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Shaadi Pride

Year 2003 - Success Stories
October Matrimonial Success Stories
Inderjit & Anoop
"Hey Shaadi Team!"  Read full story »

Shahneela Saeed
I have found a life partner from your website, I'm very thankful to you for this work of hospitality.

Sameer Sehgal
First of all I would convey my thanks to team for their task of creating this wonderful website. So organized, crative and ever-improving. Because of this I was able to find my loving partner. Thanks to all of you.

Khalid qureshi
Yes i did find someone via shaadi who lives quite a distance away and we are set to be getting married next summer. Thanks for your help.

A Big Thanx to I Found a perfect match for myself from this site.

Manoj Murumkar
Indeed it was through ! Kavitha contacted me first and things went further. I'll ask her to comment on this as well. Really appreciate the help.

Baskaren Ramchandra
Yes! that someone was from I've almost given up on getting any positive outcomes since i put it up 8-10 months ago. But this one just happened, immediately abt 2 weeks back. Maybe it is what u call timing. I'm from malaysia & she is, wonder of wonders from China. Maybe my vibes would have been better for "marriage in". Anyway, we are pursuing a long distande relationship for now until we meet up 1-2 months from now. Thanks again. I really don't know how it happened, but it did. I found my potential soulmate in through the net. Best regards and happy match making.

Harjinder Singh
I am one of the success stories thanks to I will be sending my story to you very soon.

Harpreet Kaur
Thanks for helping me find the man of my dreams:). I'll be sending you my success story soon.

I have met the kind of person I am looking for at Thank you.

Shila & Rahul
It is wonderful to meet my life partner through We met recently and liked each others and want to get married soon. Of course we will send you greeting card. is doing wonderful serevice to select their life partners. I really appreciate your services. My soulmate joined me to thank you all.

Ajay Agarwal
I am already engaged now & very soon going to be married with Miss. Varsha Agarwal. I really want to convey my thanks to, I have found my lovely life partner with the help of this site. We got to know each other through this site only & we are very happy.

I'd like to inform you that me and odbcdmn will be getting engaged and later on getting married. Thanks so much SHADDI.COM for brining us together. WE WILL SEND U PICTURES as soon as we have confirmed everything. THANK U SO MUCH... he is all that I wanted and more... my true love!

I found my dream match through your site. I got engaged recently. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Veena Sequeira
Yes I did find someone via Thank you so very much.

Thanks a lot for your website. My sister has got her life partner thru your website and are getting engaged next month.

I successfully found my future fiance through your website. Thank you

R. K. Singh
We have found a very good match for our son through your website only, I thank you for same and will soon write you 'the success story'. Thanks once again.

I have found someone, thank you very much. Your website has been a big help. Thanks again.

I've found my soulmate. Its thanx to your site where we met online for the 1st time. Thanx a lot...

I have found the man of my dream on this site, thanks a lot. I will invite you to the wedding once dates have been finalised.

Shivya & Mohit
We would like to convey our deepest gratitude to the entite team at for putting up such a wonderful site and bringing people togther from across the globe. We can't thank you enough for bringing us together. We both had our apprehensions about this medium of looking for the right person. It was only because of our family members who took the initiative and put our profiles online. His family contacted us and we started commuicating, soon we both realised that we had alot in common. We started communicating through emails and then started talking eventually and decided to meet. We met in the end of September and with both out families approval and blessings decided to tie the knot on the 27th of November. This is for all those people out there who are looking for the right person in their life - "Believe in yourself and believe in God and always keep an open mind. Only the best will come your way because God has a master plan for each one of us and do make the best use of this medium to find your special someone". Always think Positive.

Supreeti Daliya
I would really like to give my heartfelt appreciation for making my internet partner search a great success!!!!!! Your site has made my dreams become a reality as I will be getting married in March 2004. Thank you is just not enough to express the joy & happiness brought into my life through the help of your website. May you continue to unite many, many, many hearts together. Thank You

Nil & Shefali
We met on and got married Last September 07. We would like to give a special Thanks to Shaadi Team for providing such a great service. We would also like to send our marriage picture to put in the success stories.

Santosh Mani
I've found a wonderful match through your site. I have decided to get married in Dec. so I thought you should know. Thanks very much for all the prospective matches. "Kaff" (profile ID) certainly appears to be "Ms Right" for me. God Bless you all at

This is just to thank you for your service rendered to most of us in finding a partner. I am the lucky one to find a wonderful companion through your organisation. Keep up the good work you do.

Sarmistha Nair
I found my partner through I enjoyed my brief experience on your site and I shall always be grateful to your team for giving me the opportunity to meet the person I am now with. Thank you again and may many more such meetings come to fruition on your site.

Azim Chaudhry
I would never have believed that it could happen so quickly because of so long distance the communications would yield results !!!!!!!! And yes, it happeded so quickly through We met on this site, exchanged emails, greetings, SMS, we talked on phone and chat on line regularly. As we found same views and sinceraty between us, we did not face any differences and we went forward, and got married. I wish a big thank to Al mighty "ALLAH" and to team for whole of this.

Thanks for your Great Service. I got the right partner through your site. We are already engaged. Marriage will be after 3 months. Thanks.

Reema Sharma
Hi, I met my match on We are very happy and are getting married soon. Thank you.

Monica Verma
I am happy to announce that I met a wonderful man through your website and we got married in July 2003.

Sandhya Hastir
Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it. You guys have an awesome site!! Keep the good work up... :))))))))

Ashi Ahmed
I have found a really nice guy who im getting to know thorugh your site. I thank you all very much.

Hemal & Manisha
Jay Shree Krishna, I am very very happy because of you. I find my to-be-wife, profile is NEILJAYSWAL. We just got merried 23rd October.

Lata Yadav
I found my better half through your website, thanks a lot for the wonderful services.

Indrani Chatterjee
I have got my life partner from this site. Thank you.

Khavar Khan
I have got my life partner from this siteI have found my life partner! On! Ashifocus and we are together! Thanks alot and your website is very good! Thanks a lot.

Hridaya Devi
Firstly thank you so much, I think finaly I've found my soulmate the so called love of life through We are still working on our relationship. Though I could hear the bells some where up in the sky! But as soon as the bells ring on this earth we would share our success stories. But for now - I just want to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much...

Prachi Manurkar
I found my life partner from, but because of personal reason we don't want to publish it now. Within couple of months we are going to get married, that time we will let you know so you can put it in success story. Thank you.

Ethel aka Mariam Sheikh
I met him through Shaadi and he and me are a match truely made by Allah! Thank you so much for providing the matrimonial service...

Harold Christian
This is Jackie and my ID is rose_jose. I have found my life partner on and I will marry her very soon. I have engaged her on the 19th of October. Thankyou for your excellent service.

Damir Fific
I have found woman that I am willing to share my life forever!!! You are great place to meet your soulmate!!!

I met my perfect match (agupta1974) on and after knowing each other for five months we recently got engaged. We are getting married next year. is a good site specially for all those people who are living away from India. Thanx.

Alok D
I have found my partner through your web site.

I am very happy to say that I have found that special person from even though I am not yet engaged. Thanks in advance.

Rajesh Shenoy
I am glad to inform you that i have found my life partner, thru this website. It is an amazing website. Never thought, matchmaking would be so convenient thru, matrimonial sites. But Kudos to team, which made me find my dream woman.

Tejinder Singh
Thanks a lot for helping me in finding suitable life partner. With greatest regards

Hello, I am Kalpana Gadkari. I am a free member of your site and I want to say thanks a lot to u as I got my parter through your site. As he was a paid member.

Ruby Khan
I want to thank you for helping me to find the right person.... we are going to get married in december. Thanks very much.

I've found my life partner through Shaadi. Thanks very much.

I have got my soulmate on and got married. Please tell me how to how to go about sharing my success story with the other members. I would be glad to do so. Thx for such a wonderful platform and helping me find my life partner.

Shaikh Athaullah
We thank you profoundly for your services extended to us. My daughter Ayisha Siddiqua (profile id : asauu) got married on 9th Oct 2003 to K Abdul Waheed (profile id : waheed29). We once again thank you.

Dalvinder Gill
I'm in a commited relationship with someone that I met from Shaadi 3 months ago. I really appriciate that. Thank you.

Shehla Razvi
As a matter of fact I did meet him on I met him about two weeks after i signed up on He had been on the site about 6 months. Thanks to the grace of god, we hit it off right away. Mashallah we have completely fallen for each other and its like a dream come true. Because of my experience with your site I have gotten 5 other poeple to sign up on and one of them seems to have also met someone and things are going great for them. I'll keep you updated if we do end up getting engaged soon. Thanks for all your help. Would have never found him without u.

Pooja Sharma
I have already got my prince charming on your site. I am really thankful for you site for which helped me in getting the one I was looking for. Thanks a lot for your support.

Shireen Khatun
I have found a partner through, but I would rather keep this anonymous. I am glad I became Shaadi member and will be recommending it to others in my type of situation in the future. Thankyou for the excellent service.

Akshaye Singh Khanna
Thanx for helping me to find my match. Wish you guys all the best & keep up the good work.

Poornima Balloo
I have met someone thorugh and we are very happy. Long live Thank you.

I have found the one i'm going to marry on your website. Thank you for making it possible.

Neeta Idnani
I have got my life partner from I am really thankfull for ur services and to get me a life partner of my choice. Thank You once again..

Nelson Dsouza
Thank you Recently I got my dream partner through your platform. In the very near future we will be getting married.

Bindhu Mathews
Dear lovely people at, A big heartfelt thank you for helping me make the biggest decision in my life! My profile ID is BINMAT & my husband's is BRIONX. I always believed that when I would speak to the one God has chosen for me, I will know it instantly. And thats what happened. Being a Mumbai city girl thru & thru, never thought that I wouuld marry a handsome man from Kerala with exactly opposite likes & dislikes to me. I was in UK & he in Saudi at the time in June '02 when we first spoke over the phone. We were honest & straightforward about ourselves & what we expected from life from the word GO. Fell madly in love. Met his sister & family in UK, who had put Brion's profile on the site. Spent a fortune on phone-calls & text-msgs, as we couldnt be bothered to email, we just had to hear each others voice a couple of times a day atleast. Our families back in India met & were happy for us to get married, if we were sure. We were sure after 8 months of chatting on the phone. Both of us & his sister's family got our holidays arranged. Brion was in India before me, met my family & came to receive me at Mumbai airport with my family on 27th Jan. I was really dreading this as I didn't know how I'd react. It was all like a dream come true-just heavenly! He stayed in Mumbai for 2 days then we went to Kerala seperately. I met his family, we got engaged on 4th feb & got married on 10th feb, 14 days after meeting each other! But it seemed just perfect & divinely planned. We are now back in Manchester, UK & are as happy as can be. Brion is a wonderful person. We have our bits of adjustments to be made, but that's with any relationship with any 2 people coming together. And we are expecting our baby on Christmas day! Wish us luck for this one! We believe that our marriage was made in heaven & assisted by Thank you team! Keep up the good work!

Saurabh Upadhyay
It gives me great pleasure to inform you that through your internet site I have found my dream girl and we have decided to get married. To let you know about my ID its saurabh 71 and the girl I am getting married to, her ID is Kora2000. The first marriage will take place on the 27th December in Ukraine as she is a Ukrainian citizen and not to disappoint my Indian relatives we are getting married according to Indian rituals on the 7th of February in Calcutta. I am really grateful to the whole team of for such a wonderful site which is uniting people through out globe irrespective of nationality and religion. As and when everything get finalised will send an official invitation to the team and would expect someone to attend my marriage. I would definitely put in my success story along with Alina after our marriage. Once again I thank you for creating such a wonderful site which will definitely help lot of people not only Indians but people of different nationality and culture through out the world to select their life partners.

Jemshy Aboobacker
I have found my right guy from and we would like to thank all the shaadi members and your services. Thank you.

Faisal Ansari
Yes, I did meet my future wife through, which is why I am very greatful to your site. I enjoy the web site a lot. The most wonderful thing about your website is that you all keep a close eye on whats written in the members profile and therefore it is a very clean and nice environment to be in.

Geeta Chopra
I have found my husband through I will let u know the details as soon as possible.

Joey Jagdeo
I have met someone on Thanks for giving me a forum to meet someone special, I wouldnt have met her any other way...

Prince Arbaaz
I have found a very special person from which i will treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you and keep up the good work. Three cheers to hip hip hurray!!!

Renu Mathew
I got married 2 weeks ago to someone I met on your site. We both hope to send you a message together with the details soon. I thank you for this service provided.

Selu Punnoose
I am very happy to inform u all that I met my soul mate here on and we are planning to get married in the first week of feb 2004.

Myra Khan
I have met a very nice guy on we are progressing well. Many thanks for providing a great site and helping me meet Mr. Right! Kind regards to you all :)

This is to inform you that i have met my life partner thrugh and we got married. We are living happily and very thankful to the team.

I did meet my soul mate through website. I first talked to her in Feb 2003, but after finding out she lived in another city, I thought it would not work out. Later on in April 2003 we happened to be online at the same time and we ended up talking for four hours. That continued on for a month, we talked four hours every night. Everything fell into place naturally. We met for the first time in May, and hit it off from there. We got engaged in July and are getting married in two years. Her profile id is pretty princess.

I have found my life partner on Thanks a lot for your website.

I thank you as I met someone on your site and probably will get married in the near future.

Zafar Sheik
Thank you for your service. I have actually met the girl of my dreams because of Shaadi. we are not yet engaged but, will be soon I hope.

Alafia Yusuf
We would like to thank the entire team of for their efforts to create such a good site. I found my soulmate and we got married on 12th September'03. It really helped searching my partner across the miles, as he is from the united states and I am from United kingdom, through this medium we intereacted with each other. We got married within three months with the blessing of our parents. All this would not have been possible without your site, sending you a picture of our wedding. Once again we wish to thank you for your service.

Asmita Jain
With my search for my soulmate came to a beautiful end and a new beginning is ours.. the options for once to choose from appeared unlimited and almost all interactions were beautiful and pleasurable in their own way. In just 1 month it helped me accomplish what seemed endless process for 2 long years.I was a Nutritionist in Kolkata , my husband - a software developer in Seattle and in no time on this site found him across the oceans and time zones.. intrestingly we never met each other while we were both in college in bombay staying only 10 mins away for 3 years ! Thanx to the efficient

Manoj Gupta
After more than 12 months of searching and a couple of dozen contacts I was just about on the verge of giving up. Then I made contact with Pooja. Just 3 weeks and 3 meetings later we decided to get married - I would never have believed it could happen so quickly.

C P Joshi
Thank you for making a medium this a way to meet with people.. i really appreciate your service...I have already found my partner through your website.

I am happy to inform you that I found my life partnere through

I accepted my husband's profile only because he said he was from Louisiana, USA. I used to live in Lousisana and I only accepted him because I just wanted to know which city he lived in. As time went by and as we got to know each other we fell in love and now we are married.

Rajiv Sharma
We Rajiv and Amrita are very pleased to inform you that we got married on 1st October 03 ; we found each other from your site and then became each others best friend ; fell in love and then united for ever.Thanks for proving us the opportunity.

Sumayyah Razaq
I found my partner through

Bhagyalatha Karveti
Thank you very much for your service at Yes, we found the match for my sister through Actually its someone we already knew but we got to communicate with the person through We really appreciate your service here at Our experience here at has been great, really good infact. I do recommend it to my friends and family. thanking you once again.

Xavier Dsouza
I have found my match, thanks to This is a wonderful great site that has helped me locate my life partner. One needs to be patient and pursue the oppurtunities sicerely.

Alexy Ruth George
I never beleived that I could find my true love and soulmate on any website. I thought if it would happen, it would have to be on and so there we found each other. Just when I had given up hope after several contacts which did not work out, profile name RHEAS initiated contact with me. I was hesitant at first, but once we started talking we couldn't stop. We talked for two and a half months and I found myself going India only to meet this wonderful man, not knowing I would come back to United States married to my true love and husband. There is so much more I could tell you about our love story, the adventures we had together in india, but it will take some time, so i'm keeping it short and simple. My husband is a film maker and he is going to make a film of our love story in Hollywood one day soon to come. That is a PROMISE! God's destiny for us to meet was on Thank you for bringing us together and keeping us together. "What God put together let no man tear it apart

Yvette Dsouza
My daughter has already found a match through your website I thank you very much for this website.

Yukta Mehta
I want to thank you for your great great website. I have found some one very wonderful who I am marrying at the end of this month. (Mahurat date is pending). His id name is "punjuboy". Mine is "masti63".

Amit Trivedi
I don't know what to say ... either I am lucky or you guys are really good at this ! ;) I never believed in meeting someone through online .. yet I gave it a shot and the price is very reasonable in return of what one is getting, which is invaluable !! It wasn't too hard for me to search for the person I was looking for. Your website is very flexible in respect to the choices one can make. I am very glad that I became a paid member of this website as that helped me to contact other people and know them. I found the person I was looking for. We are not getting married immediately but we will definitely get married in the very near future .. there is no doubt about it ! :) Well then ... on behalf of both of us Thank You for making such a website .. keep up the good work ! If any one said that match making is done in Heaven ..lets just say now that is Heaven's guide to find the right person !

Rupali Umbargikar
Well, I would like to inform you that I have a got nice pal from your site. I am very much thankful to you for your cooperation. We are getting married in the month of November means by next month.

Phil S
I have met my future bride through your site. Thanks for your help, and good job with the site.

Rajeev R Nair
We thank for its affluent matrimonial service. We recently got married through your exemplary meritorious service. It took for us a few weeks of cheerful communication through's correspondence service which culminated in our marriage on September 29 at Guruvayoor, Kerala. We expresses our best wishes to all the partner seekers.

Jagwinder Singh
I found my match from your website. I have recommended this site to all my friends because I found it the best one as compare to anyone.

Dr. Veena
In this era of e-world, your service is a boon to millons of people like us. But, it is also said if there is someone made for you, you will definitely meet that person & I am sure many of them must have met that someone special through your e-service. I guess even I have met that someone special. at your website Thanks for your service.

Neepa Hindocha
This is to inform you that I have found my partner through your website

Erika Burdeniukaite
I have met a special person through your website.

Inderjit & Anoop
It all began on the 10th June, when I finally decided to contact Anoop. His profile kept on appearing on e-matchmaker from day 1 but I was not keen on his picture. Then with 9 weeks left in London and a few unsuccessful dates I decided to contact Anoop...

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