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Shaadi Pride

Year 2004 - Success Stories
March Matrimonial Success Stories
Mr. & Mrs. Sashidhar
"I contacted beeens72 ( profile) in the first week of December. She accepted and then I was able to send her my contact details on S"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Farheen & Omar
"Dear Dont know why i decided to put my profile on but guess wanted to just check out the market! anyway if my mem"  Read full story »

S. Singh Rao
dear sir/madam ,i been with since 2002 ,now i found my partner on ,in may 04 we going to marring , i am very thanks to because i found suteble partner ,thanks for wishes from sukhdev singh rao

P. Vaishnava
We have identified a match for him on and we thank you very much. We are looking forward to his engagement. Should you like any details regarding our matrimonial alliance, we would be happy to provide them.

A. Hulasram
My name is C. Hulasram, and been a member a few months now and would like to thank you for a wonderful jon and a ways to find and meet good new people, anyway, I will written a successful stsory for your site soon, but for now, I want and kindly asking to have my profile removed from your site. I found my true love and will be getting married soon, so I no longer needed to look for my soulmate.

A. Dutt
I met my life partner on this site and we got married on Jan 3, 2004. Thank you so much for your wonderful services.

I am glad to tell you that i have found the match of my dreams from your website. Getting married in 2 months :) !!!

L. Ranka
Thanks, We need to redefine "Marriages are made in heaven" - I will put as " Marriages are made on" Let me once again thank the entire team for one more success. The success is that I got Engaged with R. Jain. I met Ruchi through the We became good friends and from good friends best friends. We never saw each other in person as I was working and staying in Mumbai and she was in Indore. We became so close to each other that we couldn't miss a single occasion of sending mails to each other. At times we fought, at time we became emotional but the best thing is that we never saw each other and still we were good friends. We did exchange some photographs on email. We found that our compatibiliy with each other was so good and later realise that we can be very successful life partners but both of us were in opinion that we will proceed only with the consent of our parents. I placed her proposal to my family and they liked the profile and agreed to meet her. She came 2 mumbai for her visa..on 18th mar'04. Both the families met on 18th eve and on 19th morning the good news broke <<<<Our engagement is fixed>>> The liking for her made me think that she was the right girl who understood me and my feelings. Even when we don't speak we know what we want to say. . I am getting engaged on 11th April with a small function & relatives from both sides.

C. Nick
I want to thank the whole site for allowing me the opportunity to meet my fiancee, I would like to take this occasion to give my regards to everybody there,

S. Begum
I am just dropping a line to thank you for the great service you provide here and to cancel my membership. It's very well run and i believe (fingers crossed) that i have met the most ideal person i could have ever hoped for via this site. If i am extremely lucky and should everything go well then i reckon i have you all to thank for my future happiness and i really would not know where to start! So for now i'd like to say a great big thank you for all your help and assistance and i hope your site enjoys great success and growth in the future.

N. Ally
I just wanted to thank the Shaadi Team for providing such as service, as this service has helped me find my soul mate, my husband. I met him in December of 2003 and by February 22nd 2004 we were married. I live in South Africa and he lives in the USA. We got married in Leicester, England but had to path ways after our marriage but soon with Gods Blessings we will be together.

R. Kaur
I have got my soul mate through only.

Jaydeep & Sheetal
We, J. Kulkarni and S. Kirtikar, now united in holy matrimony would like to express our gratitude to the SHAADI.COM team for carrying out this noble task of running the biggest and the most successful matrimonial website ever known. People say that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. But it is very important to meet the right person at the right time, through a proper medium. Sheetal and I were just two people looking out for our life partners. SHAADI.COM provided us with the platform to find, know and understand each other in a very short span of time. We e-dated for about 5 months without physically seeing each other. When we met in December 2003, we knew that we were made for each other. We took the best and the most important decision of our lives and got married on 26 January 2004 in India. Today after two months of our marriage we are a happy, content and satisfied couple and looking forward to fulfill all our dreams in the days to come. We wish all the members of SHAADI.COM goodluck for their search. We hope that every one on this site finds the right person. We hope, that the SHAADI.COM team carries out this good work for a long time to come. Our best wishes are with you.

S. Patel
Just a quick note to let you guys know, i've met my perfect match, thanks to your wonderful website.

S. Luddu
I have met my soulmate from your website and we are planning to get married this comming summer.

I have already married to a person from your website itself and thanks to for that.

I found my life partner from And we got married on feb 9th.

R. Kumar
Hi, I am very much thankful to this wonderful site and its management since I have found my girl who turned my life partner. It was a tough time for me to find a girl of my choice, and then I came across and enrolled myself. I got amazing response from the day one, but at last I have found my girl (Elizabeth) in May 2003, and finally got married on 22nd February? 2004 and flown back to London in March first week. It is really great wonder, which made us to unite from thousands of miles across...

R. Rastogi
First of all i would like to thank u guys .....i found my partner through your site . now since i hv got my soul mate i want my account with shaadi. com to be closed.

I did find my partner at and I promise to share our story with the team once things are finalised. We would like to share the good news with our parents and get their blessings first! If all goes well, I promise to write to you all and share our story. I believe that a wonderful site like yours should have as many success stories as possible - so that people know what a great job you do. Thank you once again.

Sashidhar J.
Thanks to your wonderful service I have been able to find my life partner in B. Balakrishna. We got marrid on the 9th of February 2004 and it happned within a short while after we met on shaadi. It was due to's effecient and quick services that we were able to coresspond fast and get to know each other fast for marrying each other.

M. Goni
Thanks to I have already found my partner.

S. Das
i am highly obliged to tell you that i have found my life partner through your services and my marriage has been fixed

H. S. Kamboj
This is to inform you that I have met the partner through and my purpose has been fulfilled.

M. Rao
I am M. Rao, one of the registered member of SHAADI.COM. Through I found my right life partner and i got married in FEB 04. During the time of registration, there was a one offer for those who registering to send couples to a very good place (honeymoon place) if they get married within their time of validity of registratin. Now i have got married and i request you to extend that offer to me.

H. hara kumar
This is to inform u that trupti and i met thru ur site and we are happily married, we got married on the 9th of feb and are enjoying our newly wed life. we would like to thank shaadi .com for bringing us together,

D. N.Tailor
Dear Shaadi!!! Thankyou for your wonderful site.I am pleased and glad to inform you that after 16 long months of surfing, finally due to your match making service, I have found the right life partner for me, who was also a registered member. We got Engaged on 26th Feb'2004,and got Married on 10th March'2004. We thank for their support & untiring efforts in keeping the hopes on for so many who are in search for their dream partners. "WE WOULD LIKE OTHER PEOPLE TO KNOW THAT THIS SITE,i.e; Shaadi.Com DOES REALLY WORK..." Our hearty thanks to the whole team of

Thanks a lot for ur services, u will be happy know that again u have won by helping me in choosing my life partner. it's a very great effort put on by ur group, because now days people really don't have time for themself then how they can think of helping other relatives for there children's marriages.Yes i got engaged only with ur websites help. we will definitly send u the details and photograph after our marriage. i hope the information will be helpful to u also for encouraging more n more singles.once again thanks a lot.

Supriya & Mohit
Thanks a lot for ur services, u will be happy know that again u have won by helping me in choosing my life partner. it's a very great effort put on by ur group, because now days people really don't have time for themself then how they can think of helping other relatives for there children's marriages.Yes i got engaged only with ur websites help. we will definitly send u the details and photograph after our marriage. i hope the information will be helpful to u also for encouraging more n more singles.once again thanks a lot.

I have been engaged to a very nice guy.I met and interacted with this great guy thru '' and will probably be getting married within a couple of months. This a great service you guys are extending to young people looking for soul mates and I have been very lucky.

C. Vaz
I did manage to find someone on your lovely website

Sarika & Sushil
I am very happy to announce to you that thro i found my soulmate and that too within a month after registering to your site. Her name is S. Randive. The further processes have already started between our families. I dont know how i am going to thank you guys enuf. I will send our story soon so that you can display it on the website.

V. Subramanium
I am getting married to Dr. S. mehta , I met him through, We both are thankful to entire team of for this worldful site were we met and decided to spend our life together.

A. Khan
I have been engaged with another member of Thanks a bunch for making this wonderful site. I wish you all the very best. Please continue your good work. Regards.

A. Malla
I did meet a girl from We haven't made a decision as to when we may get married. But it seems she is the right one for me. We have decided to pursue the relationship.

S. Singh
I found my partner through Her sister contacted me as she lives in US as well. My fiancee is in India. was a happy experience for me and I did received 2000 hits on my profile and finally found the special one I was looking for.

D. Bhogal
On behalf of my husband and myself, we would like to thank the team for their help. Thanks to you guys we met each other and always are reffering people to your site. We were wedded on Dec 27th 2003. Thank you

A. Puri
I have now found a suitable partner through Many Thanks for all your help

R. Dosanjh
Firstly i would like to thank you so much, as i have now met somebody via your site,

A. Biswas
I actually did find my other half thru your website. We met sometime in October...doing the whole dating thing now. And hopefully if all goes well - wedding bells sometime early next year. My experience with you website has really been good. Keep up the good work.

V. Vijayan
Hereby, I wish to unsubscribe from cos i found my life partner thr this website...Thanks to you...Good Luck!

P. Taneja
Thanks to your website. I met my life partner through your website and we are happily married now.

R. Pradhan
i found my partner through and we are very very happy. we would not have found each other if we had'nt known about this site...thankyou so much.

Mahesh & Krithika
We would like to start by saying that you folks have made the best thing in our lives HAPPEN. We both found each other on your website like a classic case of soul mates finding each other. We owe a lot to you for that. We met on your website in September 2003, went on to meet personally in December 2003 and got engaged in a memorable ceremony in March 2004. So we must say that the last six months has been the best time of our lives. We are now glad to announce that we will be tying the knot in June 2004. Thanks once again and keep up the good work. Wishing THE VERY BEST to all of the team and online marriage aspirants out there

P. Kar
I have found my soulmate and life partner through your website.

R. Kumar
Thanks I found my solemate thru your website. Thanks a lot.

R. Soni
I want to thank for helping me find my soulemate.

I would like to thank you all of you so much. I can't express in words how much happiness you have brought into my life. I have found my love, which I desired through out my life. I am in so much peace & love, and it is a beautiful feeling. We'll be married soon. Thanks a million ! May god bless you will all the happiness in the world.

R. Hossain
This is to inform you that I have found my life partner and we got married recently.

B. Kishore
Congrats for managing such a wonderful user friendly matrimonial website. I have met someone on your website and have got married.

I met my match on your website & we were married last month. We're thankful that your site brought us together.

I am happy to inform you that I found my other half on your We were married on the 7th Feb,04. and presently living in India. thank you very much and keep this beautiful website online.

Bluestar M
I wish to thank your site which has hlped me to find me the right match. i am married to a person who had put up his profile in

R. Narayan
Thanks so much for joining us together! I have submitted a success story and would like to add some photographs of us at our engagement.

Yes i did find pure love from your brilliant web site. thanks for everything. i'm getting married in august (god willing).

Thank you so much for giving the opportunity to find my soul mate. I have now found my soul mate through your site,

Thank you So Much for putting me in touch with ever lasting love, after using this site I managed to find a wonderful man. Using this site, allowed us to get to know each other and as soon as we met in person, we both knew instantly we had met the partner of our dreams. We are having a serious relationship and have planned our marriage for this summer. Thank you for helping me find someone I can spend the rest of my life. I cannot possibly express in words, how much you have done for me and the life I now have.

B. Rehanna
Thank you for this awesome website. I found my true love in 4 mts after I joined your search. I am & my partner cuinp met & is currently engaged to be married on April 24th, 2004. I have been blessed with a partner so wonderful & Kind. I cannot Thank God enough for this man that came into my life. I hope & pray that everyone that joined this site find a partner & true love as wonderful as mine. May God guide & protect us all in our search for the one true love. May the peace & blessing of God be with you all.

V Sabharwal
I have found my partner through

Jeswa K
Thankyou very much that i have found my soulmate thru

G. Sharma
I have found my life partner. I want to thank u as it was cause of this site I was able to find my dream man.

I did find someone through WE have been seeing each other for last eight months now.Sorry but I am still not in a position to disclose the details. Will definately get back to you once all is final and settled.

S. Jain
I found my soul mate through your site.

D. Paul
I got my life partner sm1376 through Thanks to site members to help to find out my life partner.

N. mehta
I have got my partner through your site Now I am planning my marraige with S. Jain of Bhopal, in May-04.

P. Shroff
I am really very thankful to as i found my life partner and my perfect match becoz of and chirag contacted each other on 25th Jan met on 30th and got married on 16 th of Feb...on the first meeting only we felt that we are just made for each other it was just we needed to meet..and thanks to who gave us the way to reach there..Everyone giving us compliments that we look a perfect couple and we also feel so...once again heartly thanks

It gives me immense pleasure that has helped me in finding my life partner. i got married on 10th of march.

I am pleased to inform u that i got married with on 11th march at n.delhi,india.

N. Naseer
I have been a member of for a few months now, and have been one of the lucky ones to have met thier ideal partner through the website. I know u may get several emails every min so i won't make this long.

I found my soulmate through your beautiful site. thanks a lot.i will never be able to forget that i met him through you.

A date which began on the Internet and continued to flourish on telephones seemed a bit far fetched. But then who knew ! Oct 9th 2003 ...a few casual clicks and I come across her profile in and..There was someone whom I had been looking for all my life. I wrote a mail and I think forgot to breathe waiting for the reply. I was already in love with this person whom I had never met and loved more and more with everything I came to know about her. Somewhere in those mails we decided on being together forver and then when we spoke to each other for the first time on Oct 14th through her birthday on Oct 15th (2003) we were lost in a world of our own. We are now happily married and thank hearfully for all the help in providing this wonderful place for us to meet.

S. Syed
I have found my match through your delightful services!

R. Bhardwaj
Thank you! I did meet my partner through, so Congratulations to you! You do a very good job of getting people to meet their life partners, I am very thankful for the services provided by you. Thanks again

N. Naseer
I have been a member of for a few months now, and have been one of the lucky ones to have met thier ideal partner through the website. I know u may get several emails every min so i won't make this long.

L. Jacinto
Yes i have found someone via Thank-you very much. But i would appreciate being only a statistic for now, since the relationship is pre-mature & very new. I hope to come back to the gang with a Miracle via the net story sometime later... Until then, thank-you

R. Arora
We are pleased to inform u and your team that i got married with eesti on 11th march,2004 at delhi.

S. Mir
Its a pleasure to announce that my sister-In-law has found a match through your service.I could not beleive that there are some good people still around .Its seems like a fairy tale but i know wonderful things can happen out of the blue.The boy is in USA and is going next week to India to get married and it happend in just four months.I hope and wish that all the other people who are registered with you find the same fate.Thankyou for providing such a wonderful service to the community.I will definately come back to take advantage of your service when my kidz grow up n they need partners. All the best for now and forever.

R. Piperdy
I've found my lifetime partner thru Thanks for everything and make my world so beutiful.

I did find her on You service is really great and i must admit that i am a satisfied customer...

D. Rehani
Its been really nice being associated with you... I found my partner thru

S. S. Roy
This is to let you know that I got married on the 30th January, 2004 to a member. It's God's immense grace that has worked this whole thing out .. which started by my Dad posting my profile without letting me know. Within 6 months all things firmed up and the rest is history ! I must say that I received an overwhelming response and from very decent families and good boys ... but the best was Puneeth. Thank you for bringing us together and for being a huge part of God's plan for both of us. God bless you all there at immensely and that you continue to bring joy and happiness and His plans and purposes in the lives of many many many. It is therefore with mixed feelings that I request you to remove me from your potential matches and put me right into the Success Stories. Thank You one and all and God keep you in His constant grace.

I'm just wondering....because of your website, i have met someone I would really like

R. Mundi
I have found a great guy via I can not say enough about how much i appreciate your service. I live in the south and it would have been nearly impossible for me to meet an Indian professional. Thanks so much.

S. Daw
Me and my partner thanx through we meet.

K. Wadhwani
I have found my life partner thru

Its Just Amazing exeperience. Really i dont have words to express my feelings.

F. Mehmood
I would like to thank you from the core of my heart for your great and excellent service by which i found my life partner,and also i have recommended to many of my friends about your site. once again i thank u very much for your great help in finding me a right lifepartner

Tabu P
I got my Life partner, thanks to help me out to find out a great life partner.

F. Waseem
I have met someone through We are to be married on the 9th April.

A. Kamal
I have found the girl of my life through your site

P. Sen
This is to inform you that I have found my husband through your site and we are married now. Thanks for all the help.

Hi, I am now happily married to another member whom i met on This site made my life and im ever greatful.

I had a nice time with I found my soulmate through your site.Though we live in two different states, we communicate everyday.With the blessings of our parents,we plan to move out together and start our life by mid June this year.We feel profoundly thankful to your excellent service. Again thanks for your service.

Happy Sister
Thanks to your great service - my sister finally found her partner in scorpblr thru your excellent service. and were happily married on Feb9th, 2004.

A. Patrao
Thanks for your site to find me the right person. i have already found my life partner through your site, thank you.

Hi thanx a lot for ur services Have found my mate thru ur service

I have met someone through We are to be married on the 9th April.

T. Shaikh
Thanks a lot to as I got my life-partner through this site only.

I have found someone.... Thank you very much guys...I found the man of my dream

V. Raval
Hello i have already found my life partner through my in laws saw my profile and now its been 15 days that i am happily married. thank you. you have made my dreams come true and i extremely apprecite. take care and now i am helping you out by telling everyone one how good .... i mean the best is and will be . bye regards from vidisha.

R. Khan
I found my match from i m really thank full to with help i got my loving and caring partner

I have got married to someone from itself :-) . thank you for helping me find the girl of my dreams.. she is absolutely amazing.

D. Grantham
I believe i have found someone through your web site. thank you for helping me.

K. Mehta
I found someone through your website and we are getting to know eachother. Thanks you for helping me meet such a wonderful man.

A. Vyas
I have met someone through the shaadi website and I am due to marry this year

N. Marwa
I met some one through your contacts and I am very thankful to you. Thank you for all your assistance. God bless.

Many Many thanx i have found my match at, need lot of best wishes from you folks.

A. Khan
I have found someone via Really she is a very loving and caring gal and she liked my honesty.

Life is not a bed of roses always.well,many proposals were on my way, through mediators.but nothing wored whole family was parents didnot wanted to compromise.they were against dowry and we wanted an educated family with good values and culture. one day suddenly the idea of internet match making came into our minds.but still my parents were biased. they were of the opinion that many fae people would approach us.we convinced them and the next day my profile was on proposals were on my way again ,but of totally different of the interesting profile was mr.mehraj's profile.even his family had seen many girls for him.and he was not much impressed by any one and even thier last resort was it was all so sudden.i accepted his proposal and in our next mails we exchanged our family detailsand contact no's. after some days,his mother called up and spoe to my mom and told that they'll be visiting us soon.then after few days,they came to my place all the way travelling from Nasi.they liked me and also my family and invited my parents to parents went there.they were satisfied.then,our marriage date was fixed as feb.8. one surprising thing is,my second name.i.e.meraj,is his first name,(mehraj).our marriage was performed in a hotel called,"green view" and the reception at his place had the same name(venue).there are so many co-incidences like this. now,20 days are over.we are very very happy and my husband who was a strong believer of destiny now agrees ,"marriages are made in heaven". and lastly, we would like to than a lot.

Yasmin & Ajay
Im happy to annouce that I have found my one true love, he is everything that I ever wanted and ever wished for. Im so happy right now that words can't explain how I feel he makes me so happy and I make him happy as well,I can't wait to start a life with him he is my heart, my soul he is my everything he is my earth, my sun and my moon Ajay you are my everything. I would like to thank shaadi for making this possible and I wish everyone luck in finding there soulmate I now know that I have found mine. Thanks again

R. Sharma
I got married through the site and am thankful to everybody at for the same.

I am writing in this mail to express my gratitude to your site for having helped me find my life partner. If you would be interested in my story I would definitely send it in to you, for love like the way it has happened should be proclaimed to the whole world!

This is to inform you that i met the right match for me through your site. we first corresponded on 27th July 2003; met on 4th aug 2003 and were married on 5th oct 2003.

Thanks a lot for being so much of help in finding my life partner. Now since I found my would be wife through your portal.

R. Saigal
We have managed to get ourselves a son-in-law.

R. Chatterjee
I have found someone using and we are now geting married later this year.

N. Pasha
I am thankful to for there help in search for finding a perfect match my sister.I am happy to inform u guys that,my sister marriage has been fixed.all credits to

I am thankful to shaadi .com for its services through which I have got engaged and I wish all other a best of luck for success to find a soul mate. my regards to all of shaadi .com staff and others.

I have found someone through We met through in the beginning of February. Then we met in person a week later. We get along with each other so well. I had a great experience on I met alot of nice people and even made some friends. Thank you so much.

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