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Shaadi Pride

Year 2005 - Success Stories
January Matrimonial Success Stories
Ameya & Sonal
"It was the month of sep 2003, that I heard frm my friend about Wasnt to sure of the whole new concept of finding your partner over"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Govinda & Maria
"Thanks to in less than one year we both found our loving life partner and true love. We were married on October 2,2004 in a religio"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jay & Monica
"I ( montacs) mailed him(jay4707) and he said oops! out on vacation maybe later eh? I decided he`s with an inflated ego and forgot a"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sonal & Sanjay
"Sanjay and I have started believing in destiny after meeting each other and especially when we are living at the 2 ends of the USA! Without Sh"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sulaiman & Uzma
"Hi,This is Sulaiman and I got married to Uzma within a month after initiating my interest in Uzma's profile although we never met eachother be"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rajesh & Catherine
"I saw the profile of Catherine, a few days after I registered on this site and I was impressed by her profile. Mails and and phone calls were"  Read full story »

K. Gautam
This is to inform you all that I have found my partner through It was a great experience interacting with and without doubt it is the best among all the marriage websites i have gone through.

Yes I have found my partner thru His name is Shaheen.

I would like inform you that I have found match and soul mate through yours web sites. I wish you good luck in yours business and many, many happy stories as well.

R. Swayamparakash
Thanks to, I have found my life partner. I am sincerely grateful to your team and your site.

R. Rahman
I have already found my soulmate from this web site, Anyway thanks to for giving us the opportunity to find our matches from this wonderful web site.

I have met someone very special through your site. Me an my partner both felt that we are made for each other. We sincerely thank and its team for bringing us together.

A. Kakaria
Rashmi's parents liked my profile on and being a CA they got in touch with my parents to proceed further. Everything went on well and finally I lost my independence on the Republic Day :-)

F. A. Hussien
Thanks to through which i managed to get my soul-mate.I shall be ever grateful to the hard working team of

M. Bhansali
I did get to know about someone thru I have liked him and yes we are curently in touch with each other . Need more time to decide on a wedding but i would not like to meet anyone else.

I have already found my partner. Thank you for your help in finding such a wonderful person.

C. Ali
I am happy to let you know that I have found my soul mate on It was so scary at first to use the email and I am glad to let you know that your services actually work. Once again keep up the good work and I will be recommending your site to all my friends that are single.

S. Y. Malik
Thanks for ur help and support as due to ur help, I have found a partner via the site and now are due to be engaged at the beginnining of next month.

J. Jain
I have found my future partner. thank you for making this possible.

D. Mascarenhas
Hi I am thankful to I found my life partner through and now I am engaged.

I would like to thank you all at shaadi for helping me find my soulmate , my other half .I only just joined recently and the response that i received was unbelivable but in the end i found that one special person ,whom i feel comfortable with and we have alot in common.This March we are getting engaged.I am so looking forward to it and it's all thanks to I have told my single friends about shaadi and they are going to give it a try, If i can meet and friend my partner then anyone can .

S. Chandavarkar
I have found my soul-mate through your wonderful matrimonial site. Thanks a million for providing such a useful & efficient site for single people. I wish you all the very best & please continue the good work!!

I have sucessfully found a partner through your site.Thank you! I contacted him in September .We were engaged on 15th of Jan and will be married in December.

V. Thomas
I am very thankful 2 u &ur site as i could get a best bride for my self.

Babu C.P.
I write this to express our sincere thanks to through which my daughter Nina found her life parter in Manoranjith, another Member. Their marriage took place in Guruvayur (Kerala) on the 2nd of January 2005 and are on their way to a glorious married life. May God bless them. did d avery wonderful job. Thanks once again to the Team for making this happen.

M. Jain
I have found someone through I had great experience on this website.

M. Pnjbi
I am very happy that helped me find my spouse. We were married in August 2004.

S. Bhargava has been a lot of help in finding the right life partner for me.

V. Rani
I'm taking this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to all at for helping me find my life partner. I'm going to be engaged soon (probably by Mid-February'05). Thanks once again for the help offered.

P. Chaubal
My marriage has been fixed. Thanks to It has prooved to be a very helpful site. I found my life partner.

B. George
I found a partner in your site. Thank you very much for your services.

S. kapoor
I would like to thank you personally for providing me with a website that has been inspiring in trying to find a mate and at the same time has been very efficent in its easy application of the tools. I have met someone through your website. It would be my pleasure to inform you of any news once I know where I stand, if at all. Thank you for all your support and thank you for making it happen for all the completed couples your website have created.

C. Smith
Just like to congratulate you on all the efforts you have put in,By your effort now i have found My Man,His name is Mr V. B. Dias.I will be legally married on the 1st of February 2005. I feel im the most blessed and happiest girl on earth after i found Venan.

S. Zafar
Im pleased to inform you that I have successfully found a life- partner through your service for which I'm hugely thankful to you. As a result of my success.

S. Malik
I have found my partner and am soon going to get married. Your service has been very helpful and has enabled me to find my soulmate. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you v v v v v much.

T. Ralhan
I'm pleased to inform you that i've found my partner through your website.

S. K. Kandasamy
I was lucky to find to search my fiancee.

C. Prasad
I would like to thank you for allowing me to meeting my new and found love. he's just what I wanted.

Thanks for your help! I did find my partner through Shaadi and am very grateful for your service! Thanks again for the wonderful service you provided and wishing you to continue to provide the best to the others as well.

Ive found a friend Thanks to shaadi for helping me to find my true soulmate

J. Thomas
I got married to Minu, whom I met through Thankyou for your services.

I've found someone on and I've been a recent member but she was a member since 2002 and she felt that marriages and partners are made in heaven. She was waiting for me to find her. She says this website is one of the way to look.

I have met my life partner through shaadi and we got engaged on Dec 25.

V. Kumar
I have found my partner through your site. Thank you for this wonderful service.

Kamal P. Kaur
I have found my life partner thru It was really nice being part of This is really a nice way to get to know someone ..for better further. I have recommended to all my unmarried friends. Thanks u so much again, for providing me all the support from customer relation personnel from

M. Ulla
I must thank the Shaadi team for creating this medium whereby one can reach out and find their life partner. I am proud to say that through I have found my better half, someone I do care for, someone I love dearly and more importantly someone I have decided to share the rest of my life with.

I have found someone from Shaadi. And also I want to thank you for your help finding someone.

P. Shenoy
I want to let you all know that Sangeeta and I met on your website almost a year ago and after having a long-distance courtship met with families last week in Bombay and got engaged to be married on Feb 25th. Sangeeta and I thank you very much for your service in bringing people together.

A. Sheth
I have found my partner through ur website, I have been engaged now. I would like to thank for helping me find my better half, without you it would not have been possible.

K. Mankoo
Ive met someone from the site that I share alot in common with..

U M Reddy
I have found my life partner thru your website. Many many thanks from me and my partner to all of you at for helping us find each other. Thank you and best wishes to all of you.

H. Kaur
I found someone via thank u so much. i would like to thank to u who help me to found my life partner. thank to so much

I am pleased to inform you that I have come across my life partner on your site. I am very much appreciative of the excellent sevice and platform you provide for two people to meet. Keep up the good work.

This is to inform you that i would like to thank who helped me to find my lifetime frd i got engaged with help of

I. Khan
I have found someone on shaadi...thanks for the help

S. Patel
I've found my life partner and will not be needing your services anymore....thank you for all of your help.....wouldn't have been possible without you....

R. Kumar
I appreciate the support put in to help customers. I have found my life partner at and happy with it.

G. D'sa
Ive met my husband thru Shaadi . com and married in December.

M. Aggarwal
I've been a member of ur site for sometime now, but now i want to close my membership as i have found the person i was searching for, in ur site. We r getting married soon.

S. Saini
I just want say thanks to shaadi team cos through it i got my life partner within 20days of registration.

S. K. bhatia
I have found my life partner in We are set to get married on April 24th 2005. I thank you for the wonderful service provided.

S. Sodhi
Thanks for your wonderful support. I found my soulmate and love of life on your website.

Y. Somaiyai
Thanks to, I have found a life-partner of my choice. I am very happy and thankful for the excellent service provided by

S. Rafique
I'd like to thank you for the site as i found my partner on here

G. Singh
This is to inform you that i got engaged with help of

I would like to give thanks to entire teem of,,. because i have found my life partner with there help only.

P. Thakrar
I m very thankful to thru which I have found my life partner...I had been usin the site for some time and i found it very helpful I have been recommendin my other friends also to use the website.... I found my life partner thru this website...and he contacted me...I found the details interestin and suitable to me so the forwarded it to elders and they found the things ok so it worked out and we got married on 4th jan 2005.His name is A. lakhani..... Thanks a lot for helpin me find my life partner

Govind R
After a long and hard search that took me all the way from New York to Goa I have finally found the woman who I want to (and who wants to) be my wife for life. I first got in touch with her through and after chatting with her online I had the opportunity to meet her in person on a recent trip to India. From then on things happened very fast and we are now legally married. She is still in India and will be joining me in a few months time.

S. Sen
Thanks to your site, I have found someone.

M. Y. Mulla
INSHALLAH i will b getting married in the next few months to a girl through shaadi thx alot

I am now happily married. I met my life partner from India in the UK, we got engaged in the UK on 04/12/2005 and were married in India on 03/01/2005. Please forward my apologies to fellow members whom were interested in my profile along with my best wishes in their search. Please be kind enough to forward the following message to all members - WHEN SEARCHING FOR YOUR PARTNER, REMEMBER ONE THING - NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU SEARCH FOR "IDEAL" PARTNER YOU'LL NEVER FIND HIM/HER IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO MAKE CERTAIN EXCEPTIONS. BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE IS "IDEAL". IF WE WERE THEN LIFE WOULD BE BORING AND MUNDANE. Finally a great many thanks to all at SHAADI.COM

S. D. Rose
I just wanted to inform you that my wedding has been fixed for Jan 28th, 2005. Though we've known the groom's family for a very long time, it took to bring us all together. Deepak saw my profile in this site and contacted us and everything clicked within a week. I want to give my sincere thanks to everyone associated with You have indeed helped me find my perfect life partner :)

I got married to A. p. kaur who was also the member of

Dear Sir, This is to inform you that I have found my life mate. Our parents have agreed and our engagement is in March 2005 and marriage is fixed in the month of December 2005. I would like to say few words about First of all, I would like to thank to team, Your site is really an amazing and real. The way you have designed is really excellent. I remember an old saying "Marriages are made in heaven" but I would like to tell all the members and friends, Marriages are made in"

Vikas & Supriya
I have been a member of this website for over a year now. In this span, I have communicated with several members, met a few of them too. I am very pleased to say that recently I got married to a girl who I met from your matrimonial site. We communicated for about 3 months and then we decided to get married. We both are now settled and we take this opportunity to thank the Shaadi team for making us meet. I have really enjoyed browsing your website and I must say that over the last year or so, you have introduced many new features. I must say that these are very good features which many of the other sites dont have. I also thank all the girls who expressed their interest and GOOD LUCK to all in search for their Life Partner

M. Siraj
This is M. SIRAJ here. i am gettin married very soon.I have found the girl through your site and wish you people all the very best in future endeavours.Once again keep up the good work.

N. Khan
Thanks alots to all members of shaadi .com u have help me alots a my very great ful to shaadi is fix .

I am happy to inform you that I have found my life partner through the service and therefore absolutely feel the experience has been worthwhile. Moreover, I will gladly recommend this site to friends and family who wish to consider matrimony.

Y. Garin
Hi! Thanks to your team, I found le woman of my life because of you.

D. Gaur
Hello this is Deepika... i have met someone on this site also & we are getting married in 3 months...Thx giving me my soul-mate...

R. Gogri
First of all thank you for the match maker. I found my partner from the ones you recommended.

Hi there, I am here to let you know that i have found a partner on my wife has already contacted yourselves and told you in more detail about us, I would like to thank from bottom of my heart for helping me in finding my partner, and wish you all the best.

I am really thankful to you. Through your website i have come across the man of my dreams.. Its been 2 months and we have fallen for eachother and be together for lifetime.. Thanks a lot.. I have told about you to lot many of my friends and they have started using this website.. Its really a real time interaction where if two people are really serious things work out very well..

I m really thankful to and i hope all the person who all r there and who all has putten their profile in shaadi .com god will help to find there patner from ur website and i wish u all the member of i good luck and thank u to all of u.

Thanx for ur customer support.. for being such a wonderful medium to know people and unite people.. I marriage is fixed with one ur shaadi member.

P. Thakkar

Thanks to your website, I have found someone ( finally!). You are doing a great service.

Thanks a lot for helping me find my life partner.wihtout, finding my better half would not have been possible...... thanks a lot and all the best in helping people find their soulmates....

S. Rathore
I would just like to thank you for your service..... yes another success story. I recently just got married. I communicated with him in October and on January the 2nd we were married. It really is amazing that two people from two different corners of the world were meant to be together, and this only happened because we met on

I got engaged with member in november .umang..his id on

F. Rehman
I had a very good experience here and I always recommend this to my friends and family.

I have found a very nice guy in america and he has swept me off my feet and has taken beyond the moon the sky and the universe. Never in my wildest dreams would i imagine that there was such a nice and honest person in this world, thank you very very very very much. I would be lost and still looking all over and wasting my time. I am hopeless without

S. Ojha
I got engaged with shaadi profile and getting married on 1st Feb 05.

J. Critchett
I have found my love on shaadi and will be getting married soon.

S. Purushotam
THANK YOU SHAADI!! i found my love after a longggggggggg search , we r gettign engaged day after tomrow and perhaps getign married in may ....

S. Barot
Hi, just wanted to say a big thank you to all at for all the great things you have done in finding partners for people. im so proud to tell you that im one of those people who has found love through shaadi & that i am soon to meet the perants & things are going so well, so a big thanx again to all there.

A. Hussain
I have found some one through things are looking good for me i thank, i will get in touch with yourselfs to let you the the outcome of my realationship.

S. Nair
Myself S. Nair living in Mumbai had registered with u people on October 2005. I had contacted Maya living in Trivendrum (kerala). There was a positive response from her side, then horoscope did match. I had been to kerala last week and we both as well as our parents liked each other. So next our engagement is on 15th this month(January). Wish us luck.

I m very much thankful to u for ur services. I want to request u that as I have found my life partner with and soon will get marry.

Sehar Sadaf
I hv found my better half and that also from I met him through this site i live in pakistan n he lives in uk but he managed to come to pakistan n met me n we get along with each other pretty good.

K. Mahajan
I would like to inform u that my marriage is fixed thorough I am very much thankful to team for their support for the partner search. My best wishes to for your noble work.

Thank you so very much for allowing me to find the love of my life in ..

A. Gupta
I have finally found my life partener. It was good to be the member. Yes, I finally managed to get my life partner through your web site. Thanks a lot to the team.

I have selected my life partner from Thank you and your organization for your service.

S. Trehan
Thankf I found my partner thru this id I got married last month.Just wanted to thank you./

I have now found a partner through Shaadi and would like to thank you for the happiness you have brought me. Your site is great and very easy to use.

K. Singh
I have found my life partner on shaadi. com. We are getting married this february.. Thank you once again.. It just proves that marriage portals are not only a venue for mischief mongers but also a very suitable platform for people like us to search and meet their life partners..

I found what I was looking for. Yes, thank u indeed fro this wonderful website. We will definitely send u some pictures and stories once we get married.(around MAy 05). This is a great website, thanks for all ur effort. Thanks again and we will contact u in the near future with some great feedback.

D. Singh
I have foun my partner on shaadi and things are looking good for us. Thank you very much for this web site and all your support.

I have found a partner through your site..successfully.. i thank you..for the help.and provinding this oppertunity

S. Garg
I have found someone from getting married in the new yr. Had an enjoyable experience using the web site.

I got married to gal from your same shaadi site as i comminucated her thro' ur site as i was a premier member. My marriage occured in a Temple at Chennai on 15th Dec 2005 with tbe blessing of all our members of both of our families. Thanks for ur service and also you may kindly remove my profile from this shaadi site.

V. Balakrishnan
We found a suitable match for my daughter.Thanks for your service since we found the groom through . Keep up the good work.Thanks.

A. Choubey
It was because of that I met my life partner. I appreciate the efforts of the entire team in buidling up this website. As Rajeev and I have already found each other.

I have found a life partner and was married to someone I met on, with great thanks to your website my partner search is over. Thanks!!

I have found my soul mate through this site Thanks a lot for the help rendered by your site. May God bless you in your positive cause (Amin)

I have engaged on Nov 19'04 Our marriage is fixed on April'05.

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