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Shaadi Pride

Year 2012 - Success Stories
September Matrimonial Success Stories
Shikha & Abhishek
"Never had we imagined that we would meet our Life partner through the internet. I took the initiative to send a message, and thus came the positive re..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nikhil & Deivyani
"Deivyani and me connected through . Though skeptical on whether the concept of an online matrimony would work , we decided to give it a sho..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Harpreet & Gurvinder
"?At the right time, when we are ready and want something the Universe sends what we want our way and we just need to be ready and open to accept it!?"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rajesh & Bharti
"First of all like to thanks a ton to and their team members.I met with my partner with the help of site,firstly we had met onlin..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rafi & Fakhra
"I came across Fakhra's profile, it seemed like i could have a conversation with her, so I responded. We hit it off, got married 6 months later."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Navneet Saini & Satwinder Saini
"We had a chat with each other. We met each other at Sydney Opera House. Then We had a session of chats at The Great Ocean roads. As we progressed with..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shruti & Dharnendra
"Hello, I met my hubby Dharnendra Jain through on Sep 2010 and found ourselves truely in love with eachother.We are now happily married.Tha..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Gurdeep & Kuljeet
"First of all, A very big thanks to This was like a key to our relationship, without this it wasnt possible at all. Gurdeep and i met about..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Megha & Anoop
"I was a Shaadi member since few months and my partner was given interest through my parents assistance.We liked Anoop because he is close to my age an..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sandhya Choudhary & Raj Kumar Gupta
"Hi Everyone, I am very happy to share my story with all of you. As like other members of, I also found my life partner on I"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
John DCosta & Praisy Macwan
"I want to say thanks to the entire team of for giving me opportunity to meet my soul mate through this site. We started talking through pho..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sanket & Nidhi
"Hello, myself - Nidhi Puri and before marriage called as Nidhi Khurana. I met my husband Sanket Puri on on 4th January, 2012 - when I s..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Amar & Twinkle
"We met on on 11th of November 2011 n then got to know each other and then after we took the decision to get married.We are getting married"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Anjali & Ravindra
""Since I was a special case, initially it was difficult to find someone, but I really liked the service and had much confidence in it. We both were q..."  Read full story »

A Very hearty thanks to for helping me find my soul mate. We would be marrying this November soon :-) It is Destiny that helped us through

Saumyadeep Dey
Thank you

Afifa Ali
Thank you!!

Rutu Gandhi
Thank you

Thank you

Myself Sanjeev Jimmy Wadhwa....running my own company of production & event management. basically I am a choreographer and won so many awards..but didnt get my dream match before then once my would be Deepika sent me request at .. I found it interesting. I accepted her request. I was not paid member but Deepika was paid member once she request for chat. We started with chat. Then we exchanged our numbers,then we started talking ,slowly slowly we get to knw each other in a good manner. we found each other compatible. then we talked with our families. My family agreed with all the things but her family was not agreed with some issues as they dont know me personally..and we are from Punjab and they are from Rajasthan, then Deepika showed my all details to her family on and my pictures on then her family decided to meet me and my family once. they came on 17th august at my place Moga Punjab. and they liked everyone then they invited us at their place Rai Singh Nagar Rajasthan we went there with family. My family also liked everyone now on 23rd September we are getting engaged at Sri-Ganga Nagar and in January we are getting married. I think without it would not be possible to find this perfect match.Our both families are really thankful to for their awesome match making for us.

Sanjeev Jimmy Waadhwa

Meenaz syed
We saw each others profile, and then my mom contacted anis on his handphone. We started talking and chatting and our marriage was fixed after 6 months.

Vinayak Agarwal
Thank you

Arjune Maraj
During a random search one night I clicked on a name. Little did I know that behind that single click, was not only the one who I now eagerly await to spend the rest of my life with, but also someone who shares my interests and who I love more than anything in the world.

Initially being thousands of miles apart, we began to get to know each other online. This quickly turned into daily phone calls which lasted for hours. After finally meeting in person, our emotions and feelings for each other grew quickly until we both knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

We are now planning the special day when our families and lives become one. Shaadi brought me the one who my life now revolves around, which allowed me to learn what it feels to love and be loved.

Mazharkhan Pathan
We met on 30th July 2012 through I am still in USA but my family like her and my family met her family as well and we just got engaged on 30th Aug 2012.

We are planning to get married within 3 months.

Thank you

Masood Jehangiri
\"My words fly up; my remain; the words without thoughts are never to heaven go! Than somewhere in the loneliness, somewhere in the emptiness, in silence of night, I have often thought about that golden day of my life when I met with my sweet & cute wife Nikshana on fabulous matrimonial website\"
I do remember it was 21st jan 2012 at 3:00 PM I was sitting in my office in Dubai and was searching for perfect match sudden I saw such a beautiful picture with outstanding bio-data. My heart was again and again saying to me to send her interest but my mind was not accepting due to human created boundaries (Different Countries) because she was from Australia and I was in Dubai but we don??t choose our destiny it is decided by faith. So I have sent her interest and got response straight away after that I made a call on giving number and was shocked for a moment coz I never heard such a sweet voice in my entire life even though I was good debater and compare as well. Anyways we have talked for 7 hours on first day and exchanged our Skype ID??s. We use to have long conversation on daily basis through Phone and Skype. Later on 25th of March 2012. She decided to visit Dubai and meet me. Finally the day has come and it was 7th of April 2012 at 12 noon I was waiting at Dubai International Airport with bouquet of fresh red roses and pink Bunny holding heart in his hands ?? within 3 days we decided to get married and by the grace of ALLAH we got married on 14th of April 2012.
I am really very thankful to through which I met with such a caring and loving wife.

Sonali Jagwani
It\'s an interesting arranged marriage story which gradually changed into Love. 24th April 2012 was the date when he expressed Interest through .Horoscopes were matching & we found him a good match & we first met on 5th May 2012.

Apart from some official meetings, we went for some unofficial/secret yet simple meetings to understand each other better. When we were convinced, he called his parents to meet my family as they lived in Nagpur. Things were settled between the families & we got engaged on 28th July 2012.

Thanks to, we found each other as life partners. We really feel happy to have each other together, all thanks to

Thank you

Deepak Walia
Aarti,just contacted me and I took her contact number. Thats it.

Thank you

Thanx to

Nevin Hira
Trish and I started talking on her birthday in Oct 2011. We met each other in December and we instantly knew that we had great chemistry. I found in her a loving, caring, cheerful and respectful partner who would be a perfect mommy to our to-be children and my doggies. And as Trish says she found in me her Knight in shining armor. She also refers to me as the best birthday gift she received. Anyway, several vacations in Las Vegas, Chicago, Austin and Rochester later, our parents decided that we\'ve had too much fun and that we should be tied down in holy matrimony.I proposed to her on our flight to Boston knowing well that she would accept :). We had our roka/mishri ceremony on July 21st 2012 and the wedding date is set for January 12th of 2013.

What we loved about our experience is that we got to enjoy the whole dating experience with an added security that we both were looking for marriage in the bigger picture.

Thank you team for helping us find each other.

We\'ve now got our \"Once upon a time..\" and looking forward to our \"happily ever after..\"

Thank you

Swati Jain
I believe my match with Vivek was made in heaven, was the only medium we could have possibly connected. We come from two very different places and had almost nothing in common.
When I created my account Vivek\'s account was suggest to me as a preferred match by the application. He had a a very causal profile picture and his description was average but I decided to express interest anyways as I was just trying to explore the website. A month later Vivek became the premium member of and tried to contact back. He got the contact information from the website and convinced his parents to contact me. His mother called my parent and asked them to let us meet in New York City.
Our first meeting was very interesting and we almost knew that we have to be together. After a couple of meeting we were in love and decided to get married. The tough part was to bring close two families who have nothing in common expect that they connected with each other through But they met and soon became really good acquaintance.
Vivek\'s parent never met me in person before wedding, but they trusted their son\'s choice. From the day I expressed interest in Vivek\'s Profile till today our love story has been a roller-coaster ride, fully filmy with songs, villians, breakups and everything else. But I am glad that I click on that button that day and expressed my interest in Vivek.

Swati Singhal
Dear Team Members,

First and foremost I would like to thank your website and the whole designated team for connecting me to my soul-mate. You do have a knack for tying so many threads. Personally I (Swati) am so proud to have found my match (Nisheeth) here on your website. We will definitely have a great story for our children and possibly grand children. :)

We got in touch with each other in March 2012 on your website through chat. It was by the end of June that we actually met at a family wedding, for us that was the turning point. After that we kept meeting more and more in person and realized how much we like each-others company and how at core we are just the same. There has been no looking back after that. Its like a story made in heaven.

Our parents have also met and they too are so happy. Brings more smiles to us. :)

The wedding date has been fixed for 16th Jan\'2013. So you are invited!

Thank you once again for giving us so many lovable memories and for many more to come.
We are grateful!

Best Regards,

My self Manish was very much worried abt the girl going to my life partnr. N laterally i never believed that these matrimonial sites can anywayout help me in finding my perfect life partner. But as we all know miracles meant to happen suddenly and surprisingly, and the same such miracle happens when I met the girl named MANSI RAJPUT on ur website When we both chatted,had telephonic conversation and realised dat we are made for each other.

Thank you

Prachi Singh
We met by the help of
We are very thankful to that we met each other through this portal.
I recommend too all of those who thinks that getting a perfect life partner is not easy, proves all of them wrong and searched a good soul-mate for me.

I met my partner Aparna on It was like any other partner search initially but soon we realized that we complimented each other well and it would be good to proceed further. We have been married since a month or so and goings been good.

Thank you,
Aparna and Pradeep

Yes on a sunny day of July 2011, on the 3rd of July, I sent an interest to Felix (whom i call chakku now :) )he sent me an accept and becuase he was a paid member he got my contact details. i replied and then its all a beautiful story...We fell in love as soon as we met...Our families were pleased with each other..everything seemed like the perfect plan of God...we had our own ups and downs, but we soon realized that we have got the best from God and here we are...all set to tie a know with each other...and ready to spend the rest of our lives with each other....Thank you so much
Keep up the good work....your systems and procedures are user friendly and excellent...Thanks again

Sherin Murtaza
Well.. Kutub sent me an Interest and I accepted it. Then we got chatting on and talked over the phone. We exchanged photos and later on involved our family in regards to our interest in each other. We later decided that we should meet personally and so I went to UAE to meet him and his family in the month of May. He came to pick me at the airport and upon seeing me he even forgot where he had parked his car :)

We spent time together and eventually got close and liked each other and we got engaged. I came back to Kenya and both families arranged our date of marriage and we got married in June. Today as I write Im sitting with my loving life partner and all thanks to!

We met on ,Intially she send me a request and I was looking for the match so I thought let me accept the request and then we started to share email I\'d and the each other profile and I belive in profile matching and once it showed me positive about the match so we both started talking on the email and then on whatsapp and then on skype and everything went so nice that we planned to meet I stay in east africa so I had work in india so called her up and planned for a meeting I flew all the way to India we met and we finalized that are the full story .

I would like to tell you that i got married by want to inform you about my marriage. We got married 1st September on Brent Town hall. We expressed interest and then we exchange Email address and and phone numbers We started interacting and after that when we serious about marriage so now we are happiest couple.

Thank you

Thank you

Damini soni
Hi Friends, I am ashutosh, I created the profile of my sister on and within 20 days I was able to find a good match. We met each other and now Shaadi has been conducted. I am very happy and say Thanks to for providing a good match.

Thank you

Rachna patel
Thank you

Well just like every one else , we were searching for our other half to complete us. :) It all started with just one message, and from there to hours of being on the phone. Weeks passed and we decided seeing each other face to face ,well on cam :). We both were shy even though we spoke on the phone for hours of the day , but by days we were drawn to each other.He decided to travel more than 1000 miles to see me from were he was,I was shocked. So in the month of Feb. we met in person , We fell in love of course,and from there our love grew stronger by the hour .When he had to return home it was the hardest thing ever letting him go , but March came around and I decided to traveled to see him.It was a romantic week for us.From there months passed by and we decided to marry.It was the most wonder feeling we have ever felt,to know that the person right in front of you , is your other half that you so longed for ,is now your husband or wife and the future father or mother to your children.We can say we are grateful to and the people behind this site that we have met each other , married and now expecting a beautiful baby girl.

...and for those still searching , don\'t give up , God will send you that right woman or man in your life when you least expect..,Be blessed

Thank You,
From the Dhandapani Family

Harsh Vaishnava
Thank you

Kapil Motiani
We found each other on through showing the interest. We felt each other compatible so the story begins from here only.

Thank you

Richard Chander
Richard and I found each other on this matrimonial website and we are very grateful to for the services they offer. We are also praising and thanking our Lord Jesus Christ for his bountiful blessings and mercies on us. Thank you for the part that you have played to get us connected. Well done!

Chandni Gulati
Hello everyone I want to thank the team of, as they have been of such great assistance in finding my soul mate. It took me 3 years to find him, and he was worth the wait. He found my profile on, and contacted me. I never expected to find love on a arranged marriage platform. I want to wish good luck to everyone in finding their partners.

I appreciate all your help

We met through

Thanks Shaadi team for finding such a wonderful partner.

Shilpa jain
We found each other\'s profle interesting. Met in Bangalore and it worked out. Got married in 3 months after we met :)

Vippy!! had contacted me in early June. After exchanging pictures, our very first phone conversation was close to 2 hours!! We met a few weeks later, and the rest is history! We truly found our soul mates! We had our doubts about shaadi, to be honest. In fact, prior to Vippy contacting me he was contemplating not renewing his membership. However, something made him \"stick around\" for a little while longer. We are both very happy that he did.

Thanks so much,!!

We met each other
Thank you

Thank you

Nupur vaishnav
I was a free member on and he had a membership. He ping me we started chatting and then as we started to talk more our thoughts seem to match. Soon liked each other and might be getting married after 6 months. havnt ever expected that I would find a perfect match here but so much glad that made a dream come true.

Thanks a lot

Manjeet kaur
Thank you

Piyali deb
Thank you

Bhavikk Dhakan
The first thing I did was send her a text that I have liked her profile and I would want her to go through my profile as well and if she finds it a match we can take things further...

After which we started talking through text messages and later we started calling each other and as get got to know each other after talking we were surprised to know that our families have so many common relatives and family friends though we had so many people knowing both of our families nobody suggested any of us about this, surprising but truth, till date whenever we meet somebody from either of family and introduce they would react and say yes we know you and all...

We got engaged on 13th March 2012 @ Mumbai and we are getting married in December 2012.

I don\'t know what else to say but Thanks...

Thank You!!

Bhavikk Dhakan
Parul Soni

Thank you

Geet Sitesh
Thank you

After a lot of search and meeting people,I met my soul mate.

Thank you

Ritu Sharma
Hi Everyone,
We met through It was very nice experience. This website helped me to find my life partner. Thank you.

Monika Dass
Thank you

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