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Partner Profile Tips
Your Partner Profile on is useful in more ways than one.

1. Better responses
This is most obvious - your Partner Profile helps others know whether they meet your partner criteria. This will improve the quality of responses to your profile.

2. One-click partner matches
This feature is not used by many of you. Once you create a Partner Profile, your search criteria are saved permanently. So you need not use Smart Search every time to find members who match your requirements. All you need to do is login and use My Matches in your My Shaadi page (under My Matches on the left).

Even when you wish to change your criteria, Edit your Partner Profile. Your new criteria get saved, and once again, the My Matches link will give you your new matches.

The best part is that this way, you will even get new members who match your criteria. They will always be on the top of the partner matches list.