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Shaadi Pride

Year 2012 - Success Stories
January Matrimonial Success Stories
Gursharan & Ramandeep
"Hi, Thank you so much for finding me such a wonderful partner.I am really glad to have Raman in my life & it was not possible without"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
ritika kathuria & amit verma
"Our families got in touch and exchanged numbers and photos , then gave us a chance to know each other. Over a period of next few months we met and lik..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Manisha & Sawan
"Sawan saw my profile and expressed his interest. I liked his profile as he seemed to have the qualities I was looking for and therefore accepted it. W..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Dominic & Lumin
"On a fine February morning while on my groom search, I found Dominic's profile and I sent an interest. He responded back and we communicated with eac..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sushil & Priyanka
"We expressed interest in engaged on 15th july-2011 and finally got married on 27th november-2011 and staying happily togather. We expre..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Poonam & Akash
"Thanks for the help you provided in making my life complete - It was actually bit quick, we exchanged our profiles in June, 2011 and found"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Dronacharya & Nirmaljit
"We have met through and exchanged our profile. Once we liked each others profile our parents and we ourself met each other and finalised to..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Niraj & Karina
"I saw her profile on and found it interesting. So I sent my interest to her. After a week or so, she accepted my interest but no further co..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Tejas & Falguni
"First off all let me thank so much. I am very delightful to i am in Australia.i was looking for my perfect match, so i joint S..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Abhishek & Shweta
"First i express intrest in her after view her and her profile. Then she accepted. Then we start talk for next step. i went in her home to meet there f..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pradeep & Anuradha
"I am g8tly thankful to ,i got married to my soulmate .Pradeep expressed intereste in my profile and we had chat for more than 6 months one"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Neha & Deepak
"We met each other on It was destined for us to get married because I saw many guys but never agreed to get married to anybody but when I m..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Balwinder & Mankiran
"Thanks to the team of who are serving thousands of individuals in fishing their soulmates,I appreciate your support and the co operative na..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jagdish & Ritu
"It seems like as if some karmic connection was working behind our beautiful relationship since the day we saw each others profile on Af..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pretti & Jazz
"We would like to say a big thank you to for helping us find true love. After years of searching for someone special we finally found each"  Read full story »

Sarvan kumar
Thanks for my life partner always 07 life.

Poonam Motwani
Thank you

Mahaboob Shariff
She took the first step in contacting me. We initially started with emails, then to facebook and then to instant messaging. I saw a friend in her, took the plunge and went to Sydney (for the 1st time alone) from Singapore to meet her and her family, without my family\'s knowledge. I fell for her there and then. And then we got our families to meet and the rest is history. Inshallah, we will have a memorable wedding and a wonderful marriage.

Mohitkumar saraogi
Our family liked each others profile and added them. Later we started chatting and sharing emails at a good frequency and could see a connection building up between us. The connection grew stronger and stronger with every passing day and before we could realize we started liking each other. The building of connection was important for both of us and we guess when the ONE is in front of us the connection builds quickly. We also believe that when the ONE comes we can see love through air and everywhere around us. It is also true that before we could realize, our so called arranged meeting had turned into a mere formality and we had realized that both of us are in love with other. Our marriage started as an arrange marriage however when we get married it will be not an arranged but a LOVE marriage.

Shabina Khan
Thank you

Bhavna Dabhi
Thank you

Thank you

Manbir Kaur Sandhu
Well, first of all thanks to who did a great help in finding the better half of my life.
When i made my profile here,while looking for the matches i send him request for accepting the interest as i liked his profile, then my interest got accepted. With the span of time we found each other compatible and finally we are together.

rishpal singh
Lots of thanks

Tanushree Vaidya
It started whn he 1st sent me an email thru with his email and ph. no., we started exchanging emails...Although he was in Australia and myself in India, I was amazed by his traditional approach towards the marriage...We would video chat a lot before we got engaged in Sept\'10 when he 1st came to India for Ganesh festival ..My parents n I met his family beforehand just to get an idea how they were... A very decent and loving family, I cud not ask for more...And when he met me for the 1st time, I had nothing more to say but a YES...we got engaged within a week on 18th Sept as he was flying back soon....3 months later we got married and it was the best day.......Its been over a year now...we\'ve been thru many ups and downs and discovered each other and love each other immensely...He\'s an absolute brilliant person and I am very thankful to god and for helping us get together bcos I dont know how else I wud hv met a person who was miles away in a different country...

Thanks guys!!
Good luck!

Suruchi Aggarwal
Thank you

Thank you

anu neog
It was a random search..... i found his Profile....liked it and sent request to him.... he accepted the requested it n called me up.. n from that very single call we knew n sensed the sparkles of love.... now we r going to get married..... our engagement is due on 27th of Jan 2012....
My heartiest than x to the team...
n cordially invites u on our wedding...

Tarandeep Sambi
Thank you

Tanya sahni
Thank you

Anil Kumar
Thank you

Mehul Chandaria
Hi Shaadi team,

Thanks for creating such a great website!

Mehul & Beena

Prabha Bhat N
Thank you

Noopur Shree
Thank you

Gurpal Singh
Thank you

He sent me a request on and we found his profile very genuine and appropriate.Our parents met and then,we met and the rest is history.Thank you for helping me meet my soul mate.Wish you and your team all the very best!

Thank you

Salma Begum
Thank you

Husain Amreliwala
This matrimonial site can be proved from our story.... we met through and it seemed to be successful.. i Hussain had registered on 8th Dec 2011 and immediately after registration on 11th Dec 2011, i found my soul mate.... thanking u to help me to find my partner very soon....

Thank you

Yasmin zamurca
I meet my Gurinder on and i thank u to all team for this as i wasnt payed member he contacted me first, it was love at first sight and we plan now to meet and then god help us to marry. Thank u for ur services. I recommend to my friends as well this site. God bless u all.

Parul Neb
Our parents saw the snaps first and then we were brought into the picture. We exchanged some more photos on e-mail and then we spoke. And then things started picking up. His parents visited our house to meet us and then he came later to meet us and we got enagged. Thanks to You made it happen.

Sukhwinder Lidder
Thank you

Rahul c
Thank you

Bharti Biniyani
I check my profile daily one day I found my husbands ID on in which his mobile details are also given I took her number and SMS him. And after some time we start talking each other and we become good friends. After few days we both found each other and looking for mariage ahead and we tell our parents and they fix our engagement on 18 may 2011 and very next day our marriage date is fixed which was on 14 Nov 2011. Now we both are happy after finding each other as a life partner.

Thanks to Shaadi.Com

Bharti Naveen Vidhani

Abhinav Varshney
Thank you

Thank you

Sonia Mishra
Thank you

Karan Goswami
We met each other Through Profile Match.

He expressed interest and we met n then on this date we got married by way of arya smaj at vashi.

Dilpreet Singh
Its very simple , firstly we go through eachother profile and realize that we are suitable for each other, and start interacting each other, after chat and talking 4-5 months we decided to get married and decided to get married on my partner birthday 13 nov.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

It was my father who ist initate,then in subsequest conversation/meeting the things were materialised.

Evita Fernandes
Thank you

Catherine Blessy
Thank you

bhavesh patel
Thank you

Deepa Chordia
My fiance had paid membership on He expressed interest on my profile and the families met. We liked each other and decided to proceed.
Thanks to for the facilities you provide. He is very satisfied with the services and I am happy to find him!! :-)

I registered on the site at the begining of the year in 2011. My husband now had then, expressed interest in me in february of that year which i accepted after much thought. We then started talking over emails which quickly resulted in speaking over the phone where we completely fell for each other. The freindship had slowely changed into love and we both with the blessings of family decided to get engaged and married at the end of the year 2011.
I really did not have much hope when i intially registered with the site, but now thanks to the site i was able to find the partner that i had been looking for. My husband is my rock and we both love each other form the bottom of our hearts. Thanks for making both our dreams into reality.

Shashank Bhatia
Thank you

Samir Majumdar
Thank you

Abhishek Jain
It all started with an interest obviously. Since both of us worked, it was hard to find time to meet but one day we just decided to do it and that was one of the best days of our life. We met on October 15, 2010 at Life Style and had sweet corn and then walked together to CCD outside Garuda Mall where we talked for almost 2 hrs (nope, we did not order coffee so it didn\'t happen over coffee :). She was fasting that day and I was so hungry as I had missed my lunch (which I do very often and it annoys her very much). So I was hogging and she was just watching me eat. Since then we cannot stop talking :-) To my pleasant surprise, it turned out that we had few (no, actually quite a few) common relatives. A visit by my parents to meet her and her family was followed by a ceremony called Roka. We enjoyed our courtship period of about 3.5 months and for both of us, it has been a treasure to cherish. And then, we became permanent roommates (as I call it jokingly at times) on Feb 19, 2011 with the blessings of our well-wishers bestowed upon us. It has been an amazing journey, a dream come true. Thanks,

Thank you

Since i was a paid member . i used to chat with members who were online, then i came across my wifes profile i found her a gud match 4 me ,v started with chat on, then v switched to and then on phone, v started liking eachother, n then after a year finally v got married thnks 2

We meet on started chating soon talking on phone then our parent met... I went India things got settle n we happily got married. thaks to and its team.....

We met through on oct 2010 and got married in Apr 2011 in six month . Thanks to

pomela gehani
It was a very lazy afternoon when i got a call from pankaj, (had sent an intrest a day before) he is from madagaskar and though initially things were proceeding very slow as it tuk tym to match the horoscopes and all but as he came to india in a couple of months we started chating first through chat and later things proceeded. m reallllyyyy glad to find him as my partner as he has all those qualities that girls wish for... he has the correct proportion of spirituality , ambition, responsibility and love. i\'m tooo tooo tooo glad to find him. thanks to

Singh Deepinder
Thank you

Abhishek singh
We started our chat and then were chatting every day and were trying to know about each other.Then we thought we are the perfect match for each other and i came down to India from states to meet her and her family and then discussed about our marriage and i came to know that it cant be said as arrange marriage bcOz we have feelings for each other so it will be perfect to call it love marriage.

Madhu Rai
I recieved a mail from partner who was interested in my profiled and would like us to proceed forward thru phone no. We called up and had talked with partner\'s sister and then met the boy and liked him and their family. They came to see my sister-in-law and liked her and our family and hence marriage came true :)

Mahima Mehta
He expressed interest in my profile. I accepted. We had a chat, then we planned to meet & here we are now, Many thanks to for making me meet my soulmate through this medium.

Well i login my profile after 12 days and i got request from her id with msg then we start chat meet at same day after 16 days we both agree for marriage i love her she amazing person i ever met thanks to team.

Aditi Dey
Thank you

Neelam sharma
Thank you

Kajal Deka
Thank you

Deepjyoti Sawant
I found him thro specific search option\'s thank you Shaadi .com.

Nayalii Nayar
Satish called me up in December, just a few days before new years. I told him I wasn\'t interested in the match and we were just going to part ways when he queried about my name and what it meant, we somehow spoken for about 2 hours at a stretch that day, added each other on external messaging systems and carried on from there. He has since met my parents and we are very much an item :) Thank You

Thank you

Thank you for helping us find each other! :)

Dilip shown interest in my profile, even i accepted his interest he called me we met each other
We spoken about our families, then we informed to our parents also, even they agreed.
Date not yet fixed for marriage i will inform you soon.
thanks a lot for, its really appreciably.
We both of us very thankful to

Sashmita mallik
It was a dream come true when we found each other. Thanks to for making these happen.

Mamta Dhanmeher
Thank you

pankaj mishra
I have taken package of in which i got to see the contact details of some 30 female members.But the good thing was i got my match on the first click.Package of really works.Best of luck to all other singles.Thanks

pankaj and shruti

Thank you

Cellina Constantine
I, Cellina Constantine, am a Sri Lankan Tamil living in Norway. My good friend Samreen Javed who also lives in Norway, created a profile for me on, early in year 2011. In June 2011, Samreen introduced me to Robin Joseph, who is also a Sri Lankan Tamil living in Sri lanka, and a member of It did not take long time for both Robin and I to realise that we are made for each other. Therefore, with our families blessings, we got engaged in Sri Lanka on the 12th of December 2011. Our Catholic church wedding will take place in Sri Lanka on the 30th of June 2012. We wish to thank and our friend Samreen Javed for making our dream come true. We believe that without your help, we would not have found each other so far across the oceans. THANK YOU.

Prashant Agarwal
Sometimes .. life happens to you through platforms like :)
Its things like these which makes you believe more in destiny.

Rajesh Sadanandan
Thank you

Linh Phan
Thank you

Nitika Sharma
We met thru and after meeting each other we realized that yes this is the one whom I am waiting for so long....

Amit sent a text after seeing my profile. We met. our parents met and ....

He expressed interest in me, fortunately i have accepted the same on the same day, we chatted for a while then one thing let to other ...and now by the grace of the god we are tying our knots with each other for life time.On 25th April 2012.

I would like to Thank

Chandni SIngh Solanki

Sarvpreet singh
I received interest from her but accepted after a month n after that our mother\'s spoke to each other and then we met in Ranchi on 23rd October,2011.After that everything went very smoothly n we got engaged on 6th Nov,2011 and finally got married on 25th Dec,2011.My heartiest thnx to Shaadi.Com who helped me finding love of my life.Thnx will be a very short word for the happiness i got in my life through this site.

Thnx again !!!

Thank you

Renee Philip
I created my profile and paid for a membership on, with the encouragement of friends, at the very end of the year of 2010. After a few months of finding nothing, and feeling that my membership cost was paid fruitlessly, my good friend asked me for my profile login information. She proceeded to message over 12 gentlemen with characteristics she thought would suit me. To my surprise, all of them messaged me back. Overwhelmed with the number of responses, I chose two to respond back to. From these two suitors, it was clearly evident after the second exchange of emails, that Sanoj and I were really well suited. We continued a long-distance relationship for about two years, before we decided to get married.

As a comical focale point of our wedding, we used the story of how we met to be our cake topper. We had an online vendor to create exact figuerines of the two of us in our wedding attire, sitting at a desk with laptops, and written on the computer. We thought it would be great advertisement material for your company. We hope you can use the story and wedding pictures!

krupesh shah
Thank you so much from our heart.

Krupesh & Purvi

Mayank Kumar
Thank you

Jasmeet Singh
It was who displayed my details in such a manner that it reached the right girl. It has so many features that u dont have to go to any other site.
It has a wonderful support system that guides you and helps to search for a right girl/boy in a very simplified way. I thank U through which my particulars were read by the right girl who contacted me finally we got married.

We meet on Shaadi com.We going to marry next year. We never think about we will meet on
thank you

Jasmine Haque
Thank you

Mitali Gor
My parents expressed interest in him..he replied..we had communication with each other..we found suitable match for each other and finally our parents decided to make we both as one...We got married on 29th of nov\'11,and yet present i am living in USA with my husband and i am really very happy,the information provided by was really great and true..Thanks to because of it we met each other.

Yesha Shah
Thank you

Shilpa Choudhary
Thank you.

Maha Janjua
Thank you

Thank you

Priya Dsouza
Priya and Ziren

Prior to I was living the American dream but there was something missing. After some deep sole searching I decided to register on I registered on in 2009 I actively started searching for a life partner. I accepted a few girls and started communicating with them. One of the girls that I had accepted was Priya. Initially we just kept in touch with just a casual hi, how are things . The time difference between Priya and me was a hurdle we had to overcome it was like a huge pill for me to swallow as I had to move out of my comfort zone. We initially kept in touch and stayed in touch as friends.

With the fear of rejection I never asked Priya for a number to communicate with her over the phone. In the summer of 2011 Priya took a bold step and asked me for my number. This kicked our summer romance in overdrive. As we started communicating on a regular basis our love blossomed like a flower in spring and our puppy love had taken off like white turtle doves. As we communicated Priya and her family on a regular basis asked me when I would come down to see her and take the entire relationship to the next level. I finally came down in December and saw Priya in person for the first time on the 8th of December. That very evening after we met I went and asked her mother for her hand in marriage and the rest is history We got married on the 29th of December in Mumbai.

From the first time our eyes met

to the very last kiss of last night

I knew we were meant to be

From now to eternity

And for all of destiny to see

Thanks to

We found our destiny

Vikram Subramanian
We first met on, I found that Komal lived in the Bay Area, California. I was living in Los Angeles, but I grew up in the Bay Area myself. We chatted on the phone and emailed each other for several months. We eventually met in person, and slowly fell in love. I eventually got a job in the Bay Area, and moved there. Komal and I grew closer because we lived close together, and we eventually decided to get engaged! We got engaged on December 25, 2011.

Shailendra Singh
Showed interest on the profile. Thank you

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