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Shaadi Pride

Year 2012 - Success Stories
March Matrimonial Success Stories
Aakanksha Sharma & Mihir Chandan
"Its true that pairs are made in heaven but to find your soul mate on earth is not easy.I had created my profile on long back but was not ve..."  Read full story »

Rajwant Kaur
Thank you

Silyva Suman Reddy
Thank you

Gurdeepika Chawla
He sent me a interest on and after a few days, I accepted the interest. Then our parents talked and then we talked and met on 24th March, 2012 for the first time and got engaged:). So, this way, I found my soul mate on, we thank the team for this. I am really happy to be blessed with such a loving and caring life partner:).

-Gurdeepika & Jagpreet

Sarwan Singh
Thank you

Thank you

Priya Sawant
Thank you

Swapna Kamath
Thank you

Karabi Kalita
Its quite unbelievable that i can marry through But it happened. Thanks to

Sonal Katare
Thank you

Jaswinder Singh
Thank you so much for finding me such a wonderful partner.I am really glad to have gurpreet in my life & it was not possible without was in canada and After receiving interest from my partner we initially started e-mails each other and then began talking on the phone.We quickly realized that we had common interests and values and started to like each other. After talking on the phone for several weeks we developed a deep connection and realized that we could not live without each other. i went india last year in december and our families met each other after with their belessings we went on to get engaged on Dec 21th and the marriage took place on jan 24 2012. We could not be happier.

Thank you

Thank you

i tuk her num then cal her then everydy we chating on phone then she come to meet meee we like each otherrr we alredy in lov each other we decide to get merry soonn

Pratibha Kumari
Thank you

K Kaur
Thank you

Elizabeth Mathew
We met over and spoke to each other for nearly 8 months. Manoj came down to India after our families met and we decided to tie the knot. Manoj and I and our families are thankful to for giving us our this chance for happiness.

Pooja Verma
Many thanks to for helping us. Wish the entire team all the best and keep doing this great work for society. thanks again

Shweta Desai
Thank you

Mohamed Furquan
Thank you

Ravi Ramani
If it were not for, i may not have been able to find my life partner - as she is from the small town of Godhra, Gujarat. But thanks to, our families intereacted and everything clicked. Thanks again :)

Thank you

Trupti Boreekar
we got marry on 12th Feb 2012,, thanks to team, finally i found my suitable match life partner here,,, this is unbelievable for me, this story like fairy tale in my life, my positive response always for you team,thanks from bottom of my heart,we both are very happy now thanks again,,, team,, & good luck,,, my best wishes always with that people who is searching a life partner here,,

Trupti Boreekar Dutta

Maryam Ahmad
Thank you

Chhavi Sharma
Thank you

Shereen Zafar
He found me after seeing my profile on you and May God Bless you all for building this platform.Best of luck for keeping it free from people who are not genuine.Thank you again for helping my husband and me find each other in us.

Sufian Ali
Thank you

Devendar Jain
Thanks for finding my life partner.

Sumit Singh
Thank you

Babita Balan
Thank you

Shalini Sharma
Thank you

Dave Kohli
Thank you

Harneet Singh
Thank you

Thank you

Aroosa was only on the site for a week and had to fend off a horde of creepers! She was about to deactivate her profile but I barely slipped onto to her radar. I had a gut feeling about her profile even though it was only 3 sentences long (although with quality grammar, a most admirable and attractive quality). Divine guidance caused her to accept my interest after two days of anxiously waiting. After speaking to each other for only a few days, we pretty much knew right off the bat that we were made for each other! We ended up getting engaged the same weekend we met! Baller! Our brothers are hella sick.

Paramvir Aujla
Thank you

Yolanda Mirasol
I have found my match on,thank you very

Baljit Singh
Found her on

Priya Jha
We came across each others profile through From there both of our family spoke and took things forward.

Priya Gupta
We both are very happy to have met each other.

Tapinder Singh
We are happily married now!

Analeen Tahir
Thank you

Vineeta D souza
We met on and thanks to

Vipul Narang
I am happy to found Poonam Bansal as my life partner on ..Thanks to

Shikha Chander
Thank you

Prashant Sinha
Thank you

Jean Villano
Thank you

Saima Nazir
Thank you

Indika Silva
Thank you

Nikita Z
Thank you

Thank you i have met my match !

Rehan Khan
firstly thanks for the eternal team of for helping me ,in finding the perfect lifepartner from myself .
I found her profile in and then I took out her no and get in contact with her that was very very beautiful movement in my life which turn out my whole life.
she belongs from Lucknow and I am working in Saudi Arabia.(New Delhi Permanent Address)
With in one month we got married on 22 Nov .
We feel that has intelligently & innovatively used technology to facilitate match-fixing over the internet. It has opened wider vistas in eventually finding that divine bond.

We are thankful to for making our eternal bond possible.

Rehan Khan (SH44771068) and Asma Khan (SH70880159)
New Delhi/Lucknow

Anj Bhatia
Thank you

Pallavi Shivnekar
Thank you

Abhinav Sharma
Thank you

Abhilasha Sharma
Thank you

Pravin Kitke
Thank you

I saw her profile and asked my mom to call her family. They were immediately interested as we mutually felt it was a great match. One thing lead to another and I finally traveled a 1000 kms to meet her family. They apparently liked me. The next step was her family traveling to meet my family and we fixed a wedding date. It all happened so fast, it was amazing to be connected to someone I normally would never have if not for by God\'s grace.

Toshivv C Kumar
Thank you

Thamir muhammed
I just searched for my partner..when i saw her profile i thought shes the one im searching for that tym i was in UAE ..with ma parents..week after she accepted ma photo req. I showed to my parents ..they also liked her profile..and me and ma mom went to see her in India (kerala) just feways visit..and we got and my mom meet her family :)
soon we will marry ..i hope this year october or november..
please bless us..
Thank u

Gurjyot Sahota
Thank you

Hema Joshi
I and Nitin met over website in January. I happen to see Nitins profile and communicated my interest. After a week or so we started communicating and for a month we were knowing each other. Since he is from Germany he planned to visit India in February. We met in person and on 2nd day he proposed me for marriage and 3rd day our parents met and now we are engaged.
That is our happy story, and i am greatful to you guys, i had less believe in social networking sites but after seeing such a positive result i am recommending my friends and relatives to give a chance.
Tahe dil se shukriya Team.

Iti Rustagi
He is in my own community, sent him interest, he accepted, had a meeting and we got engageed.

Poonam solanki
Thank you

Abhinav Sharma
Thank you

Thank you

sunitha singh
Thank you

Karan Shah
Thank you

Thank you

Parvin Singh
Thanks to

Nick L
After going through numerous profiles and meeting several ppl, my partner and I finally found each other. We are sincerely thankful to

Somparkash Rajora
Thank you

Mohit Anand
We think our search is over now.we are getting to know each other and if everything goes according to plan we will tie knot next year.

Thank you

Nimeshkumar Bhakta
Thank you

Satinder Kaur
Thank you

Leena Chaudhary
Paul contacted me by text on 15th feb and we are so connected since. We knew straight away that we are perfect for each other.He lives in Kuwait but have applied for visa to come and meet me and my family.Soon we are thinking to get marry.

Snehal Vala
I am really thankful to to help me finding my life partner. I am based in Ahmadabad-India and Gopi is based in USA. Gopis profile was created by her relative and my profile was created by me. Her relatives contacted me and there after me and Gopi contacted further through emails and phone. Over the period of time, Both of us felt we can go further as life partners and finally we got married on 17th Feb,2012 at USA.
Thanks to

Adwait Mohan Marathe
I remember when I first talked to her. She told me almost everything about her. That moment I knew that even if I do not happen to marry this girl, she would be my very good friend. But something else was written for us.

We were raised in totally different environments, so our thinking and lifestyles were totally different. We didn\'t know each others ideas or needs, and it takes time.

So here\'s how it all began. She found me on and contacted me. We spoke to each other for about 3 long weeks until we decided to meet. We met in Bandra, a place decided by her as I hardly knew places in Mumbai.

There was something for sure about this girl that made me feel like I should her again. And the day came soon when she came down to Pune to meet me. We went for lunch, drive followed by dinner with my friends. I had always wanted my best buddies to meet the girl before I decide for sure that i want to marry her. The drive was cool. Not to forget the awful Pasta we had..:D

To be frank, none of us actually officially proposed to each other for marriage. All just kept going with the flow. Our families met each other when things were kinda official. It was a great experience to meet all from her side.

So, here I am today with her, engaged on 5th Feb 2012 in Mumbai with the presence of all our loved ones.

I sincerely thank for they are the means through which I could meet this lovely young lady, \'Niyati\' if I may mention her name. I have found the perfect match in her and I am all set and ready to spend the rest of my life with her.

Rahul Limaye has been a very successful experience to me. It has not only helped me finding a suitable match to me but has also helped in making new friends and understanding the problems what other have faced in their personal lives.

Many Thanks to team and my good wishes to all the members to get their suitable matches.

Rahul Limaye

I met on and contacted her throuh the contact details provided in the profile. We conversed each other a couple of times and then went to meet her personally. I liked her at the first meet itself later on she told me that she too.
Our families communicated and it happened...

Thank you

Rajan Luthra
Well, I found an excellent match for my daughter through your relationship manager. Thanks. Dr. Rajan Luthra

Nishant Shukla
Thank you

Roshan Chugani
During my membership on, I was unable to find anyone I truly connected with and repeatedly communicated with on a regular basis. Surprisingly, I was surprised to see an interest from a wonderful woman, and she included her phone number. Although we live in different states, we have now been dating for over 6 months and have become much closer and are heading towards a life together!

Nimish Shah
Thank you

Thank you

Devesh Narayan

Nalina Gupta
Thank you

Navita P
Thank you

Thank you

Manjeet Kaur
Hi im really pleased and happy that i found my better half on It was really great decision of my life but gets really easy being on my search here. Really happy for our life ahead.

Supneet Singh
Thank you

Rohan Desai
Thank you

Insiyah Shikari
Thank you

Onaiza Ahmad
Thank you

Shahid Ahmed
Thank you

Vikas Mehta
Thank you

Moresh J Kokane
Thank you

Mohammad Shehzad
I was a paid member for three months, could not find a match, did not renew but Sadia Nazeer, my fiance was still a member. She proposed me and we got married today. We will soon submit a wedding picture. Mohammad Shehzad

Asamanjuri Das
Thank you

Arundhati Darekar
Thank you

Gurvinder Osan
I upgraded my membership just to see Jagjeet s phone number and then we both met once and it was finalized instantly with consent from both of our families!

Thank you

Saurabh Singh
we meet at ,after talking we decided to get married.we got married on 24th feb.

Dr Renu Jain
Thank you

Jaspreet Kaur
Thank you

kartik sundararajan
Thank you

Amanpreet Kaur
I have found my soul-mate through your wow-so-lovely web-site :-)
We have planned our wedding with God?s grace & blessings very soon 24 Feb? 2012, we thank you for your support and untiring efforts n keeping the hopes on for so many who are in search.
We both have all the words of admiration for your web-site and to each person involved in taking it to such heights. The most significant thing to bring up is the conviction that you all have been able to build up which is so very exceptional in such matters.
We look forward to seeing our sucess story in
With regards,
Prabhjot Singh and Amanpreet Kaur

Wedding DATE : 24 Feb., 2012

Prabhjot Singh and Amanpreet Kaur

Joy George
Thank you

Swati patel
Thank you

Unnati Desai
Thank you

Isha Arora

Khedar mohammed
Thank you

Raj Chatterjee
Thank you

Sibasish Chowdhury
Thank you

syed shiraz
I was the paid member but she was not.I just liked her profile details and asked her that can my family meet her.She agreed and everything was finalized within months.And now we are a happily married couple.

Amit Punjabi
Thank you

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