Sandeep S's Astro Sketch

Rashi (Moon Sign) : Vrischika

Rashis are the 12 signs of the zodiac. The Rashi in which the Moon was situated at the time you were born is called your Janma Rashi (birth Rashi) or simply your Rashi.

Nakshatra : Anuradha

Nakshatra is the head of a particular group of stars. There are twenty-seven nakshtras in all. Each one of them covers thirteen degrees and twenty minutes arc of the zodiac. When you were born, the Nakshatra in which the Moon was situated at that time is called your Janma Nakshatra (birth nakshatra).

Astro Sketch (A brief profile based on birth data)

The Vrischika (Scorpio) male is likely to be hard working and devoted to his work. He could be very passionate about his goals and will be prepared to go through rigorous obstacles. Though very confident about himself, he tends to leave the end result to god. He is likely to have a fertile imagination and an equally sharp intelligence. He could be extremely sensitive and emotional and blessed with an extraordinary personality. He is likely to be recognized for his qualities like being self -confident, courageous, having great self -control and aggressiveness. He could be possessive about the people he loves. He could cross the extremes, in exploring the depths of love or even in hating someone. He might be adept in criticizing others in a manner that is not offensive. But, due to the logic he submits with his opinion as he does not easily face a counter argument. Any opposition to his views can get him angry and he may not be willing to accept any criticism. He may pursue enmity in thought and even in actions. He is likely to be frank and sometimes openly abusive. He would taunt people in a unique way of his own. He could appear as liberal but might be really suspicious from inside. He is likely to lead a dual life, one that is known to the world and another that is known only to himself. He could to be very much aware of his self worth and know how to make the most of it. He could be having some amazing interests with topics including mystery, external forces, unknown powers, sea, death, astrology, tantra -mantra, chemistry, philosophy and psychology. He is likely to be passionate about spirituality and be loyal to his near and dear ones. He might always be ready for any kind of sacrifice for the sake of love. However, He needs to be careful while passing comments about anybody. He could get better results for himself if he avoids getting into secretive enmity, control the temper and does not indulge in foul play. His Motto: 'I Want'. His Biggest Talent: 'Firmness of Nature'. His Biggest Weakness: Lack of Sympathy. His Ambition: To live a prosperous and secure life

Some famous persons born with Vrischika Rashi:

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Nutan, Albert Einstein, Kevin Costner, Mozart, Beethoven, Vincent Van Gogh, Tiger Woods, Saddam Hussein

Generally found qualities of persons with Vrischika Rashi:

Favorable: Deep,intense, resolute, powerful, loyal, discerning, intuitive, subtle.
Less Favorable: Jealous, vindictive, secretive, suspicious, malicious, contorted.

Vrischika Male has Moon Sign Harmony with:

Vrishchika | Mesha | Dhanu | Meena