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Shaadi Pride

Year 2011 - Success Stories
November Matrimonial Success Stories
Yady & Yavin
"Thank you"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Salman & Aymen
"I signed up for late at night and the next day, Salman expressed interest in me and I accepted and e-mailed him that evening. We started e..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Parveen & Ashu
"I met my life partner on where Ashu had expressed interest in me. Just within 7 days of interaction he proposed to me as if it was love ma..."  Read full story »

Edmund dias
Thank you

Nilufar Mohamed
I spoke to his dad first,we exchanged emails. This was followed by emailing each other and we immediately hit it off, there was chemistry. We met after 2 months of chatting online and it was love at first sight. I just met his parents and he will meet mine next month. We are both looking forward to getting married.

jahir shaikh
Thank you

He sent me an expression of interest on 11th October, 2011 and I accepted his interest. And thats how we met each other.He sent me his contact Number and email ID. So that we can further pursue.

Rajbir Singh Jawanda
Thank you

Anjum Ara
Thank you

Arkadiusz Sikora
Thank you

Arva Pardavala
Burhan saw my profile on and he sent me a message and then proceeded to call. And things moved forward from there.

aarti bhardwaj
Thank you

Thank you

thank you

shankhajit goswami
Just by normal search procedure we found each other.
Thank you

Thank you

Vikas Babbar
Its was wonderful experience to find my soul mate. I would like to thank, team.

Thank you

Thank you

The website got successful in many marriages and is the widest source through which one can easily choose their lifepartner. It had helped me to find such a great lifepartner. I am greatful to this website. Although there were many obstacles like our kundli issues but somehow God make us the way and our parents finally sorted out the issues of kundli. Today am satisfied with my parents decision and the most happiest times can be witnessed by me with my husband and his great family.
Thank you without you Rishi Srivastava and Stuti Chitravanshi wouldn\'t be together.

Thank you

Geetha R
Thank you

He sent me a request and I accepted it after seeing his profile. About a week later we started talking to each other on the phone. Soon enough we talked all day from good morning to good night. I knew he was the one I was waiting for, the one I joined for, my prince charming. I was in NJ and he was in NY, but I was moving to TX soon. He came to see me before I left and we knew we were perfect for each other. We fell in love before we even knew it. He met my parents and they loved him! My next visit up to NY he took me to Niagara Falls and asked me to marry him! Ofcourse I said YES! Couple months later we got married! Today makes it exactly one week Suraj and I have been married! 11-6-11 has got to be by far the happiest day of my life! Thank you Shaadi!

Priyanka Dave
Thank you

Ketan kumar patel
I expressed interest in her profile which she accepted. Then my parents match horoscopes of both of us and said she is fine for me. Then we started chatting and went on date for couple of times then we felt that we are in love with each other so we asked our parents to meet and they found things right for us.
Now we are expecting to get married in Feb\'2012.

Thanks a Lot for your help.

Manjit Kaur
I am here on from almost 4 years searching for my best half but in this long time there is no one I can think to spend my life with. On 18/08/2011 Jaswant Singh send me an interest after he saw my profile and accept his interest and reply next day. After that we were noo-stoppable. we like each other and here we are together enjoing our lives. Once again a big Thank You to the team. You guys are genious.

Ramya Sethuram

I am Ramya Sethuram, a resident of Bangalore. I had created my profile in in the month of Dec, 2010. By January, 2011, I got several interests from able candidates and I accepted one candidate who suits my profile and is in-par with my expectations. He is Dr. ShivaKumar Malapaka (SH37691644). He hails from Hyderabad. First both our parents met, his parents agreed. Since he was in France, my parents interacted with him through skype. Both families agreed and we got married on May 27, 2011. We are happily married for 6 months now.

I wish to thank for providing such wonderful opportunities to young girls and boys, in bringing them together for future endeavours.

Hetal Pawar
Thank you

Anubha Srivastava
Thank you

Thanks for

Wish everyone gets to their partners @


Manjunath & Anitha

Thank you

Amit Gadani
Thank you

Pooja Khanduja
Thank you

Mudit Agrawal
We have stayed hardly 7 kilometres apart for the last 25 years and even went to the same school (she was two years junior). Our paths must have intersected hundreds of times in these 25 years but we noticed each other for the first time on in March, 2011 !!! It\'s destiny assisted by that has brought us together else the sky would never have met the sea at the horizon and both would have kept stretching their arms till the end of time. We heartily thank for being the line that connected the two lonely dots.

Bala Nadella

Thank you

Seema Bangera
Thank you

Karaveer singh
Yeh I find it Thanks TO

kazim khan
Thank you

Deepika Goel
Thank you

I had sent a request to disha which she accepted. We started interacting and found each other perfect.

Indushree S N
Thank you

Thank you

fazia mahmood
Thank you

Punam Patodia
we liked each other profile.then we started chatting & knowing each other.After a month chat we finally decided to tie a knot.Then our family met each other & tooked the matter forward & finally we got engaged on 2nd Nov \'11.we thank to help us in finding a perfect match.

Dr Avijit Mondal
She expresses her interest after having a glimpse of my profile at I replied immediately. She wrote back and then we exchanged e-mails and phone calls before our first date. In spite of her reservation about the possibilities of online marriage, we met online here and gave honest effort to know each other. Day by day with emails and phone calls, we fell in love and after understanding each other online we feel that we are lucky enough to find each other. I knew she was perfect, but then after first meeting at Kolkata I knew how perfect she is. We got our families introduced and we knew we wanted to be together forever. After the first meeting all things settled down. She is the most beautiful girl in the whole world inside out. We started the processing of the marriage and marriage was confirmed on 30th October, 2011. Even though our marriage date fixed on 30th October but we felt we were heartily married already!!! Thanks for the platform you have provided because of which we are together.

Jagruti Patel
Thank you

chandana b
Thank you

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