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Shaadi Pride

Year 2011 - Success Stories
October Matrimonial Success Stories
Amrinder & Allison
Neelophar & Sajjid
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Snehal & Prashant
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Nitin & Shweta
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Dr Shweta & Dr Keyur
"Studying MD never gave me enough time to focus in personal life. We accepted each other before my final exams but never communicated for a few months..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rhys & Neena
"My marriage story is Like fairt-tell and i feel like heaven Thanks to Rhys is really nice person For me"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Viral & Sneha
"Dear Matchmaker, "Cute couple", "Happy couple", "Made for each other", "Nice jodi" hats of too your team to enable us to recieve such comp..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nitin & Shuchi
"Marriage is not a ritual or an end. It is a long, intricate, intimate dance together and nothing matters more than your own sense of balance and your"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jyotsna & Kunal
"I found her profile interesting so decided to sent her request and after couple of weeks she accepted my request, I rang her and while talking to her"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vikas & Divya
"We both were registered on to find our soul mates...after expressing interest and accepting each other profiles by our family.. Slowly we s..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pallavi & Rajesh
"Rajesh is a Simple, Smart and intelligent Person. His Simple behavior and very positive nature was the key for my interest for him. On"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Gary & Vaneet
"We simply searched and found one another. Within several months, we were engaged and it wasn't even set up by parents; it was just love. Cheesy, hey?..."  Read full story »

Thank you

Mkaur Pabla
Thank you

shambhavi bhatt
Thank you

Aasma Abbasi
I would like to heartiest thanks to team. I was a very old member of this site. But finally i have got my Life partner through this kind website. I am an Indian from Chandigarh (Punjab) and had never thought to marry a person from so far and out of culture, But now i realised culture and states, country dnt matter if u find the Best life partner who understands u. I love my Fiancee very much. he is so caring for me. He is from Maldives (Island). He is Commericial Pilot from his Profession. We had met about four months back on and we started communicating with each other and later my family got involved with his family and finally they decided to meet us and across the ocean for me. He is vry nice person i have ever found. We had got engaged on 27th September and getting married on 23rd December Inshah Allah. I Thank to Allah n

Warm Regards
Aasma Abbasi

sumit bajaj
we met each other through Shaadi .com, I Sumit from mumbai sent an request for interset to sweta who was staying in new delhi ,as even she was memmber on shaadi .com and than had a telephonic conversation with each other and even our parents talked we met on 30 th of may 2011 in delhi and we had a small ritual on 31 st of may 2011 and our wedding was fixed for 10 sep, 2011. Now we both are very happy toogether and we would really lkie to coney our regars and thanks to Shaadi .com for letting us find the right pattenr for our self, we wish all the singles a very best in their pattner search , go ahead with Shaadi .com and find the right one made for you. ew wish shaadi .com team a great sucess and want it to b at the top allways. Thanks a lot shaadi team , you peoplle and your site truly rocks.

Permjit Dhillon
Thank you

Rahul contacted me through, We started communicating. We both liked each other and fell in love with each other. I am in Sydney and Rahul is in UK. However, the distance did not matter to us and we fell in love with each other. We are planning to get married soon. We would be then able to send our wedding pictures. Thank you for introducing me to Rahul.

Thank you very much.
Best regards,

John Theophilus
Thank you

Thanks to Shaadi for giving me good partner. It\'s my first visit to matrimony portals and she is my first received request from shaadi. Because of some reasons i look forward for couple of months. Though we made a visit to her family and we would like to fix the alliance. Thus ends with marriage. Thanks a lot.

Rhythm Sharma
Thank you

Ranjini Bhowmick
On July 19th, 2010, around 8:30 pm USA time. We met on and I myself Ranjini called Sayantan up because he in-boxed me his number. So, I called him up introduced myself to him and started talking to him. So, we talked everyday for hours and hours and got to know about each other. We started talking on Google talk and then also started talking on Google video chat where we could actually see each other. It was very interesting we talked about many different things which was very very different. We never fell in love with each other but we had a lot of good common things within us. We also later on started liking each other but it was hard as I lived in California and he lived in Connecticut. So, we decided to meet up. So I flew all the way up to Connecticut to meet him up. It was almost a 9 hour flight but I still got to manage it.

So, at 3:00 am on 12th August, 2010 I landed in Connecticut and finally met up. I really then liked him very much after having a good conversation and getting to know each other was just too much different from a normal or a formal meeting. So, he finally asked me to marry him and I was all shocked and surprised but without any decision I said YES. So, we went to the marriage bureau office and got married on 19th August, 2010. We still have no answers until today on what exactly did we think on 19th August, 2010 that we decided to get married and why did we get married? It\'s still all a mystery in our brain where we both still talk about it today.

Since then we never had any issues. It\'s been more than 1 yr of our marriage and we are both very very happy with each other. We love each other very much and ones love should be like this pure. This is my story.

Thank You
Ranjini & Sayantan

Mutually expressed interest and took it further by meeting in person.
Thank you

Yukti Wadhwa
We both were having paid membership , so by the benefit of the same we got the contact details and met each other.
Thank you

Siddhartha Das
I found online Had a chat.Thank you

Thank you

praveen p jose
In early July, I saw a photo on Shaadi of a girl who caught my eye. I looked at her profile and saw that she was the same denomination as I and I expressed interest. She accepted my interest and we began talking on email then via Skype. Every day we talked it seemed as if I had known her for years. We fixed the wedding date within a couple weeks time for next year. It has been nearly four months since we began to talk and we are anxiously waiting for our wedding date. Thank you Shaadi for giving us an opportunity to meet. We are forever in your debt.

Vinay soni
Thank you

Omar Riaz
Thank you

Akash Deep Singh
She sent me an expression of interest & I accepted it without any second thought. I wasn\'t a paid member then neither was she. We both became paid members & then it all started :). Our first date was in Leela Palace, Bangalore & we both really had a great time. We both didn\'t realize that we spent more than 4 hours! would you believe it?? that\'s the beauty of love, isn\'t it?

Now we both know having experienced it - what is love @ first sight :)

Thanks for bringing us 2gether.

Nandani & Akash

Thank you

raju tewari
I took a 6 month diamond membership and while paying for it, being an true Indian, I asked if could do me any good deal. After pestering the gentleman from for a few minutes, I managed to squeeze out 15 extra days with no added cost. 6 months passed by without any success but as my membership ran into it\'s last 15 day.....would you believe it...I have found my ideal partner...!! We are already planning for a summer wedding. Thank you Shaadi for those extra 15 days..!!

Good luck to everybody with your search.

nidhi singh
Thank you

Aatika Khan
My father spoke to the elder brother in Qatar and finalized.Thank you

Hardeep Kaur
Thank you

I want to thank for the great favour that you have been providing via this valuable service.

Thank you

Thank you

Punita Pandya
Pleasure to talk about how i met my ANGEL... :)
He showed interest in my profile on 8th of Aug 2011,and as i was no for abroad i thought not to accept but he being so sweet in chat with me i thought of giving it a chance ... accepted within 20 mints and went on for 2 months...he was in India on 26th of Oct... and meetings on and off and finally found my angel and he has promised me to hold ma hand for next 7 births....
Got married on 11th Oct 2011...

thanks to Shaadi for helping me find my Destiny My Angel.....

Vidya Parameswaran
Thank you

Nehal Patel
I was busy with corporate America and my parents were determined to find my match. Without me knowing my parents and my two younger cousin sisters decided to create my profile on I came to know about this after it was already done. After about 3-4 months of battling the idea, I decided to look at my profile (which I then updated to fit my personality better.) After realizing trying to meet someone and working a 60hr a week job and commuting 2 hours weekly was too much on my plate- I decided to leave my job to move home. I was able to help out with the family business while beginning my search. From Brijesh\'s side, he too was forced to join by his sister. His sister, Jijaji and friend combined created his profile and finally after much frustration forced him to look for a partner. Finally he expressed his first interests. It was then that my Mom and Kaki saw Brijesh\'s interest on and advised me to speak with him. I was open to the idea, and after our first conversation on the phone something clicked and we began speaking more and more. Be it a break from his exams or the world cup Cricket games that we were both ecstatic about. Finally we decided to meet in person (neither of us had too much hope as we thought anyone can be great on the phone) and it was literally love at first site! We met at the airport on June 5, 2011 and after a couple more visits we decided that since his parents were here from India that we should make things official and the parents met and had a small engagement ceremony at home. We are heading to India in November to do some shopping for our wedding which is set for May 27,2012!

Without it was not possible for the two of us to have met as we had ZERO connection. Brijesh, 28, was born and raised in India in Bhavnagar, and is in the Dental field and studying in Ann Arbor Michigan. I am 24, born and raised in the US and in the business field and living in Longmeadow Massachusetts. Even when I did visit India it was usually Ahmedabad which is hours from Bhavnagar, and we had no friends in common! Now we are completely in love and couldn\'t thank enough! My advice to anyone searching is give a chance because you never know who is waiting to meet you!

akhtar mughal
Yes We met on

Ratnadeep Patil
Thank you

Nishma baxi
Thank you

Arindam acharya
Thank you

sheny alladin
Thank you

Bala Krish
We met on and we fell in love with each other and decided to marry in December 2011

Thank you

Mujahid Kareem
Learning from other testimonials, it was so true that I used to read through a few success stories and think to myself if these situations do occur. The best that I expected was I had the expression of interest in May 2011 and we exchanged our pictures, had few phone calls, met up with families and realised that we are settling down in life. I realize that time plays vital role in match making and success comes with the click of a finger and for few it really takes a while to have the right soulmate.

By not populating more, I would like to thank Almighty for giving me such a wonderful life partner (mashallah) and then to for whom Almighty selected to be the source of our meeting in this world.

Thank you Team and God bless.

simer kaur
Thank you

P Kiran
Thank you

Nilufer Syed
Frankly, my profile had been made by a friend of mine and somehow she used to be the one to accept the requests that came along. But sushils was one of the few profiles I had accepted myself. It was because of the way he had written about himself in his profile. Funny, witty, emotional yet practical. Sushil called me during a difficult phase of time when I needed support and strength the most. My father had been diagnosed with multiple blockages in the heart and was to undergo a surgery. This was around the same time when he started calling and all the conversations that we had helped more to know about each other as a friend and as a support rather than a prospective life partner...which was the last thing on my mind @ that point in life. My entire focus was on my father and he comforted me with his words and experiences about his own family which pulled up my spirits in a way. After Dads operation, I literally had to twist his arm to meet me once @ least so we could put a face to the voices which had been comforting each other for the months we\'d been speaking..though we enjoyed talking to each other, Sushil wanted to postpone the meeting for later as he had prior commitments. This is a funny incident that we laugh about every time we bring it up...I had to tell him that it was fine with me that we meet later, but I would not be able to assure him of any meeting later in case I meet sumone else. Hahaha...that I guess convinced him enough to immediately come by to see me for an hour which eventually turned into 3 hours. The conversation went on, so did the time... We managed to still keep in touch across the distance we had between us, I was based in Qatar for work and he in Mumbai. Finally in July I deceided to come back to india for good, the relationship progressed, we both held on to each other knowing that we had some how found the other half of us.. :) He chose to speak to my family just before i came down to seek their approval which amazed me..but elevated my respect for him as well. We just got engaged on the 5th of september. Well I guess I found my friend, partner, companion, father figure all wrapped in one thanks to I say from my heart and I speak for both of us. :)

Shakti Pandey
Through We contacted each other.

aswin menon
I am happy with ur site
Thank you

Thank you

Megha Nayar
Thank you

Thank you

Kriti Malhotra
Thank you

Monika vasaya
Good experiences with you one I got sms then i called to Aziz
after he is family member came & all most is fix.

Its just happened and its magical.....Thank you!!

Matt humphry
Sasha saw my profile and contacted me and we slowly got to know each other. We had a lot in common and decided to get married so I flew to India. I got to know Sasha and found she was the most amazing girl i ever met. So we got married a few weeks later on the 3rd of september. We went for a short honeymoon in thailand for 10 Days it was amazing. I am now waiting for Sasha to fix the visa and paper work to visit me.

Thank you

Vaishnavi Ragavan
I found his profile on and he responded and things just worked out for us.

Doris Martis
Thank you!!

anu verma

Thank you

koustubh danekar
I contacted Carrie in January and after communicating over email we met each other in May. After meeting we knew immediately that we were meant for each other and got engaged at the end of that month. We were apart for a while until my graduation and then decided to marry a little over month after my graduation since Oct 1st was deemed as a suitable day both by us and our parents. So we got married on that day. We both feel lucky to have found each other and would like to thank Shaadi for bringing us together.

Kulwinder Gill
Thank you

Thank you

I met this person with profile. We were lucky that we met each other with the same wavelength and happen to share the same thought. We got my brother married his name is Srikant Venkatadri. This profile SH11833948 person is a real human and it was easy for me to adapt to him. I have all praise for his humanitarian nature. I lost my husband and was feeling lonely and someone triggered me to approach you and by gods grace I got this person.

Sarbjeet Singh
Thanks for your service.

Heena Mahamna
Thank you

Biju Vatakara
Thank you

Thank you

Charu godara
My sister created my account and then I first received interest from ravindar on that time I was not a paid member after i got 2 3 more interest from other id also but he was the first then I thought to take the plan I paid the amount and then i come to know ravindar phone no .My didi takled with his brother in june 2011 actually it was his brother no which were uploaded thr then he gave ravindar no , my didi gave a call to Ravindar at that time he was in office he gave a call back in the evening back den they had a word n didi gave my no to him. He called me up we talked each other for several times on that time he was in banglore n I was in sikar . After checking all details we got engaged on 26-june-2011 .And now on 21-nov-2011 we are getting marry.this is the sucess story of ours .He is the best person I found in my life very loving very carin thanks to for being so supportive.

Vishal Jain
By God\'s Grace :)
Thank you!!

Venu Gopal
I thank you team for making my partner search made easy.

We happened to both live in the same city, which was great. Things moved smooth and fast and here we are.....Thank you

Vagheedha Banu
Thank u Shaadi

Thank you


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