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Shaadi Pride

Year 2003 - Success Stories
April Matrimonial Success Stories
Sharadsuman & Suchendra
"I want to thank you all by heart for helping me to find a right person for my younger sister. I am living in Oman. To gain access to grooms fr"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Lisa & Don
"Thank you for your great service!! After only a few weeks of placing my profile up, I found my future spouse. Don Austin (profile name "DonAu"..."  Read full story »

Sheetal Jagtap
I request you to delete my profile from your web site.i've found a perfect match through to shaadi team

I found my soulmate through your service, thanks to you.

I request you to delete my profile(chahal1981) as i have met the person i have to marry.

Yes, I did find my partner through and we are very happy with each other at the moment. If all goes well, we should be engaged by year's end.

Harpreet Kaur
I am very glad to tell you that I found my partner through His ID is "Rashesh". We started corresponding in February 2003, met in March and now we are getting married on June 21, 2003. I am very pleased with the reponse from and I have also posted my sister-in-law's profile at again, Thanks very much for your wonderful service.

Thanks a lot for your wishes. Yes, I found my partner through only. Her id is Juhi1011. She contacted me on my another id: sid75, on, which is where we came to know about each other. I thank the team for giving us a very good service. It was through this website that we found each other and now we are going to be life partners. Thanks again for all your help in this. Both of ours experience with has been excellent. It is very nicely configured and designed to users satisfaction. I have also advised my friends who are on the lookout to use this website.

I would like to thank for helping me find my partner. I am now happily engaged.....

I just want to thank you!I've found my life partner through and am happily married!....

Juhi Verma
Me and my partner met through my id is juhi1011 and his was sid75. Our marriage was fixed around 12 days back.. and we are getting married on June 22. we will mail the deatils and photographs to you after our marriage. Thanx to for your support .. we are very happy, and very much in love.. we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts .. since we would'nt have met if it was'nt for you.

I thank you for the services offered by Shaadi, within 2 weeks after registration, I got engaged to Chanda (Profile id chanda).

Imran Siddiq
I have met my partner through, and would like to thank for the same.

I have to first start with saying a big thanks to, as I have found my life partner on this site. I am very grateful to you. I do beleive marriages are made in heaven, but you need to have the correct medium to find that someone who is made for you and I would recommend to all those who are looking out for someone very special

Vijay Bansal
I am very happy to share that the girl I was communicating with through your site -, is now going to be my life partner.

Yes, I did find my soulmate through I could never found a better match for myself, if it was not

Thanks for your services.I have found my partner from your site. I am very grateful to the services you are providing in finding the best & suitable partner.

Pragati Singhal
I have recently got engaged. Thanks to you and your service for helping me find my mate!! I found Prashant (id- Prashant1) here at and now after month and a half's correspondence with him here I got engaged to him today i.e 20th April .Our relatives and friends call us "The Perfect Match" Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for the same!!

I want to thank you all by heart for helping me to find a right person for my younger sister. I am living in Oman. To gain access to grooms from india , has really done a fantastic job.our father was fighting with cancer and his last wish was to get my sis married...

Baljit Passan
I have been a member of for over 1 year . I met someone last year on this site and had been in constant contact with her until I travelled especially to India ; New Delhi to meet her . After alot of international legal rangles & late courier responses reagrding my divorce we had a hindu marriage in a mandir on the 4th of april then a court marriage on the 11th April . It was an astouding success ... yes I had met the girl of my dreams after a huge search thru 2 sites ( 1000's of prospects , contacts , sifting , and mega mega huge phone bills...?1000's with people across the globe !!!)... was my second ... my first ... profile id : ruby_puri ( real name monika puri same first name as my ex wife !!) )lived up to all my expectations ; not only was she attractive to me ... she was v.v. understanding , intelligent & a good listener ... a perfect wife . I am an expert astrologer not familiar with synastry ... but by my insight & calculations ...we are very alike ...she seemed a match made in heaven with and for me Thanks SHAADI.COM ...u were so helpful and it was the greatest fun of my life to be your member ...i'm a new and better person ...

Aruna Venktaraman
Within a short period of my registration (*within 15 days)marriage proposal of my daughter is settled. My daughter Miss v.aruna is going to marry with shri Harihara puthran ( Shaadi .com ID Putar). This proposal has materialised only through your web site service. We are really happy to convey our sincere thanks to the the Shaadi .com team for their noble dedicated service. My family will never forget your web site.

hanisah mohd
I remember the time I came across your website - and wondered if the site would do me any good in finding the man of my dreams when physical search failed to find me any man. After only 2 weeks of placing my profile, here I am today, very much in love and soon to be married to the one man who brought the meaning into my life. Before, I didn?t believe marriage could be the answer to my loneliness, but now after discovering the beauty behind love and life, I am more than prepared to explore what marriage has to offer. Thank you for turning me into the marrying kind.

Daphne Chandy
I had registered my son's (Daphne46) profile on a three months registeration in in January 2003. By Mid February, I found a suitable match for my son through your site. Her Profile is Oscar77. All negotiations were done between her father and myself and my son Charles met her (Debrah) and they both get along very well and decided to marry. The Engagement took place in Bahrain on 3 April 2003. Marriage is fixed for 9 November 2003. Thanks to My congratulations to your site. You are doing a wonderful job.

Saurabh Sengupta
Thank you very much for your the co-operation extended by you and your team for finding a suitable match for me. I wish to bring it to your notice that my marriage has already been finalised for this year in December.

I found my soulmate on your site & will be getting married on April 23 in India.

I have met someone through your website & am set to get married on the 5th of May.

sanjana chakraverty
I am glad to inform you that I'm very pleased with the services you people are providing in finding a match for me. Now that my mission is fulfilled, after having found a good match.

asad ansari
I have found an architect groom for my architect sister and she got maried on 7th of april. I am very thankfull to you for your support and strength that helped me to find a right partner.

Bishnu Koner
Firstly I would like to thank you. I'm immensely happy to inform you that finally I have found my life partner. It all happend through your web site. She is also a member of this amazing web site....Thanks so much for inventing this wonderful website.

Because of your site I found my life partner, Thanks a lot....Once again thanks a lot for your good work, Keep it up

I have found my life partner from I am very thankfull to this site.

Alpa Bhinde
I just wanted to inform you that I have been registered in and now I am married to a guy who was also a member of your site. This adds on to your success stories. We got married on March 28th, 2003. Since a long time I wanted to inform you about the same but could not do so. I compliment for its great efforts to enable people find right matches for themselves. Gone are the days where the teadious search for the prospective life partner was limited to the circle of people you and your family knows. Its a great resource for people who want to find the most suitable spouse for themselves. Unlike past the core idea is to find the right person than right family. I have recommended to many of my friends. To conclude, I thank you for your wonderful work and wish you All the Best for your future endevours in bringing two lives together.

Anil Kumar
I am very much thankful to you for your assistance. I have found my match at you once again and it has been a privilege to be a part of It is a true matrimonial site serving the large community.

Meeta .K. Walavalkar
GOOD NEWS!!! I'm sure you guys must be used to such happy msgs, well its too exciting for me. "I've found my SOUL MATE"...well, its Mr.Patil thanks to ''. All good wishes to you and all the best. To add to your luck my "To Be Hubby" will get back to you with more suggestions to improvise the service.Your portal will always remain to be a part of our lives.

This is to convey that I found my life partner on and we got married on 20th Feb03 married and setteled in London(UK).

safia ali
I have found my partner, (ishraz) through your website. We have met a few times now and its all going good and thats a big thanks to you's as I would have never met him if it wasnt for I will definitely recommend your site to others. so thanks once again.

I found the woman I've been waiting for all my life. We were both on, and we will be getting engaged in two (2) weeks. Thank you for providing a link between us, had it not been for you, what was meant to be, would not have been. Once again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I am very happy now, because now I got my perfect life partner only because of your website.

Praveen Moturu
I am pleased to let you know that my sister has got married to someone from Thank you very much for such a great site .

Hi team, Thanks a lot for the effort taken to launch and maintain this matrimonial site.....It worked for me and I found my life partner :)Our profile id's bring psandhu7890 & sandhupretty. Once again thanks a lot, you guys are doing great job....Keep it up!!!

Deepal and Mukesh
Thanks for your service . I really appreciate your web-site. Thanks to you all, I have found my life partner . His profile id is mukesh_u . We got married on the 12th of octber 2002.

Palminder Sidhu
Thank-you very much yes it was via that I met the man of my dreams. The service is so great and not to mention the great profiles on this site than on any other site! Wow life couldn't get any better thank-you again for all the help you have given me in this difficult situation of finding the special one with whom I can spend the rest of my life with.

Mohammad Rafi
I have found my life patner through, thanks a lot. I will also reccomend it to all of my friends

Pratap & Sona
Thank you for your valued service. I found my partner (Sona) through and we are getting married in the first week of May'03.

Hi, I am Padmakar Kanitkar (paddy71) member of The good news is , I have got married to Sapana Premi(apana202002) also a member of You can add our names to succes stories. I married her on 29th March 2003. I cant express how glad I am ! when one is happy, you cant express it. All I can say is thanks ! thanks ! and nothing else but thanks !

Thank you for your great service!! After only a few weeks of placing my profile up, I found my future spouse. Don Austin (profile name "DonAu") and I began communicating online on Nov. 14th, 2002

Syed Zahid

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