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Shaadi Pride

Year 2012 - Success Stories
June Matrimonial Success Stories
Sarika & Abhishek
"Thank You"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Lakhvir & Harman
"Thank"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shweta & Saurabh
"Thank You ............Shaadi.Com"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jigish & Kevti
"First off all let me thank for helping me find my partner. I am located in Australia and I was looking for my perfect match, so I joined Sh..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pooja & Nikunj
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Fazil P
Thank You

Rajesh Srivastava
I had been registered with almost 1.5 years, met several people, but never really felt the connection there, always felt that I would be compromising if I were to marry them.

I was starting to feel that this whole this was very difficult, since I was confused about who to progress things with. Even when I did try to progress, my heart just wouldn\'t let me commit to anything and therefore I kept searching for my prince.

Then, on March 11th 2012, we met. And we never looked back. We met in malls, enjoying every minute of each others company, the excitement and attraction was exhilarating. We also discovered that we shared the same surname - it was meant to be! We quickly fell in love even though we didn\'t admit it, but our families were also so excited. He proposed me in my house with a red roses, and now we r going to married on 28 November 2012.

Thank to enough for making this happen for us.

For those of you who don\'t believe there is someone out there for you, TRUST ME THERE IS! you just have to find them, and if can help you do that then go for it! never give up hope


Simran Preet Kaur
We started talking after seeing each other on and within three months,We got make meet South to North as I m from Delhi and my husband is from Chennai.

We met on as we both had registered on this site. On 1st Feb 2012, interest was expressed, and we both started chatting thereafter; phone nos were also exchanged and finally decided to meet on 12th Feb 2012. In our first meeting, it seemed as if we knew each other for years and liked each others company because there was a feeling that we both found the right person. Moreover, waiting for all these years was worth to find such a person. Our families met on 26th Feb 2012, and gave their consent by showering their blessings on us on 18th March 2012, our engagement day, and finally made both of us tie the most auspicious knot on 19th April 2012 (Wedding Day) and both families happiness touched the horizons of paradise in the colorful aura of ecstasy at Regen ta Hotel on 22nd April 2012, on the occasion of our reception. All this could happen because of SHAADI.COM. For this, we both and our families thank this team from the core of our hearts and wish other members all the best so they could also find their life partners as we did. In short, SHAADI.COM enabled us to find the soul mates.

Bhavika Patel

Manoj Gupta
Thank You!!

Preeti saluja

Sandesh Gowda
Thank You ....Shaadi.Com

Manpreet Kaur
Thank You

Heta Soni
After many attempts finally I found my life partner through Chintan called me up, we exchanged our biodata and pictures through email. Then we met eachother at barista and we liked eachother. After that we involved our parents and we got married on 28 june 2012.

Thank You....Shaadi.Com

Thank You..........Shaadi.Com

Amarinder Bhullar
Thank You.....Shaadi.Com

Daljeet kaur
Thank You ..........Shaadi.Com

Nishant Kumar
Thank You!!

Vipin Sharma
Thank You....Shaadi.Com

Ganesh Daphale

Rohit Kumar
Its a story of two entwined digital connections; it starts with the world of internet, a place where millions of hearts blossom together for their today, tomorrow, and rest of their lives. I found my beloved there on a cupids digital service of relationships called It was not a meeting straightaway.

Chapter 1

Far Far away in the land of happiness, a girl with the golden heart was looking for her beloved better half. She had a magic window to see the world. One fine day she asked the window to show her prince charming and it was then my picture was prompted to her by the window. She casually glanced at it and I could not get much of her thoughts as she was pulled away to do something more important. Around the same time an email with her pictures flashed in my inbox. I checked the e-mail and thought to myself that I may not be of her league. So left the message unanswered.

Chapter 2

Shruti believes in soul mates and I believe her too. Mysteriously enough after a month I received an email message carrying her interest in my profile. I was like amazingly stunned with positive vibes. I then responded back with a phone call. She was busy so could not take my phone call. So our wait continued....

Chapter 3

It was a couple of days in-between, when on my way from Sheffield to London, I stopped at a pit stop. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and I found an opportunity to give her a call again, while sipping my chai- tea latte. Finally for the first time I got her on the other side of the phone. I was actually preparing myself to talk to her for the first time, slightly nervous, to be very honest but she was so good to me that soon I found myself talking to her in a completely different way. She made it very comfortable and we ended our first conversation on a happy note...

Chapter 4

When Rohit asked me to write my side of story, it blew me off totally... let me confess this is totally a new thing for me (no no not this website but the writing part I mean).So here I go... MARRIAGE and the idea of GETTING MARRIED always made me nervous..
We both have not yet met each other (in person).. But it feels that I know him since ages (ya ya I know this is quite filmy)... I found him on and thought of giving it a try...After first conversation, there was a string of e-mails exchanged, which I believe must have crossed five hundred mark or more. This gradually then turned to phone conversations and then long chatting sessions. We also had our lows and peaks during this time,and all this has really helped us to understand each other better. It also has strengthened the bond between us. He is a darling and total husband material (laid back though).... As I got to know him (almost) all my anxieties calmed down... I have got a wonderful life partner and above all a friend for life in him.. I just hope he keeps loving and supporting me like this forever (oh n yes he has promised to cook for me forever)...
Looking forward to see you all lovely people on 25th March 2012

Mani Khehra
Thank You.......Shaadi.Com

Siddesh Kadam
Thank You.......Shaadi.Com

Jade Bajwa
Thank You.....Shaadi.Com

Arun Garg

Avantika Singh

Kriti Ranjan
I found my match and am very happy with the services of

Matti Prabhu
Thank You....Shaadi.Com!!

Tarannum Athar
Well i mean its really an amazing journey on guys are really doing well.I must tell all those couple who have registered themselves on that this site is seriously genuine and a platform to all the bachelors.I registered myself on after an immense pressure from my family in the starting of march..within the pass of few days i took the premium membership..and my profile was flooded with day i found his profile..expressed interest..we started chatting through chat engine...and was quite comfortable in each others company..he wanted to meet me so that we can see each other and then tell our families...

We met once and guess what, there was no looking back...He was quite witty and mature and of-course a decision maker..after few days our families also met and then with the blessings from both the sides we got engaged on 19 may 2012...Nikah is on 20th October.

Three cheers to team for fulfilling our dream...

\"Tarannum Athar and Misbahuddin\"

Sonal Shah
Thank You!!

Prabhjyot Belly
Thank You ....Shaadi.Com!!

Natasha Shukla
Thank You....Shaadi.Com!!

Syed Baquer
Thank You.....Shaadi.Com!!

Vandana Goel

Akshay Saxena
When I had created my profile on, I was least expecting the forthcoming changes which were to come in my life, these added depth, meaning and enhanced its beauty.

My search for a life partner ceased with finding my soul-mate instead!

We both take immense pleasure in expressing our gratitude to for bringing us together. Today, from once being complete strangers we have become soon to be life partners.

The search criteria and filters on the website facilitated our purpose of finding the perfect match. The information is secure and the rigorous registration process authenticates the search process. For us is like a magic ball- we got what we desired!

Our wishes came true so will yours!
Many thanks and best wishes to the team of

Good Luck for your search!

Ikbal Ahmed Shaikh
Thank You......Shaadi.Com!!

Vijay Kumar Agarwal
Thank You .....Shaadi.Com!!

Phanindhar Sadhu
We contacted the family, having photo available and Phone number provided it was very easy for us to contact the member. Thank you for your filtering options. I liked the way search is set.

Uzma Ismail Shaikh
Thank You...Shaadi.Com!!

Farhaan F
Thank You....Shaadi.Com!!

Poonam Sharma
I met Abhishek Sharma on and now getting marry to him on 29th of June 2012. I ve made my profile almost on all the matrimonial sites, but always gave me the best proposal as per my preference.

Thank you, you helped me to find my soul-mate, who is not only a genuine person, but a caring and loving partner too.

Atul Shukla
Thank You......Shaadi.Com

Gagan garg
Just hit the right notes..Thanks

Saurabh S
Thank You.....Shaadi.Com

Ashok Kumar Maurya
Thank You...Shaadi.Com

Rushit Patel
Thank You....Shaadi.Com

Alexis Madinier
Thank You....Shaadi.Com

Rohit Raj Chhabra
Thank You...Shaadi.Com

Rizwan Khan
Thank You.....Shaadi.Com

Alina Farheen
Success is the right word I would say on my experience with Shaadi. Thanks

Kavita Nand
Thank you

Sreeja k
i liked him and Thanks to Shaadi...

Saira Shaikh

Ramandeep Kahlon


Mohd Yaqoob khan
Thank You....Shaadi.Com

Akshay Mishra
Thank You .......Shaadi.Com

M Kumar
Thank you for helping me find my life partner.

Sumit Sodhi
Thank You....Shaadi.Com

Vipul Garg
Thank You...Shaadi.Com

Anuroopa Handral

Guru Mishra

Jitesh Arora
Thank You....Shaadi.Com

Shashank Sharma
Thank You......Shaadi.Com

Sarath M
Thank you for Happy to join in your website.

Sharmistha Choudhary
Thank You

Fahad Mohamed
She found me, contacted me and after meeting in person, we felt that we were made for each other. Thank you

Vishal Bhatia
Thank You

Pankaj Kumar Rewari
Thank You....Shaadi.Com

Sushant Jain

Sayeeda Khan
Thanks a lot Shaadi team for everything. I am happy with your team.

I found my soul mate in your matrimony one month back. Thanks a ton to

Aishwarya Rao

Nazish Khan
I am thankful to for giving me the opportunity to find my life partner. By the grace of Allah I have found my perfect match and Inshallah intend to spend the rest of my life with him and my kids.

Amit Rastogi

Shveta Patne
Hi, Sushant and me met each other because you. Thank you so much for that! We are getting married in Dec 2012 We shall send our pictures then and a success story too! :)

Sourav Kumar
Thank You.....Shaadi.Com

Irene Varghese
Thank You...Shaadi.Com

Nizamuddin Mohammed
Thank You.....Shaadi.Com

Sonam Jaiswal
Thank You.....Shaadi.Com

i found my loving partner.thanx to

Ravi Chaudhary
Thank You

Asha Gupta
I expressed interest in Devavratt and he accepted. We exchanged a few emails before speaking on the phone. He then came to London from Southampton to meet up with me. Owing to the distance we decided to remain friends and over time our friendship grew to mutual understanding, affection and respect. Then one day Devavratt said that he was in love with me and since then there has been no looking back. We are going to me married shortly and are very much in love and happy.

Thank you to for bringing us together.

Sandeep Kaur
Thank You...Shaadi.Com

Jateen Sheth
We and ultimately our family meet each other via And finally both the family in whole get connected by means of bride and groom families.

Hence I would like to thank as it became the media to get the couple, chosen by god in heaven, connected on the earth.

Chandni Shah
Thank You ....Shaadi.Com

Murali Krishnan
Thank You ....Shaadi.Com

Jagdish Gaba
Thank You.....Shaadi.Com

Gurminder Singh
Thank You ........Shaadi.Com

David Kingsley

saleem deshmukh
Thank you

Bhardwaj Sharma

Nishit Nirmal

Priyanka Mittal

Preet Pillai
Thank you

Alpa Patel
Thank you

Amit Jain
It took me some time but one fine day she approached me and after 2 months of chat we are engaged.

Sachin Mane
Thanks a lot paved a way for our souls to meet...:) you will also be the sweetest part of our Happy life.....:)

Munza Kanwal
Thank you

Sonia Pariyani
Thank you

Martina Harrington
We spoke on Feb 20th, Got engaged on May 13th, Wedding in scheduled for August 18th, We\'re very happy we met each other, we never believed in online portals but let me tell you it works !!! It has for me !:) All the best to every one else

Shahid choudry
Thank you

Seby M Jacob
thank you

Rupal Shah
Met via Stayed in touch for 4 months. Finally, he decided to propose, and I accepted and got engaged with families\' approval. Short and simple story :)

Zahid Jilani
Thank you

Arti Gupta
Thank you

Hina Sandhu
Thank you

Jay Sharma
Thank you

I found my partner, who is exceptional for me by and It click with in a month.

Saqib durrani
Thank you

Saqib dee
Thank you

Rutvij Dave
Thank you

Gaurav Kumar
Thank you

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