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Shaadi Pride

Year 2003 - Success Stories
November Matrimonial Success Stories
Pooja & Rajiv
"Here's our story.... First of all, I thank Shaadi team for helping us to find each other. I, Rajiv found my life partner(soulmate a"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Parul & Nitin
"I have put my profile on and remain Free member for certain time period. During the course of time I have sent profiles to several"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Priya & Nitin
"Here's our story.... My name is Nitin Baligar and I was a member of from last one year. One fine day I saw a profile of"  Read full story »

I have found my partner and we are persuing our relationship further. Thanks to the entire Shaadi team, who made this happen!

I found my life partner through Thanking you again for providing such a wonderful tool, keep up the good work.

Thanks to your great site, I have found that special someone.

This is to inform you that I have found my life partner through I am very satisfied with your site and service. Thank you very much for the same. I would definitely recommend this site to all those who are looking for their life partner. Thanking you once again.

Priya Seymour
Hi! Thanx! Found my partner thru Excellent site, except for those stray occassions where U find absolute weirdos!!!! I'm getting married next week. Regards,

Ranjan Prabhu
Thanx to your website I have found a life partner who is the one who was probabbly waiting for me... but I never realised that she was just a click away! Thanks a lot.

I got married and the credit goes to ur site only. Thanks a ton from core of my heart.

Thanx for your help. I found my loving life partner from your site created for our help. I had good experice. Once again, thanx.

I am now engaged to a girl from your site and thanks to you for making this happen.

Narsimha Boloor
At the outset, I would like to inform you that through your website I was able to get a good alliance for my daughter. The engagement is just over and I take this opportunity to thank your website for assisting me in the search for a good alliance. Thanks and best regards,

Dr. Sugandha Nisar
I have found a life partner through your web site. It was a pleasant experience with this site.

Nico Berger
I have found my love and life partner thanks to your service. I would like to say thank you to the shaadi team and can only recommend your service to others.

Amit Rustagi
I got engaged with the a lovely girl from your site. Thank you.

Aj Singh
Just want to pass on our graditude to the team as weve found our soulmate thanks to this site. All the best to everyone looking. It will happen for you too :)

Mohammed Akhtar
Thank you for providing the service. My son's alliance has been fixed with the help of your esteemed service. Thanks once again and wishing you all success in the noble cause.

Vidya K
i have found a life partner from shaadi. Thanks.

Alok Tijoriwala
I have found a life partner through your website. This is a great effort on your part to bring similar people together.

I have found someone thanks to Thank you.

Ateeq Rehman
I really very thankful to that I've got my lifepartner from your site. I'm really very happy that your site helped me to find a good life partner. Now I can tell everybody who are really very intrested to marry, that be a member in this site can find good islamic wife. I'll be thankful to for they helped me find my life partner. Thanx a lot. Allah will give you all more & more from His blessing (Ameen). Thanx, I'll never forget this site & I'll give this address of this site 2 my alla friends.

Nazim & Asma
This is Asma aka Umi. We did indeed find each other through and. Insyallah, we plan to marry early next year. Thank you for all your kind support during our time with

Kumar Raman
I have met someone over here and am planning to go ahead in my life. Thanks.

Krishna Karki
I found my match on Thank you.

Rofu Mohamed
Yes i have found someone via Thank you.

R. Jha
I have found my life partner at your site and we were mrried on the 20th November. Thanks!!

Wilson Rodrigues
Thank you for your online matrimonial service. As a paid member, I created several contacts and I'm pleased to let you know that I've found a suitable proposal through Thanking you,

Deepi Ryat
I have found my partner on this wbesite. Thank you

Rachna chopra
Hi, I have found my partner, thanks to your site. I would like to thank you and your team for helping me to find the right partner, we are now engaged and will be hoprfully getting married in the near future. Thanks once again, all the best.

Soul Mate
I have found someone through If things work out to the marriage level, then I will be writing a success story to you. Thanks for your help.

Rajesh & Vidya
In the very outset we Rajesh and Vidya Menon would like to register our sincere thanks to the whole team members. It was in May 2003, on seeing Vidya?s profile at, I found she is the girl I am looking for in my life and I expressed my willingness to propose for the marriage. We exchanged a lot of mails and get involved our parents as well. Down the line our families met each other and agree to tie the knot. We could get enough time, almost 5 months to share out thoughts and become very intimate friend before the marriage. helped us to know each other. We like to recommend all those who in search of a life partner to join and register in Matrimonial. Thanxs a million to the team members.

Lakshmi n Rajesh
This is to express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to for being the medium through which we met each other. Initially both of us were a bit skeptical about meeting people thru a website. But now we have no complaints. Once we started talking (via the phone and sometimes by e-mail) we realized that we had something special going. We met up a few months after we felt comfortable with each other. The rest as they say is history. We hit it off! We got engaged last month and are to be married in mid January 2004. Thanks again, for bringing us together!

Rajesh Mavila
We proud to inform you that we got married each other on 23/10/2003. It was a great help from you guy to find each other. We acknowledge our sincere thanks to all you guys worked behind this great platform. Thank you once again

Nidhi & Vinay
I am married to Vinay. Thanks to your wonderful website.

Anoop Ubhey
I have now been engaged for over a month to Inderjit. Thank you very much

Bhawana Verma
I've found my match thru your website. I found your website very useful.

Deepa Mani
I am very happy to let u know I have found a match through The reponses were innumerous through this site. Its really a wonderful job. Thank you.

Pooja & Rajiv
First of all, I thank Shaadi team for helping us to find each other. I, Rajiv found my life partner, Pooja, through My profile was posted on mid August of 2003. Within 15 days, our marriage was fixed. Our marriage was solemnized at Guruvayur, Kerala on 28th September. Thank you for your wonderful service.

Sarin Raj
I am glad that I have found the ultimate person to share my life with and it has only been possible thru yor super site. Thank you so much for your help. GREAT JOB DUDES!!

Taheer Iqbal
Can you please delete my profile (password butt77). Thank you very much.

I have found my soulmate thru your website. Thank you for helping me in my search. With warm regards,

Nachiket Bhat
Thanks to websites such as yours, I have met my life-partner within 4 months of registering. This service is a big advantage for people like me, who are having hectic lifestyles. Once again, thank you for being an instrument in helping me find my life partner. My wedding is fixed for the 29th of November. Best Regards,

Rupendra Singh
Thanks.. because of your site I have found my soul mate.

I have found my life partner through this site and we are getting married on the 27th March 2004. Thank you for your services and I have really been impressed by the quality of genuine people on this site, keep up the great work.

Elias & Aleta Goutoufas
Firstly I wish to thank you for your excellent service. We have now been married for 2 weeks now and we met at I believe Christ led us both to the site in amazing ways and your site has indeed been a blessing to us. Thank you.

We found an eligible man for my daughter through your site. They got engaged recently. Thank you very much for a wonderful service. Thanks,

Thank you very much for your valued services. At last I found my soul mate through Having spent time on chatting for hours on our first night we met on line, it is like new life for both of us. Hats off to your wonderful services.

Sarah Ali
I have finally found my match. I would like to thank everybody at Shaadi for this well organized website. If everything goes well I would love to share my story with you and send a picture of the engagement which will be coming up in a couple of months. I'm really excited... Thank you.

Sharon D'Souza
I'd like to use this opprotunity to thank for its excellent service and in helping me find my Special Man. Yes I met Mark Saldanha on the 26th of July 2003, on this site. We kept in touch through emails and chatting on the net, as i live outside India. I went down to India on the 03rd of November 2003, just to meet Mark (for the first time, in person). We got engaged on the 14th of November, and till this very moment I'm still amazed at the way everything fell so beautifully in place for Mark and myself. Once again thank you for your services.

Kirti Purohit
I would like to thank for finding me my perfect partner. just made my life. Thank's again.

I had great experience with your service. I got married to shaadi member. Thanks for helping me meet my Mr. Right.

I have found my soul mate through your site. Might be geting married sometime in July 2004, thanks for your service and may god bless you.

Maninder Hunjan
We were able to find a match for my sister through You guys are the best. Thank you.

Sampath Tirumalai
Thanks to the website, I found the girl who fit my family's traditional values and match my taste. We got engaged in July and got married on November 06, 2003. I would like to share my joy with all the team. It really helped being a Premium member.

I had great time surfing in search of better half. Thanks for overwhelming service. I got married on 8th november to a shaadi member. Its said that love and marriage is destiny and a matter of chance. Its always a string of coincidences that helps a divine relationship like shaadi take shape. Finally it happens if it is destined to happen. Our engineer's/ manager's minds that have read boring lessons of probability and statistics were not ready to digest it... but today we believe... yes it can happen with anyone anywhere, sometimes by chance, sometimes by choice.... Thank you

I have met my partner on your site. Our hope is to bring him to the US where we will then marry next summer. It's been a great few years with I have met lots of interesting people but finally I have met the person I feel is right for me. Thank you Shaadi.

Rumy Amrith
I have met someone from the website. Thank you for the service offered.

Preti & Rakesh Soneji
Thank you all so much, I am now engaged. We both met on last dec and we got engaged in sept. We had many difficulties on getting together as parents did not approve but love helped us fight for each other, we are getting married june 2004. Thank you very very much.

I am now married. I met my match through your site. Thanks for the wonderful service.

Anand Acharya
It had been a good experience being a member of I am glad to inform you that I am engaged with Mansi Ashtekar, a member of We soon are getting married. Thanks a lot for helping me finding my soul-mate.

Sanjay & Rachna
Hi there, thank you very much for this.... Yes, I met my fiance on, we recently got engaged and we couldn't be more happier. My experience with has been wonderful and I think that it is a great service that you have provided and I am thankful to you all for this as I have met a lovely woman. Thank you once again for a wonderful service and I wish you guys all the best and hope that others also succeed in finding their "soul mates". I will be checking in your site again soon, to look at the info on wedding planning as this is the next step. Take care and keep up the good work.

S. M.
I just wanted to thank you all for putting up a great web site, and for doing such a great service to all us unmarried people in search of their missing halfs. I managed to meet someone from here, and we recently got enaged. Thank you all, and may God bless you!

Priya & Nitin
We found each other through your site. Thanks in million from both of us to And All The Best to the folks over there looking for their life partner.

Aurus Karki
I have found some one from Thank you.

Nimesh Udani
I found my life-partner via Thanks and your portal was very helpful.

Kunza Ahmed
I am so thankful to because tyey brought us togather. I am so very happy to meet my soul partner with your help. Once again thank you.

Yussu Khan
Hi, I am going to get engaged soon to member from your site. Thanks for making such a wonderful site n helping me to find my dream mate... Regards...yusra.

Nitin & Parul Bhatt
It is a great pleasure and privilege to share our story with you people. I have put my profile on and remain free member for certain time period. During the course of time I have sent profiles to several members. One day I have seen that a member had accepted me; I am not mentioning her ID here because of certain reasons. As I was not a Paid member I was not in a position to communicate with her. Immediately I have opted for online payment and became Paid member. I have sent her the message for further communication. But on very next day She had declined me! ! ! As now I have become the paid member I can send message along with the reminders. I have given three to four reminders to her. But she neither accepts nor declined. Last reminder I have wrote" Don't you think that we are taking too much time in reading the profiles, let's contact and talk to each other so that we can take the decision..." along with my contact numbers. Parul, shown this numbers to her parents. They contacted me on phone. They are from Bharuch and I am presently residing at Ahmedabad, but have my own house at Bharuch . I am working with GNFC LTd. and have worked at Bharuch plant for 14 years. Our company's doctor is her cousin. My colleagues and some of my senior are good friend of Parul's uncle. And the height of the thing is that Parul's family is into the business of Ceramic and Floor tiles, and I have purchased Tiles, Ceramic tiles and bathroom fittings from them! ! ! That way also we knew each other very well. So there was nothing unknown to both the families. Parents have arrange our meeting and during the meeting we find each other " Made for Each Other" Parul was ready to accept my 13 year old son and promised me to give the motherhood to the boy. We have said yes. So does our family members and on 20th Nov. 2003 we are going to marry at Bharuch. Thanks to and all the best to all the members in their search for the soul mate. Here I would like to thank that lady who had accepted me and encouraged me to become Paid member unless otherwise I was still searching with all fellow members. Thanks a lot once again.

Dimple Maur
I met my Mr. Right with's assistance. It was a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.Thanks.

Jasmene Sangha
I have found someone in my life through . Thanks for your co-opertion.

Sandhya Bond
I found someone through Thank you once again for your cooperation and for having me as a member of your site. Thank you.

Satish B
I found someone through Your website is simply fantastic. I am very much impressed. Great work! Thanks for everything.

Maria Ransdale
I have met someone through Shaadi. It has been interesting. Thank you.

Manika Sundaresan
This is to bring into your kind information that I have found my match from your site. Thanks to all the team of for making my life successful with lots of joy, regards and well wishes to all members.

Nilesh Patel
Yes I met someone via Shaadi. Thank you.

Meenu Bawa
Thanks for helping me finding my mate. I wish more success in their endeavours.

Jacob Mathew
Yes I have found my partner from Thank you very very much. Cheers.

Jasbir Singh
Thanks to our search is over. We were lookin for our dream match & we got it. I found my love & life by your matrimony site. Soon we are getting married. Its bcoz of your cooperation. She is Ramjit Kaur Thind. Thanks a lot once again. God bless our :)

It was great to be registered with you folks. Got lots of interesting mails. But most of all, found my Mr. Right. Thanks a million.

Sujata Supanekar
I think I have found someone through your network, but its too early to confirm it. In any case i want to give it a serious try. My sincere thanks for everything you'll have provided.

Shishir & Roopali
Thank you! We both are very thankful to through which we got introduced to each other on 14th May 2002 & later we got married. We got married in 18th May 2003 at Lucknow. Not only me but some of my friends also got married through We both are very happy & enjoying our married life. I hope & wish that many girls will find their Prince through Thanks for the help & cooperation.

Dibya & Vivek
I feel very happy to let u know that i found my someone special via Thanx for helping us to find each other. At this stage, I can say, words are not enough to appreciate how effective role has played to find a perfect partner. Really i'm thankful to you people and felt very fortunate to be a part of this internet marriage.

Indranil Majumder
THANKS to the team at for helping me meet my life partner on your portal. Your portal is so customer friendly along with innovative options like quick search, photo search and e-matchmaker, it makes the whole experience of partner search a wonderful experience.

Rebecca Akhtar
Thanks to I have found my life pertner.

I signed on in January; it was kind of hard in the beginning. Just the idea of meeting people on line was little scary. I met Jag on Aug 8th, 2003. I was on the east coast and he was in west coast. It is just too good to be true... How close we have gotten within such a short period. We are head over heels about each other. I am really looking forward to spend my life with him. THANKS a lot

Ami Shah
I found a suitable parnter through Thanking you, warm regards.

Logarajah Sabapathy
I have to place on record my heartfelt thanks to to have helped me find a wonderful person to become my life long partner. She is a wonderful person. We have planned to get married late January 04. Thank you once again.

Jatin Nayyar
This is to bring into your kind information, that I have found my match from your site. So at the outset my sincere THANKS to your site!!

Krishnan Mysore
Have found my right one at the right time from your site, thanx for facilitating the same. Will be getting married next year in feb time frame. Warm regards.

Alia Choudary
I am delighted to say that with Allah's mercy and your amazing serivce, we have found what we believe, the best suitable partner for our daughter... inshaAllah. Thank you very much for this wonderful service.

Rony Eapen
I'm getting married to a wonderful girl I met through Thanks a lot.

Rogel Seeli
I found my partner, thro' Thank you.

Shaily & Nikhil
We never expected that our search would be over so early and so easily! Thank you!!

Rakhee Dutia
I have found my life partner thanks to I am really thankful to your site for helping me find the one man who has made a major difference in my life. We have met and have decided to tie the knot next year. Thank you and kind regards.

Kailash Chandra Panda
Many many thanks for your help in getting my life partner. Although my marriage is not yet done still I have selected my preferred partner through this web site. The most important thing in this site is the facility to confirm ones interest to the opposite sex without making any payment while in other sites like etc have no such facility. I shall intimate the team after my marriage definitely.

Muhammad Ali
Hello, I'm highly thankful to team for their efforts that has enabled me to find out my beloved life partner through this website. Now my seek is over by the sucessful engagement with my love sweet heart SHAHNILA and we both are very happy find to each other which is not possible to express our feelings.

I found my husband from Shaadi website. We got married on Sept 28th of 2003. Thank you for your help in finding him...

Kevin Amrith
As I have met my life partner through your Matrimonial site. A big thanks for the job that is being done by the Thanks.

Pinky Shah
I am very thankful to you guys, as I have found my soul mate with the help of "". Thanks again.

Heena Nandani
I've met my mate on shaadi. Thank you.

Lavonne Deguma
Hello! I subscribed to your service for three months and I wanted to thank for for a very nice website! It worked so well I have met a wonderful person! Thank you for helping me find a wonderful match!

Ahmar Aziz
I just wanted you say Thank you for this opportunity. I have, found the person that i want to spend the rest of my life with, through this site. Thanks.

Laveena Sondhi
This is to bring to your kind information, that I have found my match from your site. So at the outset my sincere THANKS to your site!! Thanking You !

Raj & Meena
Hi I just wanted to thank you guys for providing the medium in which I met my husband. I had never done anything like dating services before but since time was ticking away and I didnt have a big social circle - I decided to give Shaadi a shot. I had my profile on for a couple of months when I came across Raj's profile. Since I am not that shy I decided to forward my profile to him. But inside I didnt think I had a chance since he was so cute! :-) To make a long story short - he saw my profile and we started our relationship by having 3hr phone calls! (we lived in diff states). We met up a few times in a group setting and after a year of acquaintance we tied the knot on 31st May 2003! This month we'll mark our 6mth as a married couple and I've never been as happy as I am now that I'm a MRS! I found my life's fulfillment on Shaadi. Thanks!

Fazal Khan
Thanks for your help and the great serivice you provide my sister will be getting married soon to one of Shaadi contacts.

Rajesh Nayak & Ashika Vyas
Thank you very much, for helping me find my life partner. Through this site after a long search, likes and dislikes, meets and regrets, I am able to find a life partner who has come very close to what I had thought of. She is very and sweet. We have decided to get married. This site helps a lot of people who have decided to get married. I came her to find a GSB girl , (but intercast was my second thought), now i am marrying a Jaipuri Brahmin girl, who after completing her MBA is marrying me. Her ID was Worldstar. She is indeed a good girl, and I once again thank this site for making my search easier. As you know searching someone at chat sites may lead into problems as the seriousness is very low. But this site is really helpful for those who are really serious. Just think if i had to ever get married to a Jaipuri girl, then i had to go all the way to Jaipur and start searching which this site has made easy. Thanks to all the team of for making my life sucessfull. With lots of Joy, regards, and well wishes to all members.

Rizwana Ali
Hello, I have found my Mr. Right through your website. Thanks a lot.

Ami Bhatt
I successfully found my life partner through your website. My wedding is fixed with Rupesh Bhatt. Thank you

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