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Shaadi Pride

Year 2012 - Success Stories
May Matrimonial Success Stories
Sumit Gupta & Anjana Khanna
"Well gr8 work done by my love on gr8 site ,keep it up."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Yash & Mukta
"Marriages are made in heaven. I always knew that my soulmate, Miss Right, was out there somewhere. But where, I didn't know. After I settled down in"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nimit & Vani
"It was beautiful and lucky afternoon of 1st may 2012 when me and Vani met online on We discussed with each other around 2 hours and we lik..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mihir & Archana
"I expressed interest in Archana's profile in November, 2011 which she accepted. After initial communication of our parents, I got her phone number to..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Kul & Jati
"v both made our profile on began...v hv similar intrests...v find each other gud match..our parents contact eachother n find..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Neeraj & Jiji
"He found me on and now we are married."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jaspreet & Avneet
"We both registered on with lot of hopes to find a life-partner on the internet. Shaadi. com themself sent request to Jaspreet based on my r..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Deviprasad & Laxmi
"We met on and we started talking to each other & found that we are right match...As he lives in Dubai its very difficult to decide that hes..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Samiron & Moupiya
"It feels like we were made for each other. Its become more of a love marriage now than an arranged marriage. Thank You"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shakti & Leena
"Thank you"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Deepa & Gautam
"Gautam expressed interest in me, and I accepted the next day. After talking to him, I felt a connection and we met soon thereafter. We immediately f..."  Read full story »

Thanks to I found my match.

Swati Katiyar
Thank you

Mohammed Aleem
Its been long journey on but i should say it was worth waiting, i found my match last year and got married April this year.

Thank you

Vibhor Sharma
One chilly night in Kashmir during my vacation, I was sitting in the boat house and just opened my profile to see any msgs and just did one last search to find my soul mate after which I had decided not to return to these websites and all of a sudden thinking all this I found one profile, I expressed interest and went to bed. Next morning I got an email that Renu Thakur has accepted your expression of interest.
I felt o happy, same evening I was flying to Delhi so I sent her an sms that I\'ll call her once I am in Delhi.

We spoke to each other for about 2 days trying to know each other and ascertain what we were looking for in our life partners.

Finally we decided to met each other in Chandigarh on 21st December 2011 and after few hours of our meeting we had decided that we are tying the knots.

Huhh...every time I remember that one click that changed my life, I feel fascinated and goose bumped. It\'s so amazing that a boy from far away Australia comes to India on vacation and finds a girl who is not even in close vicinity of my thoughts and yet becomes my life partner.

We are now getting married on 24th June 2012 and we are really excited.

Thanks Once again to the entire team and hearty good lucks to all those who still haven\'t found their soul-mate. Just hang in there with some patience, you will find one soon.

Warm Regards
Renu & Vibhor

Neha Katoch
I found my life partner through your site.I am very thankful to you for blessing me with such an adorable and loving person....

Thank you infinity times...

Sania Ali
Thank you

Richa Gupta
I believed in perfect marriage. perfect marriages are not destined but have to be customized. I got the one who dreams the same and we will together make it.

I had given up all hopes in and thats when Chami (my wife) accepted my profile on the 25th of April. We hit off well from the word go as we shared a lot of things in common. By mid May, we were seriously into each other and had decided how we are going to take our relationship forward. We both were really happy the way things were going between us. But it all took a \'U\' turn in June as I suffered a major setback in my life and began questioning if its right of me to drag Chami into my mess. It just shattered all that we had planned together. Thats when my wife stood by me and made me realise that our love for each other is much more greater than any setbacks in life. All her love and support during this stressful period strengthened our love for each other. I proposed her in front of Taj Mahal on the 10th of November. It was really romantic and we have some lovely memories of it. And we got married on 26th of November 2011. We had a simple traditional marriage and an awesome honeymoon in Maldives and Kerala. I found my soulmate in and for that I will always be grateful. A heartfelt thanks from me and my wife to the Shaadi team.

Kamal Yadav

kruti shah
Thank you

Mir Wajahat
Thank you

Tarnjit Kaur
Thank you

Vivek Dave
Through I came in contact with my wife! Thanks!!!

Deepak Sachdeva
Thanks to Shaadi, I found exactly what I was looking for.

Rainu Sharma
Thank you

Manish Gaurav
Thanks to platform that help me to choose my life partner. provide various option and facility to check compatibility and a huge number of profile.

Thank you, I have found the best match for me. :-)

Majid Yaqub
I showed interest to my partner on Feb 2010 and she accepted at that time but then after a while we never got into communication until august 2010. I got her email and then i send her email and our conversation started and we really like each other and decided to go forward. We got engaged in October 2010. I went to Pakistan to see her and decided to get engage right away.
Finally we got married in December 2011. We both are very happy and wanted to thanks and we never thought that internet can help us finding right partner for our life and we both are very happy.

Debashree Dhar
Thank you

Ankur Kassal
Thank you

Sheryl Cherian
Thank you

Saumil Patel
Thank you

R S Gill
Thank you

Roehma Z
Thank you

Sanna Ahsan
Thank you

Sonam Maurya
Thank you

Rajkamal and I meet each other on and found we shared so much that we soon knew we were meant to share a lifetime together. When we finally met it was love at first sight and we married each other in Delhi. Now she will join me in Canada. I thanks for the destiny that brought us together...

Divya Rao
Thank you

Ritesh Prasad
Thank you

Farah Pervez
I found my match and we got married in April this year. Thank you!

Suchit Thakur
She is a simple girl with good family background and she understand me a lot.

Preethi Subramanian
My parents registered my profile in your website and were searching for a suitable groom. They liked his profile & expressed interest. He responded & wanted to interract with me. After exchange of horoscopes and having found the same matching, they gave him my contact details. We met & found the soul-mate in each other. The marriage got fixed.

Tathagata Manna
Thanks for all these services..Thanks a ton.

Dhairyasheel Gore
Thank you

Good authentic site, a nice platform to meet prospective life partners in a secure way.

Amit Mahajan
Thank you

Manu sanhotra
Thank you

Vishal bisaria
Thank you

Syeda Sarah Gillani
Alhamdulillah I feel extremely blessed to have found my match through this website. I could not have asked God for a better partner. I wish every one else luck as well. I\'m extremely satisfied and happy and will definitely be recommending this site to others.

Sheeba Angelina
We both registered on with lot of hopes to find a life-partner on the internet - I received request from his side and went thru his profile I accepted his interest. We started having conversations over the phone and the more I talked to him and knew about him, the more I was inclined to think that he was the one for me. I felt an immediate bond with him. Frank inturn shared the same feeling. But I wanted little more time to think about the relationship. During this time, we talked a lot about our future, our likes and dislikes, our families and how would we want our future family to be, and possibly anything and everything you can think about under the sun.

In the mean while, His mum was in Hyderabad and we both felt a strong need to take this to our parents. His mom had visited my place and met up with my family as we had conveyed to our families to spend the future together.

I got engaged to Frank Arun on March 7th, 2012 and oh yeah! ?THE BIG DAY? is fixed on the 9th of November, 2012.

We both thank to help us find each other.

Princess H
Thank you

Ritesh Kamdar
We have initially exchanged our details to each other and then started talks over the phone. Thereafter we met personally and discussed each others thoughts, like and dislikes.

On being comfortable to each others thought, we pursue further and then our family met each other.

This way the things went ahead and concluded into the engagement on 03rd May, 2012.

Thanks a lot to

Alpesh Patel
Jigna has accepted my interest on 3rd January 2012 and then our family had keep in touch. Also, I visited India in March end from Australia to meet her and our engagement was fixed on 1st April. Thanks a lot for our acquisition through

Thank you

Sudhanshu Kumar
Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Gaurav Panwar
Thank you

Debra perez
Thank you

Geeta rawat
Oye Oye, love Him,,,

Thank you

Thank you

Shalu jaywant
I found my life partner on I would like to thanks and I am going to get marriage in end of the year.


Thank you

Thank you

Saurav Sahay
Thank you

March 2012 was the month of happenings, when I found the person with whom I would spend my entire life. We, not only me & Atul but our families, thank for bringing us together. With your blessings, we shall enter into holy matrimony on 16th June 2012. THANK YOU once again..:)

Thank you

Arun contacted me and we chatted on-line for hours...we had a genuine connection. I went to India in January and we got engaged and married in April 2012.
Thanks for introducing us!

i found a match on

Anish Parulekar
Thank you

Rahul Nair
Thank you

Zahid saleem
Getting married on 23rd of August 2012

Thank you

Jasbir singh
I am really thanks to to help me find out my soul mate.

renuka kshirsagar
Thank you

Shilpa singhal
Thank you

We got to know each other, We met and that was it WENT Thanks Shaadi....

Thank you

Sandhya m
Thank you

Amruta Rudrakshe
We first saw each other on this site and instantly fell in love. We spoke with each other and found our interests and thoughts to be same and then we informed our respective parents about each other and on this coming sunday that is on the 13th may 2012 we are getting engaged.So its kinda love marriage that has been arranged. Thanks to for helping me find my perfect soul mate.

Diana Francis
Found Lucian my soul mate through Shaadi.Com

Dr sanjeet kumar
Thank you

Leena Singhal
Marriage is on 24th of June

Thank you

Thank you

Madhu Agrawal
Thank You

Well my story was a very unique one was busy with my life in my official life, thought will never meet the person i want....luck stuck its magic wand introducing me to a very loving caring affectionate person almost a man very similar to what i had imagined. We are now happily married. Thanks a ton to for introducing me to my husband.

i had posted my profile on many years back finally on NOV 11 i meat Ankit in Delhi and April 20 2012 we got married. Thanks a lot to Shaadi .com you made my rest of life beautiful and also full of lot& lots of happiness. photos will take time but once i recd it i will surly post that. regards to team, may your site be blessed will success.

Amandeep Thind
Thank You

Priyamvada Singh
we contacted each other on den our parents took it forward.. den both our families met And den finally everything got finalized.

Thank You

Rupali Kedar

Joyti Khatri
It was November 4th 2010 when Paul called while I was having dinner. I thought it was a sales call from Shaadi and told him to call me back. Later that evening we spoke for over an hour. Daily we talked until we decided we should meet. Thanksgiving I went to see him in Houston, TX. He looked different from his photos but there was a visual connection. We met again Xmas, this time I met his kids, his sister and his parents. January 2011 he came to see me in Greensboro NC and proposed. We started making plans of me moving to Houston TX. February we went met again, this time in Orlando where we met my son and my sister and family.
By March 4th 2011 I had sold most of my possessions, packed up everything I was going to move with me, quit my job and moved to Houston with Paul.
It was the best decision of my life, he has been everything and more, my friend, my partner and my husband. We got married July 1st 2011, less than one year after meeting!
He finally met the rest of my family in Orlando last month when we went there for my niece\'s wedding, they loved him just like I expected!

Thank You

Well, i was bored at home, and decided to surf the web Found Shaadi web page...registered for fun. Turned down by many girls, due to being a South African. Out of frustration i just expressed interest to any and every my surprise...every1 of them declined. Then one day i saw this extremely cute girl\'s picture...that to myself whats the worst that can happen..another decline..that, was i taken by surprise when she accepted my request. Maybe she was drunk, who knows. We chatted, it was fun, we made each other laughed lot. Sure there was plenty of miss communications, which added to ate drama...and boy can this girl throw her toys out of the cot. But, me being the gentleman that i am, forgave her, after giving her the silent treatment. She then phoned me and apologize, which i thought was very sweet of her. She then grew onto me, we bonded, at first she was reluctant to even discuss marriage cos she was so in love with her Chandigarh and never thought that one day she would leave her beautiful city. But, being the charmer that i am, i spun my web of romance , and in-twined her with my touch of grace, and free spirited way of life...this combined with her passion for being different and all manners of speech, we seemed to have found a common path, walking alongside hand in hand. many months down the line, yes with a few fights thrown in there, we decided, we could no longer be two separate entities, but one, so we decided to take the plunge into an eternity of happiness, of marriage.
Thank You

Fell in love within a week n living happily now,it will be 2 months on 14th of may....n thanks a lot to u guys...for helping me find my soul mate..fells like joining was the best thing happened to me...Thanks a million again..

Sandip Dhar
Thank You

Thank You

Arun Chawla
Thank You

Ganesh Iyer
Thank You

Navpreet Singh
Thank You

Thank you

Manoj Nair

Darshan Gokani
Thank You .. to all staff of .... God bless all and may You find your life Partner.

Dhruvin Shah
Very quick turnaround time (took me less than a month), Very convenient communication channel to the potential partners, Large database to find the match of your preferences and impressive ease of use of the match-making process.

Nida Shaikh
We both registered on with lot of hopes to find a life-partner on the internet. Shaadi. com I received request from his side. I accepted his interest. We started chatting by exchange of numbers The more I talked to him and knew about him, the more I was inclined to think that he was the one for me. I felt an immediate bond with him. Suhail also felt the same. but I wanted little more time to think about the relationship. During this time, we talked a lot about our future, our likes and dislikes, our past, our families and how would we want our future family to be, and possibly anything and everything you can think about.

In the mean while, We met for about one hour and discussed and took the decision as yes and conveyed to our families. Family decided the date as 14th Apr, 2012

We got married on 14th Apr, 2012 and now i am leaving happily with him.

We both thank to help us choose our soul-mate.

Savita Honavar
Thank you

Sonam Jain
Thank you

Thank you

Pranab Rohatgi
Thank You

Manine Kyoir
Thank you

Puneet Suri
Its been wonderful to find a dream life partner thru your site. We are extremely grateful to you and Ur whole team. We whole hardheartedly wish you the very best in assisting others too to find suitable match.

Thanking you once again
Best Regards

Pankaj gupta
Thanks to, We visited each others profile & liked. After few meetings we realized presence of soul mate in each other & got married on 13th April 2012.

John Antonet
Thank you

Dr Sarvat Syed
Thank You

Priyanka Taneja
Thank you

Thank you

Mervyn Lobo
Thank you

Richa Handa
Divesh visited my profile and sent an interest few months ago. We had chat on IM for 4 months and tried to understand each other. I found him a perfect match for me. Today we are happily married :) I would like to say thnx to the whole team for the wonderful platform where one can find his/her life partner.

Mrugank Sardhara
Thank you

Puneet Kaur
Thank you

Anu Goyal
Thank you

Ruchi Gupta
Thank you

Niti Bali
I found Ashish through, I am really thankful to this search engine for making me come across my life partner.

Apurva Brahmbhatt
Thank you

Rizwan Shaikh
Thank you

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