contacted each other talked few days fallen in love with each other and then continued through par..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mamta & Yogesh
"Via Phone we contacted each other and we wish to thank "  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Supriya & Karan
"He saw my profile and sent me the request. We started talking on phone and found each other compatibly good and gradually fallen in love each other. F..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pankaj Kanth & Preeti Bisht
"I sent an interest to Preeti and she accepted. We found really good compatibility and values and temperament match with each other. Our children conne..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Prajakta & Sourabh
"We have found our perfect match here on, which started with exchange of interests and ended with exchange of garlands!"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Roshan Farkunde & Pragya Mankar
"I have received a mail of matches from on 27th June 2013. I liked the profile of Ms. Pragya Mankar and received a contact number from one s..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Bhavisha Mistry & Vinesh Mistry
"Just as I was begining to give up in finding "My partner in Crime" I met Vinesh Mistry. I came across Vinesh's profile and figured that I had no..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Chandra & Pooja
"We met on, we talked to each other for months and now getting married to Pooja. Thank you!"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shatish Mistry & Hema Solanki
"First of all may I thank you as I have found the perfect partner for me through your website. On 21st February 2013, I sent a request t..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Fatema & Taher
"Got request from Taher Khasamwala on 21 May 2012 and later found him through social website. Thank you!"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Esha & Samiran
"Thank you , you helped me find my match"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Faiz & Naznin
"I was continuously searching my partner on, one day when i received a interest and i showed it to my mummy we accepted. Then we started hav..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mohanapriya & Prathapkumar
"The bride groom had sent his interest and attached his profile on match board. After a week, my father asked my uncle to contact bride groom father w..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rachna & Vivek
"It was just an ordinary day of December and I was on study leave from my office for one of the subjective exam. After a long hours reading, to have a..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ankit Gupta & Pooja Garg
"Pooja and I met through I could only say that I have found my soulmate, the one that God has chosen for me. I am living in Ireland and I a..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nav sandhu & Manpreet deol
"Hi,this is Kiranbir Kaur deol,also known by nav sandhu before marriage.I am submitting my successful wedding story with my husband Manpreet singh deol..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sanjeet Kumar & Pratiksha Naran
"Pratiksha saw my profile and expressed her interest. I liked her profile as she seemed to have the qualities I was looking for and therefore I accepte..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rajesh & Anamika
"Thank you "  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Kubra mahmood & S syed basha
"Me Kubra's mum liked S.Ssyed Basha's profile and Mr D.sirajudeen father of S.Syed Basha liked my daughters profile to and they contacted us we met t..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Siddhant bhonsle & Aarti kharate
"I met my life partner on Shaadi .com . she was the perfect one for me in my first phone call .I stay in abroad for nine months on a ship . I told her ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Gaurav jain & Pooja
"We were introduced by my after being paid member. The credit of us finding each other and meeting up goes to So a BIG THANKS t..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Saptarishi Majumdar & Debarati Homroy
"I was looking for a suitable match and then I came across her profile but did not contact her as I did not like her profile picture. Then her mother c..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sunny Arora & Vashima Hira
" has a simple objective... 'help people find happiness' which is true in every sense. It has actually helped us find our true happiness. S..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Asmita Jadhav & Abhijit More
"Truly wonderful experience is the only terms to describe what did for the two of us. Both me & my fiancé Abhijit More were searching for ou..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Soumya Katare & Amit Bansal
"Simply like a arrange marriage story..:)Amit sent me interest and I accepted it on 14th feb. My father in law called me same day and wished me happy v..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sanket Karleker & Amruta Godshay
"It started with an usual procedure of sending interest and accepting by her.. but the usual story continued unusually when we 1st saw each other and t..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nikhil Garg & Shweta Goel
"When I(Nikhil Garg) logged out of my account,one day, it showed me some suggestions. In those suggestions one profile was of Shweta Jain. I..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Tej Gupta & Ekta Agarwal
"Using the web chat and profile picture features we have been in touch with each other since this June, our parents got together and finalised the thin..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rajeev Mandal & Shilpa Kapoor
"It all started when I got a photo request from one ID.I did not had photos uploaded on this Shaadi account but i had another SHAADI profile on which i..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Dipawali Patil & Prashant Shivanekar
"First of all very much thanks to SHAADI.COM. On behalf of Dipawali i am her sister added her profile in SHADI CENTRE-Dadar Branch, for 3 month. She me..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Lopamudra mohanty & Vijay gandhi
"Vijay had expressed interest in my profile and I had not responded to his request for about a month. Hence he decided to send me a message. After I re..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Kris & Gooleswari
"By the off chance I sent an interest with a small message saying she was beautiful and loved everything about her peronalilty she had written to then ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rajwinder & Amitoz
"My father in law registered the profile of my husband Ca. Amitoz singh kamboj. so he visited at shaadi centre, all things were decided then Thank y..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Supriya & Rupesh
"Hi All I am very happy that I got myself registerd on I found my perfect match...Its like we are made for each other.It was like we wer..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Prashant & Anamika
"It easy n helpful. thanks a lot Thank you "  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Dr Gargi Trivedi & Sachin Trivedi
"Thanks to for helping us to find our soul mates. We saw each other's profile on the site in 08/08/2013. We exchanged our horoscopes and st..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Kusha Kyal & Manu Agarwal
"Manu's brother sent the interest on ,my profile and my parents accepted it and called his parents.Since we both were in Bangalore, they fixed are mee..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Priyanka Kurkute & Rajendra Shendkar
"I found him on preferred match list,We are happy Thank you"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Bhavna & Susmit
"Thanks to we met and our lives are now complete! For me Susmit is perfect and vice versa. Our likes and dislikes are EXACTLY the same! We k..."  Read full story »

Saloni Kothavale
Anish happened to send me a request on shaadi around 9 months back, after that we started chatting, talking over the phone, and finally we met after a 20 days long chatting session.Since then we have been dating each other, our families have met and approved of each other.

Raghavendra Prabhu
Thanks for, for helping me to find my life partner.

Anjali Bhatnagar
Abhijat contacted and we go to know each other
Thank you

Priya sharma
Vaibhav expressed interest and I accepted. Then his mamma called me up.We are happy

Rishi Bhaskar
Through Search .... Mutual Interests . I responded to Namrata\'s Mother .Then later mother gave Namratas number . Initially Namrata did not like speaking to me as she is introvert . But later she started getting more interested
But then we had a fight and she rejected my proposal
Then after 3 months everything got ok again
Now marriage is set for Nov 18

Priety rocks thank you !!!

Dhaval malli
With search feature we found each other.
Thank you

Thank you,we are lucky to be together

Send an interest on and met each other. Thanks team

Amol patil
It was good ,thank you

Namrata singhania
Saurav send an intrest in it I accepted it... then we comunicate through mails here in then we met officially with parents. :)
We are together

Thank you

Mridul Singh
I registered on and expressed interest in some of profiles I liked. Monica was the first person in whom I expressed the interest. Monica accepted my interest and started interacting in April. We met in person first time in July in Malaysia, where I proposed her and she accepted, and we got engaged on 15th July. Later in 25th August, 2013 we got happily married. Thanks to!

Purnendu Nayak
We are blessed to be with each other

Thankz a lot to

Anil pathak
Thank you was great experience.

She sent interest to me then I accepted that we had a chat then fall in love with each other and now deciding to get married pretty soon

Bijal Joshi Vyas
He has sent me interest and I accepted. We had long chats and found perfect for each other and informed our families and then got married soon.
Thank you

Almaas Khan
Thank you for your support,we found each other.

Varun Khanna
We both posted our profile by self..and then I sent her a interest request as a free user.... after few days i
received a notification mail saying she i.e Aakriti has accepted your interest..then immediately I took a 3 months pack just to see her contact details..I contacted her over the phone and started talking & liking each other.. then our parents came in & got the kundli match done..which successfully matched.

Then her elder brother called me up & arranged for a meeting in a restaurant called QBA @ C.P New delhi
were we saw each other in person for the very first time. And immediately got attracted to each other.

After that we both confirmed our families about our decision..which was absolutely yes. & then her family came down @ our place to meet me & my family.

Everything went well & then we met each other for several times to know each other better & then finally got
engaged on 24th july 2013. :))

Sometimes I go back and think what if she had not made our profile on as I truly believe she is
my soulmate. I met through

Advice to people who are looking for their match on Just be patient as i can say this very confidently that these people have match for EVERYBODY...Thanx!!

Rahul Singh
I found her profile on and called her. after talking for few days..We liked each other and inform our parents..then marriage is fixed for next year.

Dibyajyoti Mazumder
I have sent a request, She replied positively. We met, understood each other along with our family and we realized that we are made for each other. So we decided to live happily ever after.

Really Appreciate you guys

Thank you for bringing this joy to our lives.

We are lucky to be with each other
Thank you

Accepted request from Manoj and met ,Things got finalized.
Thank you

Thank you all the entire team of

I expressed interest and she accepted.We got to know each other.

Thank you

Syed Ali
We met at It was a great experience and I\'m grateful that i took help from to find my soul mate.


Sangeeta rathore
He found me on,Thank you all

Bilkis shaikh
A. K. sent me interest when I saw his pic, I was so happy coz I already know him from last ten year and thought abt him before but unfortunately unable to convey my feelings to my family. atlast by the grace of God A.k. sent me interest on, I was so happy and I already had his home number so I called him and he old me even thought abt me bofore but its all about luck and because of we met for life time and spending a happy life now.......Really thanks a lot Shaadi team,Shaadi helped us and by the mean of we met each other.....THANXXX MILLION TIMES SHAADI TEAM.........

He sent the request and through Select Membership,got to know each other.

Thank you Shaadi team

Shweta jaiswal
Thank you!!!

Shruti Surve
Thank you the help of search option got to know eachother

Rumpi Ghosh
Through preferred partners search we found each other.Thank you

Sahil Singh
Thank you !!!

Met through,we are lucky

Neha Sawant
Thanks a ton to !!!

We are lucky to be together ,Thank you

Chetan Mehta
Thank you !!!

Mugdha singh
We are glad that we joined we found each other on this very site n will always be thankful to it by heart. We saw each others profile and started chating n fell in love quite soon. our parents talked n met.Then on a very fine day we met each other with parents and everything got finalised. it seems that we are made for each other and credit goes to for confronting us with each other..

Krunal Vaidya
Thank you,we are really very lucky to find each other.

Kavita Tiwari
I got the interest from my partner and i replied back. He was a premium member so could see my contact details. We then started speaking on phone discussed with our families and within 1 month are marriage got fixed. We share a great bonding and happy to meet each other.

Sonal P
Atish and I met 2 years ago on A friend of mine and I decided to join after hearing about one of our friends marrying her husband she met on It was worth a shot and worth having an open mind about meeting people, you wouldn\'t otherwise meet.

I was nervous about meeting someone online from the start. Atish is from California and I used to live in Texas. Our story started when I first saw Atish\'s profile and expressed interest in him. The very next day, Atish emailed me, introducing himself to me and from that moment on, we would spend months emailing each other every day. It was the highlight to our day, seeing each others email waiting to be opened in our inboxes. A couple months later, Atish told me he would be flying through Texas and would like to meet me for lunch. When I saw him, I was more nervous than I\'ve ever been. I had been practicing how I was going to say hi in the car before walking out to greet him....that\'s how nervous I was! We had a wonderful time together over lunch talking and laughing and better yet, becoming great friends. It was shortly after that, we began to visit one another. To fast forward a few months, I had been given a job opportunity to move to California and soon Atish and I would no longer have to fly back and forth to see one another once a month. Right before I made the decision to move to California, was right when I knew Atish was my soulmate. Making such a big decision in my life not only meant a great career move for myself, but also finding the right person I used to dream about meeting. Now here we are, 2 years later and Atish and I are engaged, We are hoping to set a date for our wedding soon and complete our modern day fairy tale love story.

Thank you for helping us meet -- we couldn\'t have done it without the site!

Hemal Sawla
I accepted intrest from Paresh through and then family exchanged the details.We met eachother and walked till eachother\'s heart...within a week got engaged and are happy to meet in this life as a life partner.Hearty thanks to team for their mejor contribution.

Iqbal mallick
It was great experience,Thank you

Vinil Patil
It just clicked in 2 days we are together thank you

Ruchika Logani
Thank you

Sweta Balgi
Thank you

Sanjukta Samanta
I found sougata in and he was the 1st match showed to me. Interestingly he is the only person i proceed with . Sougata stays in USA and i am in bangalore..we started talking with each other and met up on 10th december 2012 at kolkata. our family finalized the marriage on 18th May 2013..Many thanks to to find my life partner.

Sonia Solanki
Thank you !!!!

Kumar Sheelvardhan
Thank you

Shailen Patel
Thankz a ton to ,we are blessed to be with each other

Dev M
Thank you !!!

Subrata ghorai
Thank you

Rajani Dubey
Very well

We are lucky to be with each other ,Thank you

Naeem Ahmed
It was the quickest bond ever seen or heard, according to me! Nelofer and I happened to talk to each other for the first time on April 30, 2013 and got married on May 10. This is clearly symbolic of the fact that is the true leader in Matrimony business. Although we were in different cities, we found the contact information available on, and this led us to talking everyday to knit our relationship. Even though I had also registered my profile on other websites in India and overseas, I struck gold with

Many thanks to you guys out there and keep up the good work!

Naeem Ahmed

Urvisha patel
We met on Shaadi. com. then my father call HIM and we arrange a family meeting. finally we decided to get marry.

Thanks a ton to,we are lucky to be with each other.

Pankaj Phooli
She sent me an interest and I accepted,Thank you

Shanti is a wonderful site ,thank you

Priyank Thakkar
Lots of thanks to !!!

Rohit Patel
I m Rohit Patel working as a professional Chartered Accountant at Surat. I m physically disable person. My family was worried about me because of my disability. They worried about my marriage. Every person who knows me tried to find out a girl for me but no one succeed. After completion of my education I started to found out a girl for me. I tried for a long time but failure comes to me... suddenly one of my friend suggest me about Shaadi.Com because his one friend also married through help of After that I decided for this and registered myself as a premium member with and within a month I found a beautiful life partner from is also a CA student. She is beautiful, Charming and well educated as I expected as a life partner. She found my number and contact me and after that I fixed meeting with her at her home Vadodara. Her parents are were very happy and decided to meet my family. In the month of April 2013 I again visited her home with my family and everybody were happy and decided the date for engagement and the date was 18th April 2013 at my village near Mehsana and now we are going to marry within a short time..

I very much happy and very thankful to for reach me very near to my dream...

Thank you..

Thank you

Perfect match :-)
Had a great time.
Surely recommend.

Khushboo Lalwani
My life partner Sukumar saw my profile on and he likes my profile, he send interest for me, i saw his profile and i like too his profile then we have talked to each other and we decided to live our life together forever and ever.

Thanks to

Thank you

Nawaz khan
I have visited her profile from and sent her a request...
she too had accepted my request.
So then, we started chatting with each other and fall in love...Thank you

we met on, and thats how we came to know each other, now we have fixed our marriage on Nov 28.2010. thank you so much to all of u for this moment,,
Sachin Koorappillil

Manoj singh
thanks to :)

i was just idle in that evening...was just checking my mail and then saw the add of and thought i would give a opened an account and made a quick search for guys out there who are Assamese..was not at all sure ..then i found dis account which attracted me...don\'t know y?? i just fell in a strange state right after i saw his thought of showing interest on him. Then i signed out.Later whee within i signed back in the evening..i saw his message his number..i was so overwhelmed...cant tell u how much !! i texted back him my number..he called and uptil now we r talking...d difference now is that now we talk about our future plans as a single plan rather then taking it as separate and individual ones..i m ever grateful to shaadi .com for giving me d happiness of my lifetime.we r planning to get engaged in April..

He respond to my profile and we met , finally i realized that he is the one and helped me find him

we met my destiny on Thank you

Jaydeep Ghosh
It just started off with Suna send me a interest. I initially liked her profile but was not sure how to take it forward .. I contacted her and then there was no stopping . We are too companionable with each other and are deciding the perfect date to get married soon . Thanks to !!!

We both met on He sent me an interest in January 2013 followed by emails, phone calls and skype. We met personally for the first time in April 2013 in KL and the second time in the UK. Things went well and thereafter we decided to tie the knot :)

Shailee Akbari
We both are very thankful to for helping us find our true soulmate. I saw Dhaval\'s profile and loved his profile as he seemed to have a very simple personality and saw the qualities I was looking for and therefore decided to send him an interest. It was unexpected but I was happy and surprised to see a message in my inbox the next day saying your interest has been accepted from Dhaval Vyas. We then started to communicate over the phone and through Skype. This whole process of learning about each other went effortless and beautiful. We found a sense of comfort and compatibility talking to each other. Things were going so smooth so one fine day we decided sometime in March 2013 to get married. Then our families met and the engagement and the wedding dates were decided which was 10th May and 13th May 2013. We are so glad to have each other as life partners. Now we both are happily married as have given us lovely memories for life long. The saying is so true that, \"Marriages are made in heaven\" but I would say it as \"Marriages are made on earth by\". Thanks a lot team.

Dhaval and Shailee Vyas :)

Swati roy
We found each other started chatting and are planning to get married ,...

Thank you

mahender singh
I opted for paid services from and the search was much better. Thanks for your great website.

Ashish Philip
I had expressed in her profile and she accepted immediately and I got the phone No. from another matrimonial site to which I was a paid member. On calling, they expressed interest and proceeded further.

Thank you

Through only we got married and found our true match thanks

Humaira Sharif
I think the right partner should be someone who is willing to put the loved one\'s well-being first before his, that the loved one comes first without expecting anything in return. If both partners are able to do this, then they are right for each other because both have the same goal -- to please and fulfill the other instead of oneself. There is something that truly connects them. It takes a great deal of maturity to be able to give and love like this. I believe i found the ONE.

Thank you so much Shaadi ;)

Yogesh Kushwaha
Thank you for getting us together.

Samira Gawde
Thank you for helping me find Pranesh.

Anil Maini
Well, Dee lives in London and I live in Birmingham, so we met in Oxford, we met at about 2-ish - I say 2-ish as Dee was a little late (maybe that was the case on a few situations... ;-) and I thought we may chat and enjoy our time for a few hours, but we didn\'t leave Oxford until 10pm that night. I will never forget that first time we met, we just talked and talked... and talked - it felt like we had known each for years, we got on so well, so we\'ve been \'talking\' ever since. I really can see the rest of my life with Dee (god willing).

Thanks Shaadi...

Sarvesh Sahni
After looking out for a while, the search ended instantly - Thanks to
It took us not more than 16 days to realize we can take the leap of faith and promise each other a lifetime of happiness.

Vividha Narwani
Paras\'s brother showed interest on my profile. Then we received a call from them and planned a date to meet. Then we finally meet on 5 august 2013 and from then our journey of life started.

Shiwani Singh
Thank you

Nitin Mehta
She liked my profile and asked me to accept. Then i got the call from consultant from Mumbai office for suitable time to talk.

Best part was when she made the first made call we got to know she is living next row of my house. We met on the same evening and found our thoughts are alike. Followed by family meetings from both sides next week and within 15 days we got married.

Rashmi HK
Hey all,Thank you

Kalpana Patel
By accident!!!!! We were not on any of of our requirements buts just went out of the way................And clicked...............Vowwwwwwwwwwwwww.... Thanks Shaadi.

girish agarwal
Thank you

It was request received from his end then we took it forward and got it fixed.

Thank you

Nikhil Bhandari
Thanks a ton to !!1

Thank you, we are lucky to be with each other

Sharmila Sahu
Thank you!

Vinay, the perfect cupid.

Thank you, once again.

Jaidev Bhatti
Thank you Shaadi for helping us find love :)

Sanju Shinde
She was the first girl in my life when I saw her on and I fell in love with her.

Thank you for making my life beautiful.

Kaushik Sambasivan
Arranged by Parents; Thanks to!

Madhumita Sharma
Thank you

Jayshree Parikh
Thank you

Manish Yadav
First I saw her on my email id then I saw her profile on my mail then i call her asking some questions about Shaadi and her hobby i impress with her he also satisfy with me so our family decided for our wedding .thank u

Aarti Bhatt

Thank you you helped me a lot ..

All the best and thanks again

Jujhar Singh
Thank you

Vinit Mundhra
our profile matched with stating preferred match.. We met and it clicked .. Thank you to
Shaadi .com and all the best to everyone online

We met on in December 2004 and then started chatting to each other and then we decided to get married on 25th January 2005. I am very thankful of for giving me such a great person .

Thank you

Thank you

Anjali Dolui
It was a good fortunate for both of us...suddenly morning 5 am i received a request from him....and from that morning my life changed completely......then we were connected via face book...and after some level of time we spoke by phone...this process took around three months to get now we both r happy to have each other...thanks to

Soma Dutta
All Credit goes to DISPUR centre. And thank u adviser As she helped me find my match !

Sonal Maru
Hi..... Vishal liked my profile firstly. when i saw his like, then after checking his profile i found him good match for me and accept his like. After that Vishal gave me a call we talked about each other and then we decide to meet.We met in cafe coffee day at c.p. and we talked about in brief .
and then we told about each other to our parents.
In the end of July Vishal came to our home met with my family and they asked him everything about a parents concerned.
They also like him . And in the end of august me and my family goes to Agra to meet Vishal family.
Both the family met and his family talked to me and at final \" RISHTA PAKKA HO GAYA\" .....:):):):)

Now we are in process to finalize the date of this is the story.....
Thank you for helping us to find each other.
Thanks again

Priya Shinde
My daughter got engaged with help of so we are thank full to u that u have gave as such a lovely platform to find soul mate.

Sana Naqvi
Thank you

Thank you ..

By the Grace of God and help of I found my match on :-)

Vidhi Raval
Thank you .. You helped me find my match .. is the best site .

Bindiya Malhotra
Thank you , you helped me find my match ..

Thank you for the wonderful support

Assalamu Alaikum everyhone..

We saw the profile and our elders from both side liked the families and inshallah we will be getting married in 3months time.

I am very much thankful to by which i got my partner. And request you to pray for us to live a happy life. Kindly bless us and do pray for us.

Thanking you,

Allah Hafiz.

Thank you !!!!

With the help of search feature ,we go together

Thank you

Thank you .we contacted each other ,got to know each other rocks !!!

Thanks a ton to !!!

Thank you

Aniruddha Thosar
By searching profiles.we contacted eachother

Thanks a ton to

Barney Christopher
We have found each other and was the introductory source

Manjith krishnappa
We browsed!we found each other,now together

Thank you

Chhavi singh
Through contact number,we started to talk ,we found each other compatible

Thank you

Thank you,we are happy !!!

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