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Year 2012 - Success Stories
October Matrimonial Success Stories
"We met through and we found each other as a perfect match and we are very happy."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
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Pratiti & Ganesh
"I am very happy to inform you about my daughter Pratiti's marriage to Ganesh Pai.Ganesh is a C A, He is working at Bengaluru. My daughter has done"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
"I was shuffling through some profiles, and I saw Achla's profile and I liked everything about her written and posted there, I was getting a feeling o..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
"I was searching for my soul mate on Suddenly i came across Poonam's profile. I sent a expression of interest and chatted with her for a w..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jiten & Neha
"We exchanged interests and initiated chats on Then we excenged phone no.s and fron there there was no turning back. Thanks to f..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Kritika Vohra & Sachin Kumar
"I am really glad to tell you that i found my match here. i would have never got such groom in my life. Initially the profile was highlighted but i ign..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pawan & Pankhuri
"We met through in a traditional arranged marriage set-up where our parents talked first and we met for the first time in their presence. I"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ajaypal & Gurpreet
""Someone somewhere is made for everyone" With God's grace and Shaadi's team help I met my soulmate, Ajaypal Singh. My parents had been looking for..."  Read full story »

We met through
Thank you

Samar Oza
I used various search filters available and boiled down to her profile.I expressed interest in her profile and she accepted the same. Chats, sms, family meetings ,etc followed. I had registered myself on every other matchmaking site available in the country and in a marriage bureau as well but was delighted to find love of my life on . Thanks to :)

Ritika Khandelwal
Thank you

Jaspreet Kaur
Thank you

Garima Sharma
Well i met my dream boy via,found myself the luckiest one in this world.Thanks to
Our Story is very simple yet most interesting for tow of us...
We had gone through each others profile and started communicating with each other.Finally the day came when we meat ,i was a little nervous,concious and had many images of him in my mind.We meat at Malaviya Nagar Metro station where he was waiting for me in his car.The moment i came out,my eyes were looking for a guy whom i didnt know would be my dream man.
We went to a coffee shop and started knowing each other.We spent a gud time and i guess he might wanted to know me more or spent some more time with me thereby he offered me to join him for a long drive.We headed towards Express-Way-Noida.
It was a wonderful experience really and while coming back,i was somehow convinced that he is the one made for me.
We had a gr88 day..infact i would say..the most precious day[11th August-2012] of my life when i took a decision of being his life partner.
This was just a beginning of a new side of my life with my loveable fiance....many more precious moments to go.

Thanks To

With Luv
Garima and Hemkant

Jennifer Gadling
I saw his profile on and sent him a request with my contact details and he accepted it. We contacted each other had a good conversation on phone and found out that we understand each other well and decided to meet at my place with his family.Our families liked each other and decided to take it further as we make a good couple with similar taught\'s and good understanding for each other. We got engaged on 6th October 2012 and will tie a knot on 21st December 2012.We would like to thank for helping us to find each other.We would suggest our friends and colleagues who are finding their perfect match to create a profile on

Rohit Kapoor
We met at on 2nd October 2012 and felt positive for each other and got officially engaged on 23rd October 2012, and hopefully will get married by April 2013.

Lokesh chugh
We found each other on and now its a dream coming true to find a soul mate. Thanks to for making my life a success

Nicey Foster
We both were looking for a genuine partner, someone serious, a spiritual relationship that would last through our whole lives. We saw each others profile and thought we should meet and see if we would gel well. When we first called each other, we found that we were extremely compatible with almost everything we had in common. We met for a weekend, and never went back. Now we are engaged and completely happy!

Avi dariyani
While searching for my life partner I came across through profile of Neha Ahuja which seemed to be interesting and then I contacted her I got her number and then we started chatting & found that we make a good match & thinking are similar.
On her birthday I talked to her first time and then I realized that she is the perfect girl for me and we decided to meet up.
My family invited her family to our home and then our families liked to take it further and finally we met & talked & we both fell in love with each other.

Preetha mandal
I got my better half by such a wonderful journey .. many many thanks to all teams member.

Looking at the number of people I had sent request i thank god i received a request on the other end as I saw the profile and contacted her, we then met and after that its been a fairy tale thanks to
\"God bless you\"

Karan Goswami

Thank you

Well I was searchin for my partner near to my city and luckily found her profile gone through, viewed her pic, contacted her through sms she called me back, we spoke on phone exchanged our views through phone later we met in a temple saw each other liked each other, then spoke with both of our parents even they agreed decided to get married in the month of january 2013.Hope everythin goes well.Special thanks to you made our life.

Terrence Moduthagam
Born and raised in Chicago, following a few wonderful conversations, I flew out to New York to visit Nitya. After a few several meetings and flying back and forth, I was fortunate enough to land a great opportunity that required me to move to New York and the rest is history.

10 months later, I proposed to Nitya and we are planning for a summer wedding in 2013. Thank you so much,! :)

Prerna Modi
We liked each others profile and decided to get in touch.

Thank you

Emerson oliver
On July 9th 2012 I sent Tina a interest to which she didn\'t reply until a month later, infact when she did reply it wasnt until a month later and that only to delete the account. She wasn\'t sure the online approach was the best and so when she signed in to delete the account on August 9th she had seen my interest amount many others and had thought to accept mine.I had received the notification on my phone immediately and signed in to view and accidentally hit the decline interest button. She was furious! Wondering why anybody would send and then decline the interest, nonetheless I resent the interest and she approved again. We exchanged a few messages before we decide to call each other.Was bit nervous as we were there was an instant connection.As I lived in Canada and she in India, we decided to meet once before making final plans for the marriage.We met in Singapore a month after we met online and realized it was not worth wasting any more time apart.The wedding will be before the end of three months.We both thank for bringing us together!

Thank you

Sukhjit bajwa
Thank you

ALHUMDULLILA!! My partner contact me before 4 months n arrange family meeting n den our family decided we both are good match 4 each other thats all


Jitender Ahirwar
I was working as software developer in Noida.
Kalpna was working in Mathura as KV Teacher.
I sent request to Kalpna and she accept my request.
We share contact no and email id.
We start our conversation with gmail chatting.
then decided to meet.
We met first time in january at Agra Fort.

Then we decided to wait till we got stable with career.

From then we are talking and meeting and now we love each other.
and decided to marry in December 2012.

Now we are in Pune.

Taranjeet Kaur
We are highly grateful to to meet me a lovely partner.

Mohammed Jaleel
Our sincere thanks to for showing my better half to me.

The story is very simple. I am a member of I saw my wife\'s profile and I liked it very much. I showed my interest after discussing the same with my parents and siblings. They were also very much satisfied and gave a go ahead. I got a reply, along with contact details, from my sister-in-law who is Saudi Arabia. Fortunately my sister is also in Saudi and hence the contact was shared to my sister. My sister and family contacted them and later visited them. Both the sides were very happy. My profile was showed to my wife and she was happy and agreed. Later my wife\'s uncle came to my place and we had a chat for an hour. He invited us to my wife\'s place and we visited them sometime in July. On that day itself the engagement date was fixed and the same happened in middle of July. As we had a holy month of Ramadan in between our marriage was fixed and happened on 28th August 2012.

Fakhruddin Imani
She send me a Interest on, and after speaking to her. It was my Perfect match. Thank you and the Team.

Sushant Chatterjee
You find the one when you are about to give up the hope...

And this is true for both Kashmira and me.

It took me a crazy yet painful 7 years duration at (as a paid member), to find the one. Used one profile account for 6 years, and another account for over a year. They say 7 years on a matrimonial website is a long time to spend one\'s life with. But honestly, it was a search for finding THE ONE made for me. Kashmira on the other hand also went through crazy interests and fake profiles (I had no idea previously how ladies had to deal with frivolous elements and bad dudes posing as possible matrimony matches......and am told that on an average, lots of ladies go through such experiences. I sincerely empathize with the ladies for this). But the reason I am writing this is to highlight how close we both came to actually give up our search and close accounts at Shaadi.Com........

Seeing a carefree and happy-go-lucky girl\'s picture on a matrimony site would always have the desired tendency in guys to express interest in that profile. So did I :) And to my relief, I got an sms from Kashmira. Those initial sms chats grew in number; finally the size of the heavy duty smses grew and swelled so much that it took form of our calls; which again swelled in size to recommend a first hand meeting. After 2 meetings and more than 100 hours of calls lasting in between the 2 week period, we committed ourselves. Yes we are happening, and getting married before the year ends. And I thank Shaadi.Com to be the medium through which we both found each other. Yes it came in a cost of being your paid member for 7 years plus ;) But it was more-than-worth-it. As they say, \'You can\'t earn everything with money\' :)

My sincerest advise to the ladies....hang on! Just because you might have found some crazy weird interest from some guy wont mean that all guys are bad. You need to adjust your filtering process through which your profile selection could work perfectly. And my advise to the guys....expressing respect in the profiles will beget you more respect. And respect is the first criteria the fair gender responds to. God bless u all. Good luck.

Payal Shah
I expressed interest in Vihar.We emailed back and forth for a couple days and realized we had a lot in common and then he called me. We talked on the phone for hours and started texting each other as well throughout the day. We finally decided to meet, but had fallen in love even before we met in person. We just knew we were meant for each other. When we finally met up (I flew to Vegas where he lives), it was an instant connection and we had the best time together.I met his friends and family. He then flew down to Florida to meet my family and friends and during that weekend, he proposed to me. We are absolutely in love and ready to get married on April 27, 2013. He is my best friend and soul-mate and I couldnt be happier.

Mahendra Singh
Expressed interest and accepted by each other. Then chat for few days in then further through telephone. It finally end upto the marriage.
Wedding date is 06 Feb 2013.
Thank you

Abhishek tripathi
Thanks to in search of my life partner.

Deepika Sinha
Thank you

Gaurav Nigam
We met through our profile created by us. We shared the interest with each other & started chatting and got married.

jyoti kumar
Thank you

Suvrajit Chowdhuri
Thank you

Chirag Pandya helped me to contact my life partner.It has been a good experience in finding my perfect match

Ayesha Huma
I got my partner with the help of
Thanks a lot to!

Rahat Alka Qureshi
Happy that I could find someone who matches my criteria and Aariz could find me and his happiness at!!!!

Sanjay Rana
Got contact request from Shikhas sister and Brother in law.Than we meet and found as if we are made for each other.Now we are getting married on 23 Nov. 2012.

My sincerely thanks to for helping me to find my life partner.

One fine day while browsing through millions of profile in Shaadi the interset I received from Vinay conquered my imagination.

Here is a short journey interesting journey to tell I met my soul mate.

I wasted barely few seconds in accepting his proposal. As a girl I was having many dreams about my life partner but all of sudden when I saw his photo in I thought he is the perfect match.

One more good news was that, I accepted his interest on his birthday and wished him; even now he will tell that was my happiest moment and big birthday gift of his life. We spoke with each other and shared our thinking the fact is it was almost similar.
On the day 3 we had a Video chat then soon after our both the parents met each other and they were very happy from our selection but one interesting thing is I accepted his interest on May 25.

There was a small function at home which was arranged by both The families since he was working in Saudi he was not here I waited to see him for 3 months each day my heart was pounding
That when I will see him but I was lucky so that I could see him on September 12 when I went to receive him and our eyes met each Other was the moment which could never happen in my life so we are enjoying our life here. (Our marriage scheduled in may but date still not yet fixed)
Our sincere thanks to your site and your team for making this happen to us.

Thank you
A big thumbs up to!

Tushar Joshi
Thank you for helping us find our Match.

Thank you

Thank you

Well done. a match made in heaven. A Guju NRI from USA,me found my match in a Sindhi girl from Mumbai, living here in USA. Aap log ke muh mein ghee-shakaar!!!

Ashis Chakraborty
My Mom called up her number to talk to her Mom while she was out on her job. Later, our families let us meet each other and within a week we were talking to each other like long lost lovers, re-united again! I was in Pune and she in Sambalpur, Odisha. I had to show her a lot of dreams to finally come down to Pune for a weekend. When she finally came, and we met each other for the second time, we fell into each others arms, and that is when we knew we were the made-for-each-other couple. :) We just celebrated our one year of our first meeting... And our life has just started... :) Thanks

I have to say is a divine arrangement from God to me in meeting Neelma..I Thank God &!!

Punit Samtani
Thank you

I expressed interest to Satya\'s profile and he accepted.Within a few initial telephonic conversations only we knew that there was something special between us.We decided to take things at the family level,With time our bond only grew stronger and hence our relationship is turning into marriage with every body\'s wholehearted consent!!!

Harish nair
Thank you

Mother of M.Farrok Khan, who contacted my mother after viewing my profile and both the families meet with each other in July and finally.

Mashallah settled the match in Oct.2012.

Well hii my name is Joseph Anthony.Once I became member long time back and tried to find my life partner but couldnt get through.But it got lapsed and I gave up my hope.Again I took initiative to become a member and thought to try again.At last god has listened to my prayers.I met the person in my life who my parents liked,I liked and both families are of same kind.Its really a miracle to find such matches where not only girl and boy is a good match but also families are of same match.Both sides fathers retired,moms housewives,middle class family and of course mentality

Rubab Syed
March 2012: Dad (muzammil father) sent me interest & we accepted it in April. I liked his profile very much I had chat with dad & he called us to Bangalore. We had been there in July and both the families liked each other. On 3rd Sept, 2012 - Muzammil family visited to my place and elders decided engagement on 6th September, 2012.

I am really thankful to Shaadi team for my soul-mate, you guys really did a great job. Marriage date has been fixed 28th December 2012. We pray Allah for happy married life here after...Amen!!!

Aashish Aggarwal
It was good to find matches through your website. We just shared the interest first and contact each other. It was simple.

Nitin Srivastava
Thank you

We liked each others profile on site. And since Sambhav was paid member he gave me a call after I accepted his interest. We talked for a week on phone and like each other.
We decided to meet over weekend. We first met in Ambiance mall. After meeting, we decided to continue further.We talked for couple of weeks and decided that our families should meet each other. Our parents met in Gurgaon. Our families liked each other (simplicity, politeness, respectful, liveliness are few qualities which were common for both families)
Finally everyone was happy to be part of each other and decided to tie us in wedding locks :)

I was very much thankful to you for your service. You have given a great service I met my dream girl after many trials through your Thank you once again.

Vivek Pavan Balaji
One day in January 2011, I went on Shaadi and saw that I had an interest from Shveta. She looked nice and had a nice profile, so I sent my email address so Shveta and I could chat. We soon began talk which eventually led to video chats. We hit it off extremely well and after 2 weeks of talking (2 hrs a day) I decided to fly to her hometown to meet her. When I finally met her, sparks flew and I knew I had met my future wife. I phoned my mother immediately after our first date and told her to stop looking for girls; I had met the one. We made it a point to see each other once a month due to the long distance, but we grew closer and closer as each day passed. After dating for 8 Months, I popped the big question! Our families are super thrilled because we are from the same community and background. My mother absolutely loves her and refers to her as \"her daughter\" already. Her parents and brother have also shown a great deal of affection towards me. We are both are the happiest we\'ve ever been and we got married in Bangalore, India in June 2012. We also had a wedding reception in the US. I have attached a picture from each event, and can send more if needed.

Thank you so much to Shaadi for bringing us together. Without this service I would have never met the most perfect and beautiful partner in the world.

Santanu Datta
Thank you

Armaan Sarwar
I had only just subscribed to 6 months to Shaadi back in March\'12.
After just one month I found my partner on her birthday April\'12 and I later found out that she had been disheartened by your website and had decided to leave the site and settle for being single.
We met the following week 1on1 in a local restaurant to her in Milton Keynes. Two days later I invited her to visit my home with her daughter and mother to meet my daughter and mother.
Our mothers got on, our daughters got on and are ages 4 and 5 so very convenient.
Our mothers then allowed me and my partner to meet again to discover if we got on and if we had a potential future together.
For both me and my partner our daughters happiness was more important so to confirm if we all got on, I decided to invite my partner and daughter to my property in Sharm, Egypt in June\'12 for two weeks to see if we could truly get on together and have a trial-run of living together.
We worked well together, we rapidly began falling in love and appreciating eachother plus our daughters became best friends too.
On return from Egypt we progressed our relationship by continuing to meet almost once per week incorporating further meetings between our mothers, daughters and other members of the family.
We progressed to ordering our rings in August\'12 then we finally set a date once the rings arrived and finally got married on 21st Sep\'12, then had a four day short UK honeymoon long wknd on what was also my birthday weekend.
We are now logistically transferring jobs/schools/homes and should be living together in Walsall by end if Oct\'12.
Thanks to SHAADI we have both found happiness and eachother.
Thanks again. :)

Anurag Srivastava
I received an expression of interest from Riuma which I accepted. She got hold of my contact no as she was a premium member. Her sister called me for a brief chat. I got inclined too and our conversations began. Over a period of three months we grew fond of each other. I told my parents and she did the same at her end. Our fathers met and a \'family meeting\' date was fixed. Our families met and a nuptial was accorded. The engagement took place on April 25, 2011 and the marriage on November 26, 2011.

Our heartiest congratulations to team for making this happen. Keep up the Shaadi work.

Ruima and Anurag

Keya saha
Hi..1st thanks to as I got my life partner Mainak Sengupta through this network.We met in april\'12 it was da sweetest pal of our life.Thanks from our heart to for giving us the scope for knowing each other.Best of luck to all!

Mainak & Keya

Nikita Pillay
We met online and found ourselves perfect for each other.

Thank you

Thanks to we got to find each other and now we are engaged and getting married in a months time...

Thank you once again :)

Manan Patel
Thank you

I have found a Great Partner

Thank you

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