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Year 2010 - Success Stories
August Matrimonial Success Stories
Shashikant & Varsha
"It was me who had taken the initiative of expressing interest to shashikant's profile after viewing his profile and his pics. His catchy smile was th..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Arvind & Nidhi
"SHREE GANESHJI MAHARAJA THANK YOU SHAAD.COM My parents were looking for the right match for me and then we came across Nidhi profile and contact..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Khethzi & S.Heramba
"My registration no was SH05075620.Through I got my dream partner. From the next day of my registration, I started getting many profiles whi..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Anil & Roopali
Gauravjeet & Gurpreet
"On 22-07-2010 gurpreet sent me interest and on the next day my father make a call to gurpreet father then gurpreet father invite us to meet them in ja..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Risha & Kapil
"Kapil and I had been on for some time. Even after reading all of the success stories I started to lose faith and did he. His membership at"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rahul & Riddhi
"I met my life partner over Initially we chatted and then met each other in person. It was love at first sight. Things progressed quickly a..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Bachittar & Sarabjit
"My search for my life partener ended after two years on July 8, 2010 when i received an e-mail from informing me about intereset expressed"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Aman & Jaspreet
"I would like to thank It was not easy finding the perfect match, it was after about 5 months when my dad came across jaspreet profile. It"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Priti & Nisheet
"DR Nisheet had sent me intrest through I accepted it. We also did our horoscope match. Then we started chatting on phone. At that time onl..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sukhbir & Balwinder
Sajjan & Ritu
"I came across Ritu?s profile last year through common relatives but things couldn?t materialize between us. It was a typical arrange marriage setup, t..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nicki & Sunil
"Dear Shaadi Sunil and I both wanted to write this short story to inspire others searching for their soul mates and due to the fact that very little..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Amardeep & Harneet
"i searched on ..nd i feel that this profile is suitable for i sent experession of interest to them.and they responded.By your paid services i go..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rati & Avneesh
"Thanks a lot to such a awesome platform. I got engaged last month (on 11th of July) to Rati whom i met on We had few phone chats and a m..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jatinder & Gurdeep
"It is true that "Marriages are made in heaven which are solemnize on earth".We both looking for a perfect match for a long time and after a long searc..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Akshra & Sunit
"With our limited social circle we were not sure how we will find a match till we decided to be a part of SHAADI.COM. We were ready for a long wait but..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jyoti & Krishna
"Thanks a lot to such a awesome platform. I got engaged last month (on 9th of July) to Krishna whom i met on We had few phone chats and a m..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shivangi & Rakesh
"We met through and after that things went on smoothly. Thank you for helping me in finding my life partner."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ajay & Ankita
"we met on and found each other very compatible. thank you shaadi for giving us love of our life."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rohan & Rachna
"We met about a year ago through We are located in the same cuty so meeting up was very convinient. The more time we spent together the mor..."  Read full story »

Well, I had only just joined and after a few days, she had showed interest in me. We emailed for a few weeks, and then started the long distance phone calls and Webcam chats. We both told our parents, I went to England in June to meet her and her family and she is coming to Canada to meet my family, but we have definitely found our match :)

Roland Nazareth
Actually Sweeney had sent me a request expressing interest from I thought that I would not meet her now maybe later my friend was supposed to come from USA on Friday and his plane got canceled and was prosponed to sat 1st May 2010 i thought that sweeney stays in Andheri east so why not meet her at 7 pm and receive my friend at 9 pm from the airport. The 1st time she met me she was 20 min late and I was wondering why did i decide to meet her but when we met it was love at first sight we met a couple of times hencefortha nd decided it was time that we made our parents meet should meet as well and our parents met and every thing was finalised.

I would like to tell the people on dont think that the profile of the girl or boy is beyond your reach if you like the profile send a request you would not succeed it you dont try there is no harm in trying. when you meet Mr or Ms Right you would know All the best for the people who are trying to reach out to their soul mates. Love Roland & Sweeney

Shaadi partner search connected us in a magic way. We would like to thank team.

Vijay Bhatia
I was checking my profile one day as usual and he had expressed interest in me and i found his profile appropriate so i accepted it not knowing that he would be my life partner. Vijay was a Premium member, he could view my phone number and also text me on so we took this ahead and our parents spoke to each other. Soon we got engaged and we are getting married in december. We want to thank for all the assistance provided to us in search of a life partner.

I expressed interest in her profile and on acceptance established contact over phone. We were soon able to connect very well and our parents were involved in the discussions. I am very happy to have found Swati on

Naila Siddique

Shivendra Kumar
Thanks to for providing a platform where people can find their soulmate
It was nothing very complicated. Just I received a proposal from the parents of Puja on portal, and as the process, accepted the intrest for same.

Jayaraj Nadar
Hi All,

I as looking for the right partner from Sept 2009. I had registered myself on almost all the websites with the hope of getting the right match. Finally in the month of Jan 2010 I happened to get an interest from Diana. While going through her profile, I found many things of my requirement in the ideal partner and then we met and after a series of discussions amongst our family we finally agreed to tie the knot on 09th June 2010.Today we are happily Married by the grace of God. We would like to thank for getting us closer.

Cheers and all the Best.



Hannah Rani
Well basically I was told that is a very successful site for marriages so i made an account and Mohsin then added me and I accepted it. From there we both spoke and met and now we are married happily. is great.

Nilesh Parab
Thanks for matrimonial service. I have found a wonderful life partner.

Hi from us! We met over two years ago on We came to after difficulties meeting people offline. Our story started when Tahir looked under the "Members Looking for Me" section. He met my criteria. At the time, he had only a partial membership. Once he saw my profile, he became a full member so he could e-mail me. (Tahir adds, "It's true!")

After completing his profile, he sent me a wonderful e-mail through's messaging. He wrote: "The following may appear strange but when I saw your picture and read your profile, I had to write you." Naturally, this e-mail got my attention! He had given me his e-mail address, and I sent him a message. After a few weeks of e-mailing, we eventually talked on the phone. Soon after that, we were both going to be in Los Angeles for work. We arranged to meet and attended a concert of Tahir's favorite band (Ladytron). We had such a fun time, and we both agree that it was the best first date ever.

Several weeks later, we met in NYC. Tahir says he knew that I was the one at that point. (I guess I needed a little more convincing. . .) During our visit, we walked by the famous Harry Winston Jewelers. I don't remember this, but Tahir says that I said, "If you want to impress a woman, buy her a ring from Harry Winston." Well, he remembered I said that, and a little over two years later, I now have a beautiful Harry Winston ring on my ring finger. We just got engaged this weekend. Naturally, we did get our parents involved as appropriate, but I am really proud that we found each other on our own and did things our way.

Please give a try! It's not just foreigners. I have met a wonderful man who loves me very much through it.

George varghese
We met each other through Shaadi .com's site in which we interated with each other. And able to find that we have same liikings & habits & moreover we are able to find that we are made for each other.

I am thankful to for helping me to find my soul mate. I found samir's profile in we both liked each other's profile and thought it would be a perfect match. we slowly came to know each other more and finally got engaged and then married on 27 th june 2010. We really thank

Yudishtra Jeganathan
Simone's friend, Gauri, decided to place her profile on and I was notified through the usual update of her interest in finding a suitable life partner. I then wrote to her asking if she would accept my communication with the aim of seeing whether we were compatible for each other. Fate brought us together with the help of your portal. Thanks very much.

Mahip Singh Bhalla
We saw each others profile on and liked it. And contacted each other on phone and fixed the marriage.

Satya srinivas
She was seen my profile, and she liked my profile .She took my mobile number from your website and then she called to me.We talk about each other iam also intrested to get marry with her so I said her I like your profile.she was so happy that time .We are still talking(un limited) we are so so so happy.I am saying thank you to shaadi .com, thanks alot , we never forget ur service(to help us)we only talking on phone and video chat. We defnetly inform to when we get engagement or wedding. Thank you once again.

First of all i would like to say thanks to We met on exchanged no and started talking after that no looking back and we are going to get married this month.

Thank you team

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