Maneka T's Astro Sketch

Rashi (Moon Sign) : Mithuna

Rashis are the 12 signs of the zodiac. The Rashi in which the Moon was situated at the time you were born is called your Janma Rashi (birth Rashi) or simply your Rashi.

Nakshatra : Ardra

Nakshatra is the head of a particular group of stars. There are twenty-seven nakshtras in all. Each one of them covers thirteen degrees and twenty minutes arc of the zodiac. When you were born, the Nakshatra in which the Moon was situated at that time is called your Janma Nakshatra (birth nakshatra).

Astro Sketch (A brief profile based on birth data)

The Minthuna (Gemini) female is likely to be a genius. With a scholastic bent of mind, she could be more inclined towards educating herself through nature. Thanks to her inquisitive and analytical nature, she would love to dig deep in to issues that look frivolous to others. She is likely to be interested in singing and music. She might even pursue dance and poetry as hobby or as a profession. She is likely to exhibit both the masculine as well as feminine strains of thoughts. She could be a real dreamer, traveling places far and wide in an instant! She is likely to have a strong voice with right pronunciation and expression. She might impress people with his eloquence. The Gemini female is likely to be self -contradictory. She would come across as a somber and patient person, even lively and talkative sometimes. She could be interested in many subjects and may try to explore them simultaneously. She is likely to be to be very successful in dealing with people.. Her thoughts being scientific will reflect her intellect convincingly. She might develop expertise in liaison work and mediation. She is likely to have great faith in social traditions. Her drawbacks may include talkativeness, instability, slow decision -making and impatience. She might be desirous of getting ahead with new tasks without even completing the previous ones. Her lack of concentration and anxiety to experience results early may create obstacles for her.

Some famous persons born with Mithuna Rashi:

Sonia Gandhi, Ashok Kumar, Sri Ramana Maharishi, Asha Parekh, F.D. Roosevelt, Humphrey Bogart, Brooke Shields, Salman Rushdie

Generally found qualities of persons with Mithuna Rashi:

Favorable: Versatile, adaptable, lively, intelligent, communicative, spontaneous, witty, and busy.
Less Favorable: Anxious, nervous, superficial, unsettled, cunning, irresolute, scattered, inconsistent.

Mithuna Female has Moon Sign Harmony with:

Vrishabha | Mithuna