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Year 2007 - Success Stories
June Matrimonial Success Stories
Daniel & Rema
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Rajool & Shivang
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Rahul & Divya
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Minish & Diti
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Amol & Chitra
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Arthi & Chandra
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Harshad & Neha
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Suchita & Rakesh
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Karthikeyan & Nisha
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Ramas & Rachna
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Snehal & Samin
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Malik & Saeeda
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Roopesh & Reeja
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Priya & Tony
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Piyush & Samriddhi
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Sonitha & Surendhu
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Santosh & Hirwa
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Arth & Alpana
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Simmerdeep & Manandeep
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Ashok & Reema
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Tejas & Ruchi
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Amrata & Tamanjit
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Patricia & Naveen
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Vikram & Ambika
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Pratik & Shivani
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Amarinder & Jaspreet
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Sreejith & Sithara
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I approached her in Feb/March 2007. Initially I interacted with her maasi. It took us 3 face-to-face meetings during week-ends to decide that we could be compatible to each other. We are having 'Roka' ceremony in August 2007. Tentatively marriage is scheduled for Feb/March 2008. Will share the pictures of Roka as it happens.

we met on shaadi. com last month, then we had a strong conversation, and atlast we met each other on 17th June 2007, we are going to be engaged on Monday, 25th June, I am very thankful to shaadi. com who gave me a very beautiful life partner in all respects.

Jayanana Hegde
It was dream come true. Everything happened so fast. I was getting slightly frustrated but all of a sudden saw Anu's id and replied. She too replied. But unfortunately some net problem. Again i cursed myself. But around 10 pm she called me. We talked to each other. On that night we talked upto 4 am. We are from same caste(brahmin) from same State (Karnataka) speak same language (Konkani/Kannada), have same problem etc. We decided to get married on that day only. After 3 days I went to Bangalore and married her in a temple.

I am very very happy to have a wife like Anu.

Thanks for

We personally thanks to for finding a soulmate for eachother and was a more then a heavenly way for us.

With regards
Shilpa and Pushpak

One day when i was searching for a partner on shaadi, i got stuck by looking at one charming face and without wasting a minute i accosted him, and as he is in Australia it was around 2.30 am there when i sent a request to him. he says he never wakes up at this time and never checks his mails but that night he suddenly woke up and went to his computer to check his mails and went on shaadi and the time he opened my account on "shaadi" he shouted "yeah, she is the one" and after that we exchanged our numbers and continued on phone and decided to hook up.
now on June 18th he is coming to India with his parents to fix everything, and this would be the time when we will meet for the first time in our lives to be together forever. we are getting married somewhere in Jan.08
i will always be thankfull to as it made it possible and made a totally stranger mine forever.

Hi, I should first and foremost thank for helping me find my soulmate for me my search began at the age of 25....I was quite particular and choosy regarding whom i would marry. My parents kept hunting guys but i wouldn't like i registered at but here too it wasn't any easy.I kept contacting guys and got positive replies which ended up in meetings but nothing more than that....I came across guys who used just to have flings and a medium of time pass..which i never believed in..i came across guys who were serious too but compatibility wasn't there so it ended up frustrating for me so one day thought of closing my name on that point of time my husband initiated contact (he too was facing the same problem from girls at wanted to meet me...we spoke on the phone and decided to meet with our respective families. In the first meeting we both spoke and liked each husband was very positive about me and he said he would like to marry me but i needed time..we spoke for a week and he made me fall in love with him...we got engaged in June and married in December.
I am happily married and both of us are content with each other.
a piece of advice to all the members at shaadi:never ever lose hope never get depressed cause someone out there is waiting for you so keep the search took me 5 yrs and i found my soul mate so why will you not find. just trust in God he always has the best in store for us.Be happy and smile always.

Mitesh expressed interest in me and from then we started to get to know each other through e-mail and over the phone. We then arranged to meet and have been together since and soon are going to get married.

Hi, First of all we would like to thank for helping us find our soulmates. Our correspondence initiated through you as we both were members of this amazing platform. The service and assistance which we have received from you guys is really commendable and to top it all, I am really happy that I have found my soulmate. Since you are now associated with this unforgettable moment of our lives, we'll never forget you and will always recommend you to all our family and friends. We are happy about that we are made for each other. Thanks to and the whole team for doing this great job. I sincerely appreciate the service.So best of luck to all you guys who are still looking for right partner.
Thanks a lot:- Jancil & Reshma

Hi to Shaadi.Com , well just 'because of we both found each other .. thanks a lot Shaadi with out which we couldn't have found each other ,,, well the begins suddenly .. I was in my office and just one day receive a call from kapils father as they were having my profile,, kapils father was interested to get marry his son with me .. so he called up me and then I conveyed the message to my parents and then everything went right and finally we got married on February 25, 2007. Thanks to Shaadi.Com without them we both couldn't have found each other...


Vikrant Sharma

We had placed our profile on Shaadi.Com, and got interested in each other and got in touch with each other and within a month everything was fixed. thanks to Shaadi.Com. I found the right life partner.

Manju Bala
We met through the Shaadi.Com registration, we like each other,
I am sure that we will be a very happy married life.

Thanks to SHAADI.COM & All your Team

Thanking you
Manju Bala & Ram Krishno Koiri

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