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Memberships on
  1. What are the benefits of a FREE Membership?
    Registration on is FREE !!. For absolutely no cost, you can register and create your Profile. Some of the benefits you get as a free Member are:
  2. What is a Premium Membership?
    A paid Membership is called a Premium Membership on Premium Members enjoy additional features by which they can promote their Profile on to other Members.
  3. What are the primary benefits of becoming a Premium Member?
    As a Premium Member you can Promote their Profile to other Members in the following ways:-
    • Post your Profile on the Member's Wall and get noticed
    • Send an Email with your Profile to the Member's email id
    • Connect instantly via Shaadi Chat and get faster responses
    • Send an SMS to the Member's mobile phone
    Becoming a Premium Member increases your chances of getting a response. Our data shows that the finding a partner is 12 times more likely if you upgrade to a Premium Membership.
  4. What are the different Membership Plans on

    Premium Plan: This is subcategorized into Gold (3 months), Diamond (6 months), Platinum (12 months)

    Premium Plus Plan: This is subcategorized into Gold Plus (3 months) , Diamond Plus (6 months), Platinum Plus (12 months)

    Both Premium and Premium Plus Members enjoy the benefits as described above. Premium Plus Members can additionally promote their Profile via ‘Bold Listing’ and ‘Spotlight’.
  5. What is Bold Listing?

    Bold Listing makes your Profile stand out in a Search result page amongst thousands of other Profiles and increases your chances of being contacted.

    Your Profile will be made bold whenever it appears in:
    • Search results.
    • Preferred & Broader Matches
    • Reverse Matches
    • 2-way Matches
  6. What is Spotlight?
    The Spotlight features Profiles right on top of relevant Search results. Being featured here increases your chances of being contacted by 10 times!
  7. Can I avail discounts while purchasing Premium Memberships? offers discounts to new Premium Membership registrations from time to time as part of its ongoing promotion plan. If you have received a promotional code, you can enter it while placing your order and receive your discount. If not, we may not have any promotions running currently.
  8. What are the additional costs involved to Upgrade to a Premium Membership?
    Prices Listed on are inclusive of all taxes viz. Service Tax. There are no additional costs.
  9. How can I renew / upgrade my Membership?
    Upgrading to a Premium Membership is easy. Click here to view our Membership options and select one to Upgrade!