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Shaadi Pride

Year 2012 - Success Stories
November Matrimonial Success Stories
Mahendra & Shikha
"We met through I expressed interest in Shikha's profile in May 2011 along with my phone number and email id. She accepted my interest. As..."  Read full story »

Thanks to

Fauzia Siddiqui
Parvez liked my profile and initiated interest on Shaadi and then I accepted his interest to take it further. His parents contacted mine; both families met and it all got fixed over a lovely dinner:). We first met at a Coffee shop and got married this October, Alhamdulillah. Thanks \'Shaadi\' for blessing me with my perfect match :)

Himanshi Saini
Thank you!

Tabeen shaikh
A roomie of mine was a huge fan of forum.. she used to use Shaadi .com very frequntly on her cell phone..especially the \'surprise me\' option,,,;)..
this got me to develop a fondness towards I made my account here too..
when the search for grooms started getting serious at my place.. I saw imran\'s profile on i received a mail n Imran fitted my specifications perfectly.. the criterias I was looking for were all there..
I sent an interest..the first ever interest I sent to anyone on
15th july it was accepted...
his mom was searching brides for him.. she called up..our parents interacted.. they liked each other..
things progressed ahead..
we were engaged on 21st augustand married later on 3rd nov..
so all in all.. I found my perfect match through all mine as well as my parents criterias fulfilled..

Best Regards,

Raghuveera Kamath K
I got know each other through Shaadi website

We are happy that we found each other through
Thank you very much.

My partner has expressed interest on and I liked the profile and accepted the call as soon as I accepted the request and things proceeded according to our culture and tradition..His mother and sister visited our house they liked me and later I interacted with him..We found we are compatible with each other so agreed to spend whole life present our profiles are deleted as unfortunately our marriage kept on postponing cause of few issues..after all this I would like to say we are happy to have each other in our lives and glad too..
Thanks to

We met in Sep\'2012 through and share our profile with our parents.then we met & we both like each other company .Inder is caring,understanding and mature person.So after 2 meeting our family and we decided to marry.we got engaged on18 nov\'2012 and the wedding is on 7 dec 2012.I\'m looking forward to the new innings

Nishan Singh Sidhu
I send to request Sarabjeet then her parent\'s reply to accept me request. then i & my family went to Sarabjeet\'s home then I saw you and you saw me and talked to each other then \" RISTA PAKKA HO GAYA\"

Ramandeep Bajwa
Thank you

Vineeta Gupta
Thanks, I found my lovely soul mate.

Thank you

Dennis T Samuel
First and foremost I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for bringing me my amazing soul-mate through I started out on as a free member in late 2008.A quick response to an interest from Joice in July 2011 changed my life forever.Then after numerous emails and phone calls,we finally met for dinner on a warm October night in Dallas, TX. After approval from our parents that we could get married, I proposed to Joice on July 28,2012 at the NYLO hotel in Dallas and we were officially introduced as an engaged couple to our families on November 3,2012 in Philadelphia. God willing our wedding will take place on April 20, 2013 in Dallas. I never knew that I could love or care for someone as much as I do about Joice. She is truly my soul-mate and I look forward to the day when I can call her my wife.Thank you for making our dreams come true. For all you skeptics out there..this site does work!!

Dennis & Joice

They say marriages are made in heaven, but one needs to put in efforts towards finding out a soul-mate especially when one is clear about who one is looking for.
During my search, I went through many profiles and finally came across Tarun ji profile and expressed an interest. He accepted the interest and we exchanged contact numbers. We talked over the phone and found that the relationship was very natural and the chemistry between two of us was awesome. We soon realized that we are made for each other. We started communicating in the month of June 2012 and By the Grace of God, got married in October 2012.
He is such a wonderful person that I feel blessed to have him in my life and cant imagine my life without him.
We are glad that we found each other.
I am grateful to who has played the role of Cupid in bringing us together.. :)

Priyanka yadav
Thank you

Jitesh Arora
We exchange our contact details 1st than fix family meeting after than we decide we really made for each other.

Amol More
We found each others profile as a perfect match & then we contacted each other. Had family meeting, horoscope match, & fixed our marriage. Thank you so much for meeting us.

Thank you

We met in

Rohith Kumar
By expressing interest and responding we met

Thank you

Greetings to you all,

First of all I would like to thank Shaadi.Com - Team for creating such a wonderful platform for the seekers of soul mate. I and Sonia got to know each other through ShaadiI.Com.I would say it is the world\'s best matrimonial portal with so many and easy modes to access.

It all started on 24th of May 2012, on insistence of my family and friends,to search my soul mate. I also created a profile on Shaadi.Com, considering it the best matrimonial portal in the world. But was never sure that I could actually meet someone, I always desired.

This is our ?Second Marriage?. We both have gone through bitter experience in the past. Hence it was very much important for both of us to meet the right person. And fortunately just within a couple of days of my paid membership on Shaadi.Com , I could actually find and meet my soul-mate.

I and my parents after reading the profile of my wife Sonia sent her the interest message with my number. To which she replied by calling next day (Friday; 25th May). But at that moment I was driving, and I couldnt talk to her much. So we decided that we would speak sometime later, but we didnt speak .That day passed, I got late and we couldnt talk. I sent her a text in the evening, to ask her if its fine with her to talk next day, to which she agreed.

The next day, she called up and we had a very long conversation, we both shared some important details about each other and during that conversation we both started liking each other just by talking on phone. It seemed like as if we know each other since very long, and there is a strong telepathic connection built between us since then, which we both experienced for the very first time in our lives. That day we both continuously talked whole day. Somehow we controlled ourselves and took a break for dinner. While at dinner, I shared about Sonia with my family and they also found her very positive and showed eager interest in meeting her next day. After dinner, we talked again, and I told Sonia, that my parents are very much interested in meeting her, would she be fine with it?? Initially, she was feeling shy, I could understand, what was on her mind then. Hence I assured her to be relax and Ill be there with her as support and not to feel shy. I made her calm by sharing about my parents with her.She agreed, and I met Sonia for the first time with my parents at a lounge. My parents also liked her very much, and after meeting personally, we both realised, we are actually meant for each other.

But, as it is our second chance in life, we discussed about it, and decided we should spent some more time in understanding each other and then take up the final decision. We started meeting almost everyday and spent quality time to know each other well. While understanding each other, we fell in love and learned about all positives and negatives we have and accepted the way we are. When we both started feeling, that we compliment each other and we can not live without each other, we sincerely confirmed our parents about our decision and soon we introduced our families and it all went very positive day after day.

Our parents also appreciated it and with their blessings, we got engaged on 30th June, 2012. And we are planning for marriage in this December.

We met on more than 2 years ago! I lived in the UK and he lived in the USA. We decided to give it a go with an open mind. We both had a positive mind but were aware of the challenges of a long distance relationship! It is not easy but we both persevered with it and today are here.
Planning our wedding! Thank you to Shaadi team as we met only because of your website!

Arun dhar
I clicked Interest on Shivanis Profile , she accepted my Interest since I was a Premium member contacted her on her provided contact details and realized and Found she was the Correct Partner I was Looking Out for .

Thanks for a wonderful Service .


Thank you

Nitin Khurana
We met from portal, 1st time we met on 30th June 2012 that was my birthday we felt comfortable with each other so we decided to meet once again and simultaneously our meetings grew and even our parents agreed to our alliance and finally on 11th august we got union ed.

We met through emails and then slowly slowly we started talking to each other and soon we started meeting up with each other and we both fell in love... that how it started.

Thank you

Rumit Mehta
I met Abhi through chat on She belongs to Delhi while I live in Mumbai but destiny played its role and she came to Mumbai on a project for 4 months and that when we met. After that one meeting led to another and it went on. After convincing both the families finally we are getting married on 29th Nov 2012.

Thanks a lot

Faraz Yusuf Khan
Its just a dream come true to meet my life partner.. its a very different story.. i expressed interest in Sameeras profile, she was a premium member.. One day I received a call from her dad about my interest shown in her profile, I gave the number of my dad to him.. Our parents met then my parents went to her house.. and then the magic happened and i got my dream partner.. I would like to thanks for helping me find my dream partner.

Jaspreet saroya
We met on Shaadi on 18th July 2012, after several days of chatting online and not getting anywhere because of the time difference, we decided to exchange emails, but again this was still a problem because of the 8 hour time difference, so we took a chance and exchanged phone numbers and that\'s when it all started, a journey of love, long conversations and lots of sleepless nights.
The first day we spoke on the phone we had this instant attraction, and was on the phone for nearly 8hrs, in that 8hrs we learned a lot about each other and realized that we had so much in common, we had both been through similar situations in life, that was the first day of the start of a magical adventure in which we both realized that we could not live without each other, even though we had not met and had only seen each others photos.we both realized that we were the perfect match for each other and that\'s when our love story started, we both came to believe that we were meant for each other and without even meeting we had decided our destiny was to be together, and our love only got stronger and stronger as time went by, we finally met up and got engaged on 03 November 2012, and planning for our wedding in the next few months, we would just like to Thanks and Wahe Guru for bringing us together even when we least expected it.

Harminder & Jaspreet

Uday Arunachalam
I found my other half when I looked outside the box, or rather the boxes. Yes, boxes, boundaries, terms and conditions. After nearly six months of searching in vain, I decided to break the Mold me and my family put together for my future wife. I started looking beyond the profiles that were touted to be a perfect match for me and that is how I came across Aruna Iyer, my fiancee.

But there was one more hurdle: told me that I had been filtered out by the preferences she had set for herself. However, it also told me I could still send her an expression of my interest.

I tried to fathom if this girl in the picture was the type that be willing to give her filtered suitors a chance. I decided to find out and sent an interest. It was four days before an email informed me my interest had been accepted.

While our families busied themselves with the matching of horoscopes, we were trying hard not to get too involved and we miserably failed.

It was love at first sight and a ten on ten match!

Wedding Date - 13th March 2013

We just met & we are happy now. Getting married soon. We knew each other made us come together..

Thank u for

Jacob Natal
We meet on Shaadi as I was searching. We began to communicate through skype video and phone. Now we are engaged to be married. Thank you

Jyoti parihar
While surfing profile on I showed interest in Vishals profile.we started chatting after that taking over phone. When he was on official visit to delhi we met twice over coffee at costa coffee,in 2nd meeting we reliased that we can spend life together.on 27th july parents met and did ROKA. on dusherra (24th nov2012) we exchanged waitng for Shaadis mauhurat....

Thanks to team.

Vishnu Rajput
I got my partner from everything was decided in month. now we got and enjoying happy married life...


He send me express interest then he called and after all we find each other as pair
now we are planning to get marriage soon.

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