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Shaadi Pride

Year 2008 - Success Stories
September Matrimonial Success Stories
Damien & Jenny
"We were browsing and trying to get our right partner. Damien was a premium member, he got my phone number and keep trying for me and at last we were s..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Prachi & Somesh
"In Oct'07 I got interest from Somesh and I accepted it by adding him on my gtalk too, but no conversation till late Dec'07 when i realized some one is..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mayank & Mitali
"I saw her profile on & send her request. Her father given reply & our family discussion started & finaly on 26th Jun'2008 we engaged."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vijay & Mary
"Well Mr.Vijay (my would be) expressed interest way long back, but I never responded due to reasons unknown, he sent me reminders too, but i never resp..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Merlyn & Puneeth
" has worked wonders for me?.found my soul mate here. I liked Merlyn?s profile a lot and expressed interest in her. We got in touch with each..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Parag & Ruchi
"I found Ruchi's profile on one day while searching for a potential match. As beautiful as she is, it was her sincerity and simplicity that"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Prabhas & Pooja
"We started talking after going through each others profile. From there after we felt that we had chemistry which is needed for long term relationship...."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Aamir & Raahemeen
"We never thought that we would reach our soul-mate through this portal. but as its said "marriages are made in heaven" ,no one could stop me finding d..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pradeep & Sarab
"I saw her pic on and showed interest. We communicated on mail for few months and then we met at shopper stop in Delhi. We like each other s..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Loveleen & Swati
"Hello, Swati and I met on when her siter sent a messgae from Canada who had created Swati 's profile. You are welcome to contact me for fu..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vasudha & Abir
"We just met on Shaadi fortunately and then kept in touch through phone initially. Met and then kept meeting :-) Got engaged and here we are - our dest..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ashmi & Manish
"Hi Here are theglimpses from Our Success Story Me and Manish both had signed up with shaadi because of the obvious fear and apprehensions about the ki..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Abhaya & Ajith
"He was a paid member and he got me as his life partner. Im very lucky to get him as my partner"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Esaya & Reena
"Hello Saadi Team, Thanks for shaadi , given a the best partner, I was searching for the same ,We got married on 25th August 2008 , Now we both are h..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Hariprasad & Kiranmayi
"First I would like to thank Shaadi.Com for helping me finf my life partner. Kiran was first to contact me in the month of Jan 2008. Then we kept in to..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rajesh & Manisha
"I just saw her profile on and found that she belonged to our relatives in delhi. Then, our parents spoke with each other and engagement was..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shalini & Nandesh
"First I came across her profile. Words she wrote really touched my heart. I then decided to send her my interest. We started our chat on 14 February 2..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sumi & Sujith
"To start with I never believed that people could find a soul mate on the net and get married. I wasn't too keen about all this till I came to know Sum..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rajkumar & Neeta
"Hi They say " Marriages are made in heaven"!!! Thats so true. I found my life partner on , so i can say marriages are also fixed at shaadi..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Amir & Kauther
"The initial interest was expressed by Amir followed by a photo password request. his parents approved of the picture & my parents gave their consent..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Arundhati & Amber
"Actually he contacted me, strangely enough I accepted his invitation. His profession was not on my wish list. Anyway, one thing led to another and bef..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Leela & Pavneet
"First of all, both my husband and myself would like to thank for bringing us together. Pavneet lived in New Jersery and I lived in Califo..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sunaina & Aditya
"Well....truly never really thought that an online matrimonial portal would change our lives like this... Aditya and me were strangers all together......."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rijo & Jaya
"Got married on 11th may,2008. Thanks to the SHAADI Team."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Dheeraj & Monika
""Hi, This was really nice experience of my life and ultimately i go with my life partner. It?s only words turn into real feelings. It all happen in ve..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mitul & Payal
"Hi all, we both met on Shaadi. he had approached me on Shaadi after a look at my profile & than we had a chat on Shaadi. after knowing many things ab..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sumit & Ruchika
"After reading each other's profile on this portal, we both felt that it was different from the regular stuff people write about themselves. It appeare..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Dadar & Daljit
"Contacted me on the site and when I accepted we exchanged phone numbers. We've spoken everyday since and have become best friends. We hope to marry ne..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jagmeet & Mini
" was the best match maker. Having seen each others profile on, the two families met and liked each other. Thanks to the entire te..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vaibhav & Runa
"Hello All, It was somewhere in the beginning of May'08, when I had expressed interest in Runa's profile. She accepted my interest and we exchanged"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Bernice & Steven
"I only became a Shaadi member since July 07 and I met a few people but obviously did not work with them. I was beginning to give up and then there an"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Dharna & Naren
"We met thru Her sister liked my profile and she expressed intrest. I also like her profile and we decided to have a phone conversation. Th..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Geetanjali & Raghavendra
"We both had our profiles posted on Rick contacted Geetanjali and she responded. After a few weeks of talking on the phone, Rick came up to..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ruchi & Rohit
"My profile was posted by my Brother and Sister Inlaw and his was posted by elder Brother. Both of them like the profile, and contacted eachother. Sin..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Manu & Preeti
"We contacted through Te communicated via chat and phone calls. The very next day he came patiala to meet me. We met in a restaurant and ha..."  Read full story »

One beautiful day I saw her profile on and expressed my interest. I was lucky enough that her father replied back within a couple of days. On 31st August, 2008, we met first time and found that we have made for each other. By the blessings of God, we are going to engage on 9th Nov, 2008. has done wonder for me and I am really very thankful to you guys for helping me to find such a sweet life partner.

manoj p george
Through search

neha dhar
We met simply by email that sumit sent to me and waited for the response for 1 month then when v chatted for the first time ,he said that he wants to get married to me

We both are very grateful to to have helped us to meet. helped us to to know one another before making the final decision. Abhi ( my fiance ) expressed an interest in me and I accpeted as his profile said things that I was looking for in my life partner. I met my Mr. Perfect and we are now going ahead to spend our precious lives with one another. Thanks to for giving us this opportunity.

We met on site. After the intial response and acceptance of profiles of each other, we started communicating through phone on Dec 5th 2006 on the same day we accepted each other profiles.We were going through long distance relationship being in USA and India but the conversation between each other didnt stop. At the same time we put forward our interest to our family and they were to happy to agree with our decision to live together..
On Jan 1st 2007 our wedding was fixed then we got engaged on April 16th 2007. Finally we promised to love and live with each other & we said "I DO.." to each other On April 23rd 2007.

Thank you for your help in bringing us together,! Here's wishing the management and staff at a wonderful future in bringing couples together for a long time to come..

( Mary Rengeela Mathew) Signing Off for Good..

Simple matching on the site. Thank you


When the "conventional" way of looking out for my soul mate wasn't being very fruitful, that's when I decided to post my profile on
And I guess, this is where things changed for me.
Even though, our families distantly knew each other, talking about something like this formally, without any medium was quite not possible. pitched in at this point of time, and acted as a platform where we could express our interest in each other.
First time we had a talk on phone; though ought to be formal, we ended up discussing a lot of things, and the obvious choice was to meet in person.
Our first meeting made us realize how compatible we were, in various facets of our life and we didn't took much time to confirm our liking for each other. We got enageged in a matter of next 11 days, and now, are looking forward to the preeminent days of our life together.

Thanks to the team for bringing up such an effficient and far-reaching platform for all match seekers.

All the Best

Well, Jas emailed me, and I emailed him back, we exchanged numbers, and got talking to each other.

Dheeraj Bhutani
The ground work of idetifying a suitable match was done by the father of dheeraj, who shortlisted 5 would be possibilities in the month of Apr 08 and sent it to Dheeraj- the would be were to based in US.
Parellely parents of the would be matches were also contacted to get thefamily details and relevant particulars.
Dheeraj contacted each of them and Nishi_ch was found most appropriate and in End JULY 08, it was agreed to tie the knot by both of them. Same thing was communicated by both of the Children to their parents .
Ajit Bhutani

Navjot boparai
I expressed interest oh her n she accepted..than i did call her n she responded to me....than v started to chat by sms.....than a month later v felt that v r in love, both us together so on the 8th of may v b'com couples.....but v have not seen eachother yet only on net n phones...n then v felt like dying for each other n i went to malysia on 4th july nd saw her for the 1st was amazing....n now v r still together n planning to get married as soon as possible....

Syed Saif Hussain
I am very grateful to to help me find the girl of my dreams. Could not believe someone like Sadaf was there for me, so my thanks from the bottom of my heart.

We are so happy to find each other and we thanks to
Thanx all of You
and please pray for us thanx again

Pragna Parekh
Thanks to that we both feel so blessed and good luck to everybody who is looking for that soul partner.

Sachin G. Nair
I had registered my profile with various matrimonial sites. I found more suitable for my search and from hundreds of profiles I found Nirmala. Contacted, exchanged messages, met
and that is that. Now we are engaged (In Bangalore on 24/08/08)
Thank you,

Parmveer Singh
I saw her profile and she was a dream come true. I've been searching for my other all my life and with a click of a button, she became a reality. Thank you.

We met via and exchanged photos, and the talked over the phone for 4 months. Our families met and everything clicked! Thanks to

Joshua jones
She found me on Shaadi and I could not be any more happy.

We met on shaadi in June of 2006, have been dating, My partner was not divorced from her first marriage at the time, she finally is and we have set the date on her birthday 2009.I am very gratfull to Shaadi to find me a nice lady with all the qualities I was looking for.
Thanks Shaadi

vaibhav punekar
I had sent interest to Dhanashree on 24th July 2006 and i got a positive reply from her side. Then we decided to meet on 26th July...... we became good pals..... we were started liking each other and then i proposed her.

Its been two and half years we are together and now we got engaged on 21st August 2008. Our wedding date is 14th Feb 2009. what do i say about her, i just love her a lot.
All thanks to, I have found my girl here.

Saroor Farooqi
I met Samina Nov of 2005 through Shaadi, we dated now and then,She became live in girlfriend in May of 2006,we have finally decided to get married. Samina was divorced like me, This is our second attemt at marriage , with a bunch of kids between us.
Shaadi thank you for making this work for me.
Saroor Farooqi

Sandeep tiwari
I express interest to her through ur site nd after her acceptance i got her cell no. By sharing each other thoughts we found that we are made for each other. With in two week i propose for marriage and she accepted my proposal. After parents talk i got engaged on July 2008 nd our marriage date is on December 2008. I'm sending you our engagement ceremony photo. Again i want to say thank-you to you and your team for helping me in search of my soulmate.
Best wishes

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