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Shaadi Pride

Year 2011 - Success Stories
December Matrimonial Success Stories
Amitkumar & Ishita
"Well first of all I like to Thank you I have received interest on 19th November 2011 after that we have talk on phone and discuss all the"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vishaal & Manisha
"Thanks to for helping me meet with the man of my dreams. I was working in Pune when my brother told me that a guy and his family is coming"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Punam & Parag
"Well you never know,when the bell starts ringing,and it exactly happened with me,I am highly thankful to,for giving me a lovable,good look..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vandana & Arvind
"Thank you for helping me find a man of my dreams. On one fine day, my father got a call from Arvind asking for my details. My father told h..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Asmita & Kumar
"am a software programmer and I cannot write anything other than technical programs. So writing about the sequence of events happened. I register..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pushpa & Ravinder
"Hi all, Words are insufficient to express my gratitude towards the team of who helped me to get the best person in my life. I think my"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rajan & Deepa
"Hi, Rajan expressed interest in my profile a year ago on My family and I also liked his profile and thought to give it a chance to see"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Arul & Celine
"My sister found her husband through Shaadi. Since she seemed to have such wonderful results through, I decided to give it a try. I met so..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shikha & Kunal
"I"m from Bathinda (Punjab), and Kunal is from Mumbai (Maharashtra). One day I was lying on my bed when I got a call from an unknown number and never"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Andrew & Annett
"thank you"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mukhtiar & Monica
"They say "Marriages are made in Heaven" and " there always a special one " for each of us out there!!! We found it to be true!!! We wish all the m..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shraddha & Jay
"I saw her profile on I did sent her the interest and well even she accepted it. I was in US at that time and she resided at Mumbai. I prop..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Baljinder & Harpreet
"I created my profile to find a suitable and understanding life partner for me. I sent out few interests but nothing worked for me. One day"  Read full story »

Ranjita Singh
Thank you

Anita Shah
We would both like to thank the team for playing cupid, joining two hearts to one.

I signed up to a year ago, after being recommended through family and friends. It seemed the best option for networking. I contacted Navendu on and we made contact from there. We spoke on a daily basis, getting to know one another and seemed to hit it off before we even met.

Navendu whisked me away to Egypt on a surprise holiday where he proposed. Surrounded by warm sun rays, soft sand and the beautiful blue sea where I said yes to being his wife.

We got married September this year. Even though we lived over 200miles away, Shaadi made it possible for us to meet one another.

When we are asked how we met each other, we tell them our story and how it all happened one day on

We would both like to thank and their entire team, without you, it wouldn\'t have been possible :)

Anita & Navendu

Suprati Vashishth
Thank you

Shivani Sandal
Exchange of few emails, and just spoke once and it just clicked. Even though we were living two different countries, still managed to know each other only on phone, no video chat nothing. Told parents about it,they were in India, they met each other and fixed the date. Me and VIkram we met each other for the first time on our engagement day. Everyone was surprised how can two people living abroad can agree for an arranged marriage. But I believe if you know what you dont want in your life it becomes easy to make decisions,because what you want list never ends.

Thank you

sarika garg
Thank you

Akanksha Arora
Thank you

shweta kuthiala
It was very short n sweet as we both were the members on Shaadi .com and he saw my profile and contacted me. We talked on phone few time and then we decided to meet. Finally in November he came to my home and met the family also.....All thanks to the people behind as they are working so hard and helping many unknown people to meet and find their life partners and can spend life together......:)

jimmy randhawa
Thank you

Manisha patel
Hardik sent me an interest email at the end of March 2010 and once I received this, I read his profile and found it interesting. We then exchanged contact numbers and arranged to meet for a drink to find out a bit more about one another.

We meet in a local bar after work, in April 2010, for a quick drink and ended up chatting for about an hour and a half. Hardik use to call me everyday after that to chat to me. When he wasn\'t at work he used to meet me at the local underground station after work to walk me home, so that he could spend time with me and get to know me more. A month after we meet, he said he wanted to get married, but I said it was too quick, we were very different and couldn\'t be sure in such a short time we it was the right decision.

In December 2010, he called me to tell me he was going back to India, as he didn\'t think i would say yes to marriage. When he told me this, I couldn\'t talk to him any more and disconnected the call. He kept calling I kept rejecting his calls. It was at this point I realised that I had grown found of him.

I spoke to my parents and he spoke to his, and in May this year we had our civil wedding in the local registry office. We decidied we would have our religious wedding in India, as all his family was there. So in October we went out to India and got married.

Usha Bhatia
Searched thru profile.... met... liked and families liked each other and got married.

pramila naran parmar
Hi this is pramila divyesh patel i met divyesh through in feb 2009 after meeting knowing each other we decided to go further my parents were against to it because he just came back from usa and we didnt knew anything about him even his parents was against to it because i was from schdule caste any how divyesh has managed all this n finally we got engagged on 7apr2009 at his residance than marriage on 21may2009 in borivali we are very happy n enjoying our life thanks to we have found our life partner through this.

Thank you

Rochelle Robbetze
In life dying is not a tragedy!!! The tragedy is what we allow ourselves to die within ourselves because of past pain, dissapointments, lies and tragedies! What we allow to believe what people around us and life tell us! But i can thank God that I never allowed that to happen to me! I went onto Shaadi few times and i met truly few amazing people. Even gentleman from abroad came to my country to visit. And me there. But there was never that \"certainty\" this is right for the rest of my life! I read the success stories and i thought..\"yes sure, love at first sight!: I came to a stage that I decide to delete my profile and also i planned a 2 month trip to India. The day before deleting my profile i received interest from Pushpinder. I look at the picture and I read his profile and something amazing happened! It;s like my heart just opened up and I knew this is it! :-) I accept but for few days i never heared anything from him. I kept on logging in and felt so dissapointed but when I saw he havent been logging onto Shaadi i felt bit of relieve to know he didnt knew yet i accept. Then finally he msg me and gave me his contact details. I didn\'t wait for him I just phoned him to say hello cause I really wanted to hear the sound of his voice. From the first moment it was like we knew each other forever. He told me to come on skype that evening and chat. We chat for only short while and he out of blue ask me to marry him. I immediately said yes. The days went by very slow to finally for me to leave for India. I was very nervous and so was he. But the moment i saw him, that smile, that eyes..... i thought wow! He just walk up to me and took my hand and it was like I was finally home!!!! We tried to get married in India but the requirements from my country didnt get to India in time. He on his way to South Africa!

Thank you

Tanjot S Bajwa
Thank you

We met in in November 5. 2010 ,he send me an interest and i accepted ,after 2 months we were engaged and we had our Niga in January 29 of 2011 ans hower civil marriage in december 15 ,20011 in Ealing Broadway Council in London ,we are very happy he is the perfect match for me and i thanks to for that..
Alia Afzal.

Till 32 years of my life I believed that marriages are just made in heaven and finding a True soul mate is just an illusion. No longer I hold this view. Thanks to I am so blessed to find my match (Arora1375-SH92381704) where I feel our happy marriage has in it all the pleasures of friendships, all the enjoyment of sense and reason - and indeed all the sweets of has in fact changed our mindset that Marriage is not just a ritual or an end. It is a long, intricate,intimate dance together and nothing matters more than your own sense of balance and your choice of partner. All I can say that the Ideal feeling of love and being loved is made real by our marriage.

Sultana Begum
Thank you

Thank you

Yasmeen Pathak
Luckily his dad called up one day and started discussing on dis matter and planned to meet. Both of our family met and liked eachother.I found him to be the best man i could ever get in life..thanks a lot to .you made my life.

Sameera Hussain
Usman and I met through just a few months ago. We started speaking and realized we had such good chemistry. I instantly fell for Usman\'s charm and we got married on December 9th. We are so happy together and we would like to thank for allowing us to find each other. We recommend this site to anyone who is looking to find their future life partner. :)

Parth Desai
I contacted her a year before and then we met up personally after a year. Did not have effective contact in meanwhile but gave us a chance to share basic personal and contact details. Thanks to!!

Parth and Shweta

I met Parmy on in September. We met each other several times and there was a fantastic spark between us.Families have met and are very happy. We are both looking forward to a beautiful future together.

philip fernandes
We both were members on saw her profile on and send her an interest to which she accepted, the next step was to talk to her, so i had to renew my package to view her mob nmbr. Once i got the nbr i send her a msg asking if i cud call her later she herself gave me a call and we talked a lot about each other for almost an hour, after that day our calls and msgs never ended, we never kept the track of time when we spoke our talks never ended, we had started to like eachother but to take it to the next stage we had to meet since i was from mumbai and she was from ahmedabad, we decided to meet on the sunday before valentines day 13feb2011, for that she made all the travel arrangements and i flew to ahmedabad to meet her family to take matters further n returnd the same night. On meeting her parents in ahmedabad i told them directly that i like their daughter and want to marry her and invited them to mumbai to meet my parents, which they accepted and came to mumbai on 19feb2011, that was the day when our lifes took a turn and our dates for engagement and wedding was finalized by our parents. After that we just waited eagerly to meet each other as we lived in different cities, we kept counting days to our big day when we would walk down the aile to the alter and be declared as man and wife.
Finally our wait was over and we got engaged on the 1st May 2011 at ahmedabad, and got married on 29th Oct 2011 at st. paul\'s church dadar mumbai.
Thanks to for bringing us together to be as one. cheers to and keep doing the good work of bringing soul mates together.

Priyanka first expressed interest in my profile. I accepted her interest and shared my gmail id with her. We talked online for almost 2.5 months. She then came to US where we personally met each other. Of course we liked each other and then told our parents that we have found our life partners. A simple sweet story :-)

Pinky Mirpuri
Thank You Very Much I really met my dream husband who loves a lot. I am very Happy. Thank You

Paramjeet Singh
Thank you

Thank you

Well, 1st of all, i met number of girls on this so thanks to and girl whose profile ID is la1782, had accepted my interest in July 2011. After that we chat and we realized that we are prefect for each other. Eventually, we are husband- wife.

Nilesh & Vinanti.

Benazir Khan
Thank you

He was in London I got to know him through We were in touch through mails and finally after a year we decided to get married. We are now happily married. Thank you for such a wonderful work of helping find soul mates.

kaneez fatima
Thank you

Thank you

Devashish Satarkar
Thank you

We met each other 4 months ago through and fell in love instantly. Thanks a lot to for helping me find my soul-mate :-)

Thanks to, Priya and I met a few months ago. We started talking on phone and chat and instantly hit it off. A couple of months passed and before we realized, we fell in love with each other. We have now decided to take the final step. We are getting married in January.

Thank you for helping us meet each other.

Megha Mehta
Marriages are made in heaven they say.. but you need heavenly angel to strike the cupid.. and thats where our story began.. The cupid being

Without much of thoughts on meeting my beloved on this site I registered on it for just a mere fact that it tops the list of E matrimony sites!!

My story is same as every story but just with loads of background music and amazing experiences to go with it..

It began when I was least expecting it and I guess he as well.. But, thats the way it goes.. things happen when we least expect them to be..
He sent me a proposal request (without much of anticipation) a day before he was leaving for USA. I accepted it the next day (not too keen on where this would lead to) just as normal proposals people keep receiving on this portal!! Thats when we had our first chat online on this site where co incidentally we were both online. We spoke for a while over the chat and it was all just a normal conversation except the fact that we became very comfortable from day one! For much part of it we found it surprising that we actually could chat for a long time especially when its the very first chat with a stranger (and thats where I guess I was intrigued back then)!!

The twist in the tale was even though we wanted to meet each other, we could not since he was leaving for USA and I was down with flu ( only if I knew he is my Mr. Right M sure I would have beaten up the flu).. So without even meeting each other he was gone oceans away.. Now when we think of it, it feels like that made it more beautiful and interesting for both of us as meeting and deciding was easier then waiting around and keeping trust on someone who is unknown which helped us to cling to each other even more.. The story continued with he in US and me in India, both of us trying to adjust with the odds of Time zone and other petty issues at work but still being in touch via any medium of communication that came our way. It was amazing how few chats grew into long chain e mails from each other (the mail count being around 3495 when we met). Just waiting for an opportunity to talk to each other was something that kept us going.. We still decided to reserve our final decision till the time we do not see each other. By putting in the best of efforts we actually managed to talk to each other everyday.. The relationship grew stronger from the time we started talking and flourished into the most important and biggest thing of our life today.. We went with the flow which led to everything we wanted in life. After few months of constant talking and few family meetings we decided to meet each other in person and take it from there..He flew back to India and the rest is history for us.. After meeting, we became rest assured that we would love to spend the rest of our lives with each other. For me, It was \"The Moment\" of my life.. We got married on 22nd November this year.. :)

Its an amazing experience from how normally it began to how wonderfully the feeling of liking and loving developed. I am still spellbound as to think how effortless it was to know him and love him for the man he is!! It was \"THE BEST CLICK\" of my life when I accepted his proposal. Nothing was more contending than deciding on he is the one with whom I am going to share the most mesmerizing moments of my life...

This site has given us (and many others) what very few people dream of.. \"the perfect life partner..\" In this age of modernization, sites like these are boon to the ones who can understand and make the most out of it!!

I always use to read the success stories on and use to wonder how everything works out in reality.. Now, While I am finishing this story of me and my soulmate I feel, I have all the answers within me!! And as the cliche goes.. If Its meant to be.. It will be.. :)

Just a huge Thank you for making us meet each other and being the real CUPID for us.. Without the help of this portal I wouldn\'t have known whats it like to be \"HAPPILY MARRIED\"..

I am sure Ankur agrees with much part of this story.. :)

As a couple, we put forward our sincere thanks to the team for making it the best thing for both of us.
Good wishes!!
This site, indeed is a perfect place to find your Dream-match!! And if you are reading this.. Hold on your Soulmate is just a click away!! :)

Avneet Kaur
Thank you

Abhay Singh
Thank you

Aviroop Sethi
Every story is special, Every jodi is special, Every relationship is special & Every moment is special. The journey began on Aviroops birthday, 24th may 2011. Then arrived a special request from a beautiful stranger, Neha, which made Aviroop think twice before overlooking. Neither of them wanted to take a step forward to contact each other, initially, since Aviroop is a shy boy and Neha is a very simple & traditional girl. Aviroop was left with no other option than to take the step & contact the girl. He took the step and one has to say it was one of the biggest and the best decision of their lives. Once they got each others contact & were able to talk to each other, their lives were made easy & simpler. They talked, chatted and finally decided that there are no other individuals so well made for each other than themselves. And are still shocked to discover the similarities they have, like both love vegetarian food, both like to drink tea when its warm (& not hot), both love simplicity, both are music freaks and realized that they like the same song \"Mora Saiyaan mose bole naa\".

Although these small things dont make a relationship. But they add up to a more stronger & happier relationship.They would take this moment to thank their friends to bring them together & be there for them during their ups and down\'s. If it was not for you friends, they would have never been able to make it this far and so good. Life is just once and so is marriage.Its very important to have a right life partner and one feels no other person could be so perfect than Neha and Aviroop.

-Thanks & love


Thank you

Can\'t thank enough for helping me find my life partner. Truly grateful!

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Snehal Dave
I joined this website because I was looking for a well cultured girl. I found Radha while I was browsing and sent her an interest. Lucky for me, she accepted. After a few emails and phone calls, I arranged to meet her. I knew straight away that I wanted to marry her. We got married and over the last year of knowing her, she has become my best friend and my soul mate. Thank you to for your services.

Manish Jain
We take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to, to make our most memorable moment of life happen for us. Manish and l met with our perfect love through while expressing interest in each other. It sure has been quite a spectacular journey of our courtship of six months to fallen in love and then be honored with lovable life partner to be together forever.
- Sonal and Manish

Jayasree Roy
I\'m Jayanta Roy. This profile was for my elder sister. She got her perfect match. I\'m very happy for that. I\'ve been registered for 3 months and it was the last week of the 3rd month. I lost my hope at all. I used to message accepted members with my email and phone number. One day My sister\'s father-in-law called me and as usual after a short intro I forwarded his call to my parents and finally it\'s happened........They are very happy.

It\'s a perfect and god gifted match.

Thanks to and it\'s all members who helped me to find My jiju.

Mann Shah
Thank you

Neermala Murugan
Thank you

Gratitude for SHAADI.COM for wonderful creation - SPACE of ROMANTIC RENDEZVOUS !

Bahud DHANYAVAD ( thanks a lot ) & our best wishes for all friends we communicate with in Shaadi !

Bobby sent interest to me in August 2009 and was calling ( by phone& skype ) & writing about 2 years...
It was interesting, romantic talking, writing, but without MEETING -it seemed not serious for me and we was so far away from each other :
I - usually in India or in Kiev ( Ukraine ), he - in Toronto ( Canada )...
Finally Bobby solved all troubles, cases and decided to meet in reality WOMAN of HIS DREAM in August 2011.
From that time everything become quick & BRIGHT - WE ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER !

We grateful Fortune for chance to have OUR WEDDING CEREMONY in SYMBOLICAL TIME : 11.11 AM 11.11.2011
in beautiful space near Ontario Lake on 38 level - SKY & WATER & SUNSHINE...

With LOVE : Bobby&Mila

mansi garg
I expressed interest in his profile and then the things went on smoothly.
Thank you

Monika Matiyani
Thank you

afreen bagwan
Thanks to and my sister that I came across Imtiaz.. We spoke to for a week then met the very next week we got married.. Both our families are very happy.We have done a court marriage..The nikha is next year.. Once he comes back from abroad..

Pairs are made in heaven.. An its all destiny
Thanks to

rana dass
Thank you

Our parents came across each others profile on and fixed a meet in Delhi, for both of us.
In the very first meet we liked each other and today here we are ..Together. :-)

Kudos .. :)

Thank you

Rip gill
Thank you

Reshma Vohra
Thank you

Thank you

Sokhina Begum
It was around the 17th April 2010 when we showed interest in each other on I decided in February 2011 to become a gold member to access his phone number. When I rang the number Babul\'s brother answered. His brother explained how he put Babul\'s profile on in search of a bride for him. He was in London for 4 years on a work permit, his visa expired and was back in Bangladesh and if we were to get married I would have to travel from London to Bangladesh, we could talk on the phone to get to know one another. None of what his brother said bothered me because for nearly one year something kept drawing me to look at his picture every time I logged onto I was so keen on getting to know him!
His brother took my family details and got back the next day saying his family were happy and would like to take it further. Babul wanted to see a picture of me, I sent my picture via MMS and as soon as Babul saw it he told his brother he wanted to talk to me. I was given Babul\'s number, we clicked and liked the sound of each other and we chatted everyday for hours. Meanwhile I told my family about Babul and my family were happy for me.
About a month later Babul\'s family came to see me and my family. Both our families got on really well. Babul\'s family put an engagement ring on my finger to show there commitment and set our wedding date for the 22nd of April 2011! I couldn\'t believe it was happening for me! It was fate, it was meant to happen!
I travelled to Bangladesh with my family on the 12th of April and got married 10 days after!
I would like to thank for your helpful website. A lot of people told me its impossible to find your lifetime partner on this site. Well I am happy to share my success story with everyone and I believe it is all about fate! Thank you once again!

Sesha sent me an interest, without a photo, yet I was impressed by his words and asked for his photo and accepted his interest because it was from a genuine site SHAADI.COM.
Within a week he uploaded his photo, and communicated through shaddi msgs. Then we spoke on phone in detail for hours just for 2 days. We found out our compatibility in each other and met at each others places.
Thanks to for giving me the person whom I longed for as a SOUL-MATE.
We decided to get married and was married within 100 days of our 1st communication.
Thank you once again

Alay bhatt
By searching preference to find a perfect match.
Thank you

Reshu jain
Thank you

Raj Sharma
I did express my interest on her Shaadi profile and she did accepted it then we started communications that how we keep it going till we made it together and happier each day.Thank you

Amerdeep Dhillon
Thank you

Nupur Kumar
Thank you

Chandan matta
Thank you

Mandeep Kaur
Thank you

Thanks to I got to know him before getting married...we met each other here in auckland, New zealand through and things clicked..

jaspreet singh
I m very happy that got my perfect match on
Thank you

Sehar Akhtar
Thank you

sasha m
Thank you

S Kaur
We met through on Aug 14th. We start talking to each other every day. We got engaged on Oct 30 front of my family and friends. We got married on nov 24th thanksgiving day. I cound\'nt ask for more from life. He is very loving caring and the best hubby.

Syed Zafar Hassan
Thank you

We the parents had posted this profile for our eldest daughter to find the suitable match and have Alhumdulilah found the best person and a perfect family for her.

Smriti Bhutani
We meet through, my fiance had send me interest and I liked his profile too,he came to meet me after chatting on for quite a while, on our first meeting - we really liked each other and felt it would be lovely to be together for always, we then proceeded for our family interactions, our families meet in november and now we have got engaged, we shall be getting married next year and will advice exact date too to

We are very pleased and happy to take services, we are much thankful to for the support, may other people also find best companions for them on!!

Lots of Love and thanks
From both of us :)

Harsha Mehta
The website got successful in many marriages and is the widest source through which one can easily choose their life-partner. It had helped me to find such a great life-partner. I am greatful to this website. I had opened my shaadi account on 26th March 2011. I received express of interest from my Soul mate on 28th March\'11. I accepted it after seeing his profile. We started talking to each other through email. He visited india with her mother to meet my parents and my family. And finally we got married.

barinder kaur
Thank you

Well for Kirtesh it was love at first sight seeing my smiling pic without even reading my profile and he accepted my interest, I was a member so he contacted me on my email id.... he admitted he had a funny feeling in stomach that I was the right one he was already in love with me...I took my sweet time getting to know him from sept 19 2011 and finally fell in love without seeing each other on 11.11.11 and admitted to him. Finally on 18.11.11 we met at the airport in chicago and we realised we were perfect for each other..the hug gave the magical moment and then I spend 8 days with him just on Thursday 24th November at 12:30 am after midnite, he proposed to me and I said yes......

The attraction the chemistry the mischief , all created beautiful moments , I didnt know what love was now i know m speechless i could write a lot about it or say just a word love...I found my partner thru it has done many miracles including mine too and hats off to the team improving many ways with features n creator of this site , we all blessed cos of you

Aman Chaudary
Thank you

shalini singh
With approach of parents. Parent selected on base of qualifications and simplicity. I am great thankful of This will be enumerable date for me and my family.

By Searching and expressing interest...
Thank you

anil mehta
We meet on diwali day and exchange phone number after that we talk and I visit Vancouver after my and her family meet back home and decide to marry and we fix date.
Thank you

Ridhima Handa
My elder sister found out Abhishek for me.
Thank you

C P Aaryaan

Dear Folks @,

I became a premium member sometime in October 2010, and started my search for my life partner. I also joined another competitor site as a premium member. It was the first time I had embarked on a serious \'Shaadi\' search and the experience itself was life-altering for me personally - as the search taught me more about myself- about who I am, what I have/lack, and how important Shaadi is for a person and how I could also find the \'one\' for me. My membership expired in march 2011 and I was frustrated about not being able to meet someone and decided to give up on the Search and maybe explore other means to look for a life-partner. However, I got busy with work/life and there was no time to go forward with the search. I realized that searching for my life-partner online was the best possible way forward And again, I decided to return to my search online, and this time, i chose to become a premium member of and not any other site/medium as I was already thoroughly impressed with the way the site works. In fact, when there was a navigation error that appeared and I reported to the customer care, they fixed it swiftly, before anyone else could have experienced it.

Now having joined as a premium member around the end of July 2011, and with more clarity, confidence I had imbibed in the past few months and an \'advanced\' website supporting me, I went ahead with my search, spent an hour each day, and also actually read several success stories just to keep my spirits up. :) On august 22nd, I notice the members online on the chat application. I visit her profile page and thoroughly impressed, I quickly reach out to her and sent a message through the online chat. She responds too after seeing my profile and we exchange email contact, and then phone contact and we spoke the same day. She said upfront, that she didn\'t like the city I lived.. and she actually responded as she liked my profile and yet wanted to make sure if I meant every word in it. She was straight-forward about it all and suggested that we could start out to be friends and take it step by step. I told her sternly that I am not her to make friends and I am very serious about my search. Before we realized, we were talking for almost 2 hours! :) I relaxed my stubborn rule and told her that I\'d give her 24 hours to decide! The next day, I realized that I made a mistake that such decisions cannot be made in 24 hours.. It was just that I didn\'t want sincere conversations to be rendered meaningless and useless if things weren\'t moving forward. However, I was also truly touched by her reasoning that a decision like this would change our lives forever. I sent her an email - apologizing for setting an ultimatum and also explained everything about myself, my life and my family - in detail. The mail brought her back on the phone and we decided that we would be friends and sincerely take things forward in the positive direction. We were both very clear that our search was serious. We realized and decided, that every conversation we were going to have, would be a step forward towards matrimony or bid goodbye. This decision of ours brought us together in thought and deed. What was a real surprise was that she was a member for almost 10 years on and she was constant and patient in her search! I was there on/off on the search but I never came across her profile. It is later that I realized, that I had not used the \'advanced search\' well enough. However, thanks to the Chat application that day, I managed to meet her. Both of us hail from different language/community/backgrounds and those things didn\'t matter as we were very compatible during our conversations. Our interests, tastes matched so well and talking for four days and knowing about each other well, we decided its time to get family Involved right from first step of meeting each other - as both our families haven\'t had the experience of someone in the family marrying outside the community/state.

Both our families were eager to meet and know each other, as they knew how we both wouldn\'t have taken this step in the first instant itself by involving families. Our families spoke over the phone, shared all information openly and clearly and I spoke with her too and each day, we realized we were bonding more - could it be love? we couldn\'t acknowledge it or deny it - as it was all too early to tell. We decided that her parents visit us first as they would be the best judge of any potential groom, his family and place where he lived and whether their daughter would be happy to shift/live/share her life with this new family. Her parents liked our family and me as well and they invited us to meet them and her at their hometown. I had earlier only seen her for five minutes on the webcam, and now meeting her family, I had realized that this is the family I want to be a part of. Still, there was this hitch - we haven\'t met in person yet.

My family members and I went to her hometown, and we met for the first time. This was on September 23rd. Jaanislooking4u and I, had five minutes alone time to chat and I was on my knees and proposed to her. I knew she was the one. I was in love with her. My heart skipped a beat and with bated breath I look into her eyes. She accepted my proposal. On September 24th we got engaged! Guess this is a record - a couple getting engaged the next day itself after meeting in person. It was all fun on the day of the engagement where she told me if I would dare to propose once again in the front of everyone, and I did exactly that :). The wedding date was fixed on November 13th, 2011. Between our engagement and wedding, My Jaan and I already as the best of friends. made efforts to learn about each other really well as everything was happening real fast. If you notice, I had found my soulmate before my 3 month premium membership actually ended!:) Our marriage brought together two different worlds - families, friends and us together as one and our marriage was memorable and unforgettable for everyone who attended it. Looking back today, we realize It was more than just destiny. It was God\'s grace - My Jaan\'s patient wait for the right one for 10 years and my earnest and sincere search for the \'one\' had brought us together. We are so much in love with each other, and we have so much catching up to do.. and we are not wasting a single moment of our lives together. Dear reader of our story,We, Sreedevi and Aaryaan C P together wish you and all those single people out there - never give up hope, never lose heart. We both are the most practical, skeptical, hard-to-impress individuals you could ever meet! But this turning point in our lives has humbled us and led us to believe that when the time has come, good things will surely happen. Our lives have come together through divine grace and here through Just remember that there is someone out there for you. Your soulmate is out there looking for you and when you are on the right platform like, being accessible and also sincere in your search, you will surely meet the one meant for you - who is equally, sincerely searching for you. We wish you God\'s blessings and guidance in your search and all the very best.

And last but not the least, Thankyou for being the turning point in our lives.

Sreedevi & C P Aaryaan

Manish singh
We met on 19th of august, I had sent her the express intrest and got accepted. finally she came to meet me. we found eachother understanding and caring, so we decided to move on, our\'s date were fixed now on 24th of feb 2012, We both are happy to find eachother on, and thankfull for this excelent and really result oriented for these all proccess and destiny maker... THANKS A LOT SHAADI.COM, finally bakra fas he gaya ;)

Himanshu Garg
My profile was searched and forwarded to my partner by Shaadi Center.
Thank you

Dr Mukta Mehta
Thank you

Bhaskar found me on and initiated the contact.

Meraj A Khan
Thank you

Thank you

pushpa patel
Thank you

Aditi Kulkarni
Thank you

Thank you

mandeep sharma
I found man of my dreams @ now going to get married soon

Tushar B Bungley
Thank you

Thanks Shaadi.

Rajeev Thukral
Thank you

Truely said that \"Marriages are made in heaven\" and is a perfect platform to find your better half on earth because of its genuineness, authenticity and vast options. I was a paid member of & found my life partner in very little time..Thanks

Shandilya Dixit
Received an interest from Rutu.. Browsed through her profile and found it very interesting..
Since we both were paid members, we instantly got each other\'s contact details..

Started to know family background and other details through online chat of, which provides a wonderful platform to know the other person before actually meeting and taking the matter forward..

Its amazing how world has changed.. We have seen in movies and known from experiences from elders about the first meeting between the bride and groom.. But ours was a completely different experience!!
When we met for the first time, we were already aware of each other\'s family members, lifestyle, religious and social background, astro information, education and career details, ambitions in professional life, hobbies, interest, favourite music, even favourite cuisine, preferred dress style, and most importantly, partner preferences.. Thanks to!!

What to ask on a first meeting??
We met at a shopping mall, found the comfort level from the very first moment and it just clicked- this is the one for me!!!

Very happy with our experience of
I would recommend to my friends and others in general to find their perfect match.
It provides a perfect platform to find a suitable match and the option to filter the matching list and search on the basis of our preferences- be it caste, age, education, location or even complexion, its really great to explore the world of brides and grooms-to-be and find the one for you!!!

Arun Sasi
We met through We liked each other. And we got married on 11th Sep 2011. We are extremely happy as a couple.

We are extremely thankful to and team. We had also suggested our friends and dear ones to register on

This site had given us opportunity to find our life partner.

We wish and its team all the best.

Arun and Apsara

Akhtar mohammad
I found this in, I was tying since a long time. Many time I log many side. is perect side for me, wow I found my match my love. my erything in my is faimly is too happy. I spend just lettle mony found my life.very nice girl like my soul made, very good atitute, respect faimly & also her famly very good, now our faimly met echother, they are toooo happy and certify and me wow I m vey thanks full its amazing site, now I m forever fan of, there is my friends most un maaried and thay r diffrent country now I am giving tham this site name, go find your life partner.
hey really we don,t know where is our soul made, but u can find it . I dont have word for u, i want write a book for u, sorry I dont have word,only
Thanks & best regards
Akhtar mohammad

S Sompur
Thank you

In these days of Kali Yuga, where can you find a decent, sober vegetarian spouse who loves Lord Krishna and humbly tries to live as He says instead of running after money, career and other temporary material pleasures? Well, in it is possible! Even in the case you have made wrong choices in the past.

Khem and I started talking in April. He read from my profile that I was looking for a man sharing my love for Sri Krishna and expressed his interest immediately, not minding me being a divorced woman who has been living alone with twin kids since they were very small. Soon we were mailing, texting and talking in Skype many times a day and haven\'t skipped a single day ever since; we\'re always aware of what the other half is thinking and doing and where.

Even before meeting face the face for the first time we both got the strong impression that Lord Krishna Himself was our matchmaker. Since June, when I travelled with my twins to meet Khem, we\'ve been sure. Everything feels so easy and natural when we are together, we think so much alike. And it feels like obstacles are miraculously picked away from our way even though he is in London and I am in Helsinki. My daughters love him too. We\'ve kept flying and meeting as often as possible and in November we got married. We had both civil marriage and Krishna-conscious Hindu wedding ceremony. I wonder if it was the first time ever Hindu wedding was celebrated in a wooden cottage in the middle of Scandinavian forest. Now Khem is closing up his life in London to start a new life with us in Helsinki as soon as possible. Khem is my hero, such a wonderful amazing person I feel like the luckiest woman on Earth.

We want to thank not only Bhagavan Krishna but also which allowed us to take the benefit of our past mistakes. In your experience of what is really good and important in life and what is not can be used in fruitful way. Filtering tools and privacy options of help you to make the right choice and fall in love safely! Now we are all for arranged marriages as they can be arranged this smartly.

Thanks for because I meet right life partner

ruhisyeed ruhi
I got a profile match of my partner and I sent him a request, he accepted the request, we contacted him and invited his family home, he and his family came to see me and they accepted the proposal, I am very happy that I found a person of my choice, thank you

Ankush Bhatiya
Thank you

Kuldipak Marwaha
Shilpy and Kuldipak,

Met through and we both would like to sincerely thank you for using your services and are very pleased to say that we will be getting married in September as currently stand and furthermore with the help and support through both families will further commence engagement in November 2011.

We have now been communicating over the telephone and via e-mail for the last 3 months.

Once again thank you for your support and help.


Kuldipak Marwaha and Shilpy Aery

Pradnya Desai
Thank you

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