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Shaadi Pride

Year 2007 - Success Stories
February Matrimonial Success Stories
Subhomoy & Sharmistha
"We really appreciate your Matrimony Service. We met thru your Website and in very First Meeting it clicked betwen us. We decided about Marriage. I was..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Amarpreet & Inderpreet
"Hi, I would like to thank the Shaadi team to having put up a good marriage portal. As most of the people out here, i was totally bogged down for havi..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Abhijit & Dhara
"Hi This is abhijit Shah from dubai and i got happily engaged on the 18 feb 07, in mumbai with my soul mate who is from mumbai. Well it so happened t..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Suman & Tanisha
"We met each other through and finally decided to marry on 6th February 2007. Thanks a lot to Suman & Tanisha"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vrajesh & Neha
"Hi guys, I added my profile in your website after coming to canada, at that time i thought... is it a right source to find the life parter?? i contac..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Justin & Aisha
"Incredible fate... I had been on your site for 2 years. I had had a lot of interest, and met many around 10-15, and e-mailed many more probably around..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Hitesh & Shivali
"We met through via email and then contacted each other by phone. Gradually, we started meeeting. And finally we got married on 23 jan 2007...."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shweta & Amit
"She had seen my profile on on 4th Feb-2007 and luckily one evening we met in one of our comman relative function, I had seen her & we just"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shalet & Vinglic
"It was finalized withing a couple of days. My uncle were down from overseas and Vinglic got home his mother to see me. She barely spoke with me, but l..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Akta & Haresh
"Both of us registered on with not so great hopes to find a life-partner on the internet. But we have to thank the medium of internet and th..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Divya & Arun
"Thank you for coming up with a platform where in I could meet the luv of my life...First we exchanged our interests, then we exchanged our"  Read full story »

On Jan 31 2007,I received message from Shaadi, Mr.Sivakumar ,responded to my profile. I did go through his profile. I was really intereted towards his profile. He gave me his contact number and also his email ID. I did call him. I spoke to him a few times and also to his daughters. I found that he is nice person to lead my rest of my life. He is honest,kind loving and also caring . He is willing to accept my son,as his son too. I really love him so much.
We decided to get married. Our marriage is taking place on Aug 19th 2007.
After our marriage, we will send our marriage photo ,and we also plan to visit
Now I found a great husband, two beautiful daughters and a good father and sisters for my son.
Thanks to

Thank You!

Interest was shown by groom and we accepted. I would like to thank for a wonderful site.

I first got his email telling me of his interest in my profile. As I really liked his profile I passed on the information to my sister who is in Delhi where he also resides. Subsequently they all met and really like him. I was asked to come down to India (I am in Canada) to meet his family. And things went so well in that meeting that we got married in a week from there. So heres thanks to for bringing people close to each from across the world. you guys are doing a great job. Keep it up. Thanks
Anamika and Deb

Ravi Sharma
By profile matched accepted and decided to be with each other forever.

Anurag Jajoo
It was Kavita who contacted me initially and then I went thru her profile and liked it very much. I got in touch with her and had a talk with her over phone. It all started from there only...we started talking to each other almost daily and soon we found out that we had a lot in common (though very small differences were there) and our thoughts and outlook towards life was very similar. And before both of us could realise, we were madly in love with each other and also expressed our feelings for each other over phone itself. We both decided that we want to get married to each other even before meeting in person for once. Finally, I went to Jamshedpur on 11th of Feb 2007 to formally say yes to her. We are getting engaged on 23rd of Feb in Calcutta and hopefully will get married sometime in May 2007. I got to tell you people at that its an out and out \"love story\" between me and Kavita and not like typical Indian arranged marriage. Its great naa... now Indians have one more reason to become members of can find their true love here as !!! Both me and Kavita would like to really thank each of you at; because of \'you\' only I have been able to find such a wonderful life partner. Kavita is \"the best thing\" which could have ever happened to me. I guess had there been no, there would have been no Kavita in my life. I love you soooo much Kavita. All the very best to you people at Keep prospering !!!

Kavita and Anurag

Bhavik Kotecha
We met on Shaadi started as mates and then met the family.

Sudeep Gopalakrishnan
I found Manjusha through your search feature. I then responded to her profile via the website and she inturn responded with her phone number after considering my profile. We then started talking to each other about our family and background and then involved our parents who took matters further.

Fernandes Edward
We would like to thank, as we have found each other.

I met my lifepartner on

We knew each other for quiet some time but had never thought about marriage. He approached me after checking my profile on this site. We took things forward from there. Thank you!!!

We met on in July 2006 in the chat area of your site. We getting married around April May 2007 when i will be in India. The main ceremony will be here in the UK. Thank you and god bless the Shaadi team.

hi shaadi group i am very thankful to u. my wife is from u.s.a & i am from india (punjab) we meet thru thnxxxxxxx again

Janicen Fernandes
Well Joe who lived in Calgary Alberta, and i was in Toronto, he contacted me. We exchanged emails, then phone numbers, then finally we decided to meet, then we liked each other and decided to get married.

Vivek kumar
Hi! I met nidhi on Shaadi .com, we shared our thoughts and found that lots of things are common in us so finally we are getting married in April. Thanks to


It all happened in Dec, 2006. Then we met and liked each other. Then the elders in his family came and saw me in Jan and immediately after a week the engagement was over. I am really on cloud nine and thank for having found My Man. Thanks Shaadi.Com!

I was the first one to message her. I thank god as he has been made her for me and choosen as a medium.

Saw her profile on around Dec 20 and was very interested at first glance. Sent her my interest right away and did not have hope that she would accept but was pleasantly surprise when she accepted. After many phone calls and e-mails I decided to go and meet her in person. Travelled to Morocco to meet and fell in Love with her even more when I first saw in real. I am with her right now as I write. Hope to marry her soon. Thank You Shaadi.

Mubarak & Zahra

Sumit Bhandari
I am Sumit, working in Sydney, Australia and Ruchira is a dentist from Nagpur, India. We met on and initially after exchanging a few messages decided to meet online for chatting, followed by phone calls, finally last december when i was in india got to meet her, could not believe life had such a beautiful, pleasant and loving gift for me in store.
I knew i loved her even before i met her, meeting her just made me more excited about it, she had the same feelings. But due to tight schedule did not get much time to talk to her during my first visit, then it tthere in surat, was just a coincidence that I got to meet her there, and then just a day before my flight to sydney i.e on 31st of dec. 2006, spent a day with her and realised that she was the one i had been waiting for... now the only thing we do not agree on is the fact that she believes its arranged cum love marriage and for me its just love marriage.. wat you reckon?

Salma Khan
I met Orkun on and within a weeks time we decided that we were meant to be with each other. I thank the team for providing me the means to find my life partner.

Ravi expressed interest in me(Tamika) on 13 January 2007.Tamika accepted him.After that we emailed and chatted every day.It was love at first sight.Two weeks later on 27 January 2007, Ravi asked me to marry him and I said yes.We are planning to get married some time later this year.We are soulmates and we found each other on Thank you so much!

J B Santosh
I would like to thank for a wonderful site. We met each other on

Killol Desai
First I expressed interest seeing profile of Dhara, and i got her response within hours. Then on same day we communicated on Messenger and shared cell nos. and then we showed profiles to our parents and everything gone positive. And lastly we got engaged on 28Th January 2007 and getting married on 8Th March 2007. helped me, find my Soulmate

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