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Personalized matches for you delivered via email as often as you like. A very effective match-making tool.

Contact Alert

Alerts you receive every time someone contacts you or you receive a response to a contact initiated by you. Get them in your mailbox at a frequency of your choice. Essential to keep you informed of all responses received.

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Invitations, Discounts, and Offers just for members. Offers range from free holidays to discounted jewellery. Delivered not more than twice a month.

Shaadi InSite

Advice and updates from to help you get the most out of your experience. A must-have.

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Great reads on love, being single, fashion and celebs, articles from readers.
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Cool fashion trends, wedding couture and personality tips.
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Latest tips & advice on beauty, makeup, health & fitness.
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Home finance tips, home decor crafts, decorating ideas and more...
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Exciting holiday offers, travel tips and hottest travel destinations around the world.
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