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Shaadi Pride

Year 2004 - Success Stories
November Matrimonial Success Stories
Pooja & Shiva
"I found my dream partner through your great site. We got happily married on August 3rd, 2004 at the Registrar office. Thanks to the"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Suma & Rijo
"Firstly we would like to thank the team for bringing us both together. We still think about it all, and can't believe that this tru"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jaydeep & Hetal
"I'm Jaydeep, a software professional from Kolkata. I created my profile at in early September, 2004. In less than a month I met Het"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mariam & Abdul
"After remaining widower for exact three years, i realised seriously to have a companion, to share my lonliness, hence started searching few we"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Bhavana & Dhaval
"We are sincerely thankful to this wonderful site of yours... We were looking for our life partners and our search ended in Jan '04 when we dec"  Read full story »

S. Singh
I am thankfull to you people. You have done a great job by creating a fantastic site. I am engaged now because of this.

Hello to all at Shaadi .com .Thank you for every thing especially for finding my soul mate .I only registered recently and have already found my partner.Wedding bells will soon be in the air and its all thanks to shaadi .com. Good luck to all in their partner search .

R. Ahmed
I have found my life partner thanks to you all i am getting married on 17 december

It gives me gr8 pleasure to let u kno tht i found my life partner thru!!!

S. Malik
I have found my soulmate through and would like to thank your entire team.

When I put my profile on your site I never knew I would really find my true love on your site until the day I met Sanjay on your site. The whole process of finding him was very long but was worth the wait. I just want other hopeful users of your service who are out there searching for their soulmates, that they will find their true love if they believe in it and be patient:)

I really enjoyed searching my dreammate & ultimately ended up finding him.Thnx alot.

A. Arya
I have met someone through this site. I believe that this is an excellent website where one can find a partner of its choice from a different part of the world. I will recommend this web site to other people who are also searching for a partner.

I was able to find the right match through The boy is not registered under your id. He went through my profile and then we got in touch and things clicked. He is a gem of a person and i owe all to you all for the same bec seeing myprofile he got interested in me and got in touch.

First of all I would like to thank you profusely for your service to the community. I was just engaged this weekend and we met, again, on your site!!!!!! May God bless you all.

D. Verma
I have found a sweet and beautiful life partner through your service.

S. Ahmed
Hello there Staff first of all i would like to thank all of Team coz i found my Life Partner from here my Life partner is S.olomi She is from Australia.

Iam informing you with Joy and Happinness that, I found my Life partner through your wishing you all success and continuos support to produce more successful Couples.

R. M. Raja
Thanx for all your,s service,u was nice to bregisterd with u, i am happy to tell u that i have found my life partner through ur service,and thanxfor being so helpfull.

S. Kumar
I have found my true love and life partner on your website. Thank you for your service and i am sure it will help other people to find their love connection.

S. Upadhyay
I have found my life partner & am getting married to him on Dec 4th.

Dear Shaadi staff, I'd like to share with you the wonderful thing that I'm living at the moment a very special experience in my life brought by the wonderful work you do at you matrimonial site. I met a person, Sandeep, and we are both getting to know each other and planning to be engaged in matrimony very soon. Thanks for your brilliant work in making people meet each other, I have nothing to complain about your service, I wish you the best progress in all directions you work with. Wishing you the greatest success in your jobs. Thanks for all you did for us. Love,

K. Virk
Dear staff, Thanks for the wonderful service, I met my life life partner via your website.

Robbie and Sapna
Two weeks ago I was contacted by him and I replied back. We have been exchanging messages and decided to meet with each other. We finally met two days ago and now we have decided to continue our relationship. We are in love with each other and have lots of plans in the future. Both of us would like to thank SHAADI.COM for the excellent service and continous support.

A. george
Its very helpful that helped me to find my right partner. so thanks a lot for providing me a chance to find my husband.

SHAADI.COM - At the outset; I never had the notion that these sorts of websites actually worked and I assumed em? to be bogus. However; it so happened that one day I made an endeavor and browsed thro? and came across a few profiles which raised my curiosity. Next, I registered and found myself browsing more profiles as and when I got time. But nothing seemed to work, until I became a paid member and started receiving instant responses. During this time, I got to know a couple of profiles, good as well as bad. And one day I found my lucky man : - ) It just clicked?we communicated for a while and got to know each other?s interest, after that; he met my parents and finally things worked! He is such a sweetie and a great guy! Feels like as if we were made for each other, why just the feeling??? ?WE ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER? :-) We are to be engaged very soon Once again; I would like to extend my best regards and appreciation to and lookn? forward for you guys to pursue my thought.

I am feeling very happy to tell u that i have found my life partner on we had a great pleasure here and it is a terrific matrimonial site .

C. Bhagat
I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to for finding a successful match for me. Though the marriage is an arranged one, was the source of contact.. Wishing all the success and may you continue to bring happiness and bliss in everybody's life.

R. Thenge
I married Prabhoda on 31st Oct 2004. We both appreciate the Shaadi team for bringing us together and making us a couple.

M. Dange
I have found my life partner on Thanks to your efficient service for helping me find my life partner.

I thank you very much for your kind service. I have found my match through your service.

P. Shetty
I've found someone through I found to be a good site for meeting people with a similar background and family values.

R. Nair
Thanks shaadi... the site has given me more than what my heart desired.... thats right my heartthrob and life partner.

I just want to say thank you to for providing this top quality service. It has changed my life forever and now i dunt have to worry about the future. keep it up guys!!!!!

Thanx for wonderful website... I found my life partner from yr website...

Prabhuraj k s
I would like to thank you for i found my better half thru has been a dream come true .Today i am engaged and will be married soon..Thanks to played cupid..the true matchmaker.

Dr Priti
Your site is wonderful and i have found my Life partner through your website only. So i dont wish to continue with my profile on your site as my search for life partner is complete. Thanking you,

S. Prabhu
Hi i have found a perfect life partner through we are engaged and will be marrying next year

Hello I take great pride in letting you know that I was able to find a wonderful man for my darling sister on this web site.THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR BRINGING OUT SUCH A WONDERFUL SITE:she was happily married on 1 st of november.It is a wonderful web that has given me many choises and there are only very decent folks that use this web all you out there feel free to use this web site and your profile will never get missused.Thank you once again.

M. Singh
I have found the man of my life on Shaadi and we are to marry soon here in Delhi. I want to thank you for the opportunity to meet such a wonderful person here on the site who was incidently a member as well.

B. Kahlon
I would be grateful if you could send me an email confirming this action as soon it has been completed. Thank you for your wonderful service.

The site is well designed and provides very user friendly interface for profile management, partner search, communication, and also for help at any point of time. I found this site to be THE BEST matrimonial site i'v ever come accross.

S. George
Hello, My friend (for whom I created a profile) got married few weeks ago, to another person whom he met throught itself. You guys are doing a great service and I thank you very much.

I have met my life partner through .Thank u

P. Banerji
I am happy to inform that I have found the partner of my life through Ur website and we would be tying the matrimonial knot soon. Thanks for all the help. Ur website is really doing a great service!!!

First of all, a big hug from Mauritius. Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes, I did find my soul mate on I am really happy. He contacted me and i liked his profile very much so i accepted his contact. We started communicating over the phone very regularly and it just clicked as they say. He is actually from Montreal and came all the way from there to Mauritius to see me. When we met the chemistry worked beautifully and we have decided to get married in May 2005. I wish to really say thanks to all of you. I would never have had such a fulfilling experience if you had not been there.I have to say that this site is the best i've know so far. And i have a few friends who share my opinion as well. I will definitely recommend your site to people i know.

I found my partner through and thanx very much for that. It's bit interesting that i send her message through and as we go along the track, found that her father and my uncle worked together for ten years in same office and they know each other very well on both sides. Infact we both are from same city in India. Now we getting ready for one step ahead means merriage.....and looking towards a very happy life together. You guys doing very great job and through this web site you are making bridge between all those indians living in and out of India. This is really a great effort and thankyou very much once again.I wish you get more success in future.

I would like to thank you immensely for opening the gateway leading to the marriage of my daughter through your esteemed web-site. I got over whelmning responses making us easy for selection of our choice. Wish you lasting success in your mission.

I have found my match.i am really grateful to you for putting up this has helped not only me but millions of others to find their soulmate.

T. Randhawa
I have found a wonderful partner through your service. I want to thank you for all your efforts and I am extremely happy with whom I have found.

P. D'souza
I have recently found my partner through your website and have also tied the knot. A special thanks to your website for helping me find my life partner.

S. Parikh
find life partner through his name is K.Dalashania.

I have found someone via thanks to the team for their effort. it has been a wonderful experience.

I did find someone on and have planned on getting married in January 2005. Your service is AWESOME didnt know id find someone in my neighbouhood via your service. I really loved being a member. Thanks a ton and hope this service is as good a success for many more couples just as it was for us.

i am writting to inform you that i have been with someone for some time now, things are going great and are very serious thank you for your help as the person whom i am with i have met on your website thankyou again.

L. Driscoll
Dear Shaadi: I just want to say how thankful i am, and to let you know that Antony Pinto and i have decided to be married. We found each other here on Shaddi and thank you very much for helping us to find each other.

A. Malviya
We are very delighted and excited to inform u that with the help of yr website we are getting married within 2 was not possible without yr excellant and versatile are very happy to find each other.we are very thankful to yr website.we are recommending it to everyone for the right match.yr website is like "GAGAR MEIN SAGAR".

H. Shahani

A. Singh
I have indeed found my soul mate and life partner through We are engaged now and plan to get married as soon as possible. I could obviously write a book on how it all happened and how great our love for each other is. I certainly will not forget's contribution in providing us the channel that lead to the miraculous sangam. And we will both be able to provide you with some more news, feedback and possibly a picture in the coming weeks.

S. C. Singh
Would like to inform you I have found a suitable match for my daughter through Thank you for the efforts that have been put in in making this site so good and helpful. Wish you good luck.

S. N. Shah
We would like to thank you for bringing us together and for providing an awesome matrimonial service for all those searching for their life partner. We would recommend to anyone who is trying to find a perfect match.

I got married on 24th of october.I got the match from shaadi only.Thanks for the site you got it.

S. Saler
After six months talking to some one on shaadi. I finally went to meet him in India and we are planning to get married next year in London. He is a psychotherapist from Mumbai and i am a banker from London. Thank you shaadi i will let you know when the date is fixed. Thank you again

R. M.
I have found my life partner on this site and we are both very grateful to

I found my match from It took long time but a worth n sweet wait :)

Dr. A. G. Haji
I am am very happy to tell you that I have found my wife on and happily married. Thank you so much for providing such great service.

I would like to thank all the people at for this wonderful portal through which i met my life-partner. I think this is a great platform very much suited to the Indian matrimony system and kudos for a job well done. Both of us really appreciate the medium that brought us together. Paromita and myself (Arijit) would like to convey our personal thanks to all the people behind the portal.

I. Gowda
I am very happy with your services and I have found my soul mate through your site.

I met my husband on and i profoundly thank the whole team behind this wonderful website for helping me search my prince.

S. Sharma
I am glad to inform you that our search of a match for my daughter is over.The website has helped us do our job with full confidentiality and without any problem whatsoever.Thank you very much for the matrimonial service provided to us.

S. Kanji
I did meet my fiance through Shaadi com, but it turned out that we knew each other when we were kids, however re-met through through your website.. My experience of using the site has been very positive, ive had a wide range of responses from a variety of men throughout the country and world.And i was also able to search through many different profiles giving me more options and opportunities to meet people. I would definetly recommend the site to people looking for their special someone.

S. Kumar
I have met a partner through the

J. Samrai

Very happy to share the moment that mahendra alliance is found through

K. Bhogal
I am pleased to inform you that i have met my partner through you guys. we are planning to marry in February.

P. Ikram
I found someone from your site. You have provided a great service to me and my new husband. We have lots in common and enjoyed getting to know each other. We got married Oct 27, 2004.

I am thankful to for giving me all happiness for the best bride search. My life partner is very good and beautiful. I could not have found my life partner if there was no matrimonial site like yours.

Thanks for a wonderful support to all at After registering to your site only, I could get my life partner so early, otherwise I would have been left a bachelor forever.

My niece's engagement is over and her marriage is next year. We found her match through this site and thankyou for this. Hope to hear from you as to how this can be done.

Y. Ahmad
I am now engaged to a person from shall send you my shaadi photos after my wedding which is slated in the last week of Dec04.Thanx fr all the help.

This is to inform you that i have found my life partner from your site & pretty soon we are going to get married. your's is a very good service & site .keep all the good work up for all the people searching their life partners.

A. Khanna
Thank you very much for hosting a site like Until now I would have advertised in all most all newspapers, friends, relatives etc., but through experience was totally different. The day I registered myself with this site, I received a reply from a far off destination and today she is my chosen life partner. Thanks, Three Cheers to the team of and keep it up.

H. Ghuman is a very good site and I have met somebody from the site.

I got my partner by thanku a lot for the best service ihave ever seen from any matrimonials.

A. Varma
This is to convey my sincere thanks to you for helping me to locate a match for me. Ultimately I have found the match through your site and would be tying knot on 22nd November. I must really appreciate the systematic and professional manner in which you are managing your services without much hastles and expenditure. I have already recommended your site to all my bachelor friends since it has definitely an edge over others. Thank you once again.

V. Govindasamy
I would seize the same opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude to all the staff at Shaadi for their valuable help. Highly appreciated the standard of the service provided through out my search for my future bride. Through effective communication, advice and guidance Shaadi has proved to meet the highest standards in the field of matrimonials and without hesitation I would recommend anybody looking for a perfect match to use Shaadi. In this respect I am looking forward to get married probably this year and also planning to visit India. We would be very pleased to meet with you personally in order to pay our personal tribute to all the staff at Shaadi. We wish all of you all the best and happy continuation.

M. K. Rewal
Many thanks to your matrimonial portal.I have found my most beautiful life partner within 40 days through portal is certainly the best.

U. Rajkumar
I found my soul mate here and I am married and living happily.

T. Jain
I would also like to thank you for your wonderful services which helped me find my desired partner.

R. Mallik
This is down to the fact that shaadi has succeeded in it's objective in my case.

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