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Year 2013 - Success Stories
February Matrimonial Success Stories
Ekta & Anup
"One day i received interest frm him... and next day I received a call frm his mum..they both visited my place... and my family members visited their p..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nitin & Rupika
"I Sent the profile like in the month of Nov, 2012 , Which was lately accepted by the father of Rupika. Then Family decided to meet each other , Then w..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Akshay &Swati
"We initiated initial contact and decided to talk for a few days over the phone as I was in Delhi and Swati was working in Bangalore. It took us few da..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Kalpesh Acharya & Sahana Acharya
"We met through your web site. We were chatting trhough your website since October 2010. Sahana came to Brisbane to visit her sister in February 2011."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
"Thanks to team for providing me the platform to meet my soul mate Shailesh Buxani who stays in St.Thomas Virgin Island,USA.After a long pa..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
"my name is Farha ...I join in 2010 looking for my life patner .......Sarosh send me expression of inerest and we started chatting on 17"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shubham Shree & Swati Sumi
"I had taken the premium membership of which provided a personalised matchmaking service based on the most specific of our criteria.Consequ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Gaurav Sharma & Sunita Rani
"Thank you first of all to the team who made it possible for us to find our soulmates through this matrimony site. I was on for o..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sushmita Jena & Satwak Sahoo
"Like most of us, I registered at in June 2012 under tremendous pressure from my very-concerned-about-my-wedding-folks. I started getting in..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vivek & Shradha
"One fine day, I was reading my emails and found match alerts from I clicked on that email and found some profiles suggested by"  Read full story »

M Hasan Sayyed
It was me who proposed her @Barista coffee parlor .......i was like completely flat on our first meet when she gave me a smile, although she was also impressed with the first conversation we had on call earlier.

But as usual a girl will never share too early with the boy that she liked him or she impressed with him.

Then we discussed with our family @very next day respectively, and they were also happy with our decision to choose each other a life partner.

And then our parents decided to set the Engagement, it was on 20th Jan 2013.

Now we\'re getting married on 09th May 2013.

Aditya Narain
I am really thankful to for providing a platform to help me to find my life partner Jyoti bhardwaj. I became paid member of in November 2012. Jyoti\'s was the first profile I contacted by sending expression of interest and received acceptence. We contacted Jyoti\'s family thereafter and in January we got engaged. Really appreciate for providing such a vast platform for the eligibles. keep It Up and thumbs up for your team.

I thank the entire team at for finding me a beautiful, sensible & sensitive life-partner.

I was a member since 2009 & she since 2011. Still, it took 18 months before I found her profile.
It took me 45 minutes to actually express interest, as I weighed the pros & cons, while reading her profile a number of times.

I sent her a personalized message on 23rd July, which she acccepted on the 31st.
I spoke to her parents on 3rd August.
That evening, she called a couple of times but I was not available.

The next day, we spoke at length & clicked from the word go.
We met on 19th August, at her place in Goa.
Surprisingly, it was the first home-visit for both of us.
Love was truly in the air.

Her parents were apprehensive, but love prevailed.
We recieved their blessings in November.

We are constantly in touch over cell-phone & internet.
Our meetings have been few over a 6 month period & our Bombay to Goa love story continues to grow stronger, despite the distance...

Jitendra Shewaramani
1st Communication between parents of both was very interesting.
It was last day of subscription of Poonam\'s profile and it was to expire next day when her brother accessed website and looked for profiles for her sister. Her brother came across my (Jitendra\'s) profile, went through the profile and found it suitable for her sister. Discussed with other family members and decided to contact us on contact number of my father given on your portal. Talks progressed between both the parents and other necessary details were exchanged between them. Meetings were arranged and all went in a positive way and eventually got married on 1st February, 2013. We are now a couple. We both and our parents are very thankful to for providing such a wonderful portal for finding their better halves. Keep it up..!! :)

Jitendra Shewaramani

Asif Rafi
We met on chat and then shared our contact info to acquainted. Although we just met on shaadi for couple of weeks but it felt that we have known each other for ages. I thank Allah the almighty for bestowing his special blessing on us. She is no doubt a blessing on me from heavens.

It was a good exprience through Shaadi .com to search partner for me . we never know each other before few months but now we are husband and wife .
Thanks shaadi .com

Sneha shah
My name is Sneha ...I join in 2012 looking for my life patner ,Ruturaj send me expression of inerest and we started chatting on 1st july 2012 ....after initial contact we liked each other and developed good understanding as a result we decided to get in touch with one another I met my husband Ruturaj Chougule...who reside in UK ..through .When ruturaj visited India in 2012 we got engaged on 7th january ...finally we tie a knot on 8 january 2013.I am very Thankfull to through whom I met my sweet.cute and lovely husband..
Wedding DATE : 8th Jan, 2013

We meet and contact on Thank you very much for your best service.
S s Taradi

Rahul Sachdeva
How is it possible to start my new life without saying thanks to your portal? I really want to make thank of for providing me a platform where I found my perfect soul mate. We both never had imagined that we would meet our dream partner through the Internet.
I got registered myself on around 10th July 2013. I got many responses within 2-3 days. But I got my desired profile on 13th July as of Jyoti Raheja. I expressed interest in her profile. She responded same day to my interest. As I was a paid member so my family took the initiative to contact her family and asked more about her, her education, her family etc. After that there came positive reply from Jyoti?s family. In August, our families met each other at Karnal(Haryana), which was a great moment for both of us. Both families liked each other. After sharing lots about each other, we got engaged on 23rd Oct 2012, a day of joy which makes life certainly so beautiful. After that something so beautiful happened on 23rd Nov 2012, when we both tied in nuptial knot and become a single soul with the grace of God and by the medium of . Now we are enjoying every moment of life and its like dream come true.
All the credit goes to for bringing us together. It is the best among all the matrimony sites. I found my life partner within just 4-5 day after subscribing on . So my sincere thanks to team for providing excellent services & making this happen for us.

Hi....First of all thank you for Because our marriage was successfully done through your media. Thank u for giving nice partner.

Ankit Gandhi
Thank you Found my Life partner.

swati tyagi
I found my life partner through ,It was very helpful

Thank you

Adityeshwar Kushwaha
We met on, and proceed further. Our first meeting was on 23rd Sep. 2012 with our families. Everybody was happy. Date of marriage was fixed on 6th Fab. 2013. Now we are together and living happily. Thanks to for giving me best better half of my life.

Saurabh jaiswal
i have seen her profile on and approached her, also our horoscope match shows 32 guns are matching in kundli, after sometime knowing each other we added each other on Facebook and gtalk, than talking to each other for 3 months we decided to get married,Thanks alot, i got engaged to her on 4th Feb 2013, will going marry on 29th April, Thank u so much for helping me to meet my real life partner :)

Jeetu contacted me on Oct-26. He left me a message and I returned his call in few days. We talked few times and then he came to Chicago to visit me. We clicked and then I visited him in NJ. Ever since then we have been talking and are eager to visit each other every month. We both feel like we can trust each other and are compatible with each other. He is sweet and romantic :)

We both met on Shaadi. Sriram Ji proposed me . We are still getting to know each other better , planning to meet soon.and marry soon . I would like to thank Shaadi\'s management and staffs for their wonderful service , Thank you .

It was usefull site .I found my life partner.

Thank you

Manish Khaitan
One fine evening, I have sent request to Archana Gupta of Delhi,.inspite of fact that my preference was not from Delhi and also not an aquarian..But as I always kept an open mind and thoughts and so selected the ONLY gal to send request and take the opportunity for long term...It clicked on 12 July 2011 and we both felt, we can talk over phone and it started from there...We spoke for a week and felt comfortable..Somehow I felt that I should not delay and go and meet personally...Met her on 27th July in GIP Mall, Sector-18, Noida ...We both were confused and hardly spoke...She was tired to think as she came directly from work and next day I met her again in V3S Mall, Nirman Vihar with her whole family....Now I was clear on my thoughts to go ahead and she still appeared little confused to take decision...I left on her and somehow with time, her parents decided to meet my parents in Calcutta and on 12 August 2011, we had out Roka (Officially declaration to be tied together)...I could hardly believe that it happened so fast...Cupid was smiling on both of us...and we got married on 23 Jan 2013 with consent of both families...Still we are thinking if we are married...we live more as friends than husband and wife...!!!

I thank and each person connected to this which settled my Life with Marriage and very good life partner...There is good/bad in every thing but if you are clear on your needs and really looking for a genuine life partner beyond your materialistic thoughts of life, I am sure you will find one on this site...Wish everyone get their right partners....

Om Namah Shivayah !!! Thanks to God - Last but not the least...

Parneet sandhu
Quite interesting story we have. My mother in law posted my hubby\'s profile and sent me interest. Then my hubby and me had lots of telephonic conversations and we clicked each other just on video calls and by each other thoughts and let our families meet each other.Everything got fixed and we met for the first time each other just before 12 days of wedding. Finally happily married now.
Thanks to for finding me such a perfect match.

Abhijeet kadam
Hi all,
As I have registered my sister\'s profile with earlier, was my first choice to register my profile.
I found this site very helpful for searching marriage profiles as this site has all necessary features to enable smooth searching with various tagging features.
I met Nishigandha during one of my site search. Then I send her my marriage interest with detail message as I have taken full membership. She took 2 days to accept my interest. After acceptance I called her father\'s number which was listed on her profile. Then we checked our horoscopes with our respective pandit\'s. After some days we decided to meet in Nishigandha\'s home in Nashik, Maharashtra. After this meet we fixed our marriage and checked the wedding dates with pandit. We got various dates for wedding depending upon our horoscopes. We decided 11 feb 2013 as our marriage date. As marriage date was in Feb and we decided our marriage in month of oct 2012, we decided to have engagement in 8 Nov 2012.
I thank for giving me wonderful opportunity to find my better half. I wish a very successful years ahead!

I contacted her in Aug 2012 and she accepted my interest. We interacted on phone initially as we both resided in different cities. we met after two weeks time. we both liked each other so we got our parents involved.
Families also approved so we got married in Jan this year.

Dr Indrajotkaur
What I feel is we made for each other!

Coincidence is both of us have the same name Dr. Inder, so when I received the interest I was excited to know the person with my name. I stay in Maharashtra and his family in Punjab. Our parents liked each others profile..exchanged numbers and within 15 days, we met and got if we were just waiting for each other.

Thanx to otherwise meeting my partner - Mr. Perfect in other part of country would have been impossible.. thanx :-)

By sending interest on,I got my life partner

He sended me request on then further we communicatedand became freinds then our parents communicated with each other and liked each other now we are engaged and will be getting married soon and thankz to as I met my life soul partner through this site.

Richa Chaturvedi
First we accepted and then our family got togther

Thank you

He was a paid member . He send me a personlized message. After that we both met each other then we felt that we are made for each other ,then proceed further with both of our family member, finally everything finalised and our marriage date also fixed , Thanks for the service , where I got my soul mate

Our story started with We both had been registered on and I eventually came across his profile through your daily profile match mail. After going through Abhay\'s profile I contacted him on social networking site. After taking our parents approval,we had our initial chat over that website.

Simultaneously our families undertook the research and tried to get all reports about each others families and also matched our kundali.

After being satisfied with everything they wanted to arrange a meeting for us and coincidentally me and my family were going on a trip to gujarat , so we and our family agreed to meet at the Nagpur station, which is his hometown and we met on the station for the first time and after even after the meet we chatted and we clicked like anything, even he and me had crushes on the same actress and actor respectively and that too watching the same movie called mohabbatein.

As we chatted more , we came across dozens of other similarities between that ignited a spark between us. And finally after chatting for more den a week we said yes to each other. The next task was to convince our parents, because we wanted our families to agree to this match and that was little hard on my side as my dad had a problem. My dad thought that as I was of average build and he being slim , we wont look good together. So as Abhay and me had already accepted each other as each others life partners, this little disagreement took a toll on us but we never stopped chatting during my entire gujarat tour. On our return journey that is back from gujarat to kolkata, we even wanted to meet each other again and we had also framed up a plan to meet at ajni station that comes before nagpur station, but we didnt liked lying to our parents and besides we also thought that it might worsen the situation if any of our family member found this little meeting of ours. So we concentrated more on convincing my dad, who after a couple of days finally agreed to this match. We were completely ecstatic and happy. During and after all of these events we had never talked , we only chatted on watsapp and made a pact that since nothing was fixed , we wont talk on phone, untill we get engaged. Finally we both got engaged on 15th jan in Nagpur and are getting married on 2nd june this year.

So we both want to say a big Thank you to for bringing us together.

Wish you all the best,

neeraj jaswal
I was browsing through profiles on ,when I saw this particular profile which I liked very much and i send interest which he accepted. then we met and things went further with help of our parents.And with god grace we are happily married on 7th of feb this year.

Thanks To i got married within a day got inspired by Success stories listed on the site.

Thank you

Sambit Bhattacharya

We both like to thank Shaadi immensely for helping us connect and find our desired life partner in each other. We wish all the best.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,
Shaona Ganguly and Sambit Bhattacharya

Just looking at pictures,found a good match

Thank you

Smitha Bhandary
We met in Bangalore.Through

I was registered member at I showed my interest to Meera via in August 2011. In the beginning she did not show much interest. But suddenly one night she called me and we had a short conversation. Afterwords we started talking with each other for hours. She came to India in July 2012. We met in Chandigarh for few days. We decided to get engaged. So finally we engaged in August 2012. She returned back to India in December 2012 and finally we tied the knot.

Arshpreet Bajwa
thank you

Swati Jagtap
I sent interest to my partner & he accepted. Then we called each other and met. Then we told our parents and rest all things got arranged by parents. Its Love come arranged marriage for us.
Thanks to

Hi I found my soulmate Heena on Initially I send expression of interest as i found her profile as per my requirement and she responded back with accepting my EOI. Then we chatted on, share our numbers and talk over phone to know each other more. We decided that we are made for each other and we tell our families about that. Our families met each other and finally we married on 18th January 2013 which we both feel the most important day of our life.

The life we live..the time that we spend in search of that perfect partner - Soulmate. Till few days back I lived a life, that of a single soul..But today, I have someone who can come along with me and experience all the grandeur, the beauty, the magnificence of the world.. Together we will create the most dazzling world of our own..I found him while looking at a 14 monitor. Expressing interest, acceptance and chatting for hours, lived every minute of that beautiful period waiting for that beautiful day .It connected and all so instantly connected our lives..I will ever be grateful to you guys who have managed such wonders..I consider myself not only lucky but blessed to have such a beautiful person as my soulmate.

Thanks Shaadi for helping me find my Dream Guy.

Thanks !!!

In Love - Pooja & Venkteshver (now Mrs & Mr Dave)

Fiona Varughese
I (Fiona) joined shaadi once my parents started bugging me when I turned 24 in July of 2011. I honestly did not expect to have anything come out of it but little did I know God would actually use such a simple decision. Ajith messaged me October 2011 and from the very beginning he was very straight forward which was something I desired in a man. Since then it has been an amazing journey in every way. We eventually met in person after talking on the phone for a while and I have not lost the feelings of having butterflies since then whenever I am around him. He is from Oklahoma and I am from New York, which means we are from completely different worlds! Turns out that he is cousins with one of my closest friends and who would\'ve known unless it was for Shaadi. If someone was to tell me that I would find the man I am supposed to marry through this site, I would have never believed it! From the time we started getting to know one another, things have just flown so naturally and that only gave us the confirmation it was ALL GOD!! Now looking back to when we first started to December 2012, when our families met, we are entering a whole new chapter and I could not be more excited! God really did use such a simple site as a resource for us to meet. I cannot imagine my life now without him. He was definitely worth every second of the wait and I honestly would not have it any other way!

Manisha Panwar
Rahul had shown interest in my profile which I accepted as I liked his profile too. After a couple of days he messaged me saying Thank you for accepting my interest. Can we have a quick word when you are free? And we chatted & we clicked right here when we spoke for the first time. Then we first met after 22 days and by that time we kept in touch through online chatting regularly. This gap gave us time to know & like each other even before we met. My family believes in horoscope matching so they had refused for our match since our horoscopes were not matching. By that time we were already in love with each other and we did not give up. Ultimately, we went to a Panditji for solution and also found one. Though it will take some time to convince our families regarding this but am glad I have found my partner, who is better than what I could have ever imagined or asked for myself. Thanks a lotttt to

Gurpreet Singh
I signed up on and paid my first 3 months subscription. Where I met with my princess , she sent me request and I accepted. We exchanged messages on the site before arranging to speak on the phone.The conversations continued for a month before we decided to meet. She lived in India, so I decided to visit India and met her. On our first meeting because we had spoken on the phone so often it was like we already knew each other. I asked Ramanjit to marry me. we were married 2 weaks later with the blessing of both our families. Thank you

interests expressed , contacted each other and here we are happily married and make it successful ahead. Thanks

We here would like to share our story !!! we first saw each other on infact I saw her profile and new she is the one !!! and then shveta saw my profile !! one fine day I got to know her through one of our common friend !! and thats how we recollected of sharing our profile here on previously and decided to take this ahead !!! and here we are engaged for over two months and deeply in love !!! getting married on 27th may 13 with blessing from all our relatives friends and well wishers !!!!

Prabhjot Singh
We started talking on on 15th May, 2012. After that families and me and Deepika talked and liked each other.

Dear Shaadi Team,
Thank you for your wonderful service.
Please continue with your quality.

Thank you
Ganesh S.,

Hi I am Manali.R.Dokhe first of all would like to thank the team of who helped me to find my life partner.After registering into your site I received the first request from Hemant.R.Kandalgaonkar who is gonna be my life partner.Interesting part is the first request turned to be the final, and even for him I was the first and final one.We shared our views and opinions followed with expectation were our views,opinion about a partner turned to be the same and that were we are together now.Not only we both but our parents are also very happy with the decision which I took as it was my mother who asked me to registered myself matrimonial site and it is a indeed pleasure.We are getting engaged on this 14 Feb 2013 and our wedding date is on 20 May 2013.Thank you once again for our contribution to help me finding my life partner.

Thanks to,Though we are from different state of india despite of that we meet and got happily married b\'coz of easy and convenient match suggestion provided from,and thanking to your site for availing me the details of my bride groom which led to our met...


Mandeep kaur
We are thankful to team which lead us to tie a knot with each other.He liked my profile and shown interest and after consulting my family i accepted his interest.Afterwards his parents contacted us after 1 month.After going for enough enquiries about each others background our families decided to meet.So we all planned to meet in one of the Gurudwara in Sultanpur Lodhi (distt. kapurthala) We first time met at the Gurudwara in front of our families.We discussed some of the issues related to families and cleared our queries about each other.Then after enough discussions we said yes to our parents and said we are ready for being engaged and to get married.A small ceremony of Rokka(engagement) held there in Gurudwara,snaps of which i am attaching with this story.We are grateful to the team of for making partner search easier and safe.

Sajid Ali Rana
I make my profile . i send request to Mary and she accept. After few days we like to each other and we decide we will marry to each other.

I saw Shashi Profile on Shaadi.Com & Expressed my Interest to her. I live in Dhule, Maharashtra and she was living in Kanpur, UttarPradesh. She accepted my Interest. I called her on Mobile & we started communicating. Due to such long distance between our places, it took 7 Months to get all things Finalised.

I really Thank Shaadi.Com For my Successful Marriage Life.

Kanika Purswani
On 17 nov 2012 Vishal saw my profile on . After reading my profile he found our interest and horoscope were matching . Then on the same day he sent me an interest which I accepted however both of our accounts were non paid so our contact numbers could not be shared. Then came a wedding in kalkaji there we saw each other and I reconized him. We spoke for some time and found we are some what comfortable then we introduced our parents to take it further.

Exact match that I am looking for.
Thank you

Subhrojyoti Banerjee
thank you

Rajwinder Singh
Thank you

We met on the messenger of the site. She was in US at that time. Our first chat was very encouraging and I found her very compatible on chat. Our first conversation(same day of our first chat) wasn\'t very great and for some time,maybe the first couple of times, we didn\'t click very well on phone. Chats was a better platform to interact. Slowly, when the verbal ice broke, we became very comfortable on phone and left shaadi site to discover each other. We met precisely one month later (since we stay in different cities). Our meetings during the visit were stupendous and we found each other totally in love with each other. We hope to get married soon and therefore would like to remove our profiles from the site......wish all of you similar or better opportunities.....:)

thank you

Manisha palkar
Thank you

Dhritiman Sharma
I created my Shaadi profile in August 2012 & started sending interest to the profiles I like. I sent 1200+ interests & got positive response from around 70 girls. I talked with 50 girls on mobile, however, for multiple causes like horoscope matching, parents interfere, I could not succeed. Finally I found the profile of a beautiful girl from Assam named Monalisa Goswami. I checked the profile, however did not click immediately. After seeing the profile for more than 2 weeks, I expressed interest as a free member & within 3 days, she accepted my interest. Then I went to an ICICI Bank & became a Premium Member. Then at night, I called her & at the 1st time of our talking, we felt as if we know each other for a long time. Next day, Mona sent her horoscope to me & it was not matching. However, my marriage was already delayed for 4 yrs due to horoscope & hence, this time, I take the bold decision by myself, that I will marry only Mona. In fact, she was also in love with me & finally both of us informed our parents about our decisions at home. Mona family visited my family on 28th January, 2013 & my parents like them a lot. Tomorrow I will visit Mona home & from online, we are going to meet in real. we are now close & can not think about any other option. Hence, today I have deleted my shaadi profile. I am thankful to for providing the opportunity to find our partners as here you find all interested. Our date for marriage is to be fixed in April-May. Till then, good luck to for our children. ;-)

We exchanged emails, chatted online and on the phone for over 3 months. Met last week and finalized.

Debasmita Biswas
One day I was online on and Shobhan pinged me. We were chatting through He asked me for my phone number. With much hesitattion I provided him with my number. We spoke and I realised that no matter what, this Mr Shobhan is not going to marry me, considering the fact that he was looking for a different type of girl. We were still talking. I was quite chilled while talking to him because I knew that we were never made for each other. Then one day he invited me and my family to visit him and his family. We went but I was quite sure that nothing positive is going to turn out. But when I reached home he was online and pinged me saying that he really liked me and want to go further with me. Then one day we invited him and his family to our house and things got negotiated. Due to some profesional committments we could not get married then. But things were fixed that later on we will tie the knot. The knot was tied on 9th Dec 2012.

kandula hemalatha
I am very much glad that I got married with very kind hearted person. I am very much happy being a part of and i have been recieving good profiles which were regidtered in Shaadi
Thank You for your services

thank you for ur valuable services and we feel that we found our best part in our life.....

Pratima bisen
Amit contacted me through my profile on After a year of dating, we finally got blissfully married. Both of us are too happy to have found great companionship.

Nidhi malhotra
My husband is sattled in australia, he sent me request on shaadi, i accepted his request and we started chatting over the phone, when we realised we are compatible for each other then we talked to our perents they sattled a meeting and they also like each other, then my perents applied for the tourist visa and i came here to my brothers who are already sattled here, then they booked our marriage on 27th dec 2012. Now i am with my husband living as happy married couple.
Thanks shaadi thanks a lot.

Manisha salunkhe
Hi !! Actually Sachin Nikam had given his express interest to Ms. Manisha Salunkhe (me). And as I was a paid member on I could contact him & then my fly members met him. Afterwards he met me with his family & now we r together bonding each other on 29th April 2013. Thanks to & team in helping us with their support.
Thanks again
Manisha Salunkhe.

Ashish Shinghwani
I made Express Interest on 7th Dec 2012.. she accepted the request on 10th Dec 2012 and on the 11th Dec 2012 we started to talk to each other via Social Site .. and we share all the things started liking each other..!!! Then on 22nd Dec 2012 i have shown the profile to mom she spoke for the 1st time to her.. and same i was spoke to her mom.. On 25th Dec 2012 we proposed each other.. and her parents visited my place and then after all things went well me and my parents visited her place..!!! And day came 24th Jan 2013 where we both got engaged..!!!!

Shivangini Paul
It was a great experience to be on as just getting hundreds of requests a day, I recieved over 700 express intrests in just a couple of months, with ober 7500 matchings. My parten whom I found on this site was also registered on and though seven seas seperated us we were a perfect match and clicked. My partenr was a paid member and the phone call came and we talked and jelled.
What more could a person ask for I am thankful to for bringing us together and we wish the other couples searching for life parteners through this site a very good life and great success as this is one of the best sites I came across.We plan our marrige in Jan 2014 and are already engaged. Our parents are very happy. Thanks for the wonderful endeavour to bring two persons together.

Ruchi Bhatt
Jainal has sent me request on and then I found it interesting. I have accepted and then we came in contact of each other. Met each other with family and felt suitable from every aspect. I am really very grateful to

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