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Shaadi Pride

Year 2008 - Success Stories
August Matrimonial Success Stories
Seema & Vijay
"Vijay's massi viewed my profile and contacted my sister. We accepted their contact. Vijay's massi then called us and setup a date for our families to"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Benny & Sheba
"We would like to thank for helping us find each other. We grew up in two different countries but were able to meet through this website. Th..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Salim & Daisy
"My friend put my profile on,she dealt with all the members and then got me to comunicate with them. salim showed alot intereast in me just"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Suresh & Renuvathani
"Hell there, I'm Renuvthani who was a member i your which was very helpful to find my life partner. He was a member too. I contacted him"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Anurag & Sanjukta
"Well, it all started around the month of September 07. It had been a year since I had broken up with my college sweetheart and I thought I would never..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sukhbir & Ramandeep
"Sukhbir's family liked my profile and sent an interest. We also liked Sukhbir and her family's profile and initiated the dialogue. After a few meeting..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sarah & Manish
"We met at her parents place when I was there for my vacation. I met her side of the entire family, and her parents and we instantly fell in love. She"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Kiran & Divya
"We exchanged our profiles at and then decided to meet one on one to know each other better. At first meet itself we felt as if like we know..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rajesh & Sanmathi
"I got to see her profile in and did give my interest level to know her further. Before I got to speak to her I did speak to her mother firs..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mayank & Anupama
"Me & Mayank both were the member of so we met only on Ist time Mayank sent me a mesg on December 4, 2007. In which he wanted my..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Manish & Rohini
"We contacted each other through Manish is finance professional and Rohini is MD (radiology). Biodatas were exchanged and our parents took"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
John & Anu
"We recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary and would like to thank Shaadi for playing such an instrumental role in bringing us together. Alt..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sunil & Sushma
" is a wonderful means to meet ur soulmate. I had my profile on since a long time and had been searching for my life partner. Suni..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Huzefa & Sakina
"We got to know each other through Then started knowing each other online and through real meetings, liked each other and our nature's met"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Anu & Ashish
"Thanks to which is a via media for the meeting of 2 souls. Cheers to the efforts made by this no.1 matrimonial site in India."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Manoj & Neetu
"I feel marriage is not just a union of 2 people but a union of 2 families. And has played a major role in uniting numerous families. Nev..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pallavi & Anurag
"A lot hapens over a interest and like-mindedness hit it off for us.. Thanks to this portal,it worked."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shweta & Milind
"Milind sent me an interest and we started chatting initially on Shaadi and then over our personal ids and through phone etc. Eventually when we though..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Bhupinder & Bawa
"My bhabi and bhaiya got married last year through this site in nov 2007. She asked me to file up my profile on this site, me and my bhabi together fil..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vidula & Pravin
"Someone somewhere is made for you....For me the place was, where I met my soul-mate Vidula?.I approached Vidula after seeing her profile on..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ajita & Mahesh
"We met each other through this site, first exchanged a few mails and phone calls till we decided to meet in person. I discovered that this was the per..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ashay & Arathi
"It was so random. He sent me an interest and I accepted just for the heck of it. We exchanged a few emails over the next couple of months but neither"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sainath & Archana
"Sainath: My parents had posted a profile of me 2 years ago but it didn't get any results. Finally, I decided to post my own profile with an honest des..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Bijal & Rahul
"Hi, My name is Rahul. I was a free member on This is the website through i saw the profile of my would be wife. We had given our horoscope..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Farrukh & Mehrunnisa
"I was living in (sargodha) a small town of Pakistan and Mehrunnisa was living in Frankfurt Germany. Almost six, seven months ago on 13th November she"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sariks & Lokesh
"Thanks Shaadi for helping us. Keep up with the good work. Regards, Sarika & Lokesh"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Devakanta & Kajal
"Wow....Its really hard to believe that finally I met my dream guy and now I am married. After God, I want to thank, without which it was ne..."  Read full story »

Papa was handling my profile.On very next day of loading the profile of Apratim by his uncle ,Papa found it in his daily search. And every thing was decided in 15 days. Thanks to


In fact we are colleagues working for the same institution in the same building but on different floor.We have in fact known each other for the past six years without acknowledging to each other emotionally. Secretly there was a mutual admiration between us( This we agreed to only recently). Had not existed we would have never met emotionally. It all started when I saw her profile on which i liked. Being a Gold Member I could get priviledge information about her,in this case , her mobile number ,to which I sent text which she replied..After further texting i told myself that the profile was coming very close to Kavita and when she phoned me.......we both jumped with joy....something magical had taken place...Thank you loads

Hemu Bhati
we will write you soon....thank you for your co-operation..Regards, hemu bhati

He contacted me and was not interested in me we started talking on and off for 3 months after 3 months we stopped talking one day i called him and we talk for endless hours then we started talking everyday within a week we realised we were meant to be with eachother for ever.......

Harajeshwar Kohli
I contacted her on through her father who was managing her profile and we dated for some time before we decided to get married.

Well, I'm finally married to the girl of my choice..I guess the difficult part or the hurdle was the fact that I was in Japan and my parents were in India. This is where proved most beneficial. I got response from Nitu's brother and I accepted that Things went as we wanted. God willing? chat sessions became longer..We confessed love, called each other, met on webcam and clarified family concerns this time at personal levels. Our family's met up in India. All soon became very comfortable. After about 5 months we said yes and a small ceremony was done in India. The date for the wedding was fixed for 25th Jan. We are now very happily married and are great friends. I guess one should not be disappointed.

A big THANK YOU TO SHAADI.COM :-) The match was made in heaven but you made it possible!!!

Deepak & Nitu

We paid at centre at patiala. Miss Harmeet kaur used to send us profiles according to our requirement, so we found one of them very suitable in every way.

SUSHRITA RAO is an interesting place for people to meet. We met through the same and exchanged emails, sms & telephone cals for a few months before finally taking in the plunge! We are happy about being together and wish to thanks for making our life beautiful. We would encourage others to use the same for a successful life.

I was contacted by Mr.Prasanna through We met each other and liked each other and took it to parents.Thats how....

Rekha Soba
Myself and Satish met on on 21/4/08 the initial contact was from him, I read his profile and was gladly surprised and my inner feeling was giving me the go I responded and waited for his reply, we then began emailing each other for a few days and then started chatting on msn and web cam, we got along very well and we found we were on the same wavelength very compatiable and understanding and wanted to share the same things in life and most of all we wanted to get married! A few weeks later one fine day Satish proposed to me and I happily accepted his proposal, we then told our parents and they conversed with each other and agreed to set a wedding date.

All preparations and plans began from one end of the world to the other London to India. Everything was going smoothly according to plans and not a single hitch, I guess it was Gods way of telling us everything is right for us.

Me and my family left for India on 8/8/08 were I was to get married in the City of Jind in Haryana. We had an engagement on 10/8/08 and on 15/8/08 we got married. We had the most Grandest Lavished wedding in the City and our Wedding even made headlines in Newspaper. It was the greatest feeling we had.

We would like to thank without it we would not have met each other..

We would also like to say that there is someone out there for everyone, to be positive and remain hopeful...

Sunil contacted me from Shaddi after much hesitation as he was filtered and he took a gamble and sent me a request. I accepted and he is the best thing ever.

Thanks Shaadi.

He saw my profile and contacted me on my mobile we met for 4 time and I found him the perfect and informed our parents and they have decided to wed on 15 may 2008.

Padma Koritala
From Naeema:
Hi every one. Thanks to ALLAHswt for helping me in finding my life partner. I met him on messenger and we continued our chats for many days. But I wasnt ready even to consider him as a potential candidate because of our age difference and I was looking for a normal person not a physically challenged person. Though I liked his religious attitude, I didnt respond for more than 3 months and he kept on contacting me by sms expressing himself. Finally I accepted one day and from then we started our phone conversations. We faced many hurdles in the process of getting married. We didnt see each other until the day before marriage and I faced many objections from my family. By Almighty Allahswt mercy we overcame all the hurdles and we are united to support each other to become better muslims. I thank team for their excellent service.

From Mohammed Eliyas:
Assalamu Alaikum (May Allah's blessings and mercy be on all of us) I really thank Almighty for getting Naeema as my better half and thanks to Shaadi.
Its my privilege to write this success story on Married life is not based on age or physical appearance or social status. The only criterion for a successful marriage is Mutual Love and understanding.
This is how the reality went before marriage!
We initially chatted in Shaadi then she gave her yahoo id and our initial chats were not really good becoz we were very different in our thoughts and our approach to life. She didn't bother me for the first three months because of age difference and its me who kept on initiating chats with her and sent many sms expressing my love for her though she didn't bother those sms at all! I was,am and will be mad on her becoz of her beautiful non-fantasy thoughts, helping tendency for the needy people. The prime reason I love her is because she wants to be a better Muslimah everyday. I am looking forward to enjoy all my life with her in the path of Allah! May Allah bless us and bless everyone who is reading and trying to find out a partner for them with all Halal(permitted) things to enjoy! May Allah take the couple to paradise for their good deeds!
Thanks to everyone who is reading out this!
Note: I am 26 and she is 34. We both are physycialy challanged.

naveen bhat
After spending almost six months, just when i was about to give up hope, i found someone. I knew that this was it. Within 5 seconds of meeting her, i knew. I am told people just know, when they meet the right person.

Thank you,, for this !!! Cheers

I read Vipul's profile in April and I was especially captivated by her amazing smile. In fact, in my message to her I told her I would get on a plane any time just come to see her smile. I have to admit that when I contacted her I wasn't sure what to expect due to the distance and the fact that we were from different backgrounds and cultures. However, the next day she accepted my profile and we started writing to each other. Over the next weeks and months a wonderful friendship developed until we both began to realize our feelings for each other had grown more serious.
I flew to Bangalore at in July to visit Vipul. The moment I exited the airport and saw her smile I knew I had found the woman I was meant to find. cWe had a wonderful few weeks together and decided to get engaged.
We traveled to her hometown to visit with her parents and family and we had a formal engagement ceremony on July 30, 2008. We hope to schedule our wedding in the December/January timeframe.
We are both thankful to Shaadi for giving us an opportunity to meet. I want to encourage others who may read this to not give up in your pursuit of finding your partner. I have faced some difficult challenges over my life, but having found Vipul makes the journey completely worth the experience.

Nikhil D.Nichani
It was amazing and simply destined to be. I was in Aruba and she was in Mumbai. The only thing we did was chatted on The dates of marriage, venues and menus were fixed before I could land and even meet my partner personally. It was a complete mental connection that got us together. The best thing that happenned in my life was through, so guys go ahead and find your match here and I am sure you would get lucky like me.
All the Best Nik and Saloni.

She is lovely and cute, so we started communicating and fixed. We want to thank

sushant nahata
Its love in first sight kinda thing. I saw her profile one day in and just thought that she is the girl I was looking for and then I showed my intrest on her and once i got her confirmation, we contected her family and from then onwards things started falling in place. Finally we saw each other and then u can guess what. We decided to get married to each other and stay together through our life. Many many thanks to, its a great and wonderful site, it made life so easy for me. Thanks again.

It was nice to get her in my life very undersatanding person and adjustable very much lovable person.

Adv Asif Shaikh
We met each other by brousing and making contact on phone. We would like to thank for this wonderful service.

Bhavna Sharma
I sent the Interest to Naveen, he accepted. Then our both's parents met eachother & we got married.

Miss.Sowmya Rao
Thanks to I found my life partner. Iam very thankfull to for helping us.

Nitesh Kumar
Her brother contacted me on and he was working in the same city as I was in. I never knew my soulmate was in banglore, thousands miles away from me. Thanks to for providing such a wonderful platform to meet and search for one's life partner. I initially declined when her family initiated but agreed to meet her and give a chance, the best decision I ever made. Once again, thanks to for providing a way to interact through emails which provides a communication channel and make things happen.

Raj initiated contact and after having had a few bizarre conversations over the phone, we decided to meet at a safe place. Funny enough, Raj decided to be a mute on our first couple of dates and now (a year later), I'm the one who can't get a word in edge ways. She has met my parents and I've met hers.

Thank you for creating this opportunity to meet someone as lovely as Raji.

The experience was good. Found my ultimate soulmate over here itself !!!

Jai Kumar
I sent a request to Sunitha after her acceptance we met once and started talking over the phone and things progressed this way and we have decided to Marry.

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