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Shaadi Pride

Year 2005 - Success Stories
April Matrimonial Success Stories
Arun & Ranjani
"We are tying the knot on July 1st ,2005 in Mumbai. It is often said "There is nothing beautiful in life than a young couple claspin"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Raj & Kalyani
"I am pleased to inform you that I have found my wonderful life partner through Her name is Kalyani and she is from Australia. I h"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Indrajit & Lopamudra
"Lopamudra: Well we met each other through this site. later we came to know that our family knew each other, our parents met & w"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Swati & Vikas
"Thanks to , our parents were able to find a good match for us."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Anuradha & Thomas
"Dear Shaadi, Thank you all for coming up with such a wonderful site and giving us an opportunity to meet a lot good people. I had n"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nandini & Kumar
"Love-Hate-Love It has been love-hate-love. I am not talking about "us". I am talking about our relationship with full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sharad & Rohit
"hello there... We are very thankful to for allowing us to meet each other. It is said marraiges are made in heaven but t"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Manisha & Mahendrakumar
"First thing to confess is " we are very grateful to as this is the link who has given us our happiest world in this world...!"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Kashmeera & Narendra
"Kashmeera and I have met on last year May and have been seeing each other for some time now. We have been engaged and have plans f"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shweta & Alpesh
"They say Marriages are made in heaven & I can say heaven surely has entrusted upon U guys the role to play Cupid & U are doing an ama"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Avani & Mehul
"First of all I would like to thanks team for giving such a wonderful service. I will be very happy to share my experience with you"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rehmat & Nasir
"We would like to thank for their great and wonderful site. I found my husband on and with the help of this site we are"  Read full story »

I have found my soul mate through your site.I would like to thank you for helping me in search of my life partner and I wish good luck for other members of in finding their soul mate too.

R. Sharma
I would like to thank sincerely from the bottom of my heart to make me meet my dream girl. I have been a member of since last more then 3 years, but never lost hope. I knew somehow that , I will get my dreamgirl here only, and here I am and getting married to kiran. I sincerly thank the team for helping me find my dream mate. I wish success to all the members of the

I found somebody. And the service is excellent. I appreciate that and about this live help, its amazing. You people are really superb! I will suggest others to use your site.

Y. Mcallister
I have met somebody through here... if we marry... we will definitely contact you...thank you....your service is definitely qualitative....

I have met someone on and we are gonna get married even before meeting each other, I am on my way to him this weekend and we are both excited and happy.

Your site is very good for solveing the problem of parents. This is very good source for getting match quickly. Only due to this site my daughter is in USA now. I have never expected this. I got a very good boy for her. I am thankful to oragnisers of this site for developing this site

P. Paul
I am really thankful to as I got engaged through it. Once I am married I will send you my partner details and my snap.

A. Narain
This is to inform you that I have found my soulmate through your site. Shaily joins me in thanking you for bringing us together and giving us the ultimate happiness of lives. Earlier we had deleted our profiles. Without you it wouldn't have been possible to meet my life partner. It was a wonderful experience searching on your site. I would recommend this site to everyone searching for their soulmates. Thanks for your support. is the best matrimonial site.

Hi, I am writing to say thank you to for helping me find my partner. We have now been seeing each other since the middle of November 2004, and everything is going brilliant. I am not the type of person who sits in front of the computer trying to find partners on the net, but is something different than that. This is such a good way to meet people and has helped me find my perfect partner. Thank you very much for everything!

V. Kaur

I'm very excited to inform you that I've found my life partner through It's been quiet some time since we've been communicating with each other. This month we met each other, our families talked and our engagement is fixed for 28th Dec. and wedding for 2nd Jan 2006. We both are extremely thankful to all behind who have helpped us find each other.

L. Menon
My story is quite intresting and I want to thank this team for helping me find my life partner,although not directly. We both work in the same organization and we both belong to the same friends' group. But we were just friends until the day I posted my profile on I had told Rajesh (thats my fiance's name) about this thing and we used to sit together sometimes viewing all the messages I used to recieve. He was in Panama on project work when this happened and he realised that he wanted to marry me. He proposed and I accepted. So, here we are, engaged to each other on 2nd April 2005. According to me, putting up my profile here is what actually made him approach me for marriage. Thank you for helping me find Rajesh. He has not posted his profile on the site. I think that you and your team are doing a great job in connecting people all over the world and giving a new dimension to the art of matchmaking. Wishing you all the best

G. Bala Bhaskara
I am happy to inform you that I got my life partner. Thanks a lot for your support all these years.

Mamta Arora
I am a member of your site and I am highly satisfied with your services. I am engaged to a member of your site.

I have found the love of my life, on your web site, and will be married soon. Thankyou for all your help.

P. Sarder
I have found a partner from this site. Many thanks for this nice website and helping me.

T. Singh
I have met and sucessfullly married another member from I wish to thank you for your excellent website and excellent service. Many thanks

A. Kamath
I wish to inform you that I have met a partner and therefore no longer wish to have my profile open. For your feedback, I met my partner through an ad I had placed in the TOI, but she viewed my detailed profile on and responded. Thanking you.

S. Kumar
Well I am very happy to say that I have found my perfect match. I thank from d core of my heart for making this possible for me n wish u guys maximum prosperity n hope u keep up d gr8 work. Thanks again. With best regards,

Hi, I hve found some one very special for my self through I am very thankful to He is honest n true to me. He is from Germaney. We are yet enganged or married. We hve strong link through chating. He has some problems, after soving that, we w'll proceed further. We hope for the best. Please pray for me. I cant mention his name unless he does himself. He is the way I had in my thoughts. The rest Allah knows better. I cant say more then this. Thanks alot. May Allah bless u all.

I got marreid to one of ur member ...if u can celebrate our marriage anniversery by putting the details of our successful marriage story on ur home page. But of course we both are thankful to ur website

P. Wadhwa
Thank you for putting up this wonderful profile. I got my soulmate through your website. Thank you million times. Keep up the good work.

Thanx u vry I got my life partner through ur site.. n I dont hav to express my feeling to u for ur site.. which gave me rght match.. I got enggaged.. thanking u

Mr. & Mrs. Singh
Accept my thanks. I thank entire team for helping me in finding a suitable match for my daughter. she will be married in the month of dec. this year. I am really greatful to you people for making it possible. In my opinion site is the best thing to happen for parent who sitting at home could get varios profiles. Once again my sincere thanks to you all.

Deepak & Shilpa
We are in the process of getting engaged. I have arranged this request with the permission of my partner, Shilpa. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing us via this site, and will be in contact perhaps at a later date to advise of the wedding etc.

Many thanks to as it really helped me in getting many responses. I wish good luck to, for doing such a wonderful job.

R. Sood
I would like to thank for playing such an important role in finding my life partner. through u I have got the man of my dreams and have got engaged. thanks. all the best to others like me.

A. Goyal
I'd like to inform you that thanks to your site I have found my partner for life. We do intend to get married by August and we will send you a picture and details once we are settled. For your advertising purposes if you need, I can send you a picture of us that we have already taken.

H. Akuji
A very BIG THANKYOU to you all as I met someone on your site and now we are getting married this yup this weekend. Great site never believed it would work but it really does...

A. Mukherjee
I have allready found my partner through your site. Thanks a lot for providing such an excellent service to millions of users. Wish you all the best.

C. Rego
I am happy to say that I met the most beautiful girl thru your website and we are married one month now. It was a very quick decision but it was well worth it. Please take me off your site as my membership expires in Sept 05. Once again Thanks for everything.

S. Vaidya
I am glad to inform you that my daughter got married and this all could happen through site. I am very thankful to the team members. Thank you once again and my all the best wishes to Team.

Hi I would just like to say thank you so much, as I have met someone on shaadi and all being well we are to marry next year, so I think is great, its changed my life forever! I have recommended you to many but I think it is time for me to come off the site now as it has worked wonders for me and I HOPEFULLY wont be needing the sire again! lol!

I have met someone through and we like each other very much. But we are going to wait till I complete my education before we finalize anything. We are trying to be cautious and practical since we are both divorced and we cannot afford to make any more mistakes. Thank you very much for your service; it was invaluable. We will definitely inform you when we get married.

Please do not think I am dissatisfied with your services!! Infact it is the opposite!! I have found someone and would like to thank you very much. Your site does wonders. Keep up the good work!!

S. Pruthi
Pushkar and I met through and I am happily married to him since this Feb2005. I would like to thank your site for getting us together. The most important aspect of this site is that it helped me know a little better who I was and also what I wanted in my life partner. Pushkar is a true gentleman and Im lucky to be his wife. Thanks again,

P. Singh
Thank you for oportunity to find my soul mate in your site. I found her, and now we r in contact and meet soon. will write you our story after everything will be decided.

Thx for ur oportunity to have my profile in ur site. I am in contact with somebody whom I meet, thanks to u and ur suport, Will write u soon with more details

S. Mogan
I have to specially thank for finding my soul mate. I found my partner who is originally from Agra, India but lives in Toronto. Both of us were genuinely interested in finding a life partner and we lived in the same City helped our cause a lot. I joined in the Summer of 2004 and had my first contact with my soulmate in November 2004. Now, most of our immediate families have met both of us. We are planning to get married in June 2005. I recommend to anyone serious in finding a life partner. Being in the same town or closer places help to build up the relationship faster. Suggestion to other members, please be honest on your profile and don't play games with other's feelings. If your outlook is narrow, this is not the right sight to find a partner. Good luck to all other members and a special thanks to administration. You are the best.

D. Vaz
I'm happy to inform you that I have found the love of my life thru your site and I express my thanks and gratitude to entire for the good work that they are doing behind the screens.

H. Yadav
My marrige is fixed on 17th may through your site. I m also giving thanks to all members. thanks

R. Mehta
I am writing to you to instruct you to have my profile permanetly removed from Shaadi as I cannot see any other menu item to do this. I have met someone through Shaadi and want to develop a relationship with him and am not interested in looking for anyone else. I would like to thank Shaadi very much for facilitating this.

A. Reddy
I finally found my Mr. Right :)! Thanks to you?re bringing the world to a click of a mouse! We are getting married in October. Thanks once again.

A.M. Khan
This is to inform that I found my match through this site and appreciate your assistance. Please accept my hearty gratitude.

M. P. Tagacay
I am about to get married. Thanks I have found one perfect match for me. Thanks to

Z. Sadouk
Well first of all I thank t his site that helped me to get my partner. I am so grateful. thank you in advance

H. M. Nagar
I got married this year. But thank u very much cos I met my wife at ur site itself. Good luck to u guys.

H. Shash
Thanks for all the facility provided to me for finding a suitable match for my self through this portal.

P. Ghosh
Hi, just writing to tell you that I found my soulmate on your site. we'll get married pretty soon. thank you very much for making it possible for me to find my soulmate out of the millions of people around. thank you very much.I will be p. nandi very soon!

N. A. Asif
I am pleased to inform you that I have met my life partner and like to thank all team that enabled me to achieve my goal. Thanks for everything.

Firstly I m thankful to that I got my life partner.

I got a bride with whom I am marrying shortly. I found through It is a good service for the people. I wish your company to prosper for ever

Thanks a lot for your services. Thanks a lot for your best wishes. It was very much through that I found my soul-mate. Infact I would like to tell you that your services are being widely appreciated. I am extremely happy and have been recommending my friends also to visit your site. Once again I thank you for being instrumental in finding the love of my life. For both of us it was love at first sight! We met and we clicked. He is very much the person I always wanted.

H. Ali
I very much enjoyed the website.. But now with help of Shaadi I have found my soul mate..I thank u very much for the website.

Kolvankar Family
We are writing you this mail to thank you for your excellent service. You made the search of our daughters match so simple and convenient! It was just at a click of button away!!! Our daughter is registered in And finally she has found her match, through your site! He is studying in UK, showed his interest in her profile on 22nd Feb, 2005. The proposal was okeyed by parents on both the sides. Meeting was not possible though as he was still in UK. So, we were in touch via mails, chats and phone calls. Kalyani and Anant got to know each other in the mean while. Anant came back to Mumbai on 28th March. Meeting up each other was a mere formality by then. They got engaged on 4th April, 2005 and are planning to get married very soon. Your service has definitely changed our lives. We all thank you once again for helping us consistently in this major task and also wish you all the best to keep up the good work.

H. Potter
I have found out a suitable partner through I wanted to wish you Thanks for giving me the oppurtunity. Now that I am getting settled.

I am married and have found my life time on your site.

S. Ranjan
We went to the same undergrad institute; We have quite a few common acquaintances; Even some of our relatives know each other. (But we are not related - in case you were wondering.) However it was your matrimonial site that helped us find each other. Once we realized how well we vibed, and how well suited we were to each other - we were determined to make amends for the lost times - and promptly got engaged. We are getting married in July, 05. Thanks a ton for making this possible. Our hearty and best wishes to all your subscribers.

Rajesh B
I have found my ideal partner at Thank you for helping me to get the Life Partner that I have been looking for.

Let me thank you for helping me find the soul mate that I think wouldnt have been possible with out I highly appreciate your professional service and communication network. I have no more words to thank you all there. Thanks once again.

Thank you very much for the service you provided me and your website has helped me find my mate. Thanking you and all the best.

First of all "Kudos to you guys" for being the most successful matrimonial site online. I greatly and heartfully wish you millions and millions of years of success. Thank you very much for being the reason behind millions of souls getting together. I am mailing you with immense pleasure as I have found my partner and what better could it be than to thank you again, as you have been instrumental in my search and the find. He and I met on Shaadi in August and from then its been a marathon process; no doubt the outcome has been very soothing and delightful. We are tying the knot on 1st July,2005 in Mumbai. Thank you once more,

R. Coutinho

N. Akhter
I have met 'My Guy' on your website & we'll soon be engaged. Thank you for providing the portal and the facilities that helped me in locating him :)

M. Najfi
I met a wonderful girl on your site. Thank you because we are now getting married!!!!!!!! This is a great site and I would and do recommend this to everyone.

S. Thangaveloo
I am very much satisfied with your service. I am very happy that I have found a wonderful partner thru your service. Keep up the good service. Thanks and regards.

I am thankful to you guys. I found my soul mate. I wish you all the best and hope evryone loves your site and they find there soul mates.

Would just like to tell you that I have found my life partner on and we are going to marry this June! I would also like to tell you of an additional success story! My Brother! He too has found his partner on your web site and is over the moon!!! In fact he was the one that encouraged me to register on the site. All I can say is THANK YOU for the happiness that we both have found.

I have got my life partner through You are really blessed for finding me who I was looking in my life. I am very much glad and I wish all the members who have enrolled to get the best partner and lead a successful life.

I am really very grate full because through that site I got my perfect soule mate.

D. Waman
Hi, thanks a lot to, I found my soulmate here. thank for gifting me an invaluable gift. thanks a million, best wishes for an incredible contribution to our lives.

Hi guys I really wanna thank you for evrything. I have found that some one special in my life. and inshallah we both will be getting engaged soon. so plz pray for both of us that we are happy for ever n ever. I really wanna thank you guys . u guys get all the credit. I cant stop thanking u guys. im the most happiest person today. my whole family is happy n she is happy too. I know this mail of mine aint so formal , ahh but thats ok I guess right? thankyou once again guys. bye smile n have a nice time.

On has found the life partner I was seeking. I also sincerely thank you for the service that you rendered to help me find my lifepartner.

A. Bedkihale
Many many thanks to, because I have found my partner through, and have been married 5 days back. One's more many many thanks to

M. Narayan
I would like to thank all of you very much as this website has helped me find my life partner.

Thanks to the shaadi team I have found my future husband. Thank you very much for your help.

Asokan K V
Thank you for all the services rendered.I have found someone and from this site. Thank you again, hope the site serves many more as did to me.

My search been successfull through yes I found the right partner n we got marry , I am so happy with him, We are really thanksfull to ur website

N. Acharekar
Thank you for starting this website and thank you for helping me find somebody that is loving, funny and all that I wanted and dreamed of in a partner. I must say I didnt think it would be this quick but I am happy that it was. Thank you again for this opportunity and keep up the good work.

H. Patel
Thank you so much, for finding my princess for me.

S. Manjrekar
I got successfully married. Thanks to for helping me settle down in life again. Thanks and best regards,

R. M. Singh
I have found a match, thanks to this site.

Thank you so much, for finding my prince charming for me.

Mr. H. Villayat
Thanks for the site its been v helpful. I ve met someone here. thanks for all your help.

S. Khan
I've been a member of your site for some time now. I'd like to thank you for your services. I've found a great guy thru this site and my search ends here. We are planning to get married soon.

Well- is awesome - there is no doubt about that. I met someone on and we communicate - I think he is really nice - and I would like to stick with him - exchanging messages and lets see what happens ;) But I will definetly suggest the site to my friends and relatives. THANKS A LOT.

R. Sall
I met my partner about 3 years ago through the traditional method but things didnt work out. He contacted me again through and we hit it off again. My experience with has been very interesting and has allowed me to realise many things about myself and others which has helped me grow as a person. I have met some wonderful people through this site who have become very dear friends. Overall, this is a great service to the south asian society. Many thanks once again and kind regards.

V. Krishnan
I am currently married, thanks to your website. !! :-) Your site is extremely good and you are doing a great job with your constant improvements to make the quality of members excellent. Wishing you the best success in your efforts. It is ironic that the more success you will have, the lesser members you will retain, but, the number of people wanting to find their soulmate will always be higher than the ones who do finally find their partner... Here's wishing everyone who is searching for their life partner, the Best of Luck. Wishing you the best once again, and THANK YOU!!

N. Jyothi
I have found my life partner on! thanks to you guys!

I have found my right match/partner in Turkey through

J. Sheth
I have found someone on shaadi and we're madly in love. thank you.

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